Georgia NAACP Head Asks Matt Lieberman to Drop Senate Bid

Lieberman’s self-published 2018 novel is allegedly loaded with “racist tropes.”

8/8/2020 1:33:00 AM

Matt Lieberman’s self-published 2018 novel is allegedly loaded with “racist tropes”

Lieberman’s self-published 2018 novel is allegedly loaded with “racist tropes.”

A Democratic Senate candidate in Georgia wrote and self-published a deeply bizarre novel in 2018, featuring a main character who believes that for most of his life he owned an imaginary slave who could communicate with plants and animals …The main character, an elderly white southern man named Benno, regularly deploys the N-word and says some members of the Ku Klux Klan were “basically good people.” The 213-page novel, in which the racist main character tells the story of his life to a narrator with a biography similar to Lieberman’s, ultimately suggests Lucius functioned as a sort of pet for Benno.

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More problematically, the semi-autobiographical narrator exhibits a lot of sympathy for the old bigot, according to HuffPost.“I know my approach to this delicate subject is not palatable for every reader,” Lieberman wrote in a statement. “I expected some readers to react with disgust.”

On that front, Lieberman was right. James Woodall, the president of the state NAACP chapter, told HuffPost in a phone interview the book contained “racist tropes.” He said Lieberman should drop out of the Senate race … I haven’t read the novel and cannot personally make a judgment about it, but it certainly sounds like Lieberman deliberately leapt into troubled waters and swam a few unnecessary laps:

Benno characterizes Lucius not only as cheerful and obedient, “like my pup” and a “damned good slave,” but as having a supernatural ability to communicate with animals and insects, and to give Benno the power of comprehension by holding his hand. In fact, Benno claims, Lucius believes that Black people evolved along with the rest of the animal kingdom and sit at the top of the food chain, and white people evolved separately. Because they evolved along with the rest of the animals, he explains, “the Negro is connected in like a soul way to all those critters and all those animals he’s passed on through.”

Depicting Black people as having a closer connection to the animal kingdom and as having mystical powers they can impart to white protagonists is a textbook example of the magical Negro trope, in which Black characters are portrayed as vessels for wisdom or supernatural powers that can provide enlightenment or aid to white protagonists.

It most definitely sounds like Lieberman would have to spend a goodly portion of the short period left before November’s special election explaining himself:Lucius’ own words, as performed by Benno, are written in a broad, stereotypical dialect. In one scene, Benno describes him making conversation with the moon: “‘How is you up there, Mistuh Moon?’ … And then maybe he’d say something like ‘What did da sun say to da moon? No … that’s not right, Mistuh Moon. Mistuh Sun said “wake up!” to da moon.’ And then he’d quietly laugh again. ‘Gotcha, Mistuh Moon. I gotcha on dat one.’”

Lord have mercy. Read more: New York Magazine »

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Joe Lieberman's Son Is Running For Senate. He Also Wrote A Book Filled With Racist Tropes.The president of the Georgia NAACP called the novel disturbing, and said Matt Lieberman should drop out of the contest. Georgia NAACP should drop off the face of the earth. They're a domestic terrorist organization. In times of disaster and pestilence, the worst dreggs of society make their appearance. Were they characters?

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