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Get ready for the return of Better Made's chocolate-covered potato chips

Get ready for the return of Better Made's chocolate-covered potato chips


Get ready for the return of Better Made 's chocolate-covered potato chips

Better Made , a Detroit-based potato chip company has announced the return of its seasonal chocolate-covered chips

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There’s No Better Place Than Lush to Start Your Bar Shampoo ExperimentJoin the bar shampoo movement with lushcosmetics.

Living with Yourself: Paul Rudd Appeals to His Better Nature in Netflix’s Comedy SeriesPaul Rudd does double duty in Netflix's LivingWithYourself; keeneTV reviews:

10 Hoodies That Are Better Than Your Dingy College OneMonse has a knack for making basics not basique, like this quirky, offbeat hoodie that replaces one sweatshirt sleeve with a flannel one.

Want A Better Economy? History Says Vote Democrat!Which party will be better for U.S. economy? Some historical facts on the economy worth reviewing. With a GOP Congress Senate. History is trash and there are more than 2 parties. my bank account concurs

Sears Hasn’t Fared Better After Bankruptcy as Another 100 Stores Will Soon CloseSears’s bankruptcy filing was supposed to give the troubled retailer a fresh start. But a year later, the chain is still struggling with many of the same problems it faced before it sought court protection. the mismanagement continues. So? UN, ‘refugees to latitudinal Tawaf supply chain? When I visit a Sears store, I see their merchandise as always at a high price, I would suggest they find a way to lower their sales price and then shoppers will once again be attracted to their stores

Will 'Breaking Bad' Movie 'El Camino' Influence the End of 'Better Call Saul'?Aaron Paul returns as Jesse Pinkman, and the outcome of his story may tell us more about what to expect from the end of Bob Odenkirk's time as smooth-talking Jimmy McGill. Hey maybe we'll actually get to see Saul in the show with his name? Why would it? The events of Better Call Saul take place prior to the events of Breaking Bad which were earlier in the timeline than those of El Camino. So how would a movie that takes place after influence a show that takes place earlier?

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