Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Longtime Friend, Arrested By Fbı - Cnn

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's Longtime Friend

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's longtime friend, has been arrested, source says

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter.

7/2/2020 4:40:00 PM

JUST IN: Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, a person familiar with the matter says. Epstein's longtime friend has been under investigation for facilitating his recruitment of young girls and women.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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Who ever would’ve thought Netflix would become so significant to this point? She will probably be put in a cell with a massive girl/mass murderer and commit suicide. Everyone this guy associates with goes to jail!! Corruption seems to be normal and honesty is the exception. Why tf is this taking forever. Every single person involved should be in jail

TravisH00794495 , yikes!! Clinton body count! CNN cover up too Oh this is getting good. 🍿 time. Lots of elite shitting there pants right now. She knows all the pervs. Wondering when she’ll be suicided. 🤔🤔 Protect her! Trump needs to get involved with this. Guard her with the marines if you have to. karenrosesmith Take 'em all down!

Yayyyyyy! Now follow up with interview of senators on the Aniti Lynching Bill that's had 200 times to be passed an still NOT A LAW.Start with RandPaul Disgusting sex trafficker. Terrible news of her being murdered in her cell in prison, which is scheduled for next week. And the faulty camera that will fail to record it, followed by the suicide of the person that is planning to murder her.

bravo! Lock that crazy bitch up Let’s hope she lives long enough to talk. MikeCovell WOW!!!! Q the race to see who gets him first! The Trump family or the Clinton family It’s about time. What took so fucking long. Let’s make sure this one doesn’t “commit suicide”, her guards are well rested, cameras are functioning mmmkay? Might as well just keep AG Barr’s grubby paws out of the entire thing fbi SDNYnews NewYorkStateAG

whole lot of media mogul types are scared today Recruited from Mar-a-lago. Hope she turns over all the pedophiles They are Politicians Judges Actors CEO's oh you will not be surprised Top of the list Bill Clinton even Hillary Or she dies like Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell Commits 'Suicide' in 3.............2....................1...........................

“facilitating his recruitment of young girls and women” you mean SEX TRAFFICKING RING... haha The one time CNN decides to downplay a headline 😂 Qué podría sucederle? No creo ella se suicide, estando en la cárcel o sí? Another “suicides” death coming 🙄 How soon before she 'commits suicide'? Will she confirm that she provided multiple 13 yo children for DJT to boink.

_ReaalAmerican_ I hope she has lots of dirt on realDonaldTrump The mainstream media hardly talked about the Epstein scandal and did no further investigation after he 'killed himself'... it's like they don't want people to look into the story oh yeah because 1 reporter that did got murdered 👁 JUST IN: Ghislaine Maxwell reported dead. Sources say she committed suicide in her cell via a prison made rope.

Trump will have her 'Epsteined' !!! Yes....TRUMP next!! She is a inhuman monster FINALLY!! i think the Epstein series on Netflix played a huge role as there was increased public pressure that she get jail time for her sick role in everything. NothingCanStopWhatIsComing you’re in for a BOOM Weekend! Get got chomo EpsteinDidntKillHimself

Maybe her and malaria should compare notes. Pedogate Keep her safe from the Clintons Trump and Barr will do their thing again lewiiss96 wonder if her fate will be the same as Epstein. This bitch needs to be on 24/7 watch from multiple guards Oops! Suicide watch, cameras with batteries, log visitors : trump clinton royalfamily

Don’t get your hopes up. CNN not carrying President Trump's press conference. He is announcing record jobs numbers. CNN doesn't want you to know that. Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, and others sent sympathy cards to her family regarding her upcoming 'suicide'.

FBI arrests Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell in sex-trafficking probeJeffrey Epstein's long-time friend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested on charged related to an ongoing probe of Epstein's alleged sexual abuse. Nice. Trump 2020 Not 'sex trafficking.'. HUMAN TRAFFICKING. TRAFFICKING OF UNDERAGE HUMAN FEMALES. Please use the right words. Doing otherwise further dehumanizes exploited girls. Suicide otw

Former Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell is in federal custodyBREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell , the former companion of Jeffrey Epstein, arrested by FBI in New Hampshire. No coincidences, no heroes..........

Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say Ghislaine Maxwell , the British socialite and heiress who became a confidante of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and was later accused of involvement in his alleged sexual crimes, has been arrested by the FBI, two senior law enforcement sources tell News 4 New York. She was arrested in New Hampshire on Epstein-related charges and is expected to appear in a federal… NBCNewYork NBC is shaking. NBCNewYork Finally NBCNewYork I have two weeks in my suicide pool. No way will she last that long. FBI is in their full protect their client mode.

Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested: ReportsBREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell , the British socialite who has been accused of helping financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls as his top confidant, has reportedly been arrested in relation to Epstein’s sex crimes. She didn't kill herself LOCK HER UP! Hope she sings like a canary on Trump before her tragic suicide...

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