Gingrich Tells Dems to Prepare for 'Jail' Over January 6 Inquiry

Gingrich claimed committee members had broken the law, although he didn't elaborate which laws were actually violated.

1/25/2022 12:30:00 AM

Newt Gingrich threatened with the January 6 committee members with prison and subpoenas, claiming that they have broken the law, although he did not elaborate which laws were actually violated.

Gingrich claimed committee members had broken the law, although he didn't elaborate which laws were actually violated.

Gingrich,, issued his warning while appearing onFox NewsSunday to discuss the latest developments regarding the select committee’s work.“You’re going to have a Republican majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate” after the 2022 midterm races, Gingrich said. “And all of these people who have been so tough and so mean and so nasty are going to be delivered subpoenas.”

Gingrich did not offer any concrete justification for issuing subpoenas.“I think when you have a Republican Congress,” Gingrich predicted, “this is all going to come crashing down. And the wolves are going to find out they are now sheep and they’re the ones who are going to face a real risk of, I think, jail for the kind of laws they’re breaking.”

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Wtf?!? Is he drinkin the same juice Guiliani been drinkin?!?! The newt is full of swamp water. flail/fail/jail

Matt Gaetz Backs Newt Gingrich’s Threat to Punish Jan. 6 InvestigatorsMatt Gaetz backed House Speaker Newt Gingrich's suggestion to jail members of the Jan.6 House committee and also told Steve Bannon that Republicans should not be 'limp-wristed' I refuse to share anything else, that gives Matt more visibility, on twitter. He's ugly-souled, damaging to American people and the sooner he's out of the public eye, the better. That's right. He just takes what or who he wants. Sometimes he pays for it. Sometimes they're in High School. Or not. Could be college.. Matt is one very scared puppy. He knows it's coming he just doesn't know when. Lol. Love it.

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