Georgia boy who 'brought joy to everything' dies of Covid amid surge

5-year-old Georgia boy dies of Covid-19 as cases surge nationwide.

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5-year-old Georgia boy dies of Covid-19 as cases surge nationwide.

'He loved everybody. He never met a stranger,' said Wyatt Gibson's godmother. The boy's life was cut short by Covid-19 as cases are rising across the country.

that unvaccinated populations, including young children, are among the most vulnerable people.Covid-19 vaccines have been authorized on an emergency basis only for people ages 12 and up in the U.S. As of Thursday, more than 4 million children had been diagnosed with Covid-19, about 14.2 percent of all cases, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Nearly 340 children ages 17 and younger have died from Covid-19, according to the latest

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, although serious complications in children remain very rare.Mitchell and Summey described Wyatt as having been healthy before he became sick with the coronavirus."He was so healthy and happy," Summey said."I mean, he's had the sniffles here and there, but nothing ever. It just got a hold of him, and it just took him. It's crazy."

Summey said the family is heartbroken."I keep saying they're just shells of what were human beings. It's like their soul is gone," she said.Mitchell said in her statement that"all we know is a bright light has left" and that Wyatt has"left rainbows everywhere for us to see."

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Where can I get a Delta variant covid test that is rampant in America? Sounds like everyone has I'd like to be tested... And this little sweet boy is the reason everyone that can get vaccinated should get vaccinated to protect the little ones like him that can’t vaccinated as of yet, it’s selfish as all get out not to get the shot, maybe it might help if you could imagine this being your child 🙏🏿

.mtgreenee laughed at kids dying 2 days ago. This is beyond tragic and sad!!! My deepest condolences for the family and I wish they will find some peace. Fly little angel 'Children younger than two who are given antibiotics are more likely to have a number of ongoing illnesses or conditions later in life...' How long before we're told the down side to these DNA vaccinations? 🤔 Both go into the body.

Oh God. If antivaxxers spread the more potent Delta variant, this makes me worry about my 5 year old nephew & vulnerable children. I'd home-school until the pandemic is officially over. Not worth the risk at all 😥 Exactly what is the level of tragedy that will convince Red-State America to join reality? is it one dead boy? 10? a certain percentage of the population? until iteratively stronger variants of COVID-19 cause more death? I can't wait to find out.

How many did this little cherub encounter who were not vaccinated due to ignorance? DAMN THEM!!!! If the adults would have vaccinated maybe, just, maybe😓 Must have missed all the articles where kids die of flu 💔

Pound hits more than 5-month lows as UK COVID-19 cases surgeBritain's pound hit a five-month low against the dollar and traded close to a five-week low against the euro on Tuesday, as broad demand for the safe-haven dollar amid a global surge in coronavirus infections kept investors jittery. nice How much longer before “Brexit” becomes a verb for self-sabotage?

Keep tweeting this every 30 minutes peacock. Blood on your hands. The right doesn't care. he had long hair so republicans probably don't care. Media goons talk about this ad nauseum now. It’s an outlier. Sad but still an outlier!!!

Northeast Florida hospitals returning to COVID-19 peak amid delta surgeHospital officials in Northeast Florida are urging people to get vaccinated as the number of COVID-19 patients is approaching or exceeding levels they saw during the worst of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Cases In U.S. Triple Over 2 Weeks Amid MisinformationCOVID-19 cases have tripled in the U.S. over two weeks amid an onslaught of vaccine misinformation. I report info to TwitterSafety, and they do nothing about all the lies on this platform. They need an option to report misinformation. I think now is the time to revisit Section 230 which gives media platforms blanket coverage to protect them from any liability.

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Australia, under lockdown, sees worrying jump in COVID-19 casesAustralia's two largest states reported sharp increases in new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, a blow to hopes that lockdown restrictions would be lifted with more than half the country's population under stay-at-home orders.

COVID-19 cases in US triple over 2 weeks amid misinformationMISSION, Kan. (AP) — COVID-19 cases tripled in the U.S. over two weeks amid an onslaught of vaccine misinformation that is straining hospitals, exhausting doctors and pushing clergy into the fray. “Our staff, they are frustrated,' said Chad Neilsen, director of infection prevention at UF Health Jacksonville, a Florida hospital that is canceling elective surgeries and procedures after the number of mostly unvaccinated COVID-19 inpatients at its two campuses jumped to 134, up from a low of 16 in mid-May. Pro mask crowd using this to mask vaccinated who the antivaxx in turn point and say vaxx dont work. Vaxx on mask off. Oh well, we'll get through it, simply because these are nothing more than scare tactics!!! Life IS, getting back to normal, where it belongs. OMG! The horror!!!!