Spd Wins Most Seats İn Germany's Landmark Election, Preliminary Official Results Show - Cnn

Spd Wins Most Seats İn Germany's Landmark Election, Preliminary Official Results Show - Cnn

Germany's Social Democratic Party wins most seats in federal elections, preliminary official results show

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9/27/2021 6:37:00 AM

Preliminary official results show that Germany’s Social Democratic Party wins most seats in Parliament

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Merkel's party, rivals Social Democrats neck-and-neck in vote – exit pollsAngela Merkel’s bloc and their Social Democrat rivals are running neck and neck in national election at 25% each, exit polls show

Social Democrats won 25.9% of the vote , ahead of 24.1% for the Union bloc. Social Democrats beat Merkel bloc in German elections . *cue the shit talking “damn socialist” or “those communists” comments now. 😂😂😂😂 the thing is that the now Greens and the FDP can together decide who’s the next chancellor, Armin Laschet (CDU) or Olaf Scholz (SPD).

Exit polls are not actual counted votes There’s nothing wrong with the center-left! Congrats 🥳 Prob start on a new wall soon Time to renew passport and wait for Covid restrictions to drop. . . . Who am I kidding? The GQP riffraff will be keeping us in this pancake platter until ‘vanka’s second term. It's true that some Europe country rigging election like other African countries, because I believe Europe enlighten than Africa for them to rigging election

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👍 Socialists? There goes their 2A rights in Germany. Let me get this straight good luck Who That sucks for Germany!

German vote nearly even for Merkel's bloc, Social DemocratsExit polls show the center-left Social Democrats in a very close race with outgoing Chancellor Merkel’s bloc in Germany’s parliamentary election, which will determine who succeeds the long-time leader after 16 years in power. Hopefully our American Congress can learn from them, how to negotiate and reach a compromise. The communists, just say it

German vote nearly even for Merkel's bloc, Social DemocratsBERLIN (AP) — Germany's center-left Social Democrats were locked in a very close race Sunday with outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bloc in the country's parliamentary election, a vote that will determine who succeeds the long-time leader after 16 years in power, exit polls showed. And the winner is.. Trump!! How did that happen? Closet Trump fans in Germany, what do you know?

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