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German Catholic Priests Defy Pope Francis With Public Blessings of Gay Couples

The blessings are the latest sign of how far liberal German Catholics are pushing the boundaries of the Vatican’s authority and teachings to forge a more progressive version of their church.

5/6/2021 3:30:00 PM

Clergy in Germany are preparing to bless gay couples in defiance of a recent Vatican ban, in the latest sign of how far liberal German Catholics are pushing the boundaries of the Vatican’s authority to forge a more progressive version of their church

The blessings are the latest sign of how far liberal German Catholics are pushing the boundaries of the Vatican’s authority and teachings to forge a more progressive version of their church.

, approved by Pope Francis, prohibiting the blessing of same-sex relationships on the grounds that God “cannot bless sin.”“It always has been a little bit kind of a secret,” said the Rev. Christian Olding, a Catholic priest in the northwestern town of Geldern, who says he has blessed about 10 same-sex couples in the past eight years. “This is the first time that we are going this way in society, to do it visibly for everyone.”

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Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has contended withdeepening divisionsin the global Catholic Church between conservatives, including in the U.S. and Africa—who are uncomfortable with his more liberal approach to matters including divorce and homosexuality—and progressives, with Germany in the vanguard, who are impatient with what they see as a reluctance to back substantive change.

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'Unless I AM CONVINCED by proofs... HERE I STAND. I can do no other.' - Martin Luther, German Catholic Priest, 1521 'I AM CONVINCED that homosexuality is not bad, nor is homosexual love a sin, I STAND behind what I am doing' - Jan Korditschke, German Catholic Priest, 2021 Just become Episcopalian and your covered.

First Biden omitted God from his NDoP address, now this. Progressive? Progressing away from God's Truth just to be a friend of the world. A friend of the world is an enemyof God, a friend of God is despised by the world for not going along with it's everything. Thats right, 'their church' not THE Catholic Church.

Revenue pushes these human suffering leaches. apostasy everywhere before the coming of the beast 666 Being homosexual is progressive Bull shit Excommunication exists for a reason, assert Papal authority Pontifex The Germans do have a pretty strong history of rejecting the Vatican. MartinLuther how bout not basing everything on dual income and allowing single parents to afford their own house easier with a surrogate..

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and for the love of god can we get that guaranteed income supplement rolling and forget about these dual income prices, and alimony and child payment costs that make u a slave of well almost everything i dont think in human nature u really are to spend your life with a mate and i see them slumpin around together at 70 goin everywhere to gether pushing their cart at giant tiger together every week..and i dont want to be it..

who is to say a man is supposed to marriage partner up with a woman for life as well as or say a man cant marriage partner up with a man/ This is Protestantism

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Progressive German Catholics to bless same-sex unions despite Vatican banAt scores of churches across the country, Germany’s Catholic progressives plan to defy the Vatican's prohibition on blessing same-sex unions. the catholic church has always said the bible is not that important Meanwhile back at the Vatican !

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