Georgia Governor And The Mayor Of Atlanta In Turf War Over COVID-19 Restrictions

Georgia Governor And The Mayor Of Atlanta In Turf War Over COVID-19 Restrictions

7/11/2020 2:45:00 AM

Georgia Governor And The Mayor Of Atlanta In Turf War Over COVID-19 Restrictions

Amid a surge in coronavirus cases, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms ordered a return to Phase 1 restrictions. But Gov. Brian Kemp quickly pushed back, saying only he has that authority.

"Mayor Bottoms' action today is merely guidance — both non-binding and legally unenforceable," Kemp said in a statement."As clearly stated in the Governor's executive order, no local action can be more or less restrictive, and that rule applies statewide," the governor said.

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"Once again, if the Mayor actually wants to flatten the curve in Atlanta, she should start enforcing state restrictions, which she has failed to do," he said."We ask citizens and businesses alike to comply with the terms of the Governor's order, which was crafted in conjunction with state public health officials. These common-sense measures will help protect the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians."

Earlier this week, Bottoms had issued a directive for Atlanta residents to wear masks in public, and Kemp responded similarly to that order. Although the governor launched a"Wear A Mask" campaign to encourage their use, he has declined to make it mandatory.

Bottoms told theon Wednesday that she had the authority to enforce the mask restrictions the way she would enforce any other city ordinance. Read more: NPR Health News »

Fauci to David Muir: ‘Universal wearing of masks’ essential to combat COVID-19 spread

Dr. Anthony Fauci told “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir that the viral photo of a crowded school hallway in Georgia taken last week was “disturbing.”

Wow guess he's waiting for all the ice beds to be at max capacity BrianKempGA I feel bad for Georgia. They elected a moron to be in charge. GovKemp, instead of backing up the mayor of Georgia's largest city, undermines her efforts to protect the citizens she is responsible for. GovKemp is a Trump-fanatic who is incapable of thinking for himself with little regard for the people in his charge.

Mayor lets rioters take over city. She trashed public servants of APD. She presided over historic rise in violent crime and murder in ATL. And now she is trying to distract from her disaster by bickering with the governor and shutting residents in their homes. Pathetic mayor kempgenocide KemPutin KempKills

kemp is another useless & corrupt Republican provided votersuppressioningeoriga. FakeChristians BrianKempGA a d RepDougCollins are amoral just like DictatorTrump. VoteThemOut unless Republicans are so corrupt they pull off VOTERFRAUD Well he seems to be unwilling to protect the citizens of Georgia! Piss poor leadership from the republicans again.

Going on lockdown again is ridiculous and backwards. Kemp is determined to kill as many folks as possible. Especially black folks!!! KillerKemp KempDontGiveADamnAboutBlackPeople So he orders everybody to stick their heads up his ass along with his own. Spoken like the man who stole the Governorship from Stacey Abrams by purging the voter rolls of 560,000 voters.

He just mitigated Keisha Lance Bottoms efforts and importance of wearing a mask 😷. inept ass kissers, Kemp & DeSantis. The racists know more black and brown people will die, and they are ok with sacrificing anyone else just to hurt them. Well, he’s taking personal responsibility for the well-being of any new infection cases as well as for any fatal victims from now on

Dude couldn’t fight his way out of a hot stick of butter with a chainsaw. Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah are doing the right things. School openings are gonna wreck us without some immediate course correction. Cases or deaths? Well Georgians don’t have to listen to him! Protect yourself and your family!!

Ugh... men .GovKemp should resign. He has ZERO interest in saving the lives of Georgians. He likes the title but cannot step up and lead. What an idiot. More death on those bloddy hands This BrianKempGA ? This BrianKempGA ? Thank you Governor Kemp. Wuss Didn’t this asshat steal the election? Rosenchild Trump/GOP may not have created Covid-19 but they are clearly deliberately spreading it to harm as many Americans as they can this is biological terrorism

GovKemp is an idiot & his stupidity is killing people. TrumpVirusCatastrophe Kemp was one the Governors who has pledged not to reverse course on reopening, even as coronavirus cases spike in their states Business networks and industry organizations helped write the rules of the pandemic response Kemp is a fool.he has been a terrible Governor.

Omg you poor people living in such a backwards State. Bless those of you with an intellect. Wow. Kemp wanna kill everyone? I thought that was Trump’s job Sadly he is following Trump’s marching orders Another Day is gone, and 8 Year Old Secoria Turner is STILL DEAD due to the ignorance and incompetence of Mayor Bottoms. How many have to DIE Bottoms? WHEN will you use your brain for something other than a seat cushion? RecallBottoms BloodonherHands

Sorry, NYC already has rights on dysfunctional mayor / governor relationship Kemp total fraud This lockdown doesn’t stop this Virus, look at New York, how many deaths and they never was out of lockdown. The mayor is playing baby games with paint, while crime up 200%. People of Atlanta be smart! Ignore Kemp and follow the advice of the Mayor who has your well being as her goal.

If it’s the Chinese virus and we are at war. Then why is America letting it beat us Resign are too busy parroting our corrupt president as a fellow Republican, Keisha is more intelligent, more competent and follows the medical experts It's funny how Republicans now want Big Brother government overseeing locals -- quite a difference from the old GOP that believed in smaller government.

Kemp only cares about reducing people of colors chance to vote, that's the main driver of every decision he makes........ Georgia has reported 4,221+ more covid cases today, but fortunately the Governor sees no problem, so everything must be ok. BrianKempGA , The clown who stole the election in Georgia to become Governor, is proving to be an incompetent boob, with no plan to lead the people as COVID-19 rages through his state. He’s as inept as Trump. GovKemp

Yessir dat ma boy right dea😎 Let’s see whose orders the police follow He is trying to kill as many voters as possible. Then give Kemp a life sentence in prison for every death that happens because of his bullshit. Someone needed to take control & save lives, so she did. 👏👏👏 If only we had strong Democrat leadership in the federal government to do the same. 👀 TheDemocrats SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer

They need to switch jobs. Did you get comment from Governor Abrams? funkster1025 KKKemp is trying to kill Georgians Who cares if the dt supporters get the virus? Not me. What I care about is that these unattractive white GOP males & their Trumpettes will spew their disgusting germs around to people who are intelligent & deserve to live.

He literally sent in the Guard to occupy Atlanta because white men gunning down black joggers is no big deal 🙄 If this is true, Kemp is an attempted Murderer & should be treated as such! And I imagine he's demanding Trump order a nationwide ban on stay-at-home orders as we speak for 'economic' reasons..

KeishaBottoms hold your ground. At least someone cares about our lives Blood on Kemp’s hands Let him have the blood and deaths on his hands. Sit down, Keisha. Over there with Stacy. I bet if it was a democratic governor and a republican Mayor, right wingers would be foaming at the mouth. How do i know? Because they've been doing that very thing since trumps virus hit.

Get r done then korupt Kemp Oh boy, an old boys pissing contest, just what Georgia needs. Cause he is BRAIN EXEMPT! Bubba and his frat brothers got to hit the adult entertainment and nightlife of Buford Highway. If it can work for Robert Kraft. Atlanta is dangerous. But does he have the authority? Do localities have any control? None of us here know who to listen to it’s soo confusing!

GovKemp please don’t cheat people outta their lives. You did the election that way but this is real now. The people of Georgia need you to be a man and do what’s right Republicans always argue local governments closet to the issues are better equipped to deal with their issues. that all changes when their decisions don’t coincide with their agenda

Killer kemp Hey, no problem. Abbott prohibited Texas mayors from taking necessary steps to combat COVID-19. That worked out really well for us. The GOP is killing us. Kemp is stupid. Republicans out here actually killing citizens and people are like 🤷🏼‍♂️ Brian Kemp needs to stand down. Back off. He’s just like The Traitor, spreading harmful misinformation (lies) & the people of GA are suffering because of it.

BrianKempGA please take it from Florida and Arizona. Kemp does not legitimately hold office. .GovKemp , this is for you! BrianKempGA is the only one who has the authority to fuck up the State's Covid response and kill Georgians! Apparently he wants to challenge Abbott and Desantis for the title of shittiest gov.

Republicans love local control until they don’t. Thank god we have good liberals who are not afraid to fall on their swords to spite republicans. With such determination, how can we lose in November? Okay BrianKempGA. You’re the only one who can institute measures for public health? THEN DO YOUR JOB AND DO IT.

Why is the USA the only first world country that can’t figure out how to manage this? BrianKempGA will get everyone killed. I think it's time we just returned the Deep South back to nature. We tried civilization for a few decades, and it just didn't work out. If Kemp had a brain, he'd support Atlanta's mayor. But, no. He'd rather people die than do that.

We're out of control in Arizona. Stay home Atlanta. That's because Keisha Bottoms is a leader and knows how to lead.She uses facts and listens to the professionals who know the information.Kemp is a follower,he follows Trump who has no idea what the hell he is talking about or doing.The people with the pertinent info he ignores.

Good call KeishaBottoms! Do your best! Whatever happens from here will be blamed on jerk GovKemp! Still encourage as many people to be sensible and logical!🙏 Total lack of leadership from the Oval Office to the governor's office. GOP governors across America lining up to let their people die for realDonaldTrump's reelection campaign. presidentCOVID GOPDeathCult DeSantisFailedFlorida

Lol. Republicans don’t actually believe in federalism. They only believe in local control if it means Republican control. The devil rode Trump down to Georgia Thought there's an election there to steal And Brian Kemp said they seem nice Boys let's make a deal They say the virus is a menace That millions of Americans can die But the devil said don't believe it You know the mainstream media lies

Shocker Don't believe him look up the rules and find out for yourself Kemp needs to shut the hell up. Cc: BrianKempGA KeishaBottoms DumpTrump2020 VoteOutTheGOP Illegitimate Governor Kemp Cannot Override A City Directive, And That Is Written In The State Constitution. 😂 What a strange place to live The reasons why many Americans refuse to wear masks

If he would get on with actually doing something to help the situation nobody else would have to.

Atlanta mayor defies governor, require masks in cityMayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she will sign an executive order mandating masks in Georgia's largest city, defying Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to strongly encourage but not require face coverings. Who is KeishaBottoms planning to have enforcing her mask mandate? The police? Great job KeishaBottoms! Please ignore the trum-pets! They are evil and dumber than realDonaldTrump which is saying a lot. Glad we have someone that is actually for the people instead of against. Keep up the great work! it will be funny when infection rates wont change because most arent infected in public places.

Police: Seoul mayor reported missing, search underwaySEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The mayor of South Korean capital Seoul has been reported missing and search operations are underway on Thursday, police said. Police officers said they are looking... Ask Kim. He surely knows. 🙂 How does a mayor go missing? Crazy.

S.F. mayor is awaiting coronavirus test result after she was exposed at eventSan Francisco mayor London Breed said she was informed she attended an event with someone who had COVID-19. Now she's waiting for her test results.

Houston Mayor Cancels Texas GOP's In-Person Convention, Citing Public Health ConcernsThe mayor of Houston has canceled the Texas Republican Party's in-person convention, citing safety concerns as the city sees a surge in COVID-19 cases. The event was expected to draw 6,000 participants. Good for you, ST!! Sanity! Good: 60k protestor shoulder to shoulder at discovery green for 3 days straight and a funeral that drew in thousands. Bad: 6k GOP delegates wearing masks for a few hours at George R Brown. Seize the city. They're not going to follow any order from the governor or potus.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Warns Of “National Testing Emergency” Across The U.S.California, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia broke records for daily new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, according to the New York Times. That — among other things… That’s one way to appear sympathetic to the guy who controls your/our industry tax breaks, but actually has overseen an explosion in covid outbreaks in the last couple weeks. Not obviously pandering at all. I bet I know where there’s a ton of money in the city’s budget, Eric.