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Georgia police blasts hospital for allegedly discharging sick man who collapsed on sidewalk

'This is inhumane; this is not who we are as city, as a county, or even as a country. Or at least it shouldn't be,' a police officer said.

10/16/2021 8:19:00 PM

'This is inhumane; this is not who we are as city, as a county, or even as a country. Or at least it shouldn't be,' a police officer said.

'This is inhumane; this is not who we are as city, as a county, or even as a country. Or at least it shouldn't be,' a police officer said.

Police in Georgia criticized a hospital that they said released a patient Thursday who was found unresponsive on the ground outside about an hour later.The police department in Conyers, Georgia, said that the man, who appeared to be in his 60s, was released from Piedmont Rockdale Hospital around 10 a.m. Thursday and later discovered lying on the sidewalk,

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Rockdale Citizen.When EMTs arrived, police said they found the man had sepsis, a fever, a urinary tract infection, and a possible bladder infection. He was returned to the hospital, according to the newspaper."This man is laying out on the sidewalk unresponsive, and this is how they brought him out," said Conyers Deputy Chief of

PoliceScott Freeman."They escorted him off the property and just left him on the sidewalk. This is inhumane; this is not who we are as city, as a county, or even as a country. Or at least it shouldn't be," Freeman added.He said that hospital security had asked the police to stand by when they removed the patient. Conyers police did not respond, said the deputy chief, because"that is not a police function to remove patients from a hospital." They later received a call about the man on the sidewalk from a passerby, according to the

Rockdale Citizen."Apparently his Medicare would not pay for additional treatment and they made the decision that they were going to remove him from the hospital. There was no indication that he was giving them any problem, being violent, hostile, or belligerent in anyway," Freeman said, according to

CBS46.The news station reported that Freeman plans on filing a complaint with the state's Department of Community Health regarding the incident."I think that someone who is a regulatory body needs to take a look inside and see what's going on inside this hospital, before someone is put out on to the sidewalk, and the police aren't there to save them," he said.

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This probably happens more than we know but this the cold hard inhumane culture trump has instilled into the country! And should he ever be president again, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!! Third world country Conspiracy at the hospital's! plural. So...Republican healthcare at its finest. I don't understand why this is shocking. Many hospitals do this all the time. If you can't pay, you receive shitty care. Is it right? No, but it happens.

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