Georgia's Pro-Trump Election Chief İs Now Considered A Pariah İnside The Gop - Cnnpolitics

Georgia's Pro-Trump Election Chief İs Now Considered A Pariah İnside The Gop - Cnnpolitics

Georgia's pro-Trump election chief is now considered a pariah inside the GOP

In stating the simple truth that Joe Biden won Georgia, even if the margin was by a slim 12,000 votes, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has opened himself up to the wrath of his own party

11/22/2020 2:15:00 AM

In stating the simple truth that Joe Biden won Georgia, even if the margin was by a slim 12,000 votes, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has opened himself up to the wrath of his own party

On Friday morning, just hours before his office helped certify that Joe Biden won the state's 16 electoral votes, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was insistent he still supported Donald Trump and wished the President were heading to a second term.

"I wish he would have won, and especially in Georgia," said Raffensperger in an interview with CNN's Amara Walker on Friday."I certainly cast my vote for him, but the results are what the results are."In stating the simple truth that Biden won Georgia, even if the margin was by a slim 12,000 votes, Raffensperger has opened himself up to the wrath of his own party, turning this self-proclaimed"conservative, Christian Republican," into a pariah inside the Georgia GOP. Both the state's Republican US senators have called for Raffensperger's resignation. The Republican governor publicly pressured him to investigate groundless charges of a fraudulent election. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called Raffensperger directly to discuss how absentee ballots might be thrown out (though Graham has said he was merely asking about signature verification). Raffensperger's wife has even received death threats over text message.The worst of the pressure has come from the President.Read More"Georgia Secretary of State, a so-called Republican (RINO), won't let the people checking the ballots see the signatures for fraud. Why?" Trump tweeted on November 13."Without this the whole process is very unfair and close to meaningless. Everyone knows that we won the state."Even with the presidential race certified, the pressure is not off the GOP secretary of state. The January 5 runoff elections for both of the state's US Senate seats will determine which party controls the Senate, meaning all eyes in the world of politics will remain on Georgia until then.MAP: See 2020 election resultsThough Raffensperger's refusal to humor Trump's dubious demands has won him plaudits from many around the country, it's had the opposite effect among Republicans in Georgia, some of whom say the soft-spoken, 65-year-old who once harbored ambitions to run for governor has written his own political obituary."If you can find someone who's 18 years old and has a pulse who says they support Donald Trump, he's going to beat Brad in the primary in 2022," said one former Republican elected official and longtime activist in Georgia."I don't see how he can survive politically."One GOP operative who spoke to CNN wondered if Raffensperger -- a successful businessman who spent an unprecedented $3 million of his own money on his 2018 race -- will even run for reelection in two years.Despite it all, Raffensperger has kept his chin up and insisted that his obligations to the public require him to speak uncomfortable truths to his fellow Republicans."I've been a supporter of President Trump, an early supporter both (in) our financial resources and also vocal in 2016, and then also in 2020," Raffensperger told CNN Friday."But at the end of the day, our office is to make sure the election is run fair and accurately, and it's what we've done."Friendly fire from RepublicansTrump tells a very different story. To him, the election in Georgia was fraudulent, plagued by missing votes and questionable counts.None of his claims has stood up to scrutiny, but that hasn't stopped Trump from demanding that Republicans, who control nearly all the levers of power in Georgia, "get tough" and stop Democrats from"stealing" the election there.Among the states where the Trump campaign is contesting the results, Georgia is the only one where the top elections official (Raffensperger) is a Republican.That's brought about an unusual amount of friendly fire.Trump White House

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Do you ever use common sense? He is not being sued to release the video footage of the gym and hallways and elevators because he simply announce Biden won. He was most likely paid off to help yal cheat and steal the US election. Heads will roll. Truth will prevail Stay Strong SOS A republican with a set of balls. You don’t see that very often.

Which shows the character of the GOP. They value party over the country. 12,000 votes is not a small margin. 2016 Trump flipped MI. And WI. ,with less than that in each state, and there was no one contested those results. Even though the Russians hacked the election. The GOP needs to get a backbone and “DO YOUR JOB”

He did his job. Only 4 years ago, we would just expect this as part of his normal responsibilities. Today, he should be viewed as a courageous hero. I hate the Republican Party for what they have enabled Trump to do. This is a honor man. He dont care about Trump. Brad, don’t be ostracized by your party. You did the right thing, and that GOP is going down anyways so distance yourself from that group of liars manipulators tRump followers. Be a human again.

Brad put the US first before party. Ain’t that what Trump preaches America first. Thank you Secretary Brad for standing for the truth It's a cult thing so no surprises. What's surprising is how the GOP itself became a cult. Look at this face! He looks like a lair, that is not a face of anyone I would believe...

The depravity of the GOP on display. They eat their own like starving wolves. They really pledge loyalty to one fat, orange man over Democracy. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sad times for Republicans. Projecting, it would be easier unite the Assad hating ensemble than the factions that make up the Trump hating party. Honesty is the best policy.

12-K votes is not slim. 12 votes is slim. Would you rather have $12 or $12 thousand...thought so. Hes not a kiss ass like GOP HouseGOP SenateGOP GSAEmily RudyGiuliani senatemajldr What has happened to the Republican Party, no loyalty, no law and order. Fake news cnn You’d think the GOP would be ashamed to attack an honorable man and one of their own too. But no, they are proud.

They don’t respect men with integrity, but I say job well done, Mr. Raffensperger. Thank you for your service. Re-counting the votes is not the same as validating them. Republicans will turn on their own with the quickness. They are just like 45. He threw Kemp under the bus, sued his own Republican ran states, has brainwashed his supporters, fires anyone who doesn’t agree with him all while golfing every chance he gets.

It”s rather telling that declining to cheat and lie is apparently the ultimate betrayal for the GOP. Major voter fraud!!!😝 Were they expecting him to say ' although biden has 12,000 extra votes Trump won the election'? Stop cuddling Trump, he's a freaking grown man, he had plenty of life experiences to learn to deal with lost. Ridiculous

Thank you to him for standing up for What the law states ! Georgia don’t handle McConnell the senate he does not care if your kids eat or have a roof over their heads If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Everyone honest is to them. So he is a bad guy for following the law. Speaks volumes for the Republican party. The Republican party is rotten to the core and Brad Raffensperger is one of the very few bright spots left in the party.

And every time he turned around there was another box found with thousands of ballots that just APPEARED out of THIN AIR!!!! The man lives in a FAIRY LAND, and he will regret not searching for the truth and accepting the lie! He will be Persona Non Grata in both circles! There’s a cost to acting with integrity. It is not an easy thing to do. Those who lack it, will use any means possible to shoot you down. Stand strong and know that you are not alone.

Come on in...we r not perfect, we have flaws, we don’t have all the answers and we don’t agree on everything...but we r Democrats and Socialists trying to forge a GREATER America. And we respect INTEGRITY 1000% sir. democracyfirst peoplefirst integrity His party is too corrupt for him Joe Biden should offer him Attorney General. Seriously. He's got integrity. That ought to be worth something in building a bridge to reunite the states.

That’s because the GOPComplicitTraitors are not interested in the truth! PresidentElectJoeBiden There is refreshing news here. Raffensberger isn’t promoting this bullshit because he’s doing his job. He’s a republican. We need both parties to work together. Good, strong man 👍 He should be respected for following the law. The others should be ashamed.

Like he cares GaSecofState he is just doing his job. Bravo. Georgia election was a disgrace mostly due to pre-election illegal rule changes he authorized. Period. Let’s thank him So who are the cheaters? Republicans don’t trust their own. That should be scary. Ppl wake up to what’s happening. Don’t be gullible.

Stay firm. Tells you what kind of Christians the GOP are - the ones that are against the truth that involves them I've never been more embarassed to be an American. Political parties will actually now apparently fight til the death to ensure their own success, my state will not pay me the unemployment compensation that I've paid into for years...what a joke.

History will remember you well sir you candid comments and honestly should serve as a bell-weather for the weaker of your party - we may be able tosleep tonight This is truly sad that a man who is doing the job he was elected to do can’t do it without criticism and threats from rabid Trumpers who want him to switch up election results in their favor and not what America voted for!!

LOL ..Yeah ... dry behind your ears. arrest You mean the Trump party It’s sad how many indecent people oppose the truth. We voted and those results should be certified without anyone being criticized for doing their job here! It just prove, that realDonaldTrump is a bad loser. POTUS Truth matter.. Who cares What's worse that can happen Oh gets voted out. Who gives a shit

No, Only The Wrath Of Unamerican Members Of The Trump Cult. Real Republicans Put This Election Behind Them Over A Week Ago. 😉 Raffensperger must be the German word for bravery! Biden won. End of story. He is more than welcome to join the Davinky National Committee! Great news