German election diary: Laschet’s hope; avian alarm; your TV guide

Our last weekly dispatch from the race for the Bundestag | Europe

9/25/2021 2:24:00 AM

Those close to him warn that Armin Laschet is always written off prematurely

Our last weekly dispatch from the race for the Bundestag | Europe

__________And finally, a brief guide to how to watch Sunday’s election. At 6pm the first exit poll will be published. Although these are usually reliable guides to the final results, this year brings particular uncertainties, including a high share of postal votes (perhaps 40% or more). Official projections will start to roll in soon afterwards, and at 8.15pm the various party leaders will take part in the traditional “elephant round” discussion live on television, where they will set out their stall for the coalition talks to come. By this time the result should be fairly clear, although small margins could matter in shaping the narrative that will drive the negotiations—especially if the battle for top spot between the CDU/CSU and SPD is too close to call. Later in the evening officials will deliver a preliminary full result. One thing is clear: the period after election day will be at least as important as that leading up to it.

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The 2021 German elections results - The Economist live digital eventsWho will succeed Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor and Europe’s most powerful politician? Join our editors for a discussion of the results, the day after this historic election good luck

German conservatives raise spectre of far-left rule ahead of electionBehind in polls just days before Sunday's vote, Angela Merkel's conservatives are raising the specter of far-left rule by the Linke party if the Social Democrats come to power in Germany Good! The world needs long overdue progress. It’s been held back from right-wing conservatism…

Angela Merkel pecked by parrot during visit to German bird parkOutgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel provided a rare splash of color amid Germany’s staid election campaign while visiting a bird park where she posed with half a I will create a modern and trendy hunting t shirt design😮offering price is going on😮 Please visit my site:

German parties rally supporters ahead of Sunday electionBERLIN (AP) — Germany's political parties prepared to rally their supporters and win over undecided voters Friday, two days before a national election that will determine who succeeds Chancellor Angela Merkel after 16 years in power. Germans🇩🇪must seek for political equilibrium. All political extreme including Greens are dangerous for the German🇩🇪people.

Trump’s ‘Rigged’ Election BS Is Now Haunting the German ElectionScott OlsonThis story was produced in partnership with Coda Story.BURGSTÄDT, Germany—Björn Höcke, an influential state-level leader for the far-right party Alternative für Deutschland, took the stage at a campaign event in the small city of Burgstädt in Saxony ahead of this weekend’s election. He began his speech with the kind of universal appeal politicians often make in the final weeks of a campaign, encouraging supporters to go out and vote.But Höcke—head of a radical faction within the AfD k In 2016 it was the Russia interference but now its BS lmao First Brazil, now Germany. So sorry for the ugly deport of lying and the toxic far right using it, again. The result is the biggest mail in voting turn out. It's not like propaganda is always working.

Without Merkel, many German voters don't know who to vote forA significant number of German voters have not yet decided who to vote for in Sunday's upcoming election, making the outcome even more unpredictable. horrible I know who ta vote for .. . A REPUBLICAN 🇺🇸 . .. 💀🚬💨💨 some in Germany are in fact REPUBLICAN s . .. President Xi.