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Georgia gov. explicitly voids mask orders in 15 localities

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's Gov. Brian Kemp is explicitly banning Georgia's cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places. He voided orders on Wednesday that at least 15...

7/16/2020 5:22:00 AM

GOP Gov. Brian Kemp is banning Georgia 's cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places, even as a growing number of other states are mandating masks. Kemp has instead been trying to encourage voluntary mask-wearing,

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia 's Gov. Brian Kemp is explicitly banning Georgia 's cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places. He voided orders on Wednesday that at least 15...

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp is explicitly banning Georgia’s cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places. He voided orders on Wednesday that at least 15 local governments across the state had adopted even though Kemp had earlier said cities and counties had no power to order masks.

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An increasing number of other states order residents to wear masks in public, including Alabama, which announced such a ban Wednesday.The Republican governor has instead been trying to encourage voluntary mask wearing, including telling fans that reduced infections from mask-wearing would make college football season possible.

Kemp’s move is likely to infuriate local officials in communities that had acted, including Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, Rome and the governor’s hometown of Athens-Clarke County. Overall, mask orders by Wednesday were covering 1.4 million of Georgia’s more than 10 million residents.

Kemp’s new order also bans local governments from requiring masks on public property, which void requirements that some governments have imposed for citizens to wear masks inside city and county buildings.Wednesday’s numbers showed nearly 2,800 people hospitalized statewide with the COVID-19 respiratory illness, the highest on record and a number that’s nearly doubled since the beginning of the month. The state reports 84% of hospitals’ available critical beds are in use, although some hospitals say they have opened up more space and have more room.

Georgia overall had nearly 128,000 confirmed infections and nearly 3,100 deaths overall as of Wednesday, although experts say many more people get the illness but are never tested. For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms. Most recover, but some can become severely ill or die.

ADVERTISEMENTLocal officials and Democrats had argued cities and counties had the power to move ahead because Kemp hadn’t specifically banned mask orders. His orders barred local governments from enacting any coronavirus restrictions beyond his orders and he called the local mask mandates “legally unenforceable.”

“It is increasingly clear from medical and scientific data that droplet and aerosol transmission of COVID-19 are an enormous community risk, so I made the decision to supplement the governor’s order with a local mask requirement to provide for greater community safety,” Kelly Girtz, mayor of the Athens-Clarke County unified government, said in an email.

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Savannah opened the floodgates when its mayor announced in late June that residents and visitors would be required to wear face coverings inside stores and other public spaces or face a $500 fine.The back-and-forth comes as rising hospitalizations have the state seeking new hospital beds to handle the record-setting number of people admitted with the virus. Kemp’s administration on Tuesday signed a deal with Piedmont Healthcare, one of four large hospital systems in the Atlanta area, to open 62 beds in a new tower at the system’s main Atlanta hospital. The state is providing nurses to staff the beds off a contract with a private staffing company. A Kemp spokesperson on Wednesday could not immediately say how much the state was paying Piedmont or how long the deal would last.

The Republican governor previously announced plans to reopen an overflow hospital at the mammoth Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.The trend of deaths had hit a low in Georgia on July 9, when the state averaged only 12 newly reported deaths a day over the previous week. Newly reported deaths sometimes happen weeks earlier. But the trend of deaths has since been rising, following upward trends in cases and hospitalizations that began in early June. Georgia is now averaging 24 deaths over the past week, the highest level in nearly four weeks.

Kemp on Wednesday extended some parts of his executive orders governing the state’s response to the pandemic until July 31. It extends the ban on gatherings of more than 50 people, renews rules about how businesses can operate and orders nursing home residents, senior home residents and other people with medical conditions to shelter in place. The overall state of emergency will run through at least Aug. 11.

Other governments are taking steps on their own property. Macon-Bibb County on Tuesday closed park pavilions, sports fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds to reduce virus transmission.Kemp said Wednesday that the federal government has sent 32,600 vials of the antiviral drug remdesivir, which has been shown to aid people with infections. Kemp said that was enough to treat up to 5,400 patients. The governor said that from now on, hospitals will generally be able to buy the drug directly, although smaller federal shipments to Georgia will continue.

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The Canary Islands became Spain's second region to all but ban smoking in the streets on Thursday as part of measures to stop a resurgence of coronavirus infections, and other regions considered a similar ban.

subatomicdoc Funny how the military guy behind him is wearing a mask. Maybe he’s smarter than you! Just saying. RudyHarperWXYZ NAZI LEADER OF DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA... like dtrump ElizLanders At this point, it's up to businesses to require them. Killing people to own the libs. Physicians all over say to wear them

Suing cities trying to protect Georgia citizens is NOT encouraging mask wearing and public safety for Georgians. So much for small government right? Another jerk like 45 At least someone has some common sense and is not trying to be a Dictator !!! Fear is a nasty thing and the more you are afraid the more you suffer !!! Don’t give your freedom away folks !!! They would gladly take it !!

😎😎😎🇺🇸 He also said shirts pants and shoes are no longer required in public. Btw, you don’t need the government to tell you to wear a mask. Wear one if you like. That is like voluntary clean your house or voluntary savings accounts. How about i volunteer myself for a speeding ticket. Kemp is an idiot.

He certainly doesn't need one, as he is so well-protected by Trump's butt! He is in need of a trip out behind the woodshed! VoteOutCorruptGOP RecallBrianKemp Gov Kemp should stop wasting time criticizing Mayor Keisha Bottoms for doing the right thing. The Gov knows mask are one of the answers to stop virus from spreading. Keep your politics and your fear of Trump out of the equation.

The dumbest GOP Governor competition continues with GovKemp now in the lead. Only in American would a governor sue over mandating masks during a pandemic. Ignoring science must be scoring him points with the big boss. impeachkemp If masks help then what is the problem unless you are afraid that Trump is going to mess with your political position a la Jeff Sessions? Retaliation and suing is the Trump’s gangster style. You need to serve as a leader for the health of your people. YOU opened GA 2 soon.

With our decimated Police Force, do We really think it's Wise to add Mandatory Mask Enforcement to their Plates as well? Releasing Felons because of Covid concern in Prisons, but We want to arrest Maskless Citizens & do what? Jail them? WeThePeoples 🙈🙉🙊 unseen1_unseen I wish my governor would do the same.

People if Georgia should recall the governor. You only need 897,000 votes. If you set the petition. at 1 Million that should be more than enough. He’s killing people. Governor Kemp is evil. Don't listen to him. StayHome WearAMask WaahYourHands And definitely do NOT send your children back to school. CoronavirusUSA COVID19 WakeUpAmerica

Fortunately, local leaders are pushing back. Kemp is now suing the Atlanta mayor because she refuses to back down. It will be interesting to see what the court decides regarding state and local powers when it comes to public safety. It might set a president. He needs to be in jail, this is criminal Crazy! Why not do what is required to keep your family, friends and community safe? We should all use science as our guide to eliminate the spread of this pandemic. Healthcare organizations need us to follow the guidelines to minimize the surge of patients. minamizethesurge

This speaks louder than words. Georgia’s numbers are going up - so are the deaths. He cares NOTHING about the people of this state and should be locked up ! Voluntary is the way to go Associated Press...owned by Globalist so their view is skewed Gov Kemp is one of the smart men with the courage to know bullshit when he sees it...

That's a good thing. Your body, your choice. Is it what liberal women have been screaming about? 😾😾😾 WHERE DID THIS SHIT GOV COME FROM ? ONE SICK GOV 😷 Keep thinning your republican herd, please. Yep, our 'Governor' Texas doesn't have one either😡😡😡 And he is a medical doctor? At the hospital or in private practice I would do anything to help my patient getting better. Here USA is the patient that is suffering. If you neglect it does that mean you’re ready to see him dying?

Why doesn’t someone ask him why? Kemp left the welfare of cities to the mayors POTUS did same to governors Kemp is back in realDonaldTrump favor mayors initiate own plan to slow spread Kemp’s attempt to block mayors mandated mask orders hurts the two most densely populated African American cities in the state

Nice Trumps found a place for his rally. 🤮👹💩🤬😡 tntranchtx Stacey Abrams could have been Georgia’s Governor, just like Hillary Clinton could have been our President but misogyny & racism gave us 2 dumb fucks RecallKemp Oh the horror of giving people free will! Tiny penis. I wonder if these morons ever think how they will be remembered in history. Their children and children’s children will bare the embarrassing responsibility of their poor decisions.

Agreed. Let private citizens and businesses mandate them on their own property. Government can mandate them in public buildings where it conducts its business. But let people make their own decisions, no matter how stupid. Isolate them if they’re demonstrably endangering others. GovKemp you're an embarrassment to this state. We all should have known you didn't care about the citizens of GA when you stole the election and disenfranchised thousands. disgrace

These state by state regulations seem to be working out well. Why stop now? Kemp is deplorable Lmao fool is destroying his political future 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Another Trump puppet. He needs to resign immediately. Why ATL isn't protesting him is beyond me. CoateDan The Sheriff in Blount County, AL has also said he will not enforce a statewide mask order with hefty fine going into effect there

Good for him. Why would any leader not mandate the wearing of masks even for a few weeks to protect Americans unless it is for political reasons? Sometimes as a leader you have to do what is right and hard to protect those who don’t wish to be protected because that is the job of a leader What about individual stores ?

OSHA PPE Certified expert agrees ! THIS is the advice DOCTORS are supposed to be listening to !!!!! Think of the mask as The Wall. Awesome! More governors should act like this instead of bowing to bullies!! DemocratsDividingAndDestroyingAmerica DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica I think it's time to move to Georgia

Awesome Governor right there! We need more that have read the constitution! I remember when the AP was a giant in the news industry. Just kidding, the AP has always been a yellow rag assembler of BS. This guy thinks that by doing this he gone be part of trump new 2020 administration. MORON COME NOVEMBER THERE IS NOT GONE BE A TRUMP PRESIDENCY. ALSO GEORGIA RESIDENTS IF YOU AGREE THAT THIS GUY IS ENDANGERING YOU SHOULD IMPEACH HIM IF SUCH A MOVE IS POSSIBLE

Group that is the largest in infections in Victoria, Australia at the moment is health care workers. Masks dont seem to be going to well. Genocide This governor is not a dictator but a patriot leaving people their freedom to make choices. This chart should help yes .. a voice of sanity martingeddes These people are so asleep. That mask will not stop covid

Reverse psychology perhaps Hopefully he and his family remain unharmed but he’s not thinking clearly. That’s wonderful and how it should be. He's trying to out desantis, DeSantis. He is an ignorant fool. Hero! Suck it, Libs! This is what leader's do. Really making a name for himself nationally. 🙄 Stupid is as stupid does

He may now have passed DeSantis and Abbott as Worst Governor in America Thank God normal sane person Then it’s time to charge him with COVID deaths. This is like saying laws prohibiting drunk driving are unconstitutional I live in GA. Tested 7 days ago. Still no result. GovKemp reminding us all how much better Stacey Abrams would be as a leader.

No masks Awesome! Finally a Constitutionalist! This is strange. It’s one level is stupid to refuse to wear a mask because of freedom or to not put out a mask order because of a goofy understanding of martial law. But banning the ability to put a mask order in place is a new level of absurd. So...congratulations?

VegasZay_420 And yall coulda had Stacy Abrams as your governor but nooooo .....🤦🏾‍♀️ The right for people to do what the hell they like is worth of few hundred or even thousand Georgian deaths. It's the principle that counts. It’s apparent this guy isn’t paying attention or just doesn’t care Governor BrianKempGA stole the election through voter suppression.

Great job GovKemp !!!! NilesGApol Is he paying attention to what’s going on fkn govnah Good man Brian. Liberty and free will! Evil turd. Nice job voting people of Georgia. News Flash BrianKempGA is behaving moronically. malicious orders and decress is quite a thing with trumpists, isn't it? Rona-Brian Kemp will have blood on his hands

He's using the tyranny to fight the tyranny Weird that the AP's Twitter feed is a lefty echo chamber. Wish Arizona’s Governor dougducey were as quick to uphold Americans Constitutional rights as Gov Kemp seems to be. Good. If Trump doesn’t follow the law, why should local officials. Go work in a hospital Gov!

Kemp is a murderer, congratulations So when everyone else is doing the wrong thing, he's one of the few doing the right thing. Naturally, the AP is incensed. It seems GovKemp is out to kill as many Georgians as possible to keep them from voting, maybe he realized he can't steal this election as well and went for the direct route. My immediate family lives in Marietta, GA and I'd like them to not get sick please.

Love our Governor! Idiot Massive propaganda pro mask tweet storm trending after this good news ....celebs, bots, guilt trippers, low I q wannabe heros and conformist ken z n KAre nz..... going all out 🤣. I guess states’ rights is not anti-authoritarian then. That’s LEADERSHIP and honoring the OATH he took!!! He will not trample on the ConstitutionalRights of his Citizens!

BroSteveWinter Exactly correct. To me it's not a mask issue. It's stopping power crazed mayor's like token Bottoms from passing personal agenda iteams while saying it's for safety. The mask thing would be their first move. Just look at sanctuary city crap they push in places. Put him in prison. The chances of electing TWO Democratic Senators from Georgia just went up substantially. KempKills VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

Hatred of the human race. What an immoral monster. I agree the masks should be voluntary but I don't think a governor can actually keep cities from requiring them on their own can he? Love it!!! Your fear doesn’t trump my freedom. If you are afraid of catching corona then you need to stay home! This man should be removed from his position Immediately

westtexaslivin If CNN and MSNBC jumped off a cliff, which we do hope they do, would AP follow? This is homicidal. You're nuts. Another person that listens to the wrong facts. Damn he wants y’all to DIE! WTH CorruptAndComplicitGOP This is outrageous! Kemp is condemning thousands of his constituents to illness and death. Very sad.

HERO... let the dumb sheep wear the mask. Not smart. All of Georgia Mayors right about now He is hell bent on killing more people 😟 Hey Georgia - this is the guy who cheated his way to be an illegitimate governor. Stacey Abrams staceyabrams was the legitimate winner in Georgia. Keep an eye on your voter’s rights.

One might refer to him as “Death Kemp” Stupid. But expected. Insane. Filter efficiency was measured across a wide range of small particle sizes. N95 respirators had efficiencies greater than 95% (as expected). T-shirts had 10% efficiency, Scarves 10% to 20%, Cloth masks 10% to 30%, Sweatshirts 20% to 40% Towels 40%.

All of the cloth masks and materials had near zero efficiency at 0.3 µm, a particle size that easily penetrates into the lungs If I were a business owner, and I cared about my employees I’d tell the Gov to GFH Will this guy PUH-LEASE run for governor of WA State. The occupant is currently vacant. GovAbbott SenTedCruz y'all could learn something from this guy!!

Freedom of choice does not work for stupid people prone to making poor choices. This is why rules have to be put in place to protect everybody. We cannot beat this thing until the covidiots / maskholes are forced to comply, stay home, or die off. No mandatory CO2 poisoning for me This goes against the whole entire concept of federalism the real GOP used to claim to care about years ago, a cause well worth defending.

You will, instead put, be wearing these. Much more comfortable. Because science is bad? Welcome to the next hot spot... joncoopertweets Asshole!🤬 Just 🦇💩 crazy. see? GOP deliberately spreading a deadly virus that has already killed more than 130,000 souls No tf he hasn’t! Everything he’s done since this started has been about politics and all of it plays to the anti-masker contrarian assholes’ delusional notions about their rights! The only thing Kemp has encouraged is people risking their lives for his bullshit

He’s doomed to get covid and frankly Brian Kemp ; I dont give a dam if you do ! I care about the citizens of Georgia who’s doing the right thing protecting each other and wearing a mask ! WTF Abbott call kemp see if he can show you how to grow a set. Stupidity, ignorance, brainwashing, and a huge lack of common sense! Outrageous and disgusting!! 🤯🤯🤬🤬😬😬😤😤

Hard to believe a cerebral guy like this could make such a misstep. I. hope the other idiot governors will follow his lead. get a hint, Bill Lee This is what the rest of the world thinks : Crimes against humanity. Hope The Hague gets ahold of these rotten murdering officials. It's time for the mayors to say screw you and the horse you rode in on.

Walmart and Starbucks .makes it mandatory for all to wear masks. Now what? Yeah, GovMikeDeWine is doing the same thing. If the left wants people to protect others, they should demand the terrorists leave our streets and go home. Maybe more people would be willing to wear masks if leftists weren’t such hypocrites.

CNN donlemon ChrisCuomo andersoncooper msnbc foxnews I want people to start walking into public places with no pants on. Demand they can go into any public space they want. Cite their civil rights in doing so. Ref their medical exemption from pants. MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!! It’s called leadership AP

Kemp understands and supports the constitution. Good Governor. GovKemp So where’s all the loudmouth “big gumbent” windbags preaching about overreach? America is in a state of reckoning. The Trump era is the harvest of America's 401 years of wicked seeds sown against non-white people. America needs to repent and reconcile. White churches are the barometer for America's racism. 2 Chronicles 7:14; Luke 10:33 davidjeremiah

Time for the good people of Georgia to ban Kemp. Great! ThanQ GovKemp Kemp!! THANK YOU, GovKemp !!!🍑 Es momento de crear una empresa de féretros en Georgia. Good lord Georgia elected an asshole The very thing that makes our country so amazing, freedom, is the thing that absolutely f**** it up. I'm just here for the comments!

Bravo! WAKE UP AMERICA MASKS DO NOTHING TO PREVENT COVID19! This is about control and closing us down to push vote by mail fraud - only way Biden could win over realDonaldTrump This Governor GovKemp sounds like a real loser! So it’s purely a coincidence that Georgia is one of the three rates with the highest percentage of Black people? How many more ways do our policies have to show they will exploit the economically vulnerable and willfully expose them to this disease? ThisIsPlannedGenocide

Well Guess i won't be going to Georgia for my birthday in august Yall bout to join Florida, TX, California and Arizona as hometowns of lady rona Enjoy the freezer trucks This should totally work out great. Seems well thought through If you want, wear a mask and social distance and stay home if you are high risk. This is America where we have the freedom to choose. freedomoverfear LiveFree

HUUUH I thought Republicans support less government and local control. Oh well, confirmed hypocrisy. Trump has these people doing it on purpose for some reason. His niece is right, he wants to tear it all down. Brian Kemp is a fool. LockHimUp Wish Arizona’s Governor dougducey were quick to uphold Americans Constitutional rights as Gov Kemp.

GovKemp is another ProDeath Яepublicaи. MASKS DON'T WORK. THIS IS PROVEN SCIENCE. Abuse of power! Everyday a new political ass-whole Rises to the surface. Limeylizzie Kemp sucks so much ass. Places like Walmart Kohls Target etc. will do well when people in areas that don’t require masks opt for businesses that do require them.

Stacey Abrams wouldn’t of tried to kill us. I think Kemp and DeSantis are competing for the Most Incompetent, Corrupt and Criminal Republican Governor Award. Woo hoo! This is how it’s SUPPOSED to Work!! He is crazy!!!!!! Stunning. Ain't it funny how Republicans think local leadership know best how to take care if itself. It's time counties and cities start ignoring their state governors who have made being unsafe a measure if political loyalty.

He's thinking long term and building social trust. It will work better if people are compliant to wearing mask out of courtesy, versus being told that they must. I hope he Government controlling businesses? Call him Stupidity Good move on Kemp’s part. BrianKempGA kylegriffin1 · Jul 15 MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Republican Gov. Kay Ivey mandates face masks as state exceeds 1,100 coronavirus deaths, more than 56,000 confirmed cases.

Can they recall the governor? Georgiaisfucked It's time to impeach GovKemp after he opted to reopen GA well ahead of the state meeting Fed guidelines by the CDC and medical / scientific community, causing a ramp up of new cases, and now his orders to not allow cities and counties in GA to mandate masks. ImpeachKemp

We need a national policy on masks. Four months to go before we can get it from the Biden administration. as it SHOULD be..VOLUNTARY..! That’s called leadership and letting free citizens make their own decisions. Bravo, Georgia 👏 It takes a special kind of fact denying asshole to ignore reality this consistently

Then he is a murderer. Stupid azz fool! Trump don’t care what you do! Wow you are a piece of work! MaddowBlog Well we know where we're going But we don't know where we've been And we know what we're knowing But we can't say what we've seen And we're not little children And we know what we want And the future is certain Give us time to work it out -

I'm half Georgian! Proud of Gov. Kemp! SharonJWright1 We can see how well that's working. Georgiansareontheirown . Wear a mask no matter what. Please ignore Trump III. Trump II is DeSantis. Good. Let businesses set their own mask wearing mandates, not the mayors and governors. KeithOlbermann KyrieMeMo Three That This Reminds Me Of: 1. Past. 2. History. 3. General Sherman. ======================== To do the math- And watch a surge burn through Georgia as it takes its path.

Asshat. These men make me sick. How do citizens appropriately respond to state-sponsored terrorism from their own Governor, GovKemp? This seems like you’re challenging them to live in a moment outside of the safety and confines of the law that protects every citizen, including yourself. elagrew Indeed as the numbers are bullshit

Why is it so hard to wear a mask and protect others? Any Braves who get COVID19 is on GovKemp So the devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal.... found one in a poor sap named Kemp, swiped it, and ran for governor. Idiot I read a tweet the other day about how during WW2 all houses in London would turn all lights out at night so enemy would not have target to bomb, hence saving lives. Wear a mask, save life.

Which Nazi was GovKemp reincarnated from? We know StephenMiller is a direct spawn of JosephGoebbels... anyone? CitizensIReport Because Kemp knows like I do, and this article from the CDC that viruses are too small to be filtered by a mask. Masks do nothing for this but promote fear and the destruction to our economy for political purposes.

That's a bold strategy, let's see how COVID responds.... He issued the order with a mask wearing Navy Officer in the background. GovKemp can be charged in the Hague for creating genocide with this order. GovKemp just trying to kill as many Georgians as possible before the election. Fuck Kemp!!! If your not wearing your mask bc of him and get sick don’t blame him blame your damn self, just bc he stupid doesn’t mean you should be🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

Kemp is a Maskhole Hope you’re the second governor to be Covid positive Let’s do the math, population of Georgia, 10.62 million. 127,834 cases, 3091 deaths, that is .012% confirmed cases, and .0002916% death rate! Open the state and make masks a matter of choice! I am glad someone has common sense! Wish MN would do the same!

This is criminal negligence. Stupid. A Governor with a set of ⚽️🏀🎾⚾️🥎🏈🎱 Sure wish we had that in MA. They made that asshole put one on addressing the orange dictator, though. He had it off and came to shake numbnut’s hand and secret service made him put the mask on. Too funny! Atlanta’s airport should operate as a powerful vector to transmit COVID-19... which should endear Kemp to Trump. It seems the real war is with POTUS, and our very survival will be contingent on those who can remain hyper-vigilant until November and live to vote! Trump is evil.

Awesome!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 What is the definition of incompetent elected official? Rootly69 I hope until people like Brian Kemp gets a damn brain, we keep our borders shut tight! God forbid a gov should ask people to act responsibly and exercise common sense instead of just issuing edicts. Please bring him to California and get rid of the bozo we have

Lord knows this man has a lot of hate or is it like Florida gov. Sucking trumps ass trump hasn't shown people to wear a mask and I think for what ever reason that may have made a difference. I know one thing I know we will all be happy when all this virus and hate is over. What the heck is wrong with him 😡

Criminal stupidity So Gov., would you allow a family member to ride on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet knowing that if an accident occurred recovery would be twice as long and twice as expensive? He was a crooked builder, he suppressed the vote as sec of state to ensure he won his own election now he’s suppressing the rights of mayors to protect their cities. Typical conservative garbage. BrianKempGA is GARBAGE

Good That’s how it’s supposed to work. Ordering free people around is a counter productive exercise. Especially if it’s your own constituents. BrianKempGA is realDonaldTrump puppet! Makes 0 sense Finally someone with some connob sense! Are you reporting g the massive fraud regarding over blown COVID19 in Fla, Texas & Nevada?

Has anybody noticed that this announcement came less than 12 hrs after Kemp greeted and maskless CoronaDon at the Atlanta airport? Lol wut...they’re banning....banning? I don’t think he’s got that kind of reach but I’m not an expert on GA does he think the film industry is going to respond to this?

Good for him, Democrat wannabe dictators should not force anyone to wear anything. Anyone thinks a cotton mask prevents a virus must think underwear holds back a fart GOP is the Party of Death What is wrong with people? And GovKemp their blood is on your hands People of Georgia; your Governor is failing you. Afraid to lead, make hard decisions to save lives. Sorry you deserve better

Brian Kemp is a murderer by proxy. They voted this POS in. They could’ve had Stacy. Their loss. Because he knows it's unconstitutional to force Americans to wear any type of attire! And unlike many others he's following science NOT feelings He still can't ban private businesses from requiring masks on their property

Good! Wear a mask if you want to. But don’t try to forge me to. The blood is on your hands, GovKemp He’s literally actively trying to murder people. He needs to be removed. Georgia knew Kemp was corrupt. But they also knew he wasn’t a black woman. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas. And that’s the way to do it. Instead of dictating what we can and can’t do. If only OregonGovBrown would listen. But, it’s all about “I”.

This is a result of GA’s bowyer suppression! staceyabrams12 The Infamous Milgram Experiment “...ordinary people are capable of inflicting pain on their fellow humans if someone gives them orders to do so...” (Why a free Flynn & Stone are dangerous imo) Can he speak to CobbSchools about opening this fall, thier decision isn’t for the kids or based on real statistics.

Kemp's also looking at who's willing to utilize a polling place full of unmasked voters. Gov Kemp politely asks citizen not to drink a fifth and drive 100mph. Yo we need to off this guy........ Like he legit don't give a fuck! dumptrump1234 Such naked, corrupt drive for power this man shows us all. GovKemp has done everything to enable whomever or whatever advances his & GOP's disgustingly corrupt agendas. He is a man that will never stop being a threat willingly. He will never go gently into that good night.Vote

Seriously, what is wrong with BrianKempGA ? I mean, aside from stealing his election to become governor. Mask it or Casket!! We HATE our DUMB redneck Gov GovKemp in GA - masks are proven to stop the spread and save lives! dumptrump1234 Sad that a governor doesn’t value the life of the citizens he serves. He doesn’t deserve the job, because he doesn’t respect the people, and is endangering their lives.

BrianKempGA is in a race with GovRonDeSantis to see who can kill more people, and being a little behind on the death count decided to play catch-up. Thousands upon thousands of counts of criminal negligence... My Body, My Choice. Backfiring, right. AbortionIsMurder Why? How is this serving the interests of the people? Why doens't anyone ever ask these people why they do what they do?

It’s call freedom, choice, this is USA, home of the FREE GovKemp will do or say anything... that benefits GovKemp. Sadly... at the cost of Georgians health and possibly their lives. TrumpVirusCoverup This is all about setting up a low turnout at the polls in November GREAT Gov.-NOT of the Anti-American 'globalist Cabal!' 'Masks are Dangerous to Human Health.' You're Breathing your Own carbon back into your lungs-weakening your immune-system, & More Liable to be ill. Masks are Never beneficial for use outside of operations, & You Know it-!

More proof that conservatives only care about you when you’re a fetus Stupidest man alive Hi, god of the dead here. You’re going to make my job more difficult because you want to live comfortably during a literal pandemic? This is the same as playing Russian roulette and shouting “my body, my choice.” Don’t make my job harder than it needs to be

GovernorKayIvey Pay attention to the smart people What stupid looks like... This dude is the devil. He should be forced to step down Immediately. Good God Georgia. You elected this guy? WTF, is he trying out for realDonaldTrump’s coffee boy again? I refuse to hide from a disease with a 99.7% or better survival rate. Scamdemic

Look here GovAbbott DanPatrick SenTedCruz JohnCornyn Let Texans manage their own health !!!! He needs to be arrested. Purposely getting people killed JayInslee should do the same. Brian Kemp, you are on the wrong side of history, and will be judged accordingly. Goid job standing up Govenor Kemp Good ! More should follow his example

Well Georgia is off the list to visit. Businesses should inforce this to protect themselves. Totally driven by science and data. Why isn't this kind of sick order punishable? It's sheer madness Good for him. He shouldn't be scared into forcing something onto his citizens based on media hysteria and false numbers

Muh freedom. Mah rights It’s easy if you don’t wear a mask your probably going to get COVID19 especially in hot spot areas like Atlanta Let’s be honest. The people that support his decision were his supporters anyways. And the people that whining and complaining about it weren’t going to support him or his party anyways. Most of you had your minds made up before covid even started.

Finally someone stepping up to the plate Amen, a non tyrannical leader. Learned nothing from your neighbor DeSantis? 🇺🇸A true Patriot who uses critical thinking Georgia. A consistent source of stupidity since 1788. Kemp stole the governor’s election and now he’s lock step with POTUS45 to toxify the November2020 Election2020 I would not be surprised if Ducey, Abbott and DeSantis all do likewise TexasCOVID Floridacoronavirus ArizonaCovid19

Hell ya! Ask your self, if Kemp and the GOP were using C19 to mass murder sick and old people, what would it look like? And how would it look differently than what is going on now? and we are sooo thankful for him!!!!! Thank you , Governor! Let no Republican say, ever again, that GOP is “Pro-Life.” Thank you Governor Kemp. govkristinoem

Luckily corporations are starting to mandate masks..they are smart enough to realize, unlike the stupid, brainwashed FoxNews watching Trumpsters that the economy will not come back until we eradicate this virus like Europe, Asia and Canada..the SMART countries..WearAMask BrianKempGA No guts! No balls! No leadership! Another failure to do the right thing.

This is murder. Well damn. I think Kemp should ban cities and counties from order people to wear any coverings at all. I need my freedom to go naked!!! FreeOurGenitals theTempest_NJ theTempest_NJ theTempest_NJ theTempest_NJ This is why Covid is gonna have another spread meaning more time at home 🙃 theTempest_NJ

theTempest_NJ If Stacey Abrams were gov, Georgia would not be in this mess. GovKemp is an incompetent idiot who is actively killing the citizens of GA. Why are Republicans always of low IQ? theTempest_NJ theTempest_NJ theTempest_NJ theTempest_NJ Kemp is so stupid cant even see sinking Trump ship 🛳. GOP suicide pact! Smart folks will ignore him. Wear a mask!

What’s it to you people whether or not I wear a mask? Does yours not work? What a failure M49961403 BrianKempGA murderer Georgia is Probably the same as Texas..... Fool. BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks BrianKempSucks GAGOV

He is in step with Our Anti Christ. Dear Lord just wear a damn mask! Apparently kemp is getting a cut of the bounty money!! Your GOP 2020. Working hard to defeat the one public health measure that is proven to slow this raging epidemic and to save lives. This is not a culture war. This is AmericanGenocide.

Wtf is the point of this besides political When do we get to hold these nuts accountable for croniism or whatever kind of politically biased BS this counts as Kemp: In for a penny, in for a pound. Sociopath. Murderer. .GovKemp did this to protect Trump who didn’t wear one yesterday when he visited Atlanta.

I mean stores can still deny your entry. Like before they have a right to refuse services. So either wear a mask or look stupid trying to get into walmart. Theres just abt to be alot more Karens on the timeline I so respect this man! He actually gets what’s going on. With the known deadly consequences of behaving socially irresponsible, we have irrational destructive decisions like these led by ignorance.

Good for him!!!!!! Time for every corporation and large company that calls Georgia home to cut any future ties and make a move. MaddowBlog You’re all doomed. There has never been leadership this weak and it trickles down from the WH. Hey, new methods of population control I guess. Boy, this is the brightest governor EVER!!! 😑

AndySpecht This is holding the economy back. I’m not going anywhere but the grocery store until this is under control. No spending money at bars, theaters, restaurants, airlines, hotels until this is over. These fuckers will send our kids to senseless wars but won’t wear a fckn mask! Hallelujah, finally a govenor with some sense. Thank you Govenor Kemp. That is exactly why I voted for you!

Stupid no.....x?! MegaOhmster This guy is getting people killed. very “pro life” of him We are supposed to be a free country. If mandatory masks work, why are they not mandatory in prisons? Why did the maskless homeless not perish? Enough of this bullshit. Enough! It’s a damn shame that one idiot can damage so many he swore to do good by

What the hell? there should be a class action suit on all politicians who are not listening to the scientists & causing people to suffer & die. let's call what he & others are doing, it's plain out in the open murder, & attempted murder. Gov. Kemp-Criminal I probably say this way too often, but, I so fucking grateful I don't live in Georgia 🤦🏾‍♀️😫😫

Really”Like the 33 testing labs that fraudulently claimed 98% positive tests when reality was 9.6%. Scamdemic My 2020 fall conference in GA just got cancelled - the in-person format. How many MD/PhD/Public Health officials do you need to tell you how this showdown (AKA largest observational study without informed consent) is going to go? Coronavirus vs. GOP Governor.

J. F. C. 😲 Gov. Kemp should ask his fellow compañero from OK who is now regretting. Great job Trumptards Don't need one if you can socially distance. Outside no. Inside, depends on distancing Aww the fu%faced power hungry democrats will be so sad... GovKemp says no masks, Alabama and Florida fine people who don’t wear them... Kemp is an idiot GOPDeathCult GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPCorruptionOverCountry

Heard immunity people. If there is no vaccine is sight our immune system must be strong enough to fight it off. Wearing masks diminishes you immune system. Are you wearing that mask voluntarily? Good. Are you being forced to wear that mask? Take it off! resignnowkemp smalltownandrew Thank you Gov Kemp!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

It should be A Choice I thought BrianKempGA was BETTER than this...turns out he is as much a MOTUS as the one in the WH...WHY haven't these people learnt from Governors like LarryHogan ? It's downright RIDICULOUS...God help them! that same 'personal responsibility 2 volunteer 2 wear mask as good Texan-got us worse than March NYC, sorry Georgia, will B bad there 2 then' GovAbbott & 'more important things than living' DanPatrick said 'open everything up NOW & fast & ehh masks' AbbottFailedTexas COVID19

Vote for Democrats if you don't want to die. I’m gonna miss GA. Thank you Governor Kemp! A leader has finally stood up, now it’s time for others to do the same. If you want to wear a mask, please do. “Small government” at its best. Masks are just a metaphor for the Cult of Trump being defiant. It has nothing to do with convenience, or facts, or common sense or helping others. It is the Trump Cult kicking its feet, and screaming 'I'm not going to eat my broccoli!'

How do these clowns get elected? The GOP is killing people 🥴 Massive slip of a man. georgia take the midnight train out of there. Biden2020Landslide VoteTrumpOut2020 Good. Masks are ineffective against viruses. Me2189251618 Sounds like good state to move to Outstanding leadership... But why? atensnut .0003 -This is your death rate in Georgia folks, this is why you're being forced to breath carbon monoxide by officials who want to hype this up for election.

Why why why Finally! Braincells, common sense and balls! Bravo! NoMask Crimes against humanity. People are all outraged and not one mask will prevent you from getting the virus. Only n95s actually filter out what is coming in. I wear mine becausei don’t want anyone in my face, but mandatory mask wearing is not following the science as so many of you claim you’re preaching.

Idiot Excellent. The science is clear. Not only do masks not work, but they raise your risk of getting the virus. Darth Mail arrives. This is an attempt at genocide. We know who Kemp is. His past racist strategies to keep minorities from voting is well document. Clearly he thinks the higher mortality from COVID for minorities is giving him an opportunity to implement a Final Solution. It's time to CancelKemp

How many people is Georgia have died from Covid? While Brian Kemp plays political games with everyone’s lives Unbelievable! This will never end if everyone doesn't do their part! WearADamnMask WeAreAllInThisTogether atensnut AP is propaganda Imagine if drivers were running people over and the Governor came out and said he wouldn’t require people to not run over people but instead encourage them not to. You are a terrible excuse for a state leader GovKemp

atensnut Tyrannical government control of the individual's life turns power hungry politicians on. Ignore the damn fool. Masks save lives. Now that is an idiot. f_wisnt Too bad Gov Stitt of OK doesn't have a pair to do the same. No masks ordinance! 'I hereby order you to NOT be safe, to NOT be responsible, and to maximize the carnage in GA.' - Sincerely, Gov Kemp

I continue to search for the why of people making the most senseless decisions during this time. trying to kill us off? truly that uneducated? Trump has something on them? Are they so dedicated to strict ideologies that they can’t see it? Or is it money. Somehow it’s prob 💰 🤯 What is this with the GOP governors, a race to see who kills/infects more people?

There really are no words to describe how incompetently insane this is, if you had surgery and died because your doctor refused to mask up you would own the hospital Republican are responsible for the death of thousands of Americans and they just keep killing, they'll kill us all atensnut Good for you Governor, we know what to do by now

Take a lesson in governorship MikeDeWine. NoMask Let’s hope the people from Georgia have more sense than their governor & totally ignore him. Stay safe & wear your damn mask 😷 WHAT? I hope those town/city managers/mayors and citizens are telling him to shove that up his ass. We do live in America. We are all adults and should have the freedom to make our own choices. This does not mean I am anti-mask.

Hey BrianKempGA - why bother cheating your way into the office if you're not going to do the job Is it just easier to be guilty of negligent homicide? VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 kempmanslaughter It's beginning to look a lot like Russia, every where you go, the post office is shutting down barr is the only law around, with people dropping dead like flies, oh, it's, beginning to look a lot like Russia

martingeddes Why does everything have to become so political? I’m as big of a realDonaldTrump supporter as anyone but if you want the economy to stay open then wear your fucking masks in public. It’s really not that difficult. This guy needs a blanket party down a dark Georgia alley one night. Sheesh! He is not good at governing (or probably parenting too) at all. 🤦‍♂️

Who votes for these idiots? Turn Georgia blue! He needs to be impeached. Period. More evidence that despite their claims the GOP does not support local communities making their own decisions. As it should be. GovKemp Kemp should try packing his bags 💼💼and get the hell out of Dodge✈!🙏🏻 He’s asking for it! Corona please do your thing!

bonita_jay1 Hell yeah, like there should be voluntary speed limits, voluntary paying of taxes, voluntary if you come to work or not, voluntary doctors and nurses who think it is voluntary to treat and care for you or not. Voluntary prisons, air traffic control, America will you ever grow up? If this was a horror movie (which it is), Georgia just ran up the damn stairs

Good job It's a bit late for that personality responsibility stuff, BrianKempGA. Trump pays him a visit & he decides to support Trump's wishing well rather than putting the health and well being of Georgians first. Kemp has become a eunuch. With this line of thinking -bars can keeep serving alcohol to those who can’t stand up- let them drive their cars and kill others and say well it was voluntary upon the customer to know when to stop drinking.

GovKemp is a moronic idiot. Where does a man who lives in a mansion protected by the GeorgiaGuard know what is better for the health safety of a local community than their mayor? BrianKempGA is putting politics over lives & the GaRepublicans is helping. gapol gagop georgia This is disgusting. It is against all logic and will harm his state in so many ways.

Based on the absolute ignorance of governor and the criminal activity of both US Senators, (Insider trading) Georgia should be absorbed by Fl, SC and AL. Statehood revoked and D.C. will be added as the 50th state. jamiedupree there it is, GovKemp is a spineless coward. That’s ridiculous- like banning mandatory use of life jackets

He must be so proud .... Crazy!!! Smart man! Georgia gets my tourist dollars this year! 🙌🙌🙌 marcorubio Isn’t this the same guy who stole his election? Gross. GovKemp are you crazy? So sad. But people shouldn't listen to these governers. Just wear a mask Sadly these southern states are on my list of places I will not visit or spend money in!

Savannah, here we come! This is what America is about, clear thinking, making choices for oneself and being responsible for oneself🇺🇸 Recall kemp recallkemp That's as good as the old adage of leading a horse to water Why The trump virus is not gonna voluntarily go away Branch_Tree Just so he can kiss up to Trump. Goodness me

Idiot. WOW! Only the fetus needs to wear a mask in kemp’s world At some point this has to be criminally negligent. You know what the science shows, and yet you are actively working against local leaders attempting to save lives They WANT it to spread It’s the only explaination Better yet why doesn’t Gov Kemp make it against the law to wear a mask and those who break the law get fined or arrested. He and Gov Desantis have made it clear they just don’t give a damn about the citizens of their states

But does it really work? Oh GEORGIA, you could have had Stacy Abrams leading you. You allowed a corrupt imbecil to steal the election instead. Do better next time. Shameful Good for him. Mask mandates lead to vaccination mandates Authoroux So, all the people who die from now on leave their blood on his hands. Shameful, and sad.

Kemp is going full MAGA stupid. Hope Georgians aresmart enough to revolt. .GovKemp is a murderer. docrocktex26 America, we need to remind Governors they work for the people. RonDeSantisFL BrianKempGA GregAbbott_TX dougducey GovStitt to name a few! Do what’s right for your state! You are failing! Look at your states! Disaster has kicked the door down!

Pro-life peeps should be encouraging masks. Just sayin' Gross. GOP was against death panels before they were for them. Mass Immunity !!! BrianKempGA is a devious a$$hole along with RonDeSantisFL. They do not care about American lives. They care about realDonaldTrump optics. Bigly Losers!!! GOPCowards GOPComplicitTraitors TrumpVirusCatastrophe

He’s got an IQ of a tree!! This is a noble gesture that represents freedom to the people! It’s time that someone who claimed to be a governor stood up to the false-sciences mob headed by Anthony Fauci. This false-sciences mob wants to usurp power through a fraud! StopTheMagicShow I see he is interested in watching UGA or GT play football this fall

BrianKempGA is that kid at school. The one your mother won’t let you play with because There’s something not right about that boy. Can GA recall this criminal? Anyone know if GovKemp requires his staff to wear a mask and be frequently tested? It would make sense... joncoopertweets Just keep a very close eye on the infection numbers in Georgia over the next few weeks...almost certainty that they will start to rise...the hospitalisations and death will parallel several weeks later...

I hear Karma calling Those that continue to not wear masks care more about themselves than they do about the health and safety of their Country... If the death rate goes up really high, can these people be sued? NC_Governor Whoever said 'ya can't fix stupid' was talking specifically about situations exactly like this. peopleareidiots idiotsabound 🙄 All we can do is hope that there are more smart people around who will ignore this edict. 😒

Florida, we gave the highest cases of Covid 19! Georgia, hold my beer.. Weeeeird country GovAbbott Take a lesson! No masks! No lockdown! jamiedupree He’s an idiot Brian Kemp is leading the GOPDeathCult in Georgia. With 'elected' officials like that, who needs enemies? WintersPilar If only we had a governor like him or Noem. We have to put up with a tyrant, Wolf, who couldn't care less about our safety. This is all about mail-in fraud.

Clearly he missed Florida trying this and it backfiring Georgia, Alabama’s slightly less inbred cousin He’d probably ban life jackets on a sinking ship, oh wait, he is. Infected residents need to do a non mask wearing sit in protest at his office! Voluntary mask wearing only works in places with a smart, decent, empathetic population who can put the needs of themselves over their own selfishness and pettiness. Name me a red state that fits that description.

Does Georgia have gubernatorial recall laws?🤔🤔🤔 Let’s guess the new state with a spike in cases..... anyone? That is leadership. Commitment to killing everyone equally. Atlanta's on fire & GovKemp orders the water shut off? GA is burning while he fiddles. Who's he fiddling for? Must be someone who wants to see more Georgians sick/dying.

We all know that evil people are delivered evil mirrors - KempsKarmaIsComing karma always delivers courtesy of our creator above -in the ‘eyes of all that is seen and unseen ‘ truth is known Freedom of choice! jamiedupree Loony tunes gonna loony. It is a country of 328 million. Must be a few morons in the crowd. Who knew they would be Governor?

GovKemp Heartless Bum !!! Governor Kemp is a murderer😠 👏👏👏 Thank you GovKemp!! 👋🏽 Good. Glad to hear it. GovKemp is a murderer Wtf Literally not the role of business owners and employees to enforce it. If you see an unmasked person and you're bothered by it, make certain you keep 6 feet or more distance between you and them and enjoy your day.

At this late date? That’s criminal. BrianKempGA is both stupid and guilty of criminal negligence. If he was a serial sexual abuser, he'd have hit the trifecta and be just like his boss, realDonaldTrump Ignorant and greedy Kemp is pro-COVID. Good thing he rigged the election to become governor. Twerp He should be liable for anyone who dies from COVID-19

Finally, an intelligent man. Knowing a mask can reduce transmission and not requiring them is negligent on Kemp’s part. Private business will have to do it... NoMaskNoService I need to move to georgia Leftists always get upset when they see someone trying to prevent local officials from becoming little dictators over their own little fiefs. What the governor of Georgia is doing is preventing local officials from become dictators like all the Democrat governors have become.

Interestingly enough, the Venn diagram of between people who don’t believe that masks work, and people who believe in a 2000 year old fairytale founded on non-truths by a pregnant teenager is pretty much a circle. So stupid He owns every death going forward. When you say 'encourage...' Kemp sides with conspiracy theorists over scientists. Or maybe he forgot (again) how the virus is transmitted. This decision may end up shutting down the Georgia economy in time for Christmas.

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸👌🇺🇸 Idiot The puppet Governor kissed Dump’s ass, as usual! Brian Kemp, who became governor by purging African-Americans from the voter rolls while Secretary of State, is actively trying to kill Georgia citizens. Think about that for a second. GOPkills TrumpKills TrumpVirus Every death in Athens, Savannah, East Point, and Atlanta should be credited to him, and he should be mentioned in each of their obituaries.

martingeddes My man. Wish I lived there. Kemp is the one who didn’t know that Covid was contagious when ppl are symptomatic. He just doubles down on stupid. RENEEWEATHERS2 Nice to see that you just want to kill everyone in your state This is what happens when an election is stolen. The official feels no loyalty or obligation to the electorate just the people that facilitated the fraud. Kemp is a POS. I live in Georgia and I will not forget and I will not forgive his willingness to expose my family to COVID

Lordy.... bless his heart!!! You just can’t fix stupid. 😏 SUE HIS A** It's easier to get elected if no one is alive to vote... Many ppl are asking why & looking for reason to explain this. Stupidity? Complicity? it’s simple. The man is a dishonest narcissist turned criminal. He cheated on a massive scale out in the open to win the governorship. How many fewer lives would be lost with staceyabrams ?

BrianKempGA is a horrible governor. He is not doing what's best for the citizens. He's doing what he think Trump would approve cause he so desperately want his validation.. You stole the election with voter suppression and you showing you are not qualified. People, he didn’t say you CANNOT wear a mask. Please protect yourselves, your family and thise around you

Good for him it's called common sense hester_hen Thank you Governor Kemp! Best Governor in America. He values freedom over tyranny! Can't help crazy I assume it’s not illegal to DUI in Georgia? Just asking as an ignorant foreigner. He’s trying to kill y’all Dumb. If people are forced to wear masks everyone will feel more comfortable going to stores. It helps the economy.

WTF? If the pres is going to act like laws don’t matter when he wants 2 make money or inflict pain, I say do the same to help ppl. Mandate masks anyway. Ignore the governor. That worked so well for GovAbbott. Wow, someone that's not a tyrant. 😂😂😂😂 I’m curious. What about national retailers like Walmart that have store wide policies of no mask, no service. Will he tell them they can’t do that?

YOU Will eventually be GOING TO JAIL It’s one thing to say he won’t mandate it but to say businesses can’t?! WTF?! What’s the rationale there Brian Kemp needs to ask himself if he ever wants films made in his state again. Because he can mandate masks and the economy goes boom b/c of tent pole films or it can go boom and crew and talent refuse to work there. Idiocracy!!!

People wearing masks all day are getting skin rashes. Waiters wearing the dumb gloves have wet, smelly hands all day and are getting infections. If you're young/not in a nursing home, better to fractionally raise your risk of the incredibly survivable disease than live in misery Someone tell GovStitt to do the same thing... Tulsa Mayor gtbynum did just that.. Passed a Mask Mandate that he will sign this morning at 9am

DdEnwright PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF! IF U AGREE, PLEASE RETWEET!! Thanks. Curtis from moreno valley. Going full Abbott is a bad idea. This is the sort of thing that will break Republican support and make them exclusively a party of the Qanon loons... This is crazy! joncoopertweets The idea that small government means letting it's citizens endanger their own health is ludicrous.

This guy. The ultimate Horse’s Ass. Wouldn't a mask be less of an inconvenience than DEATH. Idiot... 'No shirt? No shoes? No mask? No service!' That's NOT 'Oppression'! The lies in FL testing doesn’t does it?! But that wouldn’t be a story you would want to report would it? Journalism is a word and a “profession.” Look it up!

He is taking a political stance. Covid-19 is not motivated politically. May God Bless the people of GA 🙏 This is why we are in the place that we are. This about public health, don't get it confused with anything else. Some people need a push to do what is right for the common good. Wear a darn mask, period.

Wow Those degrees from Trump University really shine through. Will seat belts become voluntary too ? How about obeying the speed limits ? The people of Georgia elected Him. I pray those who didn't vote for him will survive him. People need to study up on their political candidates and find out if they are smarter than a rock before they vote.

joncoopertweets He's also trying to kill off the aged, weak, poor, disabled, native Americans and blacks. This is soft genocide. d_cdh952 Incarcerate him and all of DRUM Cronies now! The SOONER the better it will be for AMERICA and all of US!! Calling staceyabrams to action!! The ppl of GA respect you, believe in you, trust you — you need to deliver a msg to them to wear masks!

I must say when I see this, DeSantis and the likes I’m exceedingly grateful I decided to return to New England after I got out of college. 👏🏻👏🏻🇺🇸 These fools really don’t care if you live or die...wear a stupid mask 😷 What is gained by doing this GovKemp ? Georgia here. This man won office because of voter suppression. He cheated. Like Trump, he is now literally killing us. He WILL be a one-term governor, but what will he left of us when he leaves? IdiotKemp

Love our governor! He is just upholding the law. It's your choice to wear a mask or not, because we live in the land of the free because of the brave! America This is dystopian. All you personal-responsibility hawkers: does pers. respon. not include seeing the suffering of your fellows and choosing to be responsible for mitigation; not just their suffering but potentially yours as well? Or is it just code for “fuck off, Jack, you’re on your own?” WWJD?

This should be criminal ... negligent murderer Ignore him blanken01 Have this Governor contact Rin De Santis in Florida please joncoopertweets GovRonDeSantis Don’t get any ideas. This guy is saving you from being the worst governor this week. Georgia's cities need to sue the governor. They have the obligation to act to protect public health.

joncoopertweets True genius. Reckless disregard for human life joncoopertweets BrianKempGA is amoron ....dont pee of mymleg an call it rain .... Breaking24_7 is doing this to support realDonaldTrump an doesnt care who gets sick or die since Kemp lied an cheat get his office ...WearADamnMask an save a life kempie Dumb Kemp dumber trump

GovKemp super disappointed you are taking this stance. I’ve never seen someone want someone else to like them as much as GovKemp wants Trump to like him I think we found an even dumber governor than the one in Florida. martingeddes Wow leaving it up to citizens. What a concept. ❤️ BorrelliGerlach Who is believing that they are somehow protected by not wearing a mask? Talk about stupid!

kemp de santis trump killing you all joncoopertweets Walmart, as one example, recently said it was mandating masks inside their stores so now what? Since he wants to ban places from having people wear masks, will he also give up his right for treatment if he contracts the virus? Will the same apply for the people who listen to him? Asking for people in the medical field who would have to treat their sick asses...

A real Governor! Now that is a piece of $hit and why I’ll never vote republican again I mean... martingeddes Thank God! A Governor with balls. He has to know it's all a hoax. Wtf JasonLaCanfora This guy should be charged with manslaughter Typical! I’m sooo surprised 🙄 For crying out loud ALABAMA is mandating!!!

GovKemp sad this came after trumps visit! We know who influenced you! Kiss ass much Brian? Why is this real life! 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ Yea GovKemp! You just earned my vote. Oh, is he gonna give a Pollyanna Pep Rally like GovMikeDeWine ..😒 Bad luck, Georgia! This is fucking deranged If this guy was any more worthless his last name would be Trump.

Gordon has words for Kemp Good for him AdriannaHopkins Power hungry hick. Local governance be damned Lets start letting people smoke in public buildings again while we sre at it. Voluntary behavior isn’t working. Lots of people in Atlanta with masks, lots without. Precisely why we are getting worse not better.

What happened to hand-washing and not touching your face? Can we order those too? yeah, that'll work. Exactly how it should be. Brian Kemp is a killer. Too bad the election was stolen from Stacey Abrams. There is no rational reason for this. NBNNewsFeed I also dislike shoes and clothes. Can we ban that as well?

No joke...this is the result of years of forced kindness to stoopit people. Se should go back to shaming stoopidity. RecallKemp Moronic, can we please stop voting for anyone who doesnt believe in SCIENCE? What is wrong with BrianKempGA? Is he so insecure that he has to suck up this hard to Trump? Or does he hate his constituents so much that he wants them sick and dying? Or is he just that stupid, that with all evidence to the contrary, he doesn’t believe the science?

Voter suppression lite It’s ok, I’m sure all y’all living in Georgia can forward your bills related to Covid to him. It is now HIS responsibility to pay for it. This is why the WalkingDead started in Georgia. Rise up, Georgians and tell that hack BrianKempGA where he can stuff his bs order. Why?! What could possibly be the rationale? Politics at its very worst. 🤦🏻‍♂️

RepublicansAreTheProblem RepublicansAreKillingUs GOPComplicitTraitors GOPTraitors What about Walmart and Krogers/Fred Meyer stores? Is he stopping them? What about any other businesses that want to enforce a mandatory mask? WHY What’s in it for him On the other hand....”City halves its coronavirus case rate after month of mask policy”, story about Montgomery AL and sensible, science driven leadership.

And because of this y’all won’t be out of lockdown for a long long time. Your governor is ignoring science and listening to who? Himself? The president? He’s going to kill a lot of people in Georgia. Don’t bring your Covid to my state. Kemp is a horrible person. CorruptAndComplicitGOP NegligentHomicide

It’s official. We have the dumbest governor in the country. ImpeachKemp I hope the Hague is already lining up the prosecutions of the gop. Gee I hope the people of Georgia realize that their governor is going to kill you. Wear a mask! Stay in Georgia RemoveKemp Kemp’s night job....GovKemp BrianKempGA doesn’t care about Georgians. He’s letting them die. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

MaddowBlog F*** him and f*** his ban. Do what you have to do to save yourself. Your fellow American. Today starting at 5pm Alabama is all masks required I'm curious to see if the numbers of positive for the virus goes down or stay the same The facts speak for themselves Are you smarter than a 5th grader? A) walk around in large crowds B) going to huge gatherings with friends C) wear a mask when out in public D) go to places without a mask cause you don’t care and don’t care about others around you? Answer is C. Wear a mask out in public

Replace this fool What is going on Is the GOP intentionally culling the heard? I don’t care what others do. I wear a mask when I’m inside stores, not outside. If someone walks in without a mask, that is his/her choice. If my mask can’t protect me, then why are we wearing them? Can't wait to see how this is going to get spun.

I'm in GA and I won't shop or go anywhere if people aren't wearing masks. Businesses better start mandating them or they will lose everything. People won't have it Looks like he will be joining the ranks of the Oklahoma governor soon. If the kardashians put out a fashion mask pre pandemic most would mask up. This is how stupid we’ve become as a nation.

He is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia. And this is a reason why cases are surging in the states while other countries are starting to somewhat slow martingeddes Here’s to your mask; 🖕 Victim-blaming from the GOP? Insane! My body my choice. This isn’t Democracy. It may appear Kemp is giving Georgian’s the “freedom” and choice to wear the mask. But, this is Kemp encouraging and validating the unscientific lie that masks are not necessary in public. Kemp’s dictatorial action is typical Republican cow manure.

martingeddes Bravo. Patriot Governor. Bravo. Not working!! GovKemp lets just 'encourage' parents to put children in car seats! 'Encourage' drivers to stop at red lights, etc... Killing people to please Trump is a Republican thing Death cult Another state to never visit once the pandemic is over. martingeddes

Dana38374469 Thank God!! Freedoms are not arbitrary!!! He’s following the constitution so no wonder Democrats/Nazis R upset!!! They need Masks 2hide from Police! GOP GovBrianKemp (brave) SenateGOP should be demanding the same every where in America!! MasksNotForHealthy nor Public at large What a fascist. Telling people to think for themselves. How dare he.

Why are all these Republicans seemingly actively trying to kill off their base? I don’t get it. Republicans are trying to off all of us. And people should voluntarily abstain from abortions and marrying same sex partners too! Oh, what? I guess people don't get those freedoms. Control over your own body, and sex life is well within the government's realm of control, but wearing a mask is just too far!

This is just another way he's found 2 suppress the black vote in Georgia because there's a large black population there & the virus is attacking the POC community more than other communities. As far as he's concerned the other communities being infected r just collateral damage. This leapfrogs corruption and goes straight into pure sociopathy. WTF is wrong with Republicans?

Is this the guy who cheats to keep his seat ? COVIDIOT This is obscene Other than voter fraud, how did this schmuck get elected? Because he is a corrupt doctor Are people of color more likely to catch this virus and become seriously ill? Asking for a friend. MaddowBlog He should be charged with endangering the public or something. This Kemp guy’s a wanker.

Dope Yep, the guy who hid voting machines, amongst other things to steal his office. The writing was on the wall. Alot folks gonna die and suffer masketorcasket Our governor challenged the good people of Utah to stop up and wear a mask. You can guess how that went KeithOlbermann I would encourage Gov. Kemp to voluntarily do his job and protect the people of his state.

I hope he gets voted out (gets Covid). Why does GovKemp want Georgians to die? Remember to keep in mind we're changing our ways not only to protect ourselves but, just as important, we're trying to protect those who may be more susceptible to COVID-19. This is our motivation, our new reason for being for the foreseeable future. Be safe, 6ft & mask. Okay!

freedumb GovKemp KILLS AMERICANS dangerous. Anyone choosing the no mask option should sign a no hospital/medical care option as well. Good. I hope everyone who thinks it’s a hoax get sick and recovers. Maybe then these morons will stop doubting science. Amazing how the goal is to wreak havoc at the expense of lives for these GOP.

sahilkapur BrianKempGA In public disservice since 2003. Good for him and Georgia. It shouldn’t be mandated to wear masks CDC HHS top leading virologist infectious disease doctors have said wearing a mask to include n95, surgical masks, and cloth masks does not STOP the spread of ANY virus even COVID-19.

GovKempResign wow. georgia - Vote his ass out. GovKemp is killing people to kiss up to Trump. true_onion Until his grandson catches it and is critically ill in ICU and he realizes viruses are non-political I propose that everyone refusing to wear a mask have a designation which bans the use of a ventilator to save their idiotic lives

MaddowBlog So essentially..... we will never win this covid-19 war Stupidity is learned... you are born with it! Good for him people need to grow up and quit with all the drama if they are afraid then stay at home, wear your little masks that we know for a fact does not stop any virus none. Bunch of bloody nonsense.

Wow. What a...and I say this delicately...clusterfuck CoronaKempGenocider Stupid man Leading with ego rarely goes anywhere well. This is scary and sad. bigstape Does he have his will & testament in order? Oh wait, don't those things begin with 'being of sound mind...' usually? Good. Screw all the people hiding under their couches

Funny how he does that after meeting with trump. BpopeTV Yay! Finally. Asking is so much more effective than commanding! Why are so many republicans so phucking stupid covidiot VoteThemAllOut trumpgenocide TrumpDeathToll139K BBCJonSopel Don’t be like me - be Covid free Wear the correct mask 😷😷😷 Great Governor

This is a political stunt as Trump is in Georgia. What a kiss ass, expected nothing less from Republican governors selling their states down the pandemic river of blood. kempfailedgeorgia He knows that if masks really work you could open the country just wear masks smartdissent Welcome to.genocide Atuiolosega Thank you GovKemp for respecting our First Amendment rights! I’m so thankful to be in this state at this time. And I applaud you for having the courage to exercise common sense in the midst of collective sustained idiocy. Georgia4Kemp EndTheCoronaHoaxAlready

Sad and coward decision. The Governor of Unlaw and Disorder, Brian P. Kemp! GovKemp 1NationAND1God 'Mask Wearing' is voluntary, but corporate media pretends it isn't. No State has passed any law requiring anyone to wear a mask anywhere. Instead Democrat Governors are using licensing agencies to threaten business licenses that don't impose the Governor's wishes on consumers.

Dumb dumb Seems Gov Kemp has sealed his deal with the devil. It's the only rational explanation. None other than that exists. P***Y just doesn’t want to upset the Primate Of The US Big Pharma needs more human trials anyway. Blood on his hands He needa to be removed immediantly. Intentionally endangering the public wtf is this? People wake up and realize what is going on.

Wearing a mask in public to protect others from illness and death is just about the least effort we can make. As it should be karenhunter He's the epitome of failed leadership. WTF is wrong with the entire GOP? Another genius Holy fuck, the comments here in support of GovKemp are the most idiotic and infuriating thing I’ve read all day. If everyone wore a mask, fewer people would die. Plain and simple.

This guy really doesn’t care lol NorsemanActual So despicable. Is he kissing trump’s ass and endangering people in the process? What do other states have to do with Georgia? Meanwhile not every localities have the same issues. GovKemp Hey Governor, how about you get your fucking head out of your ass? My father lives in Savannah. My sister lives in Atlanta and I have an aunt who lives near Glenville. None of which were born in the State of Georgia but are there because my dads last duty station was

WTF BrianKempGA Brainless Kemp 😷 Grow up 😠😠 Translation the mayors have no legal authority to force a citizen to do this and the Governor is pointing this out and doing his duty to protect citizens rights. I don’t even like this Governor I think he’s a doosh. But this is moronic. We have rights Even AZ governor realized this was AZ bad idea.

Trump needs to win Georgia during the election. Majority of people who are dying of Covid-19 are Black and Brown People = Democrats!!! They don't care... They wishing enough people are too sick to go to the polls. One can only hope and pray that he gets this thing... SafiMaasai Listen to the Medical EXPERTS and Scientists NOT POLITICIANS. There are no do-overs. When you lose a life, it's gone. MaskUp 😷 StaySafe It's NOT always about YOU!

👇🏻 if you dont want to wear a mask dont go to the hospital when you get sick stay home and die and rot Hey GovSisolak (Sissy(boy)lak ( hint, hint). NC_Governor you should be doing this right now. I agree with governor Kemp—mask should be a choice not mandatory! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Gov Kemp is my hero!! We need more leaders like him! Plandemic NoMasks

You are globlist front propaganda machine. We have found out All of Florida numbers are cooked, and we will find out many more have been also! MSM are all lies This makes me so f-king nervous ! What’s Trump got on him? MaddowBlog Murderer. TenikkaANjax Is it Opposite Day? nadafinite There has not been a consistent mask wearing message. Why not just start wearing masks when going into stores, etc. Cosco has some great masks, that are cloth, adjustable and allow you to breathe comfortably.

Good luck, GA! Make sure you have your Advance Directive and Will made out in advance, so it is easier on your family. GovKemp does not have your best interests at heart (even if he had one). WearADamnMask VoteKempOut Genius way to start tackling the under funded social security problem though. Wow! It's like the Republicans want us to die. Hey everybody regardless of your political ideology... wear a mask, be safe, wash your hands, social distance. We will get through this, but we need to get through it together. StaySafe

JDiii1210 As it should be TrumpState Those cities and counties should sue Kemp for a dereliction of duty. The country is on fire, it's being televised live in real time and he just wants to play stupid. So sorry for your baby, Georgia, Stacey Abrams is supposed to be your Governor! 😠 Big mistake. I'll jot a note on my covid tracking, so we can see how this plays out for Georgia...and its neighbors.

When someone shows you who they are - believe them. weak, cheat, with daddy issues. Jaw-droppingly, egregiously, willfully stupid. Who told this guy he can tell people, who pays his salary, what to wear? America is DOOMED! The same BrianKempGA that wasn’t up to snuff on COVID19 facts pertaining to transmission? That putz is making an asinine call. Wear a damn mask!

Jackass. 🙄 Is he not setting himself up for one hell of a lawsuit, if not criminal charges? Refusing to order mask-wearing is one stupid thing, but forbidding others from ordering it jumps to a whole new level. Political perspective: The GOP can now kiss GA’s electoral votes goodbye. Moral perspective: He’s playing politics with people’s lives and this WILL cause people to die.

Jackass We need the mandate to get it thru some skulls that Covid19 is SERIOUS. Those poor Georgians TrumpFailedAmerica GOPBetrayedAmerica Dear Georgia, this guy's a fucking idiot. Wear a mask in public. Do it for yourself, for your family & friends, for your community. Do it for your country. What if someone made a site memorializing all the COVID deaths in Georgia and bought Google ads for every Kemp related search term.... 👀

Makes me wonder what kind of dirt Trump and Putin have on Kemp. Thank God for Savannah Van Johnson. His hands may be tied, but he’s still making noise. Fuck BrianKempGA and realDonaldTrump they don’t give two shits about any of us. Too many stupid people we’re doomed. WTF THIS GUY IS PURE EVIL!! GOPDeathCult

RECKLESS. DISGRACEFUL. INCOMPETENT If 'ass backwards' and 'can't do right' were a person. 🙄 Lexual__ Georgia has a clown 🤡 govenor I will personally come to America and duck tape a mask to all of your faces at this point 🤦🏼‍♀️ what an embarrassment of a country. monitteh It's no coincidence that Kemp did this on the day Trump landed at Atlanta's airport and was called out by the black, female mayor for violating the mask ordinance. Neither Trump's nor Kemp's racist and sexist egos could handle being school by Mayor Bottoms; it's her comeuppance.

Politics before public health. MaddowBlog I wonder how long it will be until he tests positive. Another stolen election, another deplorable. pnjaban Right on! Freedom first! Listen to how this guy talks one time ..... just once... it will tell you everything you need to know about his level of intelligence....

Kemp is the man!!!! Georgia had 3,800 cases on 7/15/2020 and is currently ranked 8th on the list of states. Please come knock some sense into the Supreme Leader Newsom And this is why I skip anything local and buy absolutely everything on amazon and skip the “I don’t wanna wear a mask bc it infringes on my noses constitutional liberties” nonsense.

Georgians should start packing, just sayin’ Then it’s up to stores and businesses to require the public to do so. If they refuse, they’re not allowed to shop there. Wear a facemask. Listen to Fauci. crampell Can’t Georgians mount a recall campaign for this man who is trying to kill them? MaddowBlog Georgia should have elected Stacy Abrams.

Let’s check back in a few week to see how that’s going. The Georgia Covid numbers are probably falsely elevated like they did in Florida. What an IDIOT !! Wake up Georgians !! Trump Daddy came to town. GovKemp needs to have a conversation with GregAbbott_TX to find out how well this worked out for him.

The head of the CDC says that we could shut down COVID-19 if we all wore masks for 6 weeks. Nothing else is slowing it down, so why not give it a shot? If he's right, then we'll be able to reopen business, schools, etc. and can focus on building the economy back up. Worth a shot. I’m assuming this is akin to faith-based medicine. Georgia claims they are 30th in this country in education, but decisions like these make me wonder...

Let’s see how this goes This guy has to be sued It's simple, the gop hates people! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 WearAMask WearAMaskSaveALife After seeing the volatility of Trump supporters, this may be the safest thing. I wouldn't want to be the enforcer with those loose cannons. And I doubt very many people want their teenage children working at low wage jobs having to enforce it either.

The rest of the world is laughing at us... uncontrollably laughing at us. He's not stupid. Don't doubt clear malice and intent to curb voting by any means he can imagine. GA is a battleground state, COVID disproportionately impacts people of color, people of color tend to vote democrat — this isn't because he's 'dumb'. He's evil.

He’s going to ban condoms, abortions, and rape investigations really soon They aren't doing this by accident. We need to see the hospitalization demographics. Solid. Idiot. Remind me to stay the F out of Georgia. Common fucking sense. Imagine that. Idiot This is premeditated. It's genocide. up_viking Mask shaming is so in right now.

R.I.P Georgia FVCK YOU BRIAN KEMP!!! MaddowBlog Trump understand the mindset of the stupid and they see him as a savior. Unbelievable Cc GovAbbott BrianKempGA you are targeting minority communities with this ban Glad to see there still some independent thought out there and not just group think. 🐑 He is going to hell!

I wish Missouri would follow ❤️ this Georgia and Florida governors need to lawyer up! They’re going to prison for killing these people when it didn’t have to happen. Opening Christmas presents over Zoom is going to be so much fun Good. Having a govt mandate face masks won't make people wear them. Never saw so much self defeating policies! the republican governors are criminal nuts !

Double down like “ dear leader “ FOH !! Thank you GovKemp Why? Stupid is as stupid does The citizens should have him impeached! BrianKemp is gonna ride that Trump train right off the cliff GA, GovKemp is trying to kill you! WearAMask 😷😷😷😷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 SaveYourself! Genocide is the preferred target? Don't they realize they're also killing their own voting base?

Is there any legal action that anyone could take against Governor Kemp? Dear GovAbbott, You should be more like Gov. Kemp. Sincerely, Texas KeithOlbermann GovKemp you are Republicans are always for 'local governance, power as close to the people as possible' ... except when they don't like what that local governance does, at which point they're happy to kick it back up as many levels as they need to get the outcome they want

MaddowBlog BrianKempGA Hell is too good a place for you. He did not say you couldn't wear one if you want to. If you're scared, stay home/wear a mask. No one is saying you can't. The people on here just begging not to have free will are absolutely brainwashed and blind with ignorance on coronaviruses/masks/immune systems.

Kemp and DeSantis need to remember that the name “Donald Trump Jr.” is already taken. Banning Republican leaders ain’t $!+ crampell Kemp is a fucking idiot, but as long as business are still allowed to refuse serve to anyone then they can still enforce customer wearing masks before they enter their stores.

MaddowBlog It’s time to defy these people making these poor decisions with our lives behind politics. These mayors need to shut down their cities and mandate masks. Get the proper testing, tracing in place and get this virus contained or we will regret! Great job Governor. Sue this pos for reckless disregard for human life.

Good it can remain the shit state that it is... just and FYI, Trump still hasn't said anything about our troops having bounties put on them by the Russians. PutinsPuppet Must be nice to be intentionally stupid in the face of science. If you live in Georgia, good luck 🙄🤔👀👀 KempsNegligentHomicide MasksWork

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 This is beyond EVIL! FALSE POSITIVE LAB NUMBERS does NOT mean Actual Sick with Covid Numbers!! NO MASKS!! If Masks Worked, CHINA would be Virus-Free!! Thank you GovKemp !! GovKemp. 🖕 KempFailedGeorgia There it is. Gov. Brian Kemp is basically saying he's willing to be complicit in more coronavirus infections and deaths in Georgia. And telling his citizens to deal with it. I wonder if he'd wear a mask around Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Was this the same guy that didn’t know how a virus works? Popehat Whhhhhhyyyyyyy!?! What are do you even think you're going to accomplish? This is murder... irony... he is a pro-lifer... not pro choice... Hmmm... Coulda had staceyabrams. What a shame. As it should be. tyranny needs to end KeithOlbermann Idiot

Can he even do that? Where is Karma when you need her?!!! Well, guess I won’t be moving down to GA anytime soon. Is this like when you tell your 4 year old that they dont have to eat the broccoli but if they do you might be going too legoland tomorrow? Gross negligence. So Fucking Stupid GovKemp is a disgrace and should resign in shame

KeithOlbermann The nazis would’ve loved this guy Trump republicans are the party of death. Who needs a death panel when you have Trump and Kemp. What in actual heck is wrong with this person? KeithOlbermann This is why the virus is not under control in the U.S. Shameful. RealMenWearMasks JoshMankiewicz He really is an ASS!

As it should be. If you mandate it, many people will resist. Educate and encourage people, call on their sense of patriotism and unity. Is it a requirement now that every member of the GOP be a complete fucking moron. If masks work, make them mandatory. If they don’t, you may want to tell the entire fucking medical community, I’m sure they’re not wearing them to make a fashion statement.

Kemp is a MURDERER What a douchebag. Maybe if we'd had a lead at a Federal level...someone who just said that wearing a mask was an act of patriotism...things would've been different. But instead we had what we have. A bunch of idiots who can't put the good of the country over reelection. This mutt needs to be locked up as an imminent health threat to the people of Georgia and America. GovKemp. Is reason two million why every republican in American needs to be permanently voted out of office. GOP RonDeSantisFL

Dude is a joke, that stole Stacy Abram's seat What an a-hole. Funny how he decided after Trump’s visit. Tool . GovKemp is doing a great job. This is not how you do things. And people are somehow surprised we have this huge surge Thank you Kemp Yes sir!!! Thats my governor!!!! the guy behind him know he’s full of shit. look he’s wearing a gd mask.

These morons should be sued at this point. Serious negligence Voluntary manslaughter He is responsible for this early reopening mess across the country. I’m so embarrassed to be from Georgia. This wouldn't be a thing if people would just wear a damn mask. It is not that hard. Its about being considerate to others even if you don't feel sick. I mean it is no different than wearing a condom yes it feels better to not have it on but why risk it.

Kemp and DeSantis will ruin the chances to play SEC football. Greg Sankey has a problem in the SEC with these numb nuts! Either they are too stupid to learn from science and facts, OR they are truly hardcore members of a some weird death cult. MaddowBlog Permanent voter suppression laws He CAN'T DO THIS!!!!

I thought Republicans believed in letting locals govern. If my city council which is a lot closer to me than my governor votes for marks isn’t that the will of the people in a democracy. I’m confused about today’s GOP. What a POS Didn’t we already go through this in Texas...? Why is he succumbing to the right wing mob that coming to kill all of us?

Well God bless him! 🇺🇸❤️ What a strange world He’s about as bad as the imbeciles Florida Like Trump, he is unfit to lead and repeatedly makes partisan and dumb decisions. Good Some people have disabilities and can’t wear masks... mask mandates are absolutely stupid We all see where “trying to encourage mask wearing” has gotten us.

What could go wrong? A$$ GovKemp is criminally negligent based on the evidence that masking reduces covid19 transmission. Vote him out! Georgia needs to become fully blue ASAP. What a moron 🤦🏻‍♂️ MaddowBlog Who does he think he's kidding? People wouldn't even wear seatbelts until it became a law. They certainly won't wear masks.

Awesome! Freedom to choose. Liberty. I thought the GOP was all about small government and little overreach BrianKempGA is trying to let Covid run rampant in our state. I bet he is hoping to get numbers raging enough to make chaos so on election day there will be low numbers in liberal districts one way or the other. Fyi the governor's office is still closed to tours & visitors!

BrianKempGA You are willfully endangering Georgians for political purposes. At some point these Governors need to be held accountable in more ways than just loosing their election! You can't undo death by loosing your job Governor! These are innocent people that are stuck in your control of deciding if they might die due to your negligence!

Popehat GOP Gov. Brian Kemp decides its safe to kill your neighbors in Georgia. MaddowBlog Who knew the 2018 governor’s races in Florida, Texas and Georgia would be this consequential. John_Scotus 😞 First Kemp purged African American voters from the voting rolls when he oversaw his OWN 2018 gubernatorial election as Georgia's Sec. of State, and robbed them of their Constitutional right to vote and participate in democracy. Now he's trying to kill them. Georgia: Recall Kemp

Why? Whywhywhy? Did he read Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus? 🤔 Can anyone explain to me why the south is so stupid? This sociopath deserves to be on a ventilator. Real men do everything in their power to protect the people they have a responsibility to protect. RealMen Top 10 Best Drill / Driver Review 2020 in USA:

He's trying to kill people! He stole the election. Stupid, useless, and ignorant decision, and could be a death knell for any chance at a college football season… if an SEC team has to forfiet it could end it for everyone. This will only embolden the idiots in Georgia and greatly extend the pandemic in their area.

pnjaban You didn't cover the fact that her is allowing them to keep public places closed My 94 year old grandmother lives in Georgia. Shame on him for not protecting the people that live in his state. SHAME ON YOU GOVERNOR. GovKemp what you’re doing is 1st degree because you know. At the very least manslaughter

Kemp is just evil. Hopefully he’ll get his eventually. Ask GovAbbott how that worked for Texas. Just a special kind of stupid I guess. Uneducated fools MaddowBlog Use ole Georgia Crackers gotta kick Kemp’s happy ass out of office before he kills us all with his Trumplican approach to coronavirus. We 👏🏻already👏🏻 try 👏🏻that...people won’t!!! he wants to be competing with Abbott and fatso from FL for the title of the most murderous governor ever... alabama gov. grandma kills try that and now she had to do it. how many more ppl had to die in GA between racist police and Covid

Idiot MaddowBlog GovKemp mandates Georgians as sacrificial lambs to the realDonaldTrump narrative. TrumpVirus TrumpCoronavirusFailure TrumpFailedAmerica Still up to individual businesses if you have to wear a mask. The people that die will be your fault. And the race for worst gov in America continues

Take him to court, hes not a king. They should recall him. He is so inept at his job. Kemp is an illegitimate Governor whose order should be treated as null & void. He needs to be sued and/or removed from his position as Governor. Insanity. The stupidest of the stupids. MaddowBlog 🤦‍♂️ He will end up killing people

Government is really trying to kill us . Leadership! I wonder what he was offered by Trump to pull this stunt. GovKemp QuidProQuo Bad public health and economic policy. It makes no damn sense other then bathing in the ignorance of gop/Trump policies. morgfair Depraved indifference to the suffering and deaths of the people of Georgia.

Wear a mask unless you don't want to. What a coward. Wanton endangerment Follow for follow MULWA___ When actual science States masks are ineffective & liberals still need that feeling of a safe space. 🤣 Was planning to send my child back to school but not now!! Masks must be required first!!! WTH If voter suppression didn't exist, Stacey Abrams would be leading the great state of Georgia rn.

Is “GOP” a necessary label or is this political? Will somebody Pffft!, Pffft! right in the Governor's face! Wtf kinda asshole is this did he not see the trump photo op of wearing a mask. If he is purfussly taking away ppls right to live maybe his shouldnt left to him either. What you gonna do, Kemp? Arrest the mayors? Who you trying to impress, Trump and his cult? What do you think you’re gonna get, the presidency? You know that every time you put on a mask, you confuse your voters. So promise your cult that you won’t wear a mask.

Yeah, if I was a Republican I’d want that virus saturating the nation too. Their fun’s coming to an end in November. Everyone knows the Republican party is full of self-centered incompetents, might as well not even bother hiding it anymore, right? I just feel so sorry for the uneducated Americans. Ur countries education system must have critical thinking courses.

Found a Governor worse than the one in Florida? Darwinism please take the wheel. All roads lead to pooty JasonLaCanfora Note to sheep the government doesn’t need to tell you how to live your life One of the first to ReOpen & leading the way using real science of the day. Thank you GovKemp 'There's no reason to be walking around w/ a mask' infectious disease expert DrFauci told 60 Mins True in March. Still true in July TakeABreath NoMuzzles

ErinMayeQuade ...announced while his “vice admiral” in the background is wearing a mask. The reason why school districts can't make mandatory the use of masks by students... parents are total lunatics. Negligent. Homicide. cryborg Open up the Governor’s house for tours so you can talk to the people. First he stole the election and now he's taking their lives. CriminalKemp

This utter piece of garbage should be forcefully removed from office. Anyone contracting Covid in these communities should then sue the daylights out of him. Dumb ass. Did he test positive for the virus? Another fool that foesn't care about other people’s health Meanwhile in Missouri 7/14 29781 Cases 1126 Dead. Morning (NYT) 7/15 30817 Cases 1136 dead Missourians. 1030+ new cases -24 hours WTF MO Gov Parson?!?

Does this mean a public school cannot require students, faculty, & staff to wear face masks when schools reopen? PAGE_EdNews donlemon AC360 BadassTeachersA gaelassoc GovParsonMO Dude! KempKills Hey, freethenippple women, this is your big moment! Storm the Georgia governor’s mansion and demand GovKemp to recognize your freedom.

crampell Kemp seems like an idiot. Covid-19 sure is killing a lot of people that racist Brian Kemp hates. Not sure he has the right to do that anymore than he would have the right to order the wearing of masks. Why? WHY are these F-ers trying to outright kill Americans? There's more to this than 'freedumb.'

crampell republicanism = sadism. COVID-19 = TheRedDeath So why do the libs always think that conservatives act like dictators? That couldn’t be further from the truth Killing off the very people who would vote for you is a bold strategy. Next they will be ordering people to get into cattle cars. Just wait. The GOP appear to want the virus to spread.

buddy a farmer can’t really be surprised GovKemp please use some common sense and logic. Look around you, look at the businesses shuttered and people trapped in their homes. We need common sense leadership!! COVID19 Pro life party sure doesn't mind if you die! exec order worthless Clearly politics ahead of public welfare.

I'm wondering how much of a bounty Putin put on our heads. How much is Kemp being paid per COVID death? Ah yes, another Republican who surely screeches about government overreach doing this... Hang in there, buddy. You’ll catch up to NYs death toll soon. You’re right on track. Monster. When he KNOWS it's proven to help reduce transmission. I wonder if I could walk into his office without one?

Republicans are killing people. .BrianKempGA, A GOP governor keeping ordinary people from taking appropriate measures to protect their own health & that of their family, friends and neighbors by overturning local mask ordinances. You know there’s dumb, there’s stupid and then there’s BrianKempGA, COVIDIOT

Trying to get federal funding for hospitals etc impacted by covid GA hospitals falsify medical records to get gbi GBI to sign death certificate claiming Covid_19 deaths All Kemp says is GA has beds The goal is to avoid hospitalization NoMaskInGA means more deaths Genocide how did that work out for Texas again? cant remember

Nice. I’m proud of you sir. That’s my Governor Go Dawgs Funny how people who scream the loudest about 'The Federal Government is too big' and 'Politicians in Washington don't know what's best for our state' are always the first ones to impose their rules on local city governments. ENTIRE STATE OF GEORGIA RN:

the fact that Stacey should be our governor but instead we got this asshole who doesn’t give a damn about governing. No. Fucking. Way. Well they did vote for across the board incompetence & corruption & that’s exactly what they’re getting. Elections have consequences & tragically this is theirs... Good the south will fall again

Maybe all those Trump cultists were right and Agenda 21 is a thing. Unfortunately for them, they're the ones supporting it. Anyone else reminded of this by Kemp? He even looks like Chip Dillon. Brain Kemp is murdering Georgian

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