Germany announces new restrictions banning unvaccinated people from non-essential public spaces

Germany bans unvaccinated people from visiting all but the most essential businesses. Follow live updates on the spread of the Omicron variant:

World, Live Updates: Omicron Covid-19 Variant Puts World On Edge

12/2/2021 5:18:00 PM

Germany bans unvaccinated people from visiting all but the most essential businesses. Follow live updates on the spread of the Omicron variant:

Scientists are racing to determine the Omicron coronavirus variant's severity, transmissibility and whether it evades current vaccines. Follow here for the latest news.

1 hr 54 min agoPrevious infection protected against Delta. That doesn't seem to be the case with Omicron, expert saysFrom CNN’s Eleanor Pickston in LondonSouth Africa is seeing an increase in coronavirus reinfections in patients who contract the Omicron variant, Anne von Gottberg, a microbiologist from the country's National Institute for Communicable Diseases, said during a Thursday news briefing.

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"Previous infection used to protect against [the] Delta [coronavirus variant] but now with Omicron that doesn't seem to be the case," Gottberg told a WHO Africa briefing.“We monitored these reinfection for the Beta [variant] and the for the Delta wave, and we didn’t see an increase in reinfections over and above what we expect when the force of infection changes, when the wave stops. However we are seeing an increase for Omicron,” Gottberg explained.

The data from South Africa, however, are showing that reinfections may be less severe, Gottberg added. “We believe, I think very much so, that the reinfections in our data, and hopefully from South Africa, that disease will be less severe," Gottberg said.

"And that's what we're trying to prove and to monitor very carefully in South Africa. And the same would hold for those that are vaccinated,” she added.South Africa is beginning its fourth coronavirus wave, Gottberg said with cases in the country rising at a “rapid rate,” particularly in the Gauteng province, the country's most populous.

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Overwere detected in the country on Wednesday, Gottberg said, with scientists expecting cases torise to 10,000 a day.“We believe that the numbers of cases will increase exponentially in all provinces throughout the country,” she said.Only a limited number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country are being sequenced, Gottberg explained. Of 249 cases sequenced in November, 183 were confirmed to be the Omicron variant, equating to 70-75% according to Gottberg.

“It does look like there was apredominance of Omicron throughout the country. And Omicron has been identified through sequencing in at least five of our provinces (that are) sequencing data," she told reporters.The World Health Organization also announced that it will deploy a surge team to the Gauteng province to help with surveillance, sequencing, and contact tracing.

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Germany to Ban Unvaccinated People From ‘Culture and Leisure Nationwide’ as COVID Fears WorsenGermany is bringing in tough new restrictions on unvaccinated people in a bid to control the rapid spread of COVID-19. Chancellor Angela Merkel said that unvaccinated people would be barred from se… Ich benötige die, um Lügen in Politik aller Parteien ertragen zu können & das forciert auch kein Kindesmissbrauch, sondern hier einen Überwachungsstaat herauskommt! Das ist eine luegenlindner wie vieles in der Politik daher benötige ich schon was, um das Ganze zu ertragen. So what happens to vaccinated who gets covid being unvaccinated doesn’t mean you have covid these ppl are stupid Totalitarian country

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Biden Administration Reportedly Plans To Require Masks On Planes And Transit Until Mid-MarchCity officials are also urging residents to wear masks in all indoor and public spaces, as the coronavirus’ new omicron variant looms.


Australia Adopts Magnitsky Sanctions RulesAustralia’s new rules will allow it to target people and entities allegedly engaged in malicious cyberactivity and corruption with sanctions, including asset freezes and travel bans. Good job!!

Why California isn't planning new lockdowns or restrictions for the Omicron variantOfficials note the pandemic is different this year, given the ample supply of vaccines, which should provide some protection against the new variant.

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Omicron clouds outlook for international travel that was just turning a cornerThe U.S., U.K., and other nations have revived travel restrictions just as demand was recovering. The Omicron gives mild or no symptoms, what is so scary about that? Only because it is related to COVID? 🤡