Girlfriend Slowly Becoming Radicalized By New Skin-Care Blog

Girlfriend Slowly Becoming Radicalized By New Skin-Care Blog

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6/21/2022 3:30:00 PM

Girlfriend Slowly Becoming Radicalized By New Skin-Care Blog

SPRINGVILLE, UT—Concerned by the disturbing changes in her behavior since she discovered the site earlier this year, local man Derek Wilkinson told reporters Friday he worries his girlfriend, Katie Spencer, has started to become radicalized by a skin-care blog.

Wilkinson explained that Spencer’s involvement with the DermaTru website began innocently enough, with the 23-year-old woman occasionally browsing it for moisturizer recommendations or advice on how to treat a blemish. But he soon noticed his girlfriend engaging in uncharacteristic behaviors that suggested she had been indoctrinated by the blog and fallen victim to the dogmatic teachings of its instructional videos. Before long, Wilkinson confirmed, she was speaking continually of “the one true beauty regimen.”

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Thays nothing. My ex's ex became an antivaxxer just by watching yoga vlogs. I still don't understand why. Bathing in the blood of children may seem extreme but wait til you see the results. At least it's non-ionised. This one is too close to the bone Radicalized into debt.

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