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George W. Bush in 2005: 'If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare'

George W. Bush in 2005: 'If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare.'

4/5/2020 2:36:00 PM

George W. Bush in 2005: 'If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare.'

In the summer of 2005, President George W. Bush was on vacation when he began flipping through an advanced copy of a new book about the 1918 flu pandemic.

George W. Bush paved way for global pandemic planningThe former U.S. president stressed the importance of planning for pandemics and laid the foundation for the present day federal response to COVID-19.In the summer of 2005, PresidentGeorge W. Bushwas on vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, when he began flipping through an advanced copy of a new book about the 1918 flu pandemic. He couldn't put it down.

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When he returned to Washington, he called his top homeland security adviser into the Oval Office and gave her the galley of historian John M. Barry's"The Great Influenza," which told the chilling tale of the mysterious plague that"would kill more people than the outbreak of any other disease in human history."

"You've got to read this," Fran Townsend remembers the president telling her."He said, 'Look, this happens every 100 years. We need a national strategy.'"MORE: Coronavirus map: Tracking the spread in the US and around the world

Thus was born the nation's most comprehensive pandemic plan -- a playbook that included diagrams for a global early warning system, funding to develop new, rapid vaccine technology, and a robust national stockpile of critical supplies, such as face masks and ventilators, Townsend said.

The effort was intense over the ensuing three years, including exercises where cabinet officials gamed out their responses, but it was not sustained. Large swaths of the ambitious plan were either not fully realized or entirely shelved as other priorities and crises took hold.

President George W. Bush walks towards microphones to speak to the press, Dec. 22, 2005 at the White House.President George W. Bush walks towards microphones to speak to the press, Dec. 22, 2005 at the White House.Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images, FILE

But elements of that effort have formed the foundation for the national response to the coronavirus pandemic underway right now."Despite politics, despite changes, when a crisis hits, you pull what you've got off the shelf and work from there," Townsend said.

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When Bush first told his aides he wanted to focus on the potential of a global pandemic, many of them harbored doubts.MORE: Experts warn about big dollar fraud in $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package"My reaction was -- I'm buried. I'm dealing with counterterrorism. Hurricane season. Wildfires. I'm like, 'What?'" Townsend said."He said to me, 'It may not happen on our watch, but the nation needs the plan.'"

Over the ensuing months, cabinet officials got behind the idea. Most of them had governed through the Sept. 11 terror attacks, so events considered unlikely but highly-impactful had a certain resonance."There was a realization that it's no longer fantastical to raise scenarios about planes falling from the sky, or anthrax arriving in the mail," said Tom Bossert, who worked in the Bush White House and went on to serve as Homeland Security secretary in the Trump administration."It was not a novel. It was the world we were living."

According to Bossert, who is now an ABC News consultant, Bush did not just insist on preparation for a pandemic. He was obsessed with it."He was completely taken by the reality that that was going to happen," Bossert said.Anthony S. Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease for National Institutes for Health, listens to questions during a hearing of the House International Relations Committee on Capitol Hill, Dec. 7, 2005 in Washington, DC.

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Anthony S. Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease for National Institutes for Health, listens to questions during a hearing of the House International Relations Committee on Capitol Hill, Dec. 7, 2005 in Washington, DC.

Brendan Smialowski/Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILETune into ABC at 1 p.m. ET and ABC News Live at 4 p.m. ET every weekday for special coverage of the novel coronavirus with the full ABC News team, including the latest news, context and analysis.In a November 2005 speech at the National Institutes of Health, Bush laid out proposals in granular detail -- describing with stunning prescience how a pandemic in the United States would unfold. Among those in the audience was Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leader of the current crisis response, who was then and still is now the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

"A pandemic is a lot like a forest fire," Bush said at the time."If caught early it might be extinguished with limited damage. If allowed to smolder, undetected, it can grow to an inferno that can spread quickly beyond our ability to control it."

The president recognized that an outbreak was a different kind of disaster than the ones the federal government had been designed to address."To respond to a pandemic, we need medical personnel and adequate supplies of equipment," Bush said."In a pandemic, everything from syringes to hospital beds, respirators masks and protective equipment would be in short supply."

Bush told the gathered scientists that they would need to develop a vaccine in record time."If a pandemic strikes, our country must have a surge capacity in place that will allow us to bring a new vaccine on line quickly and manufacture enough to immunize every American against the pandemic strain," he said.

Fran Townsend, President Bush's adviser on Homeland Security, answers questions at a White House press briefing on the reorganization of the Homeland Security system, June 29, 2005, in Washington D.C.Fran Townsend, President Bush's adviser on Homeland Security, answers questions at a White House press briefing on the reorganization of the Homeland Security system, June 29, 2005, in Washington D.C.

Dennis Brack/Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILEBush set out to spend $7 billion building out his plan. His cabinet secretaries urged their staffs to take preparations seriously. The government launched a website,www.pandemicflu.gov, that is still in use today. But as time passed, it became increasingly difficult to justify the continued funding, staffing and attention, Bossert said.

"You need to have annual budget commitment. You need to have institutions that can survive any one administration. And you need to have leadership experience," Bossert said."All three of those can be effected by our wonderful and unique form of government in which you transfer power every four years."

Bush declined, through a spokesman, to comment on the unfolding crisis or discuss the current response. But his remarks from 15 years ago still resonate."If we wait for a pandemic to appear," he warned,"it will be too late to prepare. And one day many lives could be needlessly lost because we failed to act today."

What to know about coronavirus: Read more: ABC News »

'......CHINA's CORONA VIRUS......' It's made in China virus RyanNewYork Was that before or after Katrina? Hind sight is '2020' History hill judge him very favourably. Now they see the good he did as president . Bush's. Family 1 killer War criminal Who wrote that for him? That actually make sense. ABC all the sudden respects W. FAKE news!

I did not love George W. but he was totally right about this 😎 Too bad Dubya wasn't as interested in saving lives when he started a war with Iraq based on a lie. The liberal propensity for rehabing war criminals is beyond sick. They'll be doing the same thing to Trump in 15 years. War Criminal And your fellow republicans failed !!!!

The Democrat congress did not act. They said NO. You sold us for some Bad Coke. Cocaine that is. Who was the addict Mr. President Bush what neighborhoods did you destroy? Please fix it and take accountability for your negligence. And he left without addressing anything..........😏 Trump should be charged with mass murder

Bush's solution. More globalism and open borders. What did Obama do This man had more wisdom than he was given credit for. And what did Bush and Obama do to prepare us for the pandemic And then Obama said climate change was our worse enemy and money went to that instead. So in 15 years you’ll be quoting Trump in a positive tone too

On the other hand, shutting down the US economy bc a faulty model exaggerated pandemic death rate (by disingenuously changing classification of cause of death vs. year ago) doesn't seem so smart either. Fauci Birx Gates MurrayModel WSJ CBS NBC business WSJ cnbc VP And Obama failed to replenish the stockpile after using it all. Almost like it was planned

realDonaldTrump care to read? How about getting this to your new airhead of a press secretary? Said before the Ebola outbreak 🙄 *cries in 9/11* Did he prepare the country for today? George Bush knew about this his entire life! Everyone just agreed that it should happen with this current sitting president that’s all. He was only speaking FACTS!

So did BarackObama administration stop it? JoeBiden CNNPolitics donlemon andersoncooper So what did he do to prepare while he was President? I was shot in the chest and blown up bc “someone tried to kill his dad”...is this NeoCon piece of garbage really a person to be taken at his word now? Jesus Christ

Bush failed, obama failed. Now Trump has to clean up their failures. Nice speech, followed by yet another failure that is being felt 15 years later. At least he didn't use it as an excuse to invade Somalia Chloroquine HeatherSkold13 And ESPN was doing so good till abc showed up, then Mickey Mouse?! He was also the president who needlessly let Americans in New Orleans die after Katrina because he failed to act quickly enough so... 🤷🏽‍♂️

Like he really cared/cares... NeverForget though his suggested action was torturing a bunch of random muslims and demanding they tell him where the pandemic was going to hit. So obviously neither Bush or Obama prepared. Not enough resources from the start. Had they done a better job we might have had the resources to fight this.

And theres nuclear weapons in Iraq... May God on His throne come for our aids IJN And now ? GW was fixated on the need to build pandemic preparedness. He had read a book detailing the causes and effects of the Spanish Flu. He insisted that Homeland Security prepare detailed plans, and invested an initial $7B. He worked with Dr. Fauchi on it.

Phuc him. How many times are we going to retweet this quote? He also started wars that cost a few hundred thousands lives and trillions of dollars. So why didnt he do anything? I remember thinking THIS guy was bad. I long for days gone by... As a matter of fact, he failed! Obummer should have listened To hell with it they say.

You're kidding? A war criminal talking about saving lives? What about him starting a disastrous war in Iraq? 000s of innocent Iraqi people dead. Young Americans dying for what? Oil, Haliburton? Bush43 BarackObama and a bipartisan group of past and present leaders of good will need to pen a letter to the AmericanPeople - not in the washingtonpost but online for everyone to have access. Our democracy is at risk. TrumpVirus

Even he got it... how did we get this far? Favorite W 43!!! So now you like “W”. Amazing. Yeah, he was probably in on the planning. Ouch. Repeat that quote to yourself in Trump's voice, and it sounds aspirational. Ok... but what did he do? Ok, why didn't Barry leave a giant warehouse full of ventilators, masks, and all the other stuff Cuomo needs and didn't bother preparing for?

That was 15 years ago. Anyone can make such a prediction. I predict we will have a plane crash in next 5 years. I predict it will rain sometime in next 6 months. I predict the US stock market will go past 25000pts in next 5 years, Why didn't you guys post this during the Ebola crisis? The Obama administration didn’t heed that advice during the swine flu and other diseases. They even forgot to restock for the next administration!

He’s not talking now, though. Man do I miss those days. Not much the recession. But making fun of him. But at least we all could get braces under Bush which was nice. Even this bonafide idiot knew of the catastrophe that a pandemic would bring. Embarrassment Trump had plenty of warnings but ignored them all.

Like he prepared for Katrina and 9/11? The current moron in chief isn't good at taking advice Weird since he handled Katrina poorly and sent us on that disastrous iraq war. Big president liar of the whole American history. ABC News just sucks. Why do news outlets have yo have a narrative? LOOTED STATE OF SA, South Africa as a racist country we can say we are in control of coronavirus for now Those who are financially stable like the elite are fine In SA we have poor lower class mainly majority are black Africans who do not know their next meal will come from

Bill Gates did the same a few years back. Then obama used all the masks he put in reserves and never replaced them A political seer! It's a shame the monster in the White House ignored facts they never prepared for H1N1 though, and Obama admin never prepared after H1N1 Ok, so obviously his friend Obama didn’t listen after 2009 bc President Trump inherited depleted supplies.

DEMONIC DESPICABLE DEPLORABLE DELIBERATE ! WELCOME TO THE TRUMPANDEMIC ! Hilarious. ABC hated Bush. Said the man who blew Katrina recovery! Please add up his performance who rescued US at early stage of financial crisis 2008.He is brilliant! What did Obama do.. even a blind hog finds an acorn occasionally

What did George Bush do about it? Powerful stuff. Reminds me of when he delivered that empowering monologue to a sea of smouldering Afghanis: “Howdy *ahem* DERPIDY DERP DERP *nervous cough* DERPIDY DERP... I have painted a DERPY image of mom in a bathtub. Do you see? ... Here is mommy transformed. Do you see?”

He also stole an election and used a lie as premise to start a war and wag the dog. Can we please cite someone respectable about this matter? GW said a bunch folks ignored and made fun of. He tried to be decent. The left/right would not allow him to be. In Iraq you said WMD an started war In sirya Obama said WMD started war In China they're practically used it an spread all over the world it's biological war game now the game which you started the price is paying whole world don't mess with Chinese now can you American's go to

That's exactly what is happening right now, and it's because we didn't listen! Now we're paying the price! Said the guy who couldn't stop the 9/11. He might have got one thing right. The man who blamed Irak of having biological and chemical weapons in order to justify it's invation (behind the scene: oil supplies)

realDonaldTrump is the results when they miss a president as dumb and as incompetent as you. And then . . . . What was done? Anyone can warn. Action was needed by Mr Bush. And those who followed. Did he? He said today... i.e. his presidency! I miss him People, elect smarter Presidents! Now this was I thought one of the dumbest presidents in history yet he was smart enough to be prepared and he is still one of the dumbest is history what does that say about trump.

WorldNews Even with George W building a medical Stockpile, that benefitted America & the Obama Administration, for the Swine Flu H1N1, 274,304 Americans Hospitalized & 12,469 American Deaths. So far worse than the Coronavirus. Rest assured, ABC News either blew this off entirely or dumped on Bush for being a alarmist redneck.

GW had flaws as a president, but I'd take him right now in a heartbeat. Of course..now you wanna bring out Bush..I guess since he sits at funerals now with Barry and his husband and exchanges candy, he’s acceptable. No one can predict the severity Then Trump got rud if Pandemic Team in 2018. What was he thinking ? Oh yes , he does not think !

and... what was the action he's taken? And waiting for a few months after it DOES appear.....guessing that's worse? Oh yeah, that's right. We are there now. 👍 kathrinaabad So EVERY PRESIDENT from him to Obama are to blame, so MSM do your flipping job and report that Wait What So ABC is agreeing with Trump He did inherit a broken system. Or did we just dream 8yrs between Bush & Trump Check yourselves ABC I don't think you thought that 1 out fully

I guess he was too busy invading Iraq than preparing our medical stockpiles 🙄😐🤦🏽‍♂️ Bush preferred getting Americans killed needlessly on foreign soil instead. Dotard Tunt Lied & Americans Died..... MAGAVirus It's hard to imagine Bush was smarter than Trump... 🤔 Who woulda thunk? coronavirus Amazing how Republican President’s words only become wise when they become former Presidents. Where was this video when the H1N1 pandemic hit us under President Obama?

Shame no one listen Nightline Speaking of incompetence. 10.1 MILLION filed for unemployment in the last two weeks. Never in the history of our great country has the economy been this bad. Stock market drops 8,000 points in the same time period. Also NEVER happened before. WINNING is what republicans call it.

Francis is probably, what? About 60 now... you think she's still hot? 🤔 after a month in isolation, fuck it... I'd tap it. Damn.... our Government failed us. ALL OF US: Democrats, Republicans, Rich, Poor, Black, White, Young and Old. Obama - um desastre para o mundo e para os Estados Unidos Bush today And until this day, our Government still haven't prepared for even the Common Flu..

Media is trotting out old clips of Bush when not so long ago he was a war criminal, he hated black people in the wake of Katrina and that his lack of empathy would destroy his legacy. Media Now - BUSH WAS RIGHT!! And yet they all waited. AND BarackObama JoeBiden deleted our supplies AND didn’t refill them. Failed leaders. Did they not restock on purpose?

'What do I know? I'm not a doctor.' - President Trump, April 5, 2020. So…… Anyone serving in Congress at that time should just resign. The pandemic is reason for term limits as well. What the hell right? They shove everything in, why can't we? Our political class has failed us. No foresight, no planning and no preparation. And here we are...

EnemyOfThePeople highlights BarackObama FAILURE OF A PRESIDENCY minorities - nope country - nope manufacturing - nope health care prep - nope keep ur Dr - nope America 1st - nope Iran - yep JoeBiden & Hunter - yep TPP - yep Globalism - yep ThankGod realDonaldTrump is HillaryClinton potus WorldNews Katrina

No doubt good reading gives insight,history seems to repeat itself. We learn from the past,and try to take precautions. Si me prestara el rancho de Texas esq quiero agarrar 4 caballos y cabalgar en un carro romano todo el terreno de Houston a Dallas Trump doesn't read Clueless clacker... coronavirus Keep up the good work president Trump , time to go after China , CDC , WHA , they covered up this shit !! who cares what Bush read in 2005 , stupid news !!

In 2015, Gov. Cuomo was told to buy more ventilators. He bought solar panels instead & formed a cmte. which in turn recommended “rationing” NY’s 2,000 ventilators. zelmaharris11 It Was A Colorful Pop-Up Book For Ages 4 To 9 Year Old Well then, what happened to our national stockpile? What was our(U.S.A. for those wondering what 'our' means) plan? 2009-2017 happened, that's what.....

Maybe he should have started preparing way back when. What did he do to prepare also Obama ? Leave GWB alone you Democratic walleys Love W Remember when he was racist for not sending sandwiches to the supersome in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina? So why didn’t he do something about it? Choose a better one, if you have choices of two. No perfect.

Trump never reads. He knows everything already. Imagine that? Now you have a nincompoop who can't read ....or write. Ah, back when we still required presidents who could read English. Whenever catastrophe strikes there a George Bush reading a book story. Obama and Hillary Clinton to the United States of masks and ventilators production to China, they are the culprit.

How tf does Trump make the 2nd dumbest President in history look like a genius. I agree that Bush couldn’t put it down. The new Homeland Security published a 17-page doc in 2005. They followed up with this 233-page “Implementation Plan.” Obama expanded it. In 2018, POTUS VP & WhiteHouse MAGA minions like jaredkushner IvankaTrump et al killed it.

George W. Bush read a book while committing war crimes overseas. Fix the title for you. It’s sad when W was smarter in 2005 than our president in 2020. 🤦‍♂️ So what! Damn. Yet all that was lost when stupid ass BarackObama and JoeBiden were in office trying to run the USA into a globalistic society with open borders and no manufacturing-ability Every American should thank their God that realDonaldTrump is HillaryClinton’s POTUS today-2024

A good president.Better than that looser. They are in a roll tonight HealthFreedomLA Wait....libs like Bush now? Trump does not read and calls 'fake news' all science reports. That is a real president for U. S No one cares. Irrelevant. Bush is not good I kinda find that hard to believe. Hey! Quick question - what was the “1918 flu pandemic” called.

K let’s move forward pass over is here Yeah the say guy the CIA advise bin laden was planning an attack on america which he ignored Liberals in 10 years when President Dan Crenshaw’s Einzatsgrupen are burying undocumented immigrants in mass graves in the border. Suddenly the mainstream media loves George W Bush

Katrina Bush is a criminal of war ! Period !He is Evil and bloody monster ! Need a big % of defense budget to be put in Vaccines Bush just donated millions of dollars of masks ... to China That was an 'advance copy,' not an 'advanced copy.' Also? Bush reads 'If fool me, can't get fooled again!' I bet... Fool me once...

A president that can read a book. This is too much! i doubt our current president reads similar stuff And what did he do the get the U.S. ready? A President that reads and realizes gaining as much information as possible, is part of the tenure as President. Apparently he eventually put it down. Trump can’t read!

Shame he didn't flip through a hurricane book while president.... Trump's grandfather died in that 1918 pandemic. I love how if corporate media and establishment democrats have anything to say about this war criminal, it retroactively lionizes him. The selective memory of unprincipled people. All to manipulate folks into choosing a Biden over a Bernie.

GlennKesslerWP How can you prepare for a pandemic when you have no clue of the symptoms, how its transmitted etc. Last time I checked we are still discovering this virus. No one has a chrystal ball. Preparing for N1H1 like virus would be no damn use in this case would it? Dumb post. Where's The WMDs ?

Did he? Egads, 45 makes Dubya look like a genius. Last time Trump was on vacation he was flipping through a book and he came to the conclusion that the 64 box of crayons made a much better picture than the 32. I think the entire problem with everything that Bush did was that he did everything out of fear, after 9/11 he lost his mind and refused to be responsible for another one and it colored every batshit crazy thing he did after. My point is that at least he gave a shit on some level

Uh ok captain obvious, Is this supposed to make this war criminal likeable cause it aint working We are listening to a quote from bush and feeling like it’s presidential. He was an idiot and yet I would rather we had him now. The virus just accelerates the mucus that normally takes years before it kills a person. Get rid of the mucus that’s damaged the cells in the body and all disease go away. Mucus is the only disease. They just gave everything else a title, but it’s MUCUS!

And the Obama adminstration did follow ups, set up functions and baronvonf^€£face shut it all down. Well if it isn't Mr. Skull & Bones ,who was intimately involved in 9/11. YOU KNOW, the day the Muslims WINK WINK attacked America! W's Satanic Daddy was intimately involved in President Kennedy's assassination Barbara Bush was the Biological daughter of ALEISTER CROWLEY......

He did not do the key thing that the USA must isolat china. Too bad Governors Like Cuomo didn’t prepare. They were to busy with Resisting and pushing for Trans bathrooms. Stop eating the disease is already in all of us. “MUCAS” every known species eats a specific food or has a specific diet. Are we to believe we are any different? Humans supposed to eat something that’s natural, but we eat pork, chicken and smoke all these things cause cancer.

PatriotTom2020 GW Bush should have teamed up with BillGates & really started the thing. Just think like kids Earthquake drills in schools for the health industry, tailored for preparedness/readiness. The Military GermGames as well. We should be better prepared next time across the board! USA So we don’t hate him anymore? Trying to keep up.

Yet... neither him or Obama do anything about it!!! Remember to thank your State Governors, your State legislator's, your Federal legislators and your Presidents from 2005 & on for doing nothing to prepare for this Pandemic when many from Bush to BGates warned us all. Trump was inaugurated Jan 2017 & now MUST CLEAN up THEIR mess.

However... what did he; or, subsequently Obama did to follow up? So why are you ignoring the 8 years in office of Obama to prepare us? He left us empty to fight it. 15 years later you just blame realDonaldTrump That’s how you Fake News work. Wise of him. It would've been better if he'd focused on that threat. Most of the crises that distracted him were of his own making.

Sverdlovsk, Soviet Union - anthrax leak. April 2, 1979. becaaaaaause coincidentally in 2005 - per the CDC website - they successfully recreated the 1918 flu and several other less lethal strains of it. So yes, this would have been something more tangible for him. since then the outbreaks have been respectively mild. the giant leap?

another man of mediocrity............ George Bush is trash and I’m sure behind 9/11 and all those wars. It will all come out what he is doing in private. K no w that we are let’s move forward k a guy who killed hundreds of thousands of iraqis once read a book, got it What about the 68 page book that obama handed to trump about how to handle a pandemic?

That's great, but Trump can't read. Nope. Not having it. You’re talking about The Spanish Flu! Just like the crisis we are in now came from China and it’s called The Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus, Chinese Flu or Chinese Coronavirus. You pick ABC. The former presidents should get together for a town hall. A literate president. What an idea....

After all this, US government must to mobilize world leaders in making China answer real questions about this pandemic. If world leaders fail in this, China will continue it's habit of total disregard and abuse of human safety in pursuit of money and power to rule the world. Shit! So what? Both Trump & Bush were born on 3rd. But while Bush accepted congrats for hitting a triple, he seemed to know deep down he didn’t deserve it. Trump just keeps talking about that amazing triple he hit. “Many people are saying it’s such a great triple, I should get a home run.”

President Trump should have listened to him. Really? CecilyTynan GetReal NoMoreBushs Horrible Too bad Obama didn't listen to his buddy Bush. Instead he left our supplies depleted, our military depleted, and our economy in shambles. Almost like he was hoping America would be taken down by the preplanned pandemic.

DHasbara Obama planned with pandemic teams, how to Handbook, virologist team in China, and a program to make millions of N- masks. Trump trashed it all. He continues to abandon his obligation to protect us. We are unemployed, ill and dying. Trump does nothing. Bush -- he read a book. Trump -- watches himself on TV.

We really going there..? Smdh But it's ok for him to kill million in the middle East 🤣 Man was literally the president what did he do to prepare the country lmao nothing Oh, we're doing that thing again where we pretend that we loved W and were sane when he was president? I went on a few dates with a girl who had a W hung from a noose air freshener in her car. Lovely. Maybe stop comparing everyone you don't like to Hitler, some of us remember.

Globalist scum. Can we stop defending fucking war criminals Even if he was the biggest idiot ever in history, he said what he said. We need to be prepared and take action. As for you and the leftist ilk, I can't see how scum like you can cause divide when massive amounts of people are dying. Even dumb George knew!

Gee, now we are rehabbing this asshole? The guy who appointed a horse trainer to oversee Katrina? What exactly did he do from 2005 to 2009 (FOUR FUCKING YEARS) to prepare for a pandemic? Or, is 'it's the thought that counts' in play here? Kinda seem all the politics hack presidents waited and didn’t expect this to happen until it did. Thanks for paving the way!

Makes me wonder what Barrack was doing? Obama had 8 years to get a plan in place. Especially since we lived through the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic during which at least 17,000 Americans died. Why did we not have the “stockpiles of medical supplies” after that pandemic? which truth ls apparent ALL DAY EVERY DAY...

But the press called him crazy and people made fun of him back then. Now he’s a savior. Please So you admit Bush and 0bama and 0’Biden didn’t do a fkg thing to get us ready but somehow it’s all Trumps fault - 🖕Corrupt Fake News With every passing day of the Chump presidency, I have learned more appreciation for the Bush family.

Head scratcher as to why did Biden and Obama deliberately stopped stockpiling face masks and preventative equipment in the US? Yeah but what did Arod say? Georgey Porgey knew the Cabal's plan and he knew their timeline. He also knew their oath and he was loyal to it. another idiot! COVIDIDIOT COVID2019

He was right, Obama was getting us prepared. Trump, he declared it's a hoax and eliminates the progress we had made...enough said And here I thought Republican Presidents and VPs don't read, don't write, don't spell, but GWB actually read a book abut 1918 pandemic? Nice. That is right. Here is a way to stay healthy or recover faster.

when George Bush seems like a good president that is why you know we fucked up lmao It it too late to prepare for a cure all during this pandemic since their are people who are dying or at least for a future one Sooo he told this to the ... incoming administration... Yet he nor Obama nor Trump prepared. So to put all the blame on Trump is ludicrous. Many administrations and congress members for decades didn’t prepare. Hundreds of gov officials to blame for unpreparedness hundreds and decades of zero established policies for a pandemic.

He had such great foresight “Mission Accomplished” Please spare me Old news When even Shrub was more on the ball than you, it's time to take stock and think about what you really bring to the table. Even Bush was better than Tiny Trump! Did my fellow Airman prepare us when he was in office? Where has our CDC been on this issue since George left Office...stuck in the pettiness of Bureaucratic Hubirus which is business as usual?

Yeah, it is a shame that Clinton, Bush and Obama all did nothing to prepare for a pandemic in the 24 years before 2017. trump making bush look like a 'stable genius' Yes!! Someone who makes sense!!😍💙 wise words Jesus now I really know how much the liberal media hates Trump. They’re searching archives for quotes from GWB in 2005 and they hated GWB lol.

LucyYang7 mikedemo “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” potus43 Level headed analysis here (circa 2010) of what was good and bad about the 2009 federal response to H1N1: 'Criticism of the govt’s response has largely focused on three areas—vaccine development, surveillance systems, and treatment infrastructure.'

Good old days. warning us about the next event just as we were getting over the previous one under his watch TimothyImholt Maybe the Obama administration should of resupplied the national stockpile after the H1N1 crisis. No-one has done more with less than POTUS. Thank you POTUS VP for all you do for our great country!

He created a never ending war. He did manage to say one smart thing Every president does both good and bad, but it's the bad that wholly outweighs anything good. Trump however has done nothing but polarize parties and continues to be a poisner of the people. There will be no redemptive act he can pursue to rectify his inequities.

We have been preparing. Obama had a special program that went from local to fed. Find it interesting that his program is failing. It’s like these guys know what the future holds TFW GW sounds like a genius because you've become so used to Trump's idiocy . . . Fail coachkwsr U really prophesied the pandemic mr president!!!!!

But abc, I thought this guy was a know nothing president? Isn't that what you and your mainstream media 'experts' said? gtconway3d This is the same a$$hole who ignored all the warnings about terrorism and held no meeting about it. Then 3,000 Americans perished on 9-11. Quit acting like this moron is some kind of an Einstein!

The flu pandemic appears every year. Every. year. Hindsight! “Fools Rush in where Angels Fear to Tread”! Talking about Yesterday is a waste of time! Learning by yesterday’s mistakes, makes all the difference in the world! But if you haven’t learned by know that you haven’t listened, It’s too late! What George W Bush means shit!

What he saod is right, look at the pandemic now, if P. Trump and the goverment take it seriously back then when it just started, it wont be crazy like now 😡 I can’t wait to vote for a potato this year. Lol, now Bush is a hero, the USA is collapsing pretty hard. I thought Bush lied and people died you Democrat’s need to make up your minds

GeorgeWBush WasRight So that's why SpeakerPelosi was out there in LATE Febr. telling her constituents to go out & hang out at Chinatown? We know Ur using Bush to take Ur cheap shot at this POTUS. But I would remind U hacks on the Left, that it took Ur Kenyan messiah Obama 6 mos to declare a NE? ...from a confirmed globalist Why am I not surprised...

People at the end of 1920, 'I hope that doesn't happen again. The government will be prepared next time.' People of 1940, 'I hope that doesn't happen again. The government will be more prepared next time.' People in 1946, 'I hope that doesn't happen again. The government....... Welcome back! Puppets. You despised him. What made him relevant now? Oh, I know. Weaponized to hurt Trump.

......and how did abc treat that opinion at the time So while over 655,000 people were dying as a result of his misguided Iraq war, GB was simultaneously springing into action to strategize about stockpiling ventilators & vaccines for an inevitable 100-year pandemic? Politicians are tireless. OMG-I am RTing something GW said!! The world is ending!

So why didn’t Obama replenish our stockpile after H1N1? Remember when he invaded Iraq, killed and displaced millions and committed war crime after war crime? He can go to hell. Breaking news: George W Bush once said something smart. Why did Obama-Biden, including the Democrat controlled House and Senate, ignore President Bush’s warnings?

portdauphin 2005 was the last time we had a full pandemic study conducted. It says alot when W is the forward thinking one Hello Obama. realDonaldTrump played this off as a 'hoax' and 'it will disappear' he alowed for innocent american people to die because he wanted to act like it was nothing. ChinaLiedPeopleDied

What did Bush and Obama do to prepare? Obviously nothing, yet the dems and left are quick to blame President Trump. Cant believe I'm saying this.... I miss little W Maybe ya'll shouldn't have tried so hard to vilify this man. Also this guy “If we invade Iraq we will find weapons of mass destruction” ... so let’s invade Iraq.

Didn't he also say there were WMD's in Iraq? gtconway3d The rest of the world knows this too, so does Trump. He cares more for the economy than he does human lives. Of course the absurd irony here is that ABC News would suddenly be fans of any of the Bush family. Liberal media hypocrisy has no limits.

Thats impeached potus realdonaldtrump —LAZY! TrumpOwnEveryDeath But trump has no shame in presiding over the largest self inflicted mass dying of Americans under his watch —& still seeks re-election! Its the epitome of being a PSYCHOPATH! They're going all the way back to 2005 to try to make Trump look bad. really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't you guys? Did George Washington say anything about a global pandemic?

delainemathieu So why didn’t Bushy do anything about it. Oh right, he was too busy with his bullshit war! doutney_bill Trump is making GW Bush look smart ! That is some trick Don ! 😁 in 2005, all ABC (and the mainstream media) wanted to do was bash Bush - now they want to use their 20/20 hindsight and quote him ? Probably end up ripping Trump over it

Trump has been really good for this mans legacy. So the virus was in the making all these years bc even Bill Gates had a lot to say on it back in 2015 dnasty80 So GWB prepared for a pandemic BarackObama prepared but realDonaldTrump decided to not to and here we are Wow. Even Bush knew ... CHANCES ARE, ABC CHANGED 95% OF WHAT FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH SAID. MediaTwistEverything

Agreed. This shows the failures of the Obama and Bush administrations leading up to this. Trump is doing his best to right their wrongs. KAG2020 TrumpForever Just the way it is... naomirwolf Anything making Bush Jr look smart is by definition insane stupidity... abc is mask off rn Yeah and then obama left the shelfs empty.

So, he isn’t Chimp/Hitler any more? It must be nice to be fully rehabilitated by the media. In 2005 Ca Gov Arnold S REP spends 200M to build a medical stockpile. Ongoing cost to maintain was 5M annually. Then Ca Gov Jerry Beown DEM cut the 5M funding in 2011. Then tried to sell and give away the stockpile. California dismantled mobile hospitals - Los Angeles Times.

Sosane64 maybe bush wasn’t so bad after all! TRUMP WILL CRUSH COMPLICIT BUSCH! 🇫🇷👮‍♀️🤛🤛👮‍♀️🇫🇷 Weird. I was told that Bush was not smart his entire presidency...by the MSM. Say what you will, the Man was a good listener. Then why didn’t he do it? All this says to me is he knew and didn’t prepare.

Wasn’t there an exalted, never to be matched President between Bush43 & Trump? Why are you quoting literally Hitler? George, tell me even you aren't voting for ImpeachedPresidentTrump ! We've got to, 'right the ship'! People on here are a bunch of assholes.. love how everybody is a know it all and can run everything so much better.

Media from 2001 to 2009: George W Bush is racist moron with blood on his hands over 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina Anti-trump media in 2020: we should've listened to George Bush Oh Dubya, Dubya. I thought you were an inept buffoon, but 45 makes you seem merely misguided (although you're still a warmonger who nearly destroyed the economy).

He started the war in Iraq! Tell that to realDonaldTrump to whom everything is a Hoax then he doesn’t remember he said that. Thanks a lot Bush Obama. Is this an example of how he would have protected this nation? Bush foundation took vital supplies needed by American hospitals and sent them to China in February.

He had his own share of extremely bad fuck ups he should have been held responsible for. Said the open-borders globalist who outsourced nearly all of our essential pandemic resource manufacturing to China. Seems like some GOP admins (George Bush) had detailed proactive plans. Detailed plan and info on stockpiles from CDC site: “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan Homeland Security Council May 2006”

GlennKesslerWP By 2030, I’m sure you’ll be praising the Trump administration as well RevMaxPower And he was an absolute moron. What does that say about Tangerine Trump. POTUS realDonaldTrump Wow!!! The difference between a real President and some self serving, orange, 350 pound blob in office. Most ppl think GB JR was a dope and he was a little bit goofy but my I wouldn't think I'd ever hear myself say I'd rather have lil Geo back in office than the current leadership..

I never would have thought that I’d miss Dubya Hated him when he was in office. I thought he was privileged & dumb. I had no idea we’d be worse off in 2020. Bush seems like a nice man now that he is out of office. I grew to like him. I think the office of President was too big for him, but he was smarter than we all thought.

sunshinek67 There was a lot to dislike about Dubya, but he wasn’t: a traitor or 🦇 💩 crazy Even George Bush knew! BERNIE HAS BEEN GIVING THE SAME WARNING FOR LONGER Whatever. He was terrible through and through. Shit journalism. AMEN Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Huelfox2 If only Obama's 'Pandemic Team' actually stockpiled our National medical supplies instead of STEALING all that money to fund that 'program'....no wonder Trump disbanded it !!! Lots of responses here remember ol’ W perhaps a bit better than he deserves. Also, somehow trying to paint Obama as having somehow failed to prepare ignores the fact that Trump has been president for three years. With Trump, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Amazing how media who worked day & night against GWB suddenly lives him ..... WAR CRIMINAL It's Bush's fault! All parties suck Wasnt W warned about an attack on 9-11? Obama’s fault! GlennKesslerWP Hmmmm.... it’s almost as if he wasn’t a president, and there was not another president after him who was in office for 8 years.

It's like 2009 to 2017 didn't exist at all. Yeah can't play blame game, its not one person's fault. The government moves too slowly and is always diverting funding to sectors that need AS they need. Pre-emptive strategy is not the human condition. Await tragedy then correct and plan ahead. Even Bush understood this. What is wrong with Trump ? Just asking. TrumpPandemic

What about an unjust war we weren’t prepared for? I agree with W on it but he and Dick are war criminals who are purposefully responsible for the deaths of Iraqi war soldiers and civilians. Just like Obama and Donny Treason, he Cheney should be in prison the rest of their lives I used to joke and say 'trump makes me miss bush' lmao now there is evidence.... How can things be this bad?

Anything else happen in 2005? Isn’t it ironic that George w Bush seems like a genius compared to trump Or be released as a weapon Swine Flu ...H1N1... FakeNewsMSM AP4Liberty LOL. ABC turning to the wise words of W? LOL. This is actually humorous. Stop glorifying George W. Bush! NEVER forget what a TERRIBLE President he was! He was an embarrassment here & around the World! He led us & allies into an unending war based on lies! He also owns the horrible response to Katrina! Bush & Trump have so much blood on their hands!

No President has ever had the country ready for a pandemic “...Fooled but you can’t be fooled again.” PaulaPmprice7 So even a warcriminal like gwbush knew to prepare. Shame on realDonaldTrump This dude kill more people than Covid could ever hope for. In 2001 we had the biggest terrorist attack on our country. Every elected official then and now should have prepared the country for every scenario we could face.

VoteOut451 Sadly even ‘Not so smart’ W was exactly right on this point. It reinforces the reality that the current president is a moron... and worse. realDonaldTrump Never thought I’d long for the days of GW. 🙄 Illinois and the lazy government freeloaders in Illinois were not prepared Who was President for eight years after George W. Bush?

Oh, FFS. Stop it. Just because a war criminal happens to stumble upon a true statement once in a long career of mistakes & atrocities does not make him a noble prophet. JFC. So did the Obama administration. Never in my life did I think I would say I missed Bush in office. Like what? Even Bush is more educated than realDonaldTrump

gtconway3d The only TRUTHS HERE.....Bush IGNORED Intellignece reports about terrorist attacks==3000 Americans died. Trump ignored MULTIPLE WARNINGS About this pandemic ==8000 Americans dead. BOTH REPUBLICANS.....both deer in the headlights.........history REPEATS itself. Why America? Then 'we' should have had a plan in place and been prepared since about 2006 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 ...?

GlennKesslerWP So your saying OBAMA didn’t prepare which is fact!! GlennKesslerWP Who was the President right after Bush? Oh you forgot to mention Obama! gtconway3d GlennKesslerWP Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Biden and hundreds of other career politicians in office for 10+ years did nothing to prepare us, but Donald Trump, who has been our president for 3 years is solely to blame, despite his better response than every single Democrat?

AlexPappas Yes and thanks to China it was out of control before we knew what it was NancyNewcomer Even W.!!!! gtconway3d JEEZE......so much ignorance here...... Too bad Bush didn't care this much about preparing for hurricanes Even though W started war with wrong country for profit after 911 He'd still be better than lunitc realDonaldTrump

I love president Bush, but Bill Gates was also very concerned, not sure if 2005 or 2015 on Gates. gtconway3d Now we’re quoting a less that upstanding President? Lol Was that before or after the FEMA issues from Katrina? Did he now? And he is dumber than dirt. I'll take Bush over Trump anyday Why not report on the hear & the now instead of trying to generate a false narrative? Now THE TRUTH! 👇🏻

Yet no one payed attention to the predictions of the 45th President bringing the country to its knees 💃 Really ABC in this time of the world you are going to throw a article at us from the worst Potus in history. Typical MSM, sheesh SMH. He obviously didn’t help because there are not enough supplies when he was in office!

Does that mean that President Bush knew Trump would be elected? Crazy that everyone forgets this dude was probably the worst president of all time on top of the fact that his administration coordinated the deadliest terrorist attack on US Soil to start a war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 for OIL... but go on with your praise

oliverdarcy This is how he deceived all world about Iraq. tlouisa999 So his organization send respirators yo other country. He is a globalist. Bet GW Bush is not going to support DJT now or ever. Hoorah President Bush! AlanHenderson Straight away the difference between Bush and Trump: Bush read books. Who knew?

TeslaOpinion Luckily there's a true visionary in TWH to follow up on this proactively... Never thought I’d say this....I miss G dub Bush. Or was it SenSanders Hmm 🤔 Trump’s so inept, he makes GW look like a genius. I haven’t forgotten! Sorry, words are cheap. Inaction very expensive JoJoFromJerz God I wish W was president

President George W. Bush was speaking with far more urgency about the need to prepare for a Pandemic and harm it could do -- when there was NO pandemic -- than President Trump has spoken about the current pandemic at any time. Trump reverts to 'dismissive' as his default stance. JGHertzler Bush may had bombed with Hurricane Katrina, but no one talks about “The SARS pandemic in the US”. That’s because it didn’t happen.

So now, according to msm, Bush is a genius. Of course after spending years pushing the narrative that he’s an idiot in 2005 liberals tabbed him a bumbling idiot. I ask, Why did they HATE him so much? Why didn’t they listen to him better? Even “W” was smarter than trump Wait a second. I thought Bush was a genocidal war criminal who needed to be brought before The Hague. When did we start rehabilitations?

Princez2593 Yeah but he's still a war criminal fuck hin And yet this buffoon globalist who was in Chicoms back pocket couldn't foresee that having an open border and unabated trade with China and the third world was a bad thing? 'so obsessed' yeah right.......... When Trump becomes so despised that they'll start quoting the previous Republican president.🤦🏿‍♂️

And what administration did nothing? Is this Syria or Kentucky? And yet you told us foreight years how stupid Bush was. But what does Bush have to say in 2020? It would go a long way if he publicly condemned Trump’s handling of this actual pandemic. But will he? Never thought I would ever look back and wish he were president again.

Oh HELL NO! Come on, people. Many/most of us were adults or close enough to it during the W. Bush administration to know this rewrite of history is pure fantasy. GW Bush was a golfing, smirking, idiotic chimpanzee of a POTUS. When Saudi nationals attacked us he invaded IRAQ! Remember folks, this dude and his regime was responsible for the deaths of thousands of US Soldiers and tens of thousands of middle eastern civilians in the name of an oil war. Don't forget the history of the Bush II regime. Was one of the worst regimes in modern history.

Now do Obama. I dare you. My dad named me Bush because my dad fans him. Remember Hurricane Katrina ABC? People died because of George Bush’s incompetence. Not to mention he’s a war criminal. 1,000,000’dead Iraqis. If you'd told me back then that Bush would one day appear somewhat wise, I would have laughed in your face, as I was certain he was the dumbest president we'd ever had. But here we are, with Bush looking so much better than the idiot we have now.

'......CHINA VIRUS = CORONA VIRUS....' It's made in China virus GulliAz How scary is it he makes sense? Trump’s lack of leadership magnified pandemic BUT, he is not alone, I include the pandemic experts for being quite, the hospitals for charging unreasonable rates & not preparing. Medical experts understand what a pandemic is & chose profits over protecting employees and Americans

Remember when the media hated GW? I do. If only Obuma would’ve listened. Donald Trump: Call it a hoax until it spreads like wildfire then say you knew it all along. Obviously GWB's obsession got shelved. Identifying the spread of potential deadly viruses should be constant. CV has been developing into different strains since the 60's. Bill Gates warned of CV in 2015. The W.H.O. is lost advising people not to wear masks.

Career politicians in congress, from both sides, have never put the American people first. gtconway3d realDonaldTrump watched the pandemic appear, walk into our country, and slap us in the face, and drop a deuce on our economy before he acted; and he is getting in the way of the experts. bananarepublican MAGA

'Miss me yet?' Great reporting Get on it We've seen it all😖 The “News” outlet who literally covered for child rapist Epstein and his connected friends writes an article about a President who walked us into Iraq on lies!!! Great job !!! Proactive, as he has a MBA. Trump is also a businessperson but overrun by incapable policy geniuses and bureaucrats; how he must regret running for Presdient. W also had Cheney, an invaluable VP who, no doubt, helped to reel in any policy genius and bureaucrat cogs in the wheel.

What are you talking about ABC? You know perfectly well who are the designers of this pandemevilness. And then the “deep state” became a thing and they drove the expertise and institutional knowledge away because the were ignorant. And to think we used to think GW was the dumb one. Bush was not the greatest speaker but he was a good president. Humble and a great heart. He loves america and his people! Before you reply hate please don’t.

gtconway3d Look at this picture and it explains the VAST difference between President Trump and President Bush Facts gtconway3d Only during a Trump administration would we look to W. Bush as a source of insight and intelligence. gtconway3d fakejoncrawford we have to bomb iraq!!! Just in case. That guy was proactive

And Obama promptly ignored him. Thanks Obama. gtconway3d 'A pandemic is a lot like a forest fire,' Bush said at the time. 'If caught early it might be extinguished with limited damage. If allowed to smolder, undetected, it can grow to an inferno that can spread quickly beyond our ability to control it.'

So despite this warning, Obama goes ahead and depletes the masks and ventilators. Guy really hated America. No we’ll just say it’s Obama’s fault. gtconway3d Like all the other Presidents Bush realised that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. He listened to the National Security Council and took their advice. Trump seeks counsel from the smartest person he knows - himself. Kushner is not much better, both arrogant pricks.

😳 And when Obama asked Congress for the funds to continue this effort -- the GOP refused. Congress appropriates funds. Obama did the right thing. S1N1 Seriously. Even this guy knew it. While Obama played golf. So instead of preparing he sold America to China. And everyone lived until now. But he is still wealth and well, end of story.

Someone should’ve told the idiot in office That is why Obama Obama created an office just to alert and prepare the United States judt for that and Trump's juvenile ego dismantled it. Little did he know that the next President, Hussein Obama, would allow 50,000,000+ infected and 12,000+ deaths to occur IN THE UNITED STATES in a pandemic.

Trump fired his Pandemic Response Team. Trump literally does nothing right. And amazingly, takes 'No Responsibility' for his ineptitude. Trump sure made George W look better. You didn’t do anything to help prepare Just like obama too. NWO swamp trash gtconway3d Even one of our worst presidents knew this

gtconway3d What did W do to prepare & did he EVER call out Obama for decreasing CDC Budget almost a $billion over 5 years? JennaBushHager I love how we are memory holeing the terrible things the media said about W, who they now want to use to score political points I actually miss having hom as president. That's how bad Trump is.

'But Bush, but Obama...' Looks like the one who effed up is the FatBastardInTheWH And yet he left America unprepared..........🙄 It's mind blowing that you're referencing W. W ignored warnings that could have prevented the 9/11 terrorist attack. W lied about weapons of mass destruction. W caused one of the greatest financial meltdowns in history.

GlennKesslerWP And then he waited. .he didn't resupply either. Hey Bushy old Boy. I remember when Trump was in the podium and told your brother Jebby that you were the worst president ever. Wow! Did he prove himself wrong. GlennKesslerWP Yet he was unprepared for Katrina. RuthResistor GOP You knew. You own this.

I miss having a President that reads. ~ If only he could’ve predicted how invading Iraq would turn out. wut What a concept....a president reading a book From the mouth of a Past President, Trump you fumbled the ball, you weren't ready and you thought this wasn't a big deal. People dying by thousands now is your fault and your cronies fault. You have handle this virus very badly from the start. I hope in November people remember.

It's funny how Bush Romney McCain are suddenly great point makers under trump Like we don't remember the garbage people you said they were when you were helping Dems back in the day Hypocrites W you said he made the Katrina and directed on black people After he wired the buildings at WTC with explosive cause the planes he directed to hit WTC didn't take them down so he could start a war to get reelected He also stole and election But now he hates Trump got it

Then why didn't you prepare at this point i wish bush was our president right about now Our current administration just doesn’t care! Your party affiliation has nothing to do with anything. It’s what’s in your heart and soul that counts. Doing for all people. Typical MSM. You find a way to see wisdom in Republicans AFTER they leave office. When in office, you despise them.

SayltAintSoJoe Bernie talked about protecting us from a pandemic - 15 YEARS AGO. you spent 8 years trashing this man and now you use him like this. And it happened 4 years after that, and we weren’t prepared. H1N1 infected over 60 million in our country alone, and I’ve 250,000 died. Can’t say we were prepared then

Can you quote Aristotle too. He said something about diseases as well. No one will win this game so please just stop news in 2005: This guy is a great bumbling doofus and a halfwit. Don't listen to anything he says. I thought you guys hated him and thought he was stupid? Is that why the Bush Foundation, recently, sent 2 million masks to China even though their is a shortage here?

Wow. Okay now I miss him NO GOVERMENT THOUGHT ABOUT THIS MIGHT HAPPEN, SO NOW, WITH ALL THE GUNS THEY’VE BOUGHT.. WHO SHOULD I SHOOT TO STOP THIS DISEASE? That was 15 years ago. Some 12 years before President Trump’s inauguration. An eleven year warning , what transpired during those 11 years. The same thing that happened to our military.

I remember Obama saying that Clinate Change was the biggest crisis. Do those that pushed Climate Change think we should still put money into fighting Climate Change instead of fighting pandemics? When you don’t plan and aren’t prepared you’re most often going to respond with the second or third best option.

Bush has no voice. He sold out everyone that voted for him. Oh please. Even this dummy knew the dangers? That means Trump is the STUPIDEST president ever. What’s with the GOP and anti intellectualism? My god even George Bush was smarter then what we have now. When Dubya is looking like a genius we are in real trouble.

And, you, the press blasted this man for how he handled 9/11 ... what a fickle nation we are 🙄 Yet Obama spent 8 yrs not preparing I’d rather have W. in office right now and clearly he wasn’t the most awful President!! The Orange Beast has far surpassed that So we're at the point where GW seems like the smart guy. Good lord.

How? With all the billions in money you' ve waisted in that absurd war in Iraq? Keep painting pictures bro....Your words are hollow. Omigosh that dumb ass was a failed Repug potus too! One of way too many! Trump, Nixon, Reaggan who first stole our SociaL Security-Dubyah stole most of it!? Good ones like Lincoln, Eisenhower, Ford etc would have nothing to do w/criminals like Nixon, corrupt trump Dubyah etc!

Even a dummy like that knew. Kinda liked him.. 9/11 In Plane Site - Directors Cut So weird how the LameStreamMedia hates all Republicans until they are out of office or lose an election, then they all of the sudden aren’t racist anti homophobic ect.. all the media is a entire joke. I finally understand the term FakeNews

George W Bush, where are the weapons of mass destruction? If the Chinese had not lied and mislead the world for 2 months, we would've had time to prepare. Now do Obama and Cuomo. Obama never refilled the federal stockpile during his 8 years Cuomo refused to purchase more than 15,000 ventilators for NY in 2015 and is now banning use of potentially life saving medicine to NYer’s unless they get it prescribed at a hospital.

So how do you prepare when the experts couldn’t 60 days ago. He’s a war criminal Now is the time to prepare for the next one. Let's not drop the ball again when this is over. The media should keep an eye on the level of preparedness all the time. It's possible!! But we still did not heed the warnings Oh really? Then why didn’t Bush do something when he was in office?!?

Clever enough to see the problem coming and investing money in a healthcare system that.... MOMENT. Oh yes, in a war. Bush did 9/11, but at least he knew about pandemic preparedness Looks like you're 15 years too late reporting this. In all fairness. He would have messed up even more. But he waited for 9/11 to come to be ready and he wasn’t!

Lock him up 😡 He Stole the 2000 Election and he lied about Weapons of Mass destruction When you hate Trump so much that you start complimenting the war hawk that destroyed our economy. So that's where we are as a society. Good to know. And just to be clear, George W. Bush is an absolute moron but still smarter than Donald J. Trump.

And u did nothing except create global terrorism. Bush terrorist Criminal is worst than covid-19 itself This quote is too smart to believe that it belongs to W.Bush. Tell who life in the white house. There are a lot of mouth breathing idiots on this thread. They all knew KuwasakiOuchi81 Wisdom is often ignored.

A true leader George W Bush was the pandemic. don't you miss them WMDs? It would have been impossible to imagine in 2005 that we would ever have a President dumber than George W. Bush, but I guess nothing is impossible. realDonaldTrump sucks. He is hands-down the shittiest president this country has ever had. He makes Nixon look like a goddamned Eagle Scout.

The media dubbed this fmr. Pres as the dumbest but all of a sudden he's now being touted as a visionary? C'mon MSM, pick a freaking lane already! Trump is the most incompetent president in my mind. His words misled the entire United States, making the epidemic that could have been controlled earlier , now become more and more uncontrollable

When this dope is making sense... So why did his administration, as well as all the others that followed,including the present, plus all state and county governments not prepare for this? At least at a level, better than we had now, knowing that it hard to predict total outcomes. ass hole Sounds like a plan.

Listen to a mass murderer on how to save lives Wise words from arguably one of America’s worst presidents, ever. Nostrabushous? Should have told Obama sunfight1 The buck stops here Wow. For a while there it looked like George W. Bush would go down in history as the worst US president. What did he do about it? Almost nothing. What did two terms of Obama do about it? Almost nothing.

George Bush is a war criminal. Don’t make this horrible President “presentable.” Bush should be rotting away in prison Well I guess he’s smarter than trump .. Why the hell didn't he do anything about it? When W starts to look like a leader....we really have hit the fan. This man was a seer Ok bush tell me your plan

Obama/Biden did not listen. Wow! When W becomes the sage... Almost like they had this all set up, and was waiting for the right time to release it. Especially since others were SURE Trump was going to face a pandemic. Trump makes Bush look like a great President. if only he avoided spending trillions on that war.

Could of sworn another tragedy happened during his presidency 🤔 And Bush and Obama did what again? ThanksObama What bush jr has more sense then trump wow thats shocking.... trump worst president ever

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