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Globe battles virus as cases multiply outside China

For the first time, more new cases of the coronavirus were reported outside China than in the country where the epidemic originated, the World Health Organization says.

2/26/2020 7:58:00 PM

For the first time, more new cases of the coronavirus were reported outside China than in the country where the epidemic originated, the World Health Organization says.

SEOUL , South Korea (AP) — Crews scrubbed everything from money to buses, military bases were on high alert and quarantines were enforced Wednesday from a beachfront resort in the Atlantic to a...

In Europe, where Germany, France and Spain were among the places with a growing caseload,an expanding cluster of more than 200 casesin northern Italy was eyed as a source for transmissions. In the Middle East, where cases increased in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq, blame was directed toward Iran. In Asia, where the crisis originated late last year in China, threats continued to emerge around the region, with South Korea battling a mass outbreak centered in the 2.5 million-person city of Daegu.

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The illness had now spread to 37 counties, said world health officials, who simultaneously cautioned against the risks of unnecessary fears or stigma.“We are in a fight that can be won if we do the right things,” WHO director-general Ghebreyesus said.

Though the virus pushed into countries both rich and poor, its arrival in places with little ability to detect, respond and contain it brought concern it could run rampant there and spread easily elsewhere.“We’re going to be trying to slow down the spread so that our hospitals are not overwhelmed in one big gulp, one big hit,” said Ian Mackay, who studies viruses at the University of Queensland in Australia.

In South Korea, workers sanitized public buses, while in China, banks disinfected banknotes using ultraviolet rays. In Germany, authorities stressed “sneezing etiquette,” while in the United States, doctors.Around the world, as Christians marked the start of the holy season of Lent with Ash Wednesday,

worshipers found churches closed and rituals changed by virus fears. Even in St. Peter’s Square, many of those gathered for Pope Francis’ weekly audience wore face masks and clergy appeared to refrain from embracing the pontiff or kissing his ring.Services in Singapore were broadcast online to keep people from crowded sanctuaries where germs could spread, bishops in South Korea shuttered churches for what they said was the first time in the Catholic Church’s 236-year history there, and in Malaysia and the Philippines, ashes were sprinkled on the heads of those marking the start of Lent instead of using a damp thumb to trace a cross of ashes.

“We would like to be cautious so that the coronavirus will not spread,” said the Rev. Victorino Cueto, rector of the National Shrine of our Mother of Perpetual Help in Manila in the Philippines.Major gatherings were eyed warily, with organizers scrambling to respond in the face of the epidemic. Looming largest of all are the Olympic games, whose opening ceremonies are scheduled for July 24 in Tokyo. A member of the International Olympic Committee, Richard Pound, sounded alarms a day earlier, saying the virus could force a cancellation of the games. The Japanese government, in turn, gave mixed signals, insisting they would go forward yet urging that sports events now be curtailed.

Full Coverage:Virus OutbreakPrime Minister Shinzo Abe called for major sports and cultural events in the coming two weeks to be canceled or postponed to stem further infections. Meanwhile, the top government spokesman said Olympics preparations would proceed and the games would go on as planned.

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Among the other crowded places that had officials worried: Military bases.The South Korean military announced additional infections among its troops, with 20 cases on its bases and some 9,570 people in isolation. The U.S. military, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea,

confirmed the first infection of an American soldier, a 23-year-old man based at Camp Carroll near Daegu, a day after Americans said a military spouse also had contracted the illness. Bowling alleys, movie theaters and a golf course on four American bases in the country were closed.

“This is a setback, it’s true, there’s no getting around that. But it’s not the end of the war,” Col. Edward Ballanco, commander of the U.S. Army Garrison Daegu told troops in a video message. “We are very well equipped to fight this thing off.”Italy recorded 52 new infections on Wednesday and Greece became the newest country to see a case of the virus. South Korea announced 284 new cases, largely in Daegu, bringing its total to 1,261. China, still the epicenter of the crisis even as new outposts caught the world’s attention, reported 406 new cases and 52 more deaths. The country has a total of 78,604 cases of the virus and 2,715 fatalities.

China said Wednesday that those sickened by the virus included 555 prisoners who officials said likely became infected by guards using the same bus station as a nearby pulmonary hospital. In a twist, China is now heavily regulating arrivals from abroad, with authorities placing South Koreans under monitoring, state broadcaster CCTV reported, after five people on a flight showed signs of fever.

Indonesia said it evacuated 188 crew members from the World Dream cruise ship and planned to take them to remote Sebaru Island. The workers were released from quarantine in Hong Kong after finding no infections, but authorities mandated an additional observation period.

And on the opposite side of the world, the MSC Meraviglia was denied permission to land in Grand Cayman, where it was due to arrive Wednesday, following a decision by Jamaica to refuse it entry. The cruise line expressed frustration with the moves, which came after it reported one crew member from the Philippines was sick with common seasonal flu.

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It brought reminders of the MS Westerdam, which was repeatedly denied entry to Asian ports before Cambodia welcomed its passengers.MSC Cruises said the Meraviglia was sailing onward to Mexico.___Sedensky reported from Bangkok. Associated Press writers Jim Gomez and Joeal Calupitan in Manila, Philippines; Hyung-jin Kim in Seoul, South Korea; Stephen Wade and Mari Yamaguchi in Tokyo; Nicole Winfield in Vatican City; Aniruddha Ghosal in New Delhi; and Jon Gambrell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report.

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Is this the same WHO that has been parroting the CCP party line for the past two months? everythingyeg Hasnt the virus slowed in china? If I'm right that would mean its gotta be a couple week to a month before it would die down globally It would only seem logical that China be isolated economically until changes are made with regards to processing as well as sourcing of food sources. Swift punishment of black market exotic animals as food sources is at the top of the list.

Reported being the key word Mankind has always been affected by epidemics,and they have always survived them,Corona virus is not the first nor the last... TeumpPenxe are a danger to you he world. CoronavirusOutbreak COVID-19 is now a Pandemic. I knew it, this is the end of the world as we know it 😢 Chinese Communist Party doesn’t report accurate numbers 🤦🏻‍♀️ No way there’s more outside of China than in

A wet dream for UK annuity providers & ultimately National Health Service budget holders; a nightmare for the elderly. Fuck A atttgzazzzsszsz Oh no... I hate to say it, but I CENNZ dangerous times. 😟 Ugh....what if the darn test kit is flawed n showing people positive who aren't? What is d test made of? What if d test shows positive even if it's just a simple cold or flu? Grrrrrrr...d media n everyone else is panicking. Let's keep the death rate in perspective w flu deaths.

Hehe - because the numbers stopped coming out of China. The only reason for this is that China are just not reporting most of the numbers. I don't believe for a second they've suddenly managed to halt the spread in their country. Unless they're resorting to mass executions, they are commies after all.

Not in America , you can take that bullshit global alliance somewhere else , y’all aren’t quarantine notta Nan nothin. SpottlessMarxx This is NO longer an isolated spread of a virus... Somebody did THIS!! realDonaldTrump pandemic But the WHO wont declare because of the pandemic emergency fund PEF moneyB4HumanLife

Oh but Trumps going to Have A Cure in just a couple of days. No Worries. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 he needs to get Fact Checked ASAP! Maybe, but I don’t trust the Chinese rulers. kinsellawarren 'reported' In fact,China is more safe than one month ago Sorry Tokyo, but I believe it best to postpone the summer games. The world needs to declare war on China. Nothing to be imported or exported to China. Nobody in or out of China or in from China. They need to fully account for what was going on in the Wuhan Virus Lab. China has unleashed war on the world

Worst Plague Inc. speed-run ever Has anyone tried Sprite campbells and robitussin? To be honest, I thought the coronavirus would eventually be contained and in a year forgotten but I guess I was wrong. To be honest I thought eventually, the coronavirus would be contained and in a year forgotten but I guess I was wrong.

China did a good job on controlling it. Think about it, how the virus spread if all people in this country are forced to stay at home Pls think before you doubt it China is suppressing the true information. No freedom of speech in China and government controls the media. Bio-warfare China releasing real numbers are comparable to getting pulled over and when the officer asks, 'I smell alcohol, how many have you had?', and you respond with, 'Two. Two is all I had all night.' ..... right!

No one in these comments are reading the article, it's saying the amount of newly infected in China is now less than other countries. Which good news for China since the infection rate has gone down, bad for the others. It’s okay, dear leader trump says it’s only something democrats made up 🙄😒 Give me a break..... China is not releasing their true numbers of case

So this implies 2 things: 1) China did not contain or warn other countries very well (per health department advisory) 2) other countries did not take what warnings there were seriously enough to prevent spreading Assuming China is telling the truth... This sounds alarming like: (1) Coranavirus is still spreading increasingly to all nations and (2) China may be feeling the pinch of this and practicing 'measured reporting'. Shite is getting real.

So we know that the Coronavirus commenced in a market in China that holds wild animals in cages and I assume sells them for their fur, consumption or herbal remedies. May the PRC might re-educate their people and cease the slaughter of this wildlife. This is no big deal. The real question is if everyone prepared to meet their maker? Your soul has way more value than your physical self. Worry about the one that destroys your soul.

CCp lie about death number Traveling abroad has been too tolerant. stop the flights China fucked up our world! China lies. Then I would assume China is lying about its confirmed cases? period omg now everyone who makes those jokes can’t say they’re not racist Everyone panic! We have an immune system for a reason. If you’re not immuno compromised you’re fine. People freaking out for absolutely no reason.

Close all borders to any country that is affected by the Coronavirus. 3rdworldchina stopthisshit fuckchina The WHO corruption hid the Cholera outbreak in Nigeria, and use billions of US aid for their first class travel we lo we long we zoo we zone andygrammer .com we show we lo we lou we Jew we go Kenya row thank you kdfproductions.bigcartel.com we go Kenya show mistyonpointe we go Kenya show we sow we sue we Jew Kenya move NIGERIA go we row we show Kenya go.

No need to worry Trump has put Pence in charge of the situation. CoronaPence China have been lockdown the city or even the whole country to prevent the virus spread in the worldwide, for more than one month , other countries didn’t treat it seriously or taken any action during this period, so each government should blame for it.

Check this podcast (that's because China lies) ban China no more Coronavirus no more diseases Yikes C h I n g c h o n g How many have died outside of China? Few. All of you are babies. China have been lockdown the city or even the whole country to prevent the virus spread in the worldwide, for more than one month , other countries didn’t treat it seriously or taken any action during this period, so each government should take responsibility for it.

WHO do you really believe the number Chinese government provide? They even refused your delegation to go to WuHan . Isnt the virus only an issue if you dont have the right healthcare? Meaning almost all civilized countries are safe from this? Think of cockroaches... If you see one, there's most likely a hundred hidden. So now think of reported cases/deaths. Let that sink in... coronavirus

If you believe in China’s numbers. All thanks to the nasty azz Chinese. This tells a much different story... Damn, where should I go for holidays 🥴 They need to stop eating bats in China. Manufactured 'crisis'. The Deep State / Cabal failed to Impeach, so they are rolling out a bigger chaos-operation. jmkuhn99 'Coronavirus symptoms are essentially the same as the common cold typified by runny nose, sore throat, coughing and agonizing death. We urge citizens to stay calm and go about daily life normally until the virus slowly chokes you to death on your own bloody lung fluids.' - CDC

boycottchina Imagine having open borders and no control of immigration and this happens Hey, maybe now the rest of the world can stop using the corona virus as an excuse for being racist?! Hey guys, they've quarantined several cities that has up to 11 million people...do you think they even checked all the people? At this point WHO has been inconsistent in their outlook/assessment like China...hope numbers make sense soon...? mmfa guardian dailykos nytimes

Does anyone really believe that China is being honest about the number of cases treated and still emerging in their country Not me. The condition is getting worse. And you guys still care about whether the china number is right or not. Rediculous Oof Dam We should wait till 40% of global population is confirmed sick with Coronavius and then may be be should stop flights to and from China. CoronaVirusCanada coronavirususa coronaviruseurope

If you can rely on suspect Chinese figures . Certainly NOT in their interest to publish true figures 'Were reported' being the key phrase there Jan 29:China reveals COVID-19 is a problem Jan 29: Trump establishes a 12-member COVID-19 Task Force led by Sec of Health & Human Services Alex Azar. Feb 2:Trump's State Dept issues a travel ban to & from China. SenSchumer calls it an overreaction.

Who knows if the numbers China provided are correct U.S. officials worried about Chinese control of American drug supply. Did they tell u about this of course not. Read & Share ppl. Chinese government's slow response and silencing doctors at the beginning is the MAIN reason the rest of the world is in trouble right now.

I am Chinese and I know exactly what is happening. No matter what number Chinese government is giving y’all better pay more attention to this virus cuz it seems other governments literally don’t give a shit about this virus no kidding Ok...... just to update you while you scare everyone... number of flu cases 2019-2020...29-41 million(estimated) Hospitalized 280,000-500,00 Deaths 16,000-41,000 Per cdc....point is...be aware and take caution but please let’s not go overboard here and shut the world down

The incubation period is longer than the quarantines. How about everyone do good hygiene and wear face masks, it will help. Considering how many people wandered through hubs such as airports, or any public transport/ spaces and what seems to be a very contagious virus the outbreaks all over aren't that surprising.

Bc hundreds of thousands if not millions of people evacuated China This is following the AI predictive algorithm near precise; which said that the number would exceel internationally vs. inside China on February 24. Means 1). for the Chinese the ordeal is almost over, 2). there's hope for us and 3). It is bad news for doomsday prophets.

Sadly perhaps they are all dead or perhaps it’s because China on ATLEAST 3x re does the definition of sick/dead from Corona Maybe becus China propaganda war machine locking down any shred of truth..whatever it is it’s not because CHINA has done honourably to fight this virus. Cuz China’s not reporting

All right,China is lying.We see what happens after one month. Right lads get the flame throwers out. They aren’t reporting accurate numbers in my eyes, so I take this with a grain of salt. What’s really trouble is Italians can’t find person zero I love how we’re more concerned with pointing out that China is fudging the numbers then actually preparing ourselves for what possibly could be a global catastrophe. CoronavirusOutbreak BlamingChina FingerPointing priorities Corona

Because they are lying Published 1980s. Interesting name So it's not China's fault now! Yay it's everyone else's. 🙈🙉🙊 All because world leaders were too slow to act, so many lives could have been saved all airports should shutdown Good job. MackayIM We have a chronic Deep State virus here that has been infecting our government, our Constitution, economy, tax dollars, rights, freedoms, our schools, just to name a few. There is no vaccine, just We the People. WWG1WGA

Really? What about under reporting? Or that testing isn't really diagnosing those infected It was developed in China for Iran and now all their citizens will die like flies. Not sure what to believe...if that is the case, so why is WHO hasn't declared this as a global pandemic yet? Assuming their reported cases are accurate...

If you are to believe Chinas numbers. No one believes their numbers. They are definitely under reporting. We know that from the doctor whistleblower The sad part? You guys suck at reporting news so badly I can’t rely on this article. That kind of defeats why you do news doesn’t it in the first place? You sell too much FakeNews propaganda to be trusted.

not a fan of CCP. but I have to say very few ppl are infected outside Hubei province right now. we have done all we can to stop it spreading. our life is going to go back to normal very soon. but the situation outside China is getting worse. Russia apparently gives medical staff orders to record suspicious cases under ‘respiratory virus’ and only has one test lab (opening 2nd) to test. God know how many cases there are but many people are treated for pneumonia. They are same if not worse than CCP.

Only because China is lying about their numbers - get real haha you might be getting some more accurate data from other countries but not China too many doctors and nurses and body burners say it’s way worse in China - Italy quarantined 50k wuhan alone quarantined 11 million ppl Okay... so is the reporting accurate?

🙏🏻 This is getting really worrisome N95 mask and gloves dont touch for nose, mouth or eyes and wash your hands before and after dinning gloves Should we blow China up ? Sad part is, China’s numbers don’t seem to match their reality. Higher percentage of deaths with other diseases. Stop fear mongering over this shit. It's bad, it's not apocalyptic.

Statistically improbable. China is under-reporting. Because China is lying 🤥 coronavirususa Might be a good time to start thinking about growing your own food. China is still lying Who would believe this? Have you ever wonder why is the number of cases in Japan hasn't changed in spite of increasing rapidly other countries in the last few days? Because people are rejected COVID19 inspection even who have suspected symptoms!! It is happening, but is hidden by the government.

Stop spraying geoengineering it’s aluminum ash cocktail full of toxins harm respiratory system just like coronavirus it’s unconscionable to continue spraying This is a man made crisis that we doNt need further complicated by SRM SAI Do you care Olde_GregII shit is getting bad I told you! I believe that China is still withholding information.

So is this the end of the world? I see realDonaldTrump is holing a TrumpHateRally in South Carolina on Friday amid a COVIDー19 pandemic. All those MAGA fans ther to spread germs. It will even put him at risk. When will he give up his ego and cancel these events. I like how they blame the slowing down number from China is fake while blame China’s quarantine policy is strong and inhuman in the same time.

...Because we really can't depend on honest reporting of cases in China. Including the length of Quarantine. 14-27 days. We need real facts and real numbers if we are going to stop this epidemic. Man fuck this!!! Stop traveling abroad y’all. At least until there’s better containment of this thing. Idc if it’s a flu, it’s a flu on steroids! Man-made or not. Stop spreading this shit before it becomes a real pandemic and actually wipes out tens of thousands of people.

Be worried!!! 'Be the first one on your block to have your boy brought home in a box...' Imagine that!? I called this in December! People said I was overreacting ..... Now what?! The world never takes anything serious when it needs to be. Don't catch any virus that's Made in China 😂! No it had not exceeded, china is suppressing the real number

Why don't I think the Chinese are reporting correctly? Just a matter of time before this is a worldwide epidemic And we’re supposed to believe the numbers China is giving? Lol The numbers in this article regarding Japan are directly at odds with those released in the latest WHO situation report today... 164 cases within the country with only 7 in the last day. The Diamond Princess cases aren’t even classified as Japanese cases by the WHO 🤦🏻‍♂️

Because of Chinese damage control through the Ministry of Truth. Oh yes, because I am sure China has been truthful in their s. 🙄They should have told the world about this months before they did. I think more people are just staying at home in China and not declaring themselves to authorities as if they do they know the resources are so bad they won’t be properly looked after. At home at least they can be comfortable, have good food water etc.

Are we calling it a pandemic yet? I could caculate that there is more people who are surviving with the coronavirus being qurauntine? So its mainstream because alot of people are getting it and should I be worried? I’m not surprised. The Chinese tried to kill Americans but it backfired on them Now tell the CCP to release the actual death toll.

The racist commentary in this thread is horrible. 'reported' China’s numbers are accurate? Doubt that Anyone else paying attention to Russia not having any cases? It sure looks funny to me. Too bad Trump sees coronavirususa as a PR event and not a dire health issue. Lies they’ve just stopped testing women now

It's a cosmic conspiracy of fake news to undermine the Trumps by tanking the stock market. WHO is there some word used to describe an outbreak that has spread throughout the world? Hearing China is getting better and virus is contained upset you guys? Isn't it a good news to the whole world? What's the purpose of hiding the numbers for now? If there are still many infected then no one is able to hide it because it will be reported

It’s about to spread quickly in the US since our dip$hit potus made those infected return here against the CDC’s recommendation. *On a plane with other people they didn’t inform.* It was such an egregious ethical violation the CDC refused to be a part of the press release. Let this nightmare end😓 I have to say something as a Chinese. Such plateauing is possible because the center of this outbreak, Wuhan has been isolating for over a month and no one are allowed to leave the city and other places is getting in control. It’s a hard time for everyone!

When will people understand the WHO, Rosenstein’s sister from the CDC, Dems and Globalists are all on the same team?! They are trying to destroy the World economy! Investors are playing right into their hands! Insanity! Translation: DO NOT BELIEVE TRUMP DO NOT BELIEVE LARRY KUDLOW DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO REPRESENTS THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION

'... where the PANDEMIC originated' If the WHO is going to keep dragging its feet in calling this thing what it is, the rest of us should not. Yawn. China people stupid, eating rats wounding why they dead I'm sure this is 100% accurate and the whole story out of China Really pushing the panic , China is going back to normal life again . Calm TF down

It seems like China has controlled, but I don't want the virus be spreaded to the world..HOPE every country is peaceful🙏 MattMapMaker Y'all must love to be last, behind RW media, in reporting huh? Y’all need to stop traveling 😩 Yeah, sure. They might want to add a few zeros to the numbers China is reporting

I say to bad China should have listened last year . When I told them I would give them a plague if they did business with Alaska. They tried so I did . This just one of the tweets I sent them again last year. It will continue until I see what I need to see . You think I’m joking. EvelDick The Coronavirus

That’s only if the China numbers were accurate and truthful and we all know they weren’t. Because other countries are Not doing what China is doing to prevent spread of virus. People are being re-infected with it once well. That's the danger. So where its at then cuzzzzz What they tell us add %10 that's probably more accurate

This is in the Book of Revelation What's the big deal? Close our borders. Fixed! Try to find masks in the US ..... after today there will be none. Took me all day yesterday to find the last available box in my area. Let's assume here China is being 100% transparent with their numbers. The rise in cases isn't insane outside of China, it's not good obviously though. China's case rate is plateauing which is excellent. It's not over, not close. But this news shows us we can stop it.

Yeah, but who can trust China to tell the truth -- about anything? China rivals the squatter in the Oval Office for its inability to truth-tell. The only reason I'm not reporting new cases if they change the way they test so they can limit the number of tests per day they stopped doing x-ray because of the amount of people it was showing sick

There's a group of people in the commentary who haven't experienced it personally or seen it personally, all your speculations are unfounded👋 Clearly shows that other countries are giving out accurate data as opposed to the Chinese. bibrows DON'T LET SWAMP FOOL YOU CORONA VIRUS IS MANMADE...DEMS PUSHED IMPEACHMENT SO THEY COULD DECLARE MARTIAL LAW..MAKE NO MISTAKE..THEY ARE STEALING U.S. FROM AMERICANS! THERE IS COPYRIGHTS AND PATIENT FOR IT...STARTED AS 1, NOW THERE ARE 18 COPYRIGHTS TO IT

Screw WHO they don't give a fuck. they are as useless as the UN and these organization survive on donations from countries and big organization so they wont do anything to impact the biz, all they do really is worry about stuff .. Assuming we believe the numbers from China. How do we test for it? JayDubcity16 bro its only getting worse, the virus and for these bots lol

That’s because of censorship.. bad stats Earth is finally fed-up and fighting back.💀 That's because we are getting accurate information from the others. Do you believe all the airports should be closed until the coronavirus is contained? Has the rate of new cases in china dropped. That could be a good thing.

Is it possible China actually did a good job of containing it so death numbers aren't rising? I've seen the vids of the lengths they've gone to disinfect everything, streets, cars, disinfection tunnels, temperature checks n etc? Or they're concealing the real nbrs? You have to believe China to have that headline and I don't. Fakenews

中國是在武漢國家生物安全實驗室創建的嗎?武漢是中國武漢市附近的政府實驗室。 難道武漢冠狀病毒是洩漏的中國生物武器出了問題。 because the CCP gives false numbers... Probably spreading on Chinese products but the elites don’t want to stop trade in fear of financial loss. Oh shit On to real news EmeraldB85 have you seen this? 50,000 people under quarantine in Italy Why do American tax payers have to ship cash to other countries when our markets just tanked and we’re bracing for it to hit the USA? Who’s profiting off our tax payer money?

It only proved China is lying crampell Thank you for citing the WHO as the source of this fake ass news crampell Nobody made this virus, that’s idiotic and a very bad lie to spread. People are already panicked and to spread lies about this virus Sucks

As concern grows, China, South Korea report more virus cases China and South Korea report more cases of a new viral illness that has been concentrated in North Asia. The updates bring mainland China 's totals to 77,658 cases and 2,663 deaths. South Korea now has the second-most cases with 893. OMG!!!! Please,follow Iran CoronavirusCoverup A disaster for humanity because of mismanagement in occupied Iran will cause misery &pain for entire world. What's North Korea at

US airlines waive cancellation fees for South Korea flights as coronavirus spreads beyond ChinaIt comes as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned travelers to avoid non-essential travel to South Korea , where the disease has sickened close to 900 people.

Micro-pollution ravaging China and South Asia – studyTaking population into account, Bangladesh emerged as the country with the worst so-called PM2.5 pollution, followed by Pakistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan and India, according to the 2019 World Air Quality Report. Not good for India who claims to be the UN Champion of the Earth.

New coronavirus cases outside China exceeded those in China for the first time, WHO says'The sudden increases of cases in Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea are deeply concerning,' Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, said.

Virus 'peaked' in China but could trigger global pandemic: WHOThe World Health Organization on Monday said the new coronavirus epidemic had "peaked" in China but warned that a surge in cases elsewhere was "deeply concerning" and all countries should prepare for a "potential pandemic". WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the peak

Drop in New Coronavirus Cases in China Offers Hope That Its Outbreak Is EbbingThe number of daily coronavirus infections in China outside of Hubei province, the epicenter of the epidemic, dropped to just nine new cases, offering fresh hope that the worst has passed in China even as the pathogen raises new alarms in other parts of the world. If you believe those numbers. Trump views the virus as an election issue, said would go away with return of warmer weather, despite having degraded NHS,CDC funding,eliminated some epidemic response programs.Impeachable. VirusTrump Look at what they do, not what they say. Their actions do not match their statements.