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Going On Safari? Here’s What to Bring on Your Travels

What do you pack on a safari trip? Melissa Biggs Bradley, CEO and founder of a luxury travel company answers all.

9/23/2021 11:06:00 AM

What do you pack on a safari trip? Melissa Biggs Bradley, CEO and founder of a luxury travel company answers all.

CEO and founder of luxury travel company Indagare and author of Safari Style: African Camps and Lodges Melissa Biggs Bradley shares her packing tips.

.All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.Melissa Biggs Bradley, CEO and founder of member-based luxury travel company Indagare, is a pioneer in the luxury travel space. With extensive knowledge in the art of getting from A to B, Bradley’s latest endeavor,

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(Vendome Press), comes to no surprise.Safari Stylewas born out of Bradley’s “long love affair with safari.” At age 12, Bradley went on her first expedition, and since, she’s been on several dozen. “Over 30-plus years, I have witnessed an incredible evolution in terms of the kinds of places you can stay, the experiences you can have, the regions you can explore, and most importantly, the positive impact that travelers can have on conservation and community empowerment,” Bradley tells

Vogue.“The book is really a celebration of that evolution of style and impact of the beauty of the bush and my favorite places to stay on safari.”While featuring the varied regions and styles of safari, it was also essential for Bradley to choose properties that represented the potentials of safari tourism. “Every property focuses on conservation and community impact and shares their efforts with guests,” she says.

Here, Bradley’s insider tips for safariing in style.Photo: Courtesy ofSafari Style: African Camps and LodgesWhere to Stay“It is truly impossible to pick one [place],” says Bradley. “Which is why I cover many diverse regions from the desert in Namibia and the Serengeti in Tanzania to the great concessions and parks in Botswana and South Africa and the mountains in Rwanda.”

Safari Stylecovers 21 properties in 7 countries, “and each one can be guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable safari and aesthetic experience,” Bradley explains. From palatial lodges to incredible tented camps that use cutting-edge sustainable infrastructure, many of the properties listed in the book are built to be taken down in a few weeks—to leave no trace and maximize luxury. “Plus, there is such a spectacular range of style and design in eastern and southern Africa, and all the lodges in the book incorporate the natural surroundings and local heritage, which makes them so special,” says Bradley.

“Of course, iconic properties like Singita Sasakwa in Tanzania and Mombo Camp in Botswana are included, but I also included newer ones like Sossusvlei Desert Lodge in Namibia and Bisate in Rwanda,” she explains. To Bradley, not only are these some of the most amazing camps in Africa from an aesthetic point of view, but they also represent many of the best companies and families spearheading some of the most innovative safari experiences.

Photo: Courtesy ofSafari Style: African Camps and LodgesWhat Clothes to Pack Read more: Vogue Runway »

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