Giuliani says he won’t be on Trump impeachment defense team

Updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and from the second Trump impeachment.

1/18/2021 9:38:00 AM

Ahead of an inauguration that promises to be like none other before, ABC News takes a look back at major moments from previous inauguration addresses. Read the latest updates from the Biden transition:

Updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and from the second Trump impeachment.

The Delaware Humane Association hosteda virtual partywith over 10,000 people to celebrate the first shelter dog moving into the White House.While Champ and Major won't put their paws in the White House until Wednesday, the association held the fundraiser Sunday to celebrate the history being made: Major was adopted by Biden in March 2018.

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"It means everything to us because it shines a light on the work we do," Delaware Humane Association's executive director Patrick Carroll said Sunday during the virtual party."It shows that shelters are a wonderful place to adopt."

joebiden/InstagramJoe and Jill Biden with their dogs, Major and Champ, in a photo posted to Joe Biden's Instagram account.The shelter showed off photos of Major during his stay there in 2018 along with video of him and the president-elect. It also revealed dog"secretaries" which were dogs from its shelter that were selected by fans.

The Delaware Humane Association raised over $100,000, according to its host.MORE: Biden's dogs bring return of presidential pets to the White HouseBiden's two German shepherds will also be the first dogs to live in the White House in four years, though Champ is no stranger to Washington. The Biden family brought the dog into their home in 2008 and he resided with them during his two terms as vice president.

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I hope ABC, CBSNews, CNN, MSNBC & others give no airtime to Trump on his way out. I really hope there isn't a camera in sight at Andrews where he wants a huge send off. All focus must be on BidenHarrisInauguration. Time to ignore and forget DonaldTrump. TrumpTreason 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✨ 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌✨

Shut down the clubs down south!!! COVID19 All Inauguration are a huge waist of tax payers money! Awww, Rudy ... please, please defend Trump Thats disappointing....i was looking forward to a circus like event If anyone will complain about election rigging in America, it should be Obama if he had not won, Obama got elected twice, it means America Democratic system is still the best in the world . Trump and his other coup plotters are sore losers .

WARNING I expect that President Biden will be able to revoke/cancel Trump's all pardons/withdraw them& that those released from prison by Trump may be forced to return after Jan 20.I believe that President Biden can also give order to the US’s newly appoin-ted AG to investigate Hahaha. Because he might be charged also. He needs a counsel too.

Click bait Rudy meeting with trump like... Must have remembered he didn't get paid the first time. Because he’s gonna be charged too I guess he gave up when he heard Trump will not pay his fees Oh why not How? He’s a defendant. He tried to overthrow the government by calling for an insurrection. He called “A trial by combat.”

Rudy Giuliani needs to be prosecuted also for exciting the criminal terrorist to take over the capitol . Trump needs to be held accountable for all of what happen on Wednesday. Like he didn’t know or is it he’s just one crap Lawyer Yesterday you said he was ! No worries, donnies go My Pillow Guy 👍🏻 Tired of getting stiffed? Or has Trump realized after going 1-63, that you are a really shitty lawyer? Oh Rudy, how far you have fallen.

He's a co-conspirator. I really don't understand how Giuliani has been walking free. For several years now he has been committing major crimes against our country as well crimes agains elections laws plus inciting attacks to the capitol. He need to be arrested already Send a DM if you need your bills paid

Poll: At Noon on January 20th 2021... Should realDonaldTrump be immediately arrested for sedition? Click on link to vote: From a footage I watched from CNN on 28th January, 2021, I completely agree with all who say Trump is not fit for his status as president. Not even for a banana republic. It's bad scene to watch. It's very important that he is impeached.

ABC you can edit out Trump like Home Alone 2 edit out Trump's cameo appearance. Waste of money & time. Up To 25,000 Troops Descend On Washington For Biden's Inauguration I don't understand What they need so many damn troops for if he won? And what the hell is he scared of?.. His own people? This is humiliating as fuck for them.

keithbaldrey Whatever Is trying to do here, it ain’t workin'. It'll take more than the old U.S. flag waving bullshit to repair the damage of the Big Lie. You’d think COVID would unite them, but I guess near 400K deaths isn’t enough. Yes. This was great to watch. I have to say, “You are aware that Mr Trump did NOT do the job of an American President.” I believe Mr Trump has only been a danger to US.

About the only people coming to Bidens inauguration... All messages of hope and change for the better. Except Trump. He's complaining about carnage 🤦‍♂️ Trump will be remembered forever We need freedom we need our country back Uganda, Mr. Yoweri kaguta museveni Is killing people day after day 😭 freebobiwine

Breaking: Trump’s picture will be added to the dictionary site loser and impeachment. I’ll be glad when it’s over. It’s GREAT that Trump will be gone, but I’m not much for the ceremonial bit, all of the getting to know the families stuff that’s been in the media lately, etc. I tend to have a preference towards utilitarianism where these things are concerned.

Politicians are con artists. Word smiths. Everything they do is to manipulate their targeted masses of easily influenced livestock. Ich każda jedna inauguracja była sprzedajna z jednym tylko celem. Zemścić się na USA. I nażreć się. Will Kamala be doing her rain dance? We can only hope that things will be smooth sailing at this Inauguration 🙏

“iT’s NoT a CuLt” How are things with the capitol now? One can only hope especially now a day's