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GM unveils Hummer EV as 'world's first supertruck' for $112,600 starting in 2021

The first all-electric Hummer is here, and it's GM's first real test as a competitor against Tesla. Take a look at the $112,595 'zero-emissions supertruck.'

10/21/2020 4:57:00 PM

The first all-electric Hummer is here, and it's GM's first real test as a competitor against Tesla. Take a look at the $112,595 'zero-emissions supertruck.'

The new electric Hummer from General Motors will live up to the reputation of its predecessors for being capable and over the top but in different ways than the gas-guzzling vehicles that previously bore the name.

2022 GMC Hummer EV sport utility truckGMTo assist with simplifying the manufacturing launch of the Hummer EV, all initial models, or "Edition 1" versions, will be identically appointed and fully equipped, according to GM. Each features a white exterior and a unique "Lunar Horizon" interior, with special "Edition 1" interior badging.

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The vehicle will be produced at a factory in Detroit that the automaker recently renamed "Factory Zero," a nod to the company's pivot toward zero-emission vehicles. It's in the process of overhauling the facility with.Sport Utility Truck

The Hummer sport utility truck, or SUT, will be the first vehicle with GM's next-generation electric vehicle platform and batteriesunder a $20 billion planto shift to electric and autonomous vehicles through 2025.GM estimates the top-end Hummer SUT will achieve more than 350 miles of electric range and estimated best-in-class 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque. That power will be generated by three separate motors within two of GM's proprietary drive units to four-wheel-drive performance on-road and off-road.

2022 GMC Hummer EV sport utility truckGM"We had one goal for Hummer EV: Build the most capable factory truck - ever," Al Oppenheiser, GMC Hummer EV chief engineer, said in a statement. "It's an absolute off-road beast with a unique e4WD drive system that provides maneuverability unlike anything GM has ever offered before."

Lower priced models will feature shorter electric ranges of roughly 250 miles or 300 miles and less performance than the top-end models. The sub-$90,000 models will include 625 horsepower and 7,400 lb.-ft. of torque with two motors instead of three.The vehicle also offers a host of off-road parts and features such as adaptive air suspension and

"crab mode"that allows it to rotate all four wheels at once, allowing the truck to almost move diagonally."Short of being able to float or fly, I think it pretty much does everything else," Aldred said. "It is like the perfect vehicle. It has something for every type of buyer."

The 2022 Hummer EV features a new iteration of the vehicle's traditional slotted grille with "HUMMER" backlit across the front of the truck.GMThe vehicle features an open-air layout in which customers can remove the roof. The exterior features a new iteration of Hummer's traditional slotted grille with "HUMMER" backlit across the front of the truck and a six-function tailgate in the back.

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GM unveiled the electric Hummer sport utility truck, or SUT, online and during national televisionof the World Series and "The Voice."'Triple zero'during a Super Bowl adin February. It was expected to be unveiled in May but was delayed due to the pandemic.

GM's previous Hummer included an SUV and a short-lived pickup variant. The design was based on the military vehicle known as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or "Humvee." During the early 2000s, the Hummer was a popular vehicle but also a source of criticism because of its size and poor gas mileage at around 15 mpg.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV features a large front trunk, or frunk, to store the vehicle's roof panels.GMAs an electric vehicle, GM says it's essentially flipping the Hummer's reputation on its head under the automaker's "triple zero" vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion — an overarching goal for the company that GM CEO Mary Barra announced in 2017.

"Hummer EV represents the best in what General Motors is capable of in its entirety," Aldred said. "I really do think it is a beacon of what GM can do and where it's going to go and the zero-zero-zero future it's creating."

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Why do people need 100k cars that do the same thing? 🧐 $100k could provide quite a few homes. 1. It’s not here yet, display vehicle isn’t even a working prototype. 2. Promotional video is full CGI, in case you don’t know. 3. GM’s $112k non-existence tech against Tesla’s $70K working prototype? GOLD moobinkhan15

$112k - gtfo Does this electric car trend indicate lower gasoline price in the future? You can haul your TP . Charging stations on ranches and construction sites are so convenient these days ! This is an extremely practical waste of money , seriously if you want to triple your middle and last mile cost this is the way to go .....

How will it do at -40 in the tundra of Northern Canada? KylaJOliver1 The new digital economy is here. To much fucking money thanks for this news every EV is competing against Tesla. E.M isnt human. This 1000hp Supertruck as they're calling it will be a true off roader. It's not a direct Tesla competitor, it will compete against other gas off road vehicles.

It isn’t even a prototype yet Only $2000 a month for 84 months Overpriced “Zero-emissions” 😂 it's not a competitor to Tesla. Cybertruck is a completely different category, at a completely different price range (40-70K USD). Who can afford this except this US government? retarded Questionable decision to come to the ev market with such an unpopular vehicle at an unattainable price for most. 🤨

If only it was $50,000. Zero emissions. Ok how do you charge it. Probably fosel fuel. Lol at all electric vehicles leatso_ii Not a fan of the electric Hummer honestly, but still can't help getting excited over the fact that more auto makers are getting into the EV space. ElectricVehicles TeslaFan just so sad

Ridiculous consumption. Look at me! I am rich! I have to compensate for my pathetic insecurities! It may as well be 10 million dollars. Only for the rich... Probably takes something like 2 days to charge and runs for about 200 miles! lol Make sure it doesn’t catch on fire like Ford does Investeraren The price just shows how faaaaaaar behind the normal consumers you all are! Thanks God the chine ev and Tesla will outrun you all! Who is the smart as behind that ridiculous pricetag? 🤣 elonmusk

I hate hummers old and new. LondonAIMCap Mileage? Nice Does GM even have a working prototype? Just reopen Toys’R Us an sell these BATTERY OPERATED Toy Cars in there The average person could not afford this truck. In some US locations, you could buy a home at this price. Can you live in it? Does it come with a bathroom, washer, and dryer? Ridiculous! Telsa for the win.

thank you very much for your work Cause nothing says “environmentalist” like a new electric hummer! Tesla competitor is Rivian, not this luxury toy. It's nowhere near as practical as cybertruck and it's not That much utilitarian like cybertruck. Every truck owner who uses trucks for trucking stuff will choose cybertruck over hummer. It's better in every category.

Is it only China that is going to produce good value EVs? Disappointing range for a price like that.. Impressive. The coal burned to generate the electricity for it might possibly have some teeny weeny emissions, but cool. Nope! No one make that kind of money. The CGI version is here for sure. It’s not here. A GM engineer recently admitted the EV Hummer has no battery and no electric motor. He called it a “display model”.

You mean 'Rendering of GM truck is here and is joke of a competition to Tesla Cybertruck which is real and superior in EVERY way' GM = Nikola Nice truck! So the Bolt was just fucking around or what? 40k more than cybertruck, 150 less range, less power, less utility, inferior software, no charging network, will be ready AFTER cyber. Need i go on? Tesla all the way!

“ahead of cybertruck” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hummer EV is R-E-N-D-E-R-I-N-G 2021 is in TWO months irony How can this “super truck” be “here” when it only exists in computer memory? I know you need to support your advertisers but you don’t need to make it look so damn obvious. Competitor...? Here...? In what sense? Don’t get me wrong, competition is great, but I think they’re about 2 - 4 years away from even being able to ask that question. How much farther will Tesla be at that point?

I love this Hummer but 😂 You do realize all this footage is computer animation. Right? Like there really isn’t a truck for real just an aspiration or maybe hallucination of what could be in the future. Love it 💕. teslawho lol No body knew tht were working on smthing like this. Now with nikola they goona win the big truck industry.

vote Election2020 good WholeMarsBlog it’s here already? So I can into dealership and buy it today? No? Stop making clickbait CNBC 😆 If you can’t beat them, join them! 💯 There is no reason whatsoever for anyone to go to hell. SundayGrandExpo Competitor against Tesla? In GM's wildest dreams..... I like the look of this a lot better than the Tesla truck but that may be because I’m from rural America and not a “new age” technology type era.

👏👌👍 I want one! The world is too conscious of money, $112,595 is outrageous, Can the cost of the batteries and the motors who replaces the former engine be more expensive than the engine, I think these vehicles should be cheaper. Power’s still out so.... can’t charge that “zero emission” electric vehicle from the local coal plant.

What id give to never hear the Yorkshire accent again... hate it $GM A 112k Chevrolet vs better technology and way lower prices... wow “The competition has arrived” lol 😂 Is 'The Immigrant Song' standard equipment? VGaykin Costs Wayyyyy too much way too much not even Arnold would buy 1 your joming with a six figure tag. Hilarious juat more boost given to TESLA!

Damn thing costs as much as a small house! Made in China probably DANK It’s way cooler than the cybertruck it doesn't appeal to me, specs maybe good/great but the styling lacks pizzazz A great car for the 1% Just look at the maseratti or aston marton, then simplify it a bit for production, and bam you have a car people WANT.

I would prefer GM. Nah they cant compete with $tsla with a 100k car, $spaq $fsr has a far better chance with a $37k option Quite expensive. Rivian I prefer your offering. I will start saving to get mine. Lmao they stopped making gas powered Hummers so they thought they should make electric powered Hummers. I don't get it.

CNBC has been has been promoting the heck out of this truck. Not a functional truck, too expensive. Too late to play catch up with Tesla. And why then didn't anyone worry about the people in Africa,where people risk their lives and health there by getting lithium so that rich Westerners can drive an electric car and brag about the new Iphone!!!

too expensive 👌 $112,595!?What?That is already the price of a luxury car,then why buy a shitty electric car if you can get a normal car for the same money!?And for farmers,such a car will be too expensive!For example,a Ford Ranger costs around $28,000 and he looks much better than this!😉 How far will it pull a 6500 lb travel trailer before a recharge is required?

Electric 👏 Cars 👏 Are 👏 Not 👏 Competitors Maybe GM will drop its collusion with the trump administration against the California emissions regulations Outstanding. More EVs the better What are the emissions to make 1? Just because Tesla sloppily bolted on a screen onto the model 3, doesn't mean GM has to. Geez for 6 figures, couldn't you contour it into the cockpit better?

Can I get a 30 year FHA loan for this..... Just for super rich or super stupid No thanks GM hasn’t build a working Hummer EV prototype yet. 112,000 what the fuck! Thanks, but I think I’ll just wait for the cyber truck. 112k? Can it cook breakfast for me or does it double as a Himalayan salt cave with a side of cryotherapy?

Does GM have a fast charging network like Tesla, or even a working prototype of this thing? 🤔 Hope they at least made the suspension 100x more tough. Heard stories the previous just broke when the road got heavier This exists. It drives under its own power. garbage The car is not even real Overpriced for what it has to offer

Who doesn't want one of these to drive by the 8MPG old Hummers and grin like a fcuking idiot. Too bad GM Hasn't Actually Made a Complete, Working Hummer EV Yet. The trucks seen so far are all display models and CGI. I guess they took a chapter from Nikola when they partnered with them. At least they had a complete vehicle they could roll down a hill.

Just get a new bronco for 30k GM - Swing and a miss! Tesla cyber truck will be out by years end........ the worlds most useless truck at being a truck, gonna get stuck the moment it moves off pavement For 112k I'll walk 🚶. So how do they have all these pictures and a prototype doesn’t exist yet? Means by 2050 they will band electric cars 🚗..

Seems like you're giving free ad time to a major corporation to hawk a giant, wasteful status symbol that has a design that makes it much more deadly to pedestrians than a normal car. And we all know people will mostly use it for boring commutes or driving alone to wing stop. “Our research predicts this increase will raise copper demand for electric cars and buses from 185,000 tonnes in 2017 to 1.74 million tonnes in 2027,”

Damn that cost the same as a house Already sold out 1st Edition. 2000 units total? 🤷‍♂️ I can’t afford to save the planet. 112.k why is it so cheap,,, its worth every bit 500k 🤣 Sweet lady Bitcoin! She is kill-ing-it! I love the Bitcoin supporters too. 'Sophisticated intellectuals' and 'Futurists' were two of my favorite descriptions! Let's go BITCOIN! 🔥

I think I’ll pass..cybertruck In 2021, they'll have 10s of these available.... I don't like big trucks tbh. But this, to me, is better than the Tesla truck Elon is peddling. At an affordable $112k, I’ll take two. 👍🏻 I love this truck , it's a beautiful thing. Nooooo. My perfect truck costs as much as a house!!!!

Biden should drive one around Can I get one with a gas engine for $50,000? $112,600? Is that all? Where is the truck all I have seen is renderings of one. WholeMarsBlog You weren't clear enough: it's CGI, it's not a real truck. The truck you physically built is a pusher and does not work. WholeMarsBlog It’s not even working get the fuck out here CNBC!!!!! Lol

Given how poor GM’s electrical systems are how in the heck are they actually thinking they can make the entire truck electric WholeMarsBlog It’s not here. They don’t even have a working prototype. Haha real competitor) ok will see You had me at “ can carry 11,500 lb•ft of torque “. Tell me how you “ carry” torque? that number is total bs , to report that is asinine. report the ENGINE torque ~800 to 1000 lb•ft LIKE the cybertruck. Which is to come out Late 2021 just LIKE the hummer. So how’s it beat it?

T r a s h WholeMarsBlog $112k lol I love it 😊 Best part is gm don’t even have an operational prototype 😂 Imagine CNBC article if Tesla unveiled a new model without an operational prototype. WholeMarsBlog So they’re in panic.. -which is good for them, finally. Though, they should have unveiled this before Tesla’s Cybertruck. Then they could have had a small chance to compete. Now it’s like a vague pumping effort in a sinking ship, but still better than just watching.

WholeMarsBlog But it’s not real yet all renders lol WholeMarsBlog is here? Where? WholeMarsBlog WholeMarsBlog WholeMarsBlog Cool looking car but it is WAYYY to Expensive to be considered any real competition for RIvian and Tesla WholeMarsBlog No thanks I’ll take the cybertruck for 1/2 price WholeMarsBlog It is actually NOT a working prototype. 😂

Cybertruck cost half of the hummer, have 40% more range, more tow capacity, stronger buddy, ability of traveling across the country, full self driving. It comes with its own nuclear power station for battery chargeing? The Hummer is a Chinese owned brand! IT-IS-STILL-A-GMC & if you’re paying that much for a Buick or GMC you’re about to be highly disappointed... just buy a Tesla the ones who created the technology not their first go around & over charging

That’s the kind of car I would love to drive around for an hour or two but never own And at that price tag who is this ment for? i want one 😂 GM horn tooters forgets ev one, I don't! So how long are they going to support this truck and is it actually for sale or lease? Ford con su bronco ja This will not compete with the cyber truck no chance. It is not affordable, and the maximum range is only 350 miles. The high end Tesla Cyber truck gives you 500 mile range.

“Competitor”!?!!?!!?!! 😂😂😂😂😂 And we can’t afford tires and dinner JoeBiden ? These are sold out 🤣🤔 Wow super truck Cool where can I buy one? GM will be out of business before that thing is ever actually produced. Who buy? Warren Buffett 'BUY'. ⊙_⊙price. design. efficiency. function. Everything is behind. Who buy? Warren Buffett 'BUY'.

Almost seems archaic now with Tesla FSD Beautiful designed more than woman $GM Admits It DOESN'T Actually Have A Real Working HummerEV GMCHummerEV Chief engineer Al Oppenheiser admits 'we don’t have a vehicle yet. We’re building our first test vehicle as we speak; the vehicle you see in the video is our display vehicle.”

Isn't the highest end cyber truck 70k? Tesla is a decade or more ahead with their tech than any legacy automakers. I just don't see a way for any of them catch up. Boomers seem to think if they couldn't do it that nobody can. The doubt thrown on Tesla over the years was intense. Fuk yea .... give me the headlight

But stop producing the EVs the middle class can afford? “Thanks” Totally affordable. Nigeria is interested too. Cheers already sold out... You guys killed your own electric car, and now you want in? 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stunning! 🤍 Way Cool Recipe... GMC the new truck is pretty cool but way to expensive Awesome truck! Import taxes should not exceed 20% in Africa, otherwise no one will buy it!

That's way to fing much! Just remember, GM had the electric market in the bag with a spectacular little car (EV1) in late 90s and they conspired with other car companies to destroy that future. Now they are desperately trying to play catchup. Needs an SUV version and its perfect zero emissions :) it would have to grow like a tree. Or the hatch :) Also when there is friction of the tires, bumpers, during braking too .. But it looks nice :)

🤤🤤 🗑 It's a beautifull looking Luxury truck but I think most people/employers will choose Tesla's cybertruck and Lordstown's endurance. 😊👍 now Politics ClosingBell ReggieMiddleton LiveSquawk CNBC Failing to report latest housing data!?... No thanks too expensive, I won't change my reservation for the Cyber truck.

cant wait for a tug of war with cybertruck Profiteering during a pandemic? i was literally willing to pay half that price for a decent regular sized ⚡ 🛻 from them. oh well. ToyotaMotorCorp you're up next! Trump is trying to keep us on gasoline for some reason. 🙄 🤭 Nigeria is on fire. Our Govt is killing its Own citizens. Help us plsssss. LekkiGenocide happened. The Nigerian Army is killing Nigerians

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GMC Hummer EV will be made in Detroit factory Project Zero - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web.

2022 GMC Hummer EV revealed: photos, features, and specs - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. It's not really competing with the Cybertruck. For the top of the line trims it has 150 less miles of range and costs around $40,000 more. Unless people are willing to pay that extra money for the nameplate and style this thing is DOA. The Hummer is FUGLY and simply old looking. Then there is the price tag... WOW HUGE $$$ what are they really trying to tell the world? We are not seriously into the EV market unless you have BIG $$$. If GM was serious they would be making affordable EV vehicles. Completely different market and target audiences. Hummer is a premier off road brand exuding status and capability for the wealthy. You sure ain't gonna say bugatti released a new sedan to challenge the corolla next are you?

2022 Hummer EV 'Edition 1': coolest features of GMC's electric pickup - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web.

GM rolls out electric Hummer, as battery-powered pickups gain tractionSeven auto companies have plans to roll out new battery-powered pickup trucks over the next two years, aiming to cash in on a popular and lucrative market... Seems too niche. Don't expect this to last longer than a year, if it makes it to production at all

Hummer electric pickup truck unveiled: What you need to know'We created something people will be amazed by, regardless of the propulsion system,' Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global GMC, told ABC News. BidenCrimeFamiily That commercial was pretty cool last night during World Series It's really more of a super fancy SUV with an open boot rather than a 'truck'.

The Hummer is making a comeback -- and this time, it's all-electricGeneral Motors has revealed the new all-electric GMC Hummer EV, officially bringing back the Hummer name after a decade