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The defense at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is trying to cast doubt on a key accuser’s allegation that the British socialite helped financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse the woman for years.

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12/2/2021 1:53:00 AM

The defense at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is trying to cast doubt on a key accuser’s allegation that the British socialite helped financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse the woman for years.

NEW YORK (AP) — Ghislaine Maxwell 's defense attorneys sought Wednesday to undermine a key accuser’s allegation that the British socialite helped financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse the woman for years, starting when she was 14.

that she and Epstein were “partners in crime.” The defense has countered by claiming she’s being made a scapegoat for 66-year-old Epstein, who killed himself in his Manhattan jail cell in 2019 as he awaited his own sex trafficking trial.On Tuesday,the accuser described numerous sexual encounters

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with Maxwell and Epstein that began in 1994 and continued through 1997. When recounting the first time she was abused by Epstein, she said she was “frozen in fear.”Another time, she said she was taken to a massage room where he and Maxwell both took advantage of her. Other encounters involved sex toys or turned into oral sex “orgies” with other young women and Maxwell, she added.

On cross examination, the defense also attacked the witness’ credibility by asking why she waited over 20 years to report the alleged abuse by Maxwell to law enforcement. And Maxwell’s attorney asked Jane, an actor, about her television roles — a cancer patient, a car crash victim, someone with mental health issues, a prostitute — suggesting she may have applied her professional craft to her testimony.

The last one “was not my favorite role,” Jane said before pushing back on Menninger’s characterizations of her work as melodramatic.“You want to call it ‘melodramatic.’ I prefer ‘dramatic,’” she said.She later choked up when a prosecutor asked her at the conclusion of her testimony why she didn’t reveal everything about her experience with Epstein in her initial meetings with prosecutors.

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“Because it was too difficult — too difficult emotionally, too difficult on every level,” she said.Two of Maxwell’s siblings, Kevin and Isabel, were among the spectators in the courtroom on Wednesday. Thefamily has insistedshe’s innocent.Outside court, Kevin Maxwell told reporters it was the first time he’d seen his jailed sister in more than 500 days and thanked deputy U.S. Marshals for allowing her to briefly speak to him before they took her out of the courtroom.

“Personally, it gave me a tremendous sense of to be close to her, to be able to actually see her in the flesh,” he said.___This story has been corrected to show that one of the Maxwell siblings present Wednesday is Kevin, not Howard.

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all these trials in the last few weeks and nothing yet on trump, his stooges, or that con congressman from Florida who adopted an adult man and got caught having sex with minors. turn on the heat.. put on the good stuff already. Epstein wouldn't have had any minor girls to abuse if there wasn't a Ghislaine Maxwell.

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Challenge Accuser’s Memory of Sexual AbuseA lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell tried to cast doubt on an accuser’s testimony at the British socialite’s sex-trafficking trial on Wednesday, challenging the woman’s memory and showing inconsistencies with earlier statements she made to federal investigators NTHOL is Turkey's cheapest and the most promising stock. It is the largest group of hotels and casinos in the Mediterranean. It will earn at least 10x this year. You can buy 25% of the 13 biggest casinos in Europe for 75 million $. COME ON! handetibuk netholdingas TURKEY NTHOL de bitmiş olan YENİDEN DEĞERLEMEden oluşan DEFTER DEĞERİ açıklanmalı ve 145 milyon LOT bu FİYATTAN NITELIKLI YATIRIMCIYA satılmalıdır.Eski DEFTER DEĞERİ olan 7TLden satış HILELI SATIŞTIR. spkgovtr GÖREVE!!! handetibuk netholdingas btibuk keremtibuk GARANTI GARAN Anticuerpohumano35B5

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Epstein Accuser Questions FBI Account of Her Alleged Abuse in Maxwell Trial TestimonyEpstein accuser 'Jane' says she met Trump when she was 14, she disputes details of the government's version of events, and other things we learned on Day 3 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial I mean it’s not really a surprise. Where do you think Melania Trump came from ? I appreciate that the writer of this story acknowledges that memory of traumatic events is OFTEN spotty and that is exactly because of trauma's effects. Kudos to them to getting it right.

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