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Get ready to pull the trigger on these stocks — 'We're almost in oversold territory,' Jim Cramer says

The best picks may be in the managed care, insurance and telecommunication spaces.


Get ready to pull the trigger on these stocks — 'We're almost in oversold territory': Cramer

The best picks may be in the managed care, insurance and telecommunication spaces.

In the face of similar trade tensions, Caterpillar fell 4.6% Monday, and Boeing slumped 4.9%.

. The list of affected gods primarily covers produce from American farmers, whom Cramer expects will get bail out checks from the Trump Administration. Those goods could also be sold off to other countries, he added.

"Our manufacturing base for that stuff was wiped out ages ago. China in particularly already destroyed the American glove industry," he said.

But Trump has more ammo in the escalating trade war. He is considering slapping another 25% tariff on $300 billion worth of additional Chinese goods. Cramer expects Trump to put additional duties on the books within the next six months and force companies to pay for doing business in China.

"So get ready. It's been a wild ride, but we're almost in oversold territory and there's not much more China can to do hurt our economy," he said. "Even as it sure could hurt the stock market, because their moves inspire panic like no other country's business."

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Bahaha if Cramer says it, do the opposite. See: Bear Stearns and more recently LYFT. As a licensed Market Analyst.I noticed trends and tendencies, and I do so effortlessly.Because I have the body of data to do so. But let me say this. I would not be surprised if the President is trading on the downward trend of the Negative Market which he intentionally created.

Nothing new on this list of “over sold” big caps. No news here The great exodus to Bitcoin has started. Welcome to the new world order Cramer crash just be smart and buy gold and silver and wait to see how this plays out. My guess is a blood bath this week. Famous last words

Jim Cramer swaps Twilio for Red Hat in his 'cloud kings' group of hot tech stocks'I'm not going to tell you that it's cheap, but I'd much rather own Twilio than these shiny new objects,' Cramer said. Calling out my buy from the AM. $TWLO.....but I also sold some into the close.

Cramer: These stocks were 'far more ready' for Trump's tariff hikes than investors realized'They've made a lot of the necessary adjustments,' Jim Cramer says. Yeah because they already have perfected passing the cost on to the consumer. Hey, remember when Cramer lied about the pending Bush Recession? It is more failure by Trump.

Lyft is tanking as Uber gets ready to make its stock-market debutLyft shares were sliding on Friday morning as traders readied for rival Uber's initial public offering.

Cramer adds 3 stock picks to his long-term 5G playInvestors should fall back on their favorite long-term themes in a confusing market. The 5G buildout is one of the best, Jim Cramer says. $insg is the best pure play 5g play and will be in hyper growth in 20 and 21 with all the carriers they have signed $vz $s etc Can you ask Cramer to deep dive akoustis $akts as a HRHR 5G play?

Ford's rebound is just getting started — here's why it's the only auto Cramer endorses'Ford no longer wants to make cars everywhere, no matter what the cost. It doesn't want a one-car-fits-all worldwide strategy,' Jim Cram says. I don't agree. MrHautau Great news for them :) but it’s also cool to see companies devising a model where the car pays for itself in some cases

Cramer: Trump's trade tweet is about 'getting the Dow up a little bit' and pressuring ChinaPresident Trump's optimistic morning tweet on China trade talks was aimed at Wall Street and Beijing, says CNBC's Jim Cramer . For now oil has been moving dow Manipulation, spelled with an M, like Mnuchin's private briefing, last night. Why would ANYBODY believe him

Trump’s Tweets May Have Triggered a Spike in a Penny StockThe tweet suggested General Motors is selling its shuttered Lordstown car factory to the Ohio-based Workhorse, a deal GM said is still under discussion.

Investors pull more than $20 billion from stocks on 'trade deal trauma': BAMLGlobal equities have seen outflows of $20.5 billion in the past week as 'tr... wow

'Trade deal trauma' sees investors pull $20 billion from stocks in a weekInvestors pulled more than $20.5 billion from global equities in the past week, showing the impact of trade tensions between the U.S. and China on confidence in financial markets. At rapid speed hackers are attacking and braking into exchanges to steal what ever they can. Be smart buy best hardware wallet on the market at discounted price Yea, a great buying opportunity now too.

Cramer says companies still in China are being told they have only themselves to blamePeople are saying that companies that didn't reduce their China exposure yet are the ones at fault, CNBC's Jim Cramer reports. that's what I believe . I remind you that China was the wold savior after the GFC liberty I love Jim (James) Cramer.

College is almost always worth the cost, says wealth manager—here's why'The greatest separation between you and your wealth is having a college degree,' says Peter Mallouk. MakeIt MakeIt Sure.... MakeIt Lol. No.

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