Georgia lawmaker who knocked on governor's door during election bill signing won't be prosecuted

The Georgia lawmaker who was arrested for knocking on the door while Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a sweeping election bill won't be prosecuted,.

4/7/2021 11:39:00 PM

The Georgia lawmaker who was arrested for knocking on the door while Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a sweeping election bill won't be prosecuted, the district attorney announces.

The Georgia lawmaker who was arrested for knocking on the door while Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a sweeping election bill won't be prosecuted,.

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Alex Wong/Getty Images, FILEThe Georgia lawmaker who was arrested for knocking on the door while Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a sweepingelectionbill won't be prosecuted, the district attorney announced Wednesday.

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Democrat Park Cannon was escorted out of the statehouse last month after she repeatedly knocked on the door of Kemp's office as he held a private livestream of the bill signing, which added new voting requirements for Georgia residents following the results of the 2020 election that flipped the traditionally red state to blue.

MORE: Georgia lawmaker 'shaken but resolved' following arrest at election bill signingCannon argued that the public and other members of the General Assembly should be allowed to witness the event. Video showing Cannon as she was escorted out of the statehouse went viral, and she faced charges of obstructing law enforcement and disrupting a general assembly session.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, FILERep. Park Cannon is placed in handcuffs by Georgia State Troopers after being asked to stop knocking on a door that leads to Gov. Brian Kemp's office while Gov. Kemp was signing SB 202 behind closed doors at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, March 25, 2021.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced Wednesday that Cannon would not be prosecuted.Interviews from multiple citizen witnesses and Capitol police, video evidence and police reports were reviewed before Willis decided to"close this matter," according to a statement. The case will not be presented in front of a grand jury, Willis said.

MORE: Breaking down claims about Georgia's election law: What's true and what's not?"While some of Representative Cannon’s colleagues and the police officers involved may have found her behavior annoying, such sentiment does not justify a presentment to a grand jury of the allegations in the arrest warrants or any other felony charges," the statement said.

Bob Andres/AP, FILERep. Park Cannon asks a question from the floor of the state Capitol in Atlanta, Feb. 27, 2019.After the incident, Cannon's attorney, Gerald Griggs, said she was"shaken but resolved" and that she was arrested in an area where state lawmakers normally have access to.

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MORE: Georgia's new election law marks 1st battle in voting rights war"It reminds us of the 50s and the 60s in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia and South Carolina," Griggs said."But I think the governor needs to understand that we are not going to sit back on George Wallace type tactics and not respond the same way we responded to George Wallace. So I think the rest of the country needs to take a very strong look at the tactics that are being used in Georgia. The Justice Department needs to get involved. There needs to be passage of the

Voting Rights Act to protect voting rights. And we need the Justice Department to crack down on the tactics of these local and state officials that are trying to silence voters and silence people." Read more: ABC News »

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If a elected official can ask a question to the governor who can It was ridiculous to begin with. Had she been an insurrectionist, they probably would have let her walk out of there. I guess she thinks lawmakers are above the law. Maybe she doesn't think the rules of this system apply to her, because they were passed by those with the wrong skin color.

Arrogant! Self absorbed! Immature… Imagine being at work, you knock on a door and a co-worker has you arrested? No explanation, no nothing. Just arrested. That is exactly what happened here. I hope she sues everyone involved for violating her rights. Things in this country are becoming more disgusting by the day. The possibility of bring prosecuted for knocking on the door of the ‘king’ is outrageous in a country that claims to be civilized and democratic. The racism and injustice are rooted in this nation.

The district attorney is a sensible person. The Georgia lawmaker should sue GovKemp and the state police for false arrest and imprisonment. This was a racial hate crime. Until she tries to vote. . . Whoop dee doo Never should have been arrested in the first place The choices YOU make will be your fate. Georgia, Do the right thing and think for yourselves. Obviously you took the bait on the last Election and here we are about to pay 35 percent more on Electric and 6.00 per gall for gas in May

Prosecute FOR WHAT? Knocking on a door? C'mon. How ridiculous that they even put her in handcuffs. 🙄 Recover📡 your hacked, disabled or locked accounts and also get them secured ↔️ WhatsApp📌 ↔️ Facebook📌 ↔️ Instagram📌 ↔️ Twitter 📌 ↔️ Snapchat 📌 ↔️ Tiktok 📌 ↔️ Emails 📌 ↔️ onlyfans 📌 ↔️ phone Tracking 📌 kindly send a Direct Message for quick assistance !!!!!!

Yeah that cop should be arrested for false arrest then. Can’t wait to see an the sorry ass excuse I hope she can sue for false arrest!!! Good trouble. Knocking on a door, passing water or food to voters in line...What’s next that Georgia will decide is illegal? Now thats what I call black privilege Isn't that insurrectionist behavior? So that's the standard for trying to intimidate and disrupt government officials from conducting business or just that it is ok since she is a democrat?

She was committing and INSURRECTION and threatening to destroy our very DEMOCRACY. Insurrection I love it! This is Which makes sense, since they had no case. Anything they did try and charge her with would be a bunch of BS What would the charge have been if you tried? Good. Frankly she should not have been arrested at all - escorted out at best.

Can she sue THE FVCK out of the Nazi clown that arrested her!? That's an insurrection It's unbelievable that it was even in question. Her white privilege is showing Yay! Will the officers be disciplined? 주께서 동풍으로 다시스의 배를 깨뜨리시도다HolyMidweekWord 2021.04.08 HolyMidweekWord 주님의 심판은 진리에 근거한 것입니다. I would hope not. Ridiculous.

Prosecuted for what?!? She has every right to be there! She’s a legislator!