Glenn Youngkin Ends School Mask Mandates, Vaccines For State Workers After He's Sworn In As Virginia Governor

Youngkin quickly signed 11 executive orders, including dropping vaccine requirements for state workers and barring the teaching of critical race theory.

Virginia, Glenn Youngkin

1/16/2022 5:07:00 AM

Youngkin quickly signed 11 executive orders, including dropping vaccine requirements for state workers and barring the teaching of critical race theory.

Youngkin quickly signed 11 executive orders, including dropping vaccine requirements for state workers and barring the teaching of critical race theory.

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Beautiful!! Right-wing virtue signaling, eh Sport? The truth hurts. Republican? Losing the vax requirements just may further burden Virginia hospitals while CRT isn't taught in schools. Nothing like keeping 'em sick and ignorant, is there? Our school district has already announced that the mask mandate will continue despite Youngkin’s EO. Let the lawsuits begin. Four years of battles. Joy.

So he doesn’t have to to anything else for the rest of his term. Youngkin - and the stupidity just continues piling up on Americans. Let the mass school shootings begin! Great job GlennYoungkin Youngkin, what a disaster for the once smart State of Virginia. Northern Virginia, and Hampton Roads screwed up VA.

Good luck Virginia! Off to great start with another wack job!

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It was never taught in school to begin with lol herd immunity one way or another Sunday morning Youngkin actually categorized people as trumpers or never-trumpers The far right knows there’s a difference between American history and CRT, right? I’d like to see what our history classes look like when you’re unable to mention slavery, Jim Crow or the civil rights movement. These same people were crying over statue removal “erasing history”🤦‍♂️

Good luck keeping schools open when all your teachers walk out Are we supposed to be surprised? Virginia deserves all the smoke for being complacent Once again a Republican leader is taking credit for solving a problem that never existed. How backwards is it that the gop is so against a vaccines that helping fight a pandemic that’s almost killed 1M Americans, but their all for restricting an academic theory for something it doesn’t even teach and in a place it’s not even taught.

If I lived in Virginia, I would move to another state.

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What a guy! Not even! Is Youngkin vaccinated? Virginia is about to enter a terrible stage of rapid white fear. This governor will divide the state using white fear. HOTTEST🔥🔥🔥 🎬🎬MOVIE🎬🎬 SINCE ❄️SNOW ON THE BLUFFS RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST YOUNG BLACK MAN JUST TRYING TO SUPPORT A FAMILY👪 PLEASE HELP IM JUST A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA

Oh? So Virginia public schools K-12 are taught Post Graduate level (LAW SCHOOL) critical race theory GlennYoungkin 🙄 LyingHypocrite RumorMongering FearMongering ENOUGH! VoteGOPout2022 VoteBlueIn2022 This man is a DISASTER!!! Youngkin, does not know what critical race theory really is. I hope he does not confuse history with critical race theory .

Get what you voted for, racist bs. The only people that is afraid to talk about race is racist. They do not own slave but they use other methods to keep people down. Oh, wow, he barred the teaching of a college level law school curriculum from being taught in schools where it's never been taught. Amazing.

So long and thanks for all the fish. Cool, when will we all have to wear monochromatic clothes, read the Bible by candlelight, and create a dowry for our girl childs

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Good luck Virginians. You are going to need it. Why does Youngkin hate Healthcare workers so much? Youngkin is the face of the Christian Taliban. Mission accomplished When is stupid are allowed to lead humanity suffers. His decisions are going to get people killed. His decisions we’ll just make people go to other sources of information to learn history. And those Who don’t will not evolve.

The fascism begins!! Do all these anti vaccine and anti mask republicans have a bet going to see which one will kill the most people in their states? This is insanity 😑 Of course he did Perfect, just what Virginia needs as their Covid cases rise, a Govenor who makes up issues and ignores real ones.

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We’re headed for a new version of the dark ages. Teach the truth snd if critical race theory is the truth teach it. If not the facts will teach that. CRT is not taught in VA from K-12. Smoke and mirrors jibber jabber for dumb NASCAR thinkers. The RICH Rule Virginia. Dat boy is a good ole 'publican...u go boy🤮

The hero we need. This country is vile No one cares about healthcare workers until they are needed Just like everyone bitches about empty shelves in stores but no one wears mask or gets vaccinated Meanwhile, republicans blame everyone but their flawed laws Yes you can reduce state wages by not having people at work. You can also keep people ignorant by not educating them. Both republican priority platforms.

Watch what happens.

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Most workers are vaccinated, more than half the population doesn’t wear masks and more than half the state believes CRT is taught in grade school. He’s just feeding the ignorance that got him elected. The orders mean nothing in actual effect Republicans helping to exterminate Republicans….priceless! This puts a tremendous burden on hospitals. Healthcare workers need to fight back.

Welp we get what we deserve. I feel bad for all of the Kids and teachers in school who will get sick as a result of this. No doubt all eyes will be on their Covid infection numbers and no doubt they’ll swing the reports to suit their own purposes. Congrats, Virginia. Good luck. 😞 I taught history in Virginia for seven years. Don’t even know what CRT is, it’s not taught in public schools there, and congrats-to the parents too stupid to not realize they were being played

How awesome. The liar GlennYoungkin eliminates something that wasn’t happening. Excellent! Schools should not be teaching kids woke racism

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My head is going to explode Great job. Doing what he was elected to do A great smile and a tiny brain. And how many will die? He doesn’t care Dems will regret not voting in the election Awesome So “death wish” ? Nice to see Youngkin has a handle on nonexistent problems. Now if the compromised majority of COTUS( Party makes no difference) could start resurrecting the family farms and ranches which use to feed the country with organic , healthy produce...while not killing the natural living soil with chemical fertilizers!!!

Critical race theory is not taught in a single K-12 school in Virginia.

Okay, Virginia! You reap what you sow! Congrats! 😒 Need to follow Eric_Schmitt he is a Trumper. Democrats are experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Congratulations America, we have successfully time travelled back to 1956. Youngkin Strange, it’s as if the coronavirus itself possess the new governor to insure it survives and prospers. He’s clearly pro-virus and anti-science. Big mistake VA.

Great start man!! The marxists are going to be livid.

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