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Rudy Giuliani realized he can't actually be Trump's impeachment lawyer because he's a witness in the case

1/18/2021 12:53:00 PM

Rudy Giuliani realized he can't actually be Trump's impeachment lawyer because he's a witness in the case

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Two sources close to the White House had previously told Reuters thatGiuliani was on the shortlistto represent Trump during the president's second impeachment trial of his term.The former New York City mayor led the president's challenges to the certification of the 2020 election and repeatedly made baseless claims of election fraud. 

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Giuliani is one of the few constants in the president's life, though last week theWashington Post reportedthat Trump had instructed his aides not to pay Giuliani's legal fees. The president was said to be outraged over Giuliani's $20,000 a day fee and had stopped taking his calls.

Alan Dershowitz, the controversial Jeffrey Epstein associate and member of OJ Simpson's defense team, was also said to be amongfor his impeachment defense team.Since then the former Harvard Law professor toldthat he would defend Trump in the "court of public opinion" but would not be a part of his legal team.

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Guiliani is an ACCOMPLISH for the crime of inciting rebellion on Jan 6, 2021 Capitol Hill mob. ...makes sense. Strange he realized He realized that’s something he should have known from day one smh Good job Rudy! 'Witness'....he really means co-defendent, right? That’s a relief. Rudy farted Donald reacting. The end.

Well he’ll still have to tuck in his shirt 🤣 Yea that is the ticket. 'Trump has told staff not to pay Rudy Giuliani over irritation at being impeached again' And Rudy would have done such a good job. Booyah! He can be appointed with a federal public defender. He is a 100w bulb in 24w lamp Этот заголовок очень подозрительный. Друг Руди не из тех, кто что-то понимает.

I can't wait for the shit show to start, I hope it's televised in it's entirity. Ok what about “SueGrabbit and Runn” Great Lawyers for Wa....knees And a co-conspirator Drumpf ImpeachedTwice RudyGiuliani is not just a witness to Trump's impeachment crimes, he is a co-conspirator and criminal calling for trial by combat for the WhiteSupremacist TerroristsNotProtestors TrumpInsurrectionists

And he's going to be pardoned tomorrow. Accomplice BluuWave2020 Did you mean ACCOMPLICE? Check out NEVER AGAIN. Available via this link: MAGA NeverAgain BluuWave2020 Is that an explanation or an excuse? He is an accomplice. And by witness, he means accessory You spelled accomplice wrong Ohhh, here we lost the next fun episode, I hope at least he can find some witnesses like crazy blond lady for us to have fun watching the defense.😂😂

Lol Let the other crazy - Sidney Powell represent Trump 😂 Didn't you mean accomplice? He was a instigator of the attack. Why hasn't his law license been revoked and he put in jail. Along with Trumps family. Baby Trump is just as guilty. Actually all of the family Not witness... Subject, or accomplice. Witness or traitor / co-conspirator / firestarter?

More like CO-CONSPIRATOR Rudy wouldn't know if his ass was on fire Witness= guilty defendant= kook *accomplice He’s an accomplice. A co-conspirator. This photo of them should be label: Exhibit A: Dumb and Dumber And then he sharted into the night, leaving a trail of Just for Men drippings. Please take Rudy off the witness list so that he can defend Trump against impeachment.

Co-Conspirator number 1 LeChatNoire4 Something an actual lawyer would know Accomplice is more accurate. No you are a co-conspirator, not a witness! That's a basic conflict of interest. But when has that ever stopped him before. 😐 So it just hit him that he can’t represent because he’s a witness? Sharp as a tack, this one!

Man, Rudy went from the self-appointed hero of 9/11 to the self-appointed and anointed villain of the Capitol insurrection, all in one lifetime. Legendary. Accomplice or subject more like it You spelled accomplice wrong. Don't call an accomplice a 'witness' ☝️ Since when does a conflict of interest determine what Republicans do?

more like cell mate By making Rudy an accomplice Trump may have stumbled his way into being represented by a more competent lawyer. No, it's because he's awful at his job You misspelled accomplice. Mr. Trial By Combat is wishing he will be considered a 'witness' when he really is a subject. “Witness”? He’s an accomplice.

. . . and because he can be charged criminally as well, he'll probably refuse to answer questions, invoking his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination! Co conspirator I believe he is more of a, SUSPECT than he is a witness. He needs to get his things in order before he heads to jail. 2 In other news, Giuliani also reported that he's successfully upgraded Trump's parking ticket violations to first degree murder.

accomplise He's only a witness if he's saving his own neck. He's still a co-conspirator guilty of inciting a mob, sedition, and the deaths of 5 people. Not to mention that he should be disbarred for his actions over the past year. Witness or suspect? You misspelled 'accomplice'. Accomplice! Rudy is a participant, an accomplice, and the worst lawyer this country has ever seen. RudyColludy , your time is OVER!

lol more like an accomplice. You spelled accomplice wrong He's not a witness. He was a participant. He can and should be charged with Sedition and treason. If he is called to testify it will be the most off the charts shark jumping testimony ever entered in an impeachment trial ever. He'll lie under oath. Someone needs to remind him of the propaganda he spewed.

Sure, in the sense that an accessory to a crime is a witness to it I think you misspelled suspect. Suspect. Not witness. Rudy is another rotten apple Accomplice not Witness You mean accomplice. Pro bono. 🤣 CarylHill11 The eventual defense team for trump is going to use this as an example, saying that trump can't get a fair trial, because all of the witnesses were involved, including the witnesses and jury, which, in this case, is the Senate.

*accomplice More like Individual-2. Witness? Co conspirator He meant co-conspirator Co-conspirator. At one time Rudy was the Man in NY .. so was Donald Trump .. I’m incredulous over what has become of the both of them .. He is a co-conspirator that is two seconds from being charged, himself. That's because he knows the senate will hold him in contempt and charge him with perjury. They aren't like those other clown judges that let him get up and lie with impunity

Actually he’s a subject in the investigation, not a witness ... You spelled “subject of a crime” wrong I believe the term you're looking for is 'accomplice'... not 'witness'. ATC330R Damn it BI, let him, that way Congress can ask him about 'trial by combat'. more like a co-defendant... Co-conspirators ‘Witness’. Hopefully, a defendant.

Plus, he also farts in public. He’s a subject of interest, not a witness Best lawyer in the whole world! 😂😂😂 Oh right, it has nothing to do with trunt refusing to pay his legal fees - classic trunt con. Rudy realized he won’t be getting any more payments from Trump, is more like it! 'Rudy Giuliani realized he can't actually be trump's impeachment lawyer because he can't remember how to do this lawyering thing most of the time.'

Because RudyGuliani is a subject or suspect in the investigation. “Witness”? How about suspect? Accomplice? Co-conspirator? *accomplice Editor Correction: He claims he is a witness. I’m sure he meant to say “suspect”! Witness? More like defendant. PBell38334240 There is nothing better as a testimony to the defeat and banishment of corruption from the areas of government than this pair of beaten and brined old men for future court contests.

Well yeah, that, plus hearing that Trump doesn't intend to pay his invoices. You spelled witness wrong. It is spelled perpetrator. If this trial weren't to be held in the Senate, Rudy would be a co-defendant, not a witness. He meant to say, accomplice. It took him, THAT long to realize this? Some lawyer You misspelled co-conspirator.

And because he won't get paid? 'May I remind the *witness* that you are under oath. You have already explained that you are not a lawyer, now please answer the question!' “Witness” LOL he means “co-conspirator.” witness?, he's a ring leader in this case, he stood up there & told the insurrectionist to fight, they left & attacked the united states of america, with weapons in hand; people were killed, giuliani should be arrested & charged.

Translation: Because Giuliani is a criminal in the case. There we fixed your tweet for you. You can thank us later :) Rudy as Witness. No Impeachment. Perhaps Rudy Giuliani will rec his ex-counsel for Ukraine. John Pierce. Current fundraiser for Rittenhouse. Fired as a client by Marc Mukasey. JP says he's “elite” Let’s look🔥2-min vid🔥 “Who is John Pierce.”🤯Wow🤯

wait... wasn't Rudy in on the insurrection? I recall his speech of inciting violence Not just a witness. A partner-in-crime. Who ran around the country spreading Trump’s fraud lies? Who helped delude people into thinking Trump had a “path to victory”? Who have a speech that morning urging the mob to engage in “trial by combat”?

Witness lol Rudy's going to need his own defense lawyer. More like a subject in the case. In most circles they call what he did then and accomplis.🤷🏾‍♂️ GWEAT GOOGIWY MOOGIWWY! Giuliani does the right thing for the wrong reason. A witness? He's a damn coconspirator! 'Trial by combat' is not a call for a peaceful protest! But, it's not his impeachment trial. We'll just have to sit back and see how fast he perjurers himself. Or a drinking game! Take a shot every time Rudy says 'election fraud'

Correction Rudy may have his own case. Rudy will need witness protection I told you about TRUMP CULT. Now one CULT lawyer (Watkins) will ask Trump to pardon Chansley, comparing him and others to 'CULT MEMBERS'. “They were betrayed by somebody in whom they’d placed their faith,” like the followers of Jim Jones. The only thing missing was the Kool-Aid.”

And an accessory DERILICTION You say 'Witness', I say co-conspirator. Unravelling.....waiting! ⚖ Are we sure Rudy passed his bar exam? This is simple stuff a first grad student would know. He should be a co defendant not a witness Witness or defendant? There were no witnesses at the first trial. So he should not be on in this one.

Sedition funded by the Trump campaign. I think he meant co-conspirator, but words don’t matter to those buffoons. That's a shame. Nobody could've guaranteed a conviction as quickly as ol' Rudy colludy. Isnt he also a defendent. He incited a riot as well he also witnessed some stop payments on his Trump checks :)

Witness? No! Accomplice! A huge relief! We don’t need to watch him again The Russian mafia connected corrupt consiglieri RudyGiuliani cannot be bastard liar and coup klux klan leader at the same time?🤣 I can’t wait for the biopic about trumps time in power. it’s gonna be comedy of the year The buffoon actually thinks that “witness” is the softer version of “co-conspirator”.

Rudy's defense strategy Dumb and Dumber! blueeyedmex2 Shhh! Conflicted are we?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If you're on Twitter and we are not following ourselves, it's very wrong oh😒 Try me... Follow me and I promise to follow you back ASAP 😘😘 İf you like reading books, you should definitely read this book. You can get this book, which sells a lot, by following this link👉👉👉

There's always Tiffany. thank you very much for your work Unrelated, Mr. Giuliani has discovered he is part sea mammal.