George Floyd was killed on May 25th

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Moving to Minnesota, he hoped for a completely fresh start, and perhaps to earn enough money to be a better father

usually George Floyd’s night on security-guard duty at El Nuevo Rodeo club, the “hottest venue” for Mexican music in Minneapolis. That was urban-music night, when blacks came crowding in to hear, soul, hip-hop and rap. Things could get rowdy sometimes, but he kept order with calm and a big smile and the sheer presence of himself, six-feet-six and with bulging muscles under his coat.

Since coming to Minneapolis from Houston, several years ago, he had had no problem getting a job. Friends who had gone north before him had persuaded him to come, and they were right. There was no shortage. He worked as a truck driver, revelling in taking big rigs on the Interstate, and found his two security places. He also found a new girlfriend, Courtney Ross. And with that he seemed determined to stay in Minnesota.

Yet Houston was tough, too, especially in the Third Ward. He lived in Cuney Homes, otherwise known as “The Bricks”, a project overrun with drugs, gangs and guns. In 1997 the place was modernised and even won an award, but its reputation did not change much. And as a “brickboy” he did not escape it. In his early 20s he did jail time for theft with a firearm. After that came various arrests for possession of cocaine.


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SummersAnne Nice fresh start with some fentanyl and meth. Why does every one of these stories feature a redemption arc?

“Brushes” with the law? The man did not deserve to die like that and the family deserves justice but he had more than brushes with the law.

Sad af 🥺

Not everyone with such past of 'brushing with the law' is killed on an open street unlawfully, that too by the law enforcers themselves. Quite a case of 'desparate' misuse of state power. But what's dangerous is the blatant effort to justification.

His attorney, Tim Japhet, said he died 3 years earlier and that he was appointed his guardian ad litem and claimed that he died in a Corpus Christi hospital ICU. Mr. Japhet also stated that his sister came down from Minnesota and spoke with him at that time. TruthMatters


italbers A few brushes, how dare you

It's a small world after all. Rest in peace George. blacklivesmatter racism discrimination Lea_yap

Not sure why people discuss his criminal background as if it makes any difference to his murder. Nobody protesting is saying he was a saint (whether he was or wasn't makes no difference) - people are upset because his death is a tragedy. Nobody should be murdered by the police.

The police officers think they can do what ever they want and get away with it because they are protected by the force and by the Government. Many cases like this gone unnoticed. Many innocents are arrested by police officers and make it look like they are dangerous criminals.

President Lincoln killed half-million Americans to end slavery. It didn't work. Took another 100 yrs plus an Act of Congress (1964) to allow Barack Obama to sit next to me in a restaurant. Past failings of George Floyd are trivial compared to 400 yrs of US evil empire racism.

You do this article so later you can fly a liberalized flag around people on Sunday morning. What does his criminal background have to do with faith or truth. Truth is he might have been setup, by whom? Don't write until you know. And if you can't tell, then close. Any utility?

You call a brush holding a gun to a pregnant womans stomach?

Are you telling me all his convicted crimes are just “a few brushes with the law”?

Just like Trump and his decision to move to D.C.

They all do

6 times convicted criminal, 6th times was for home invasion robbery of a black pregnant women who he put his gun on her pregnant stomach & demanded money 💰& valuable so he can feed his drugs addiction...he was high even during his unfortunate death...fresh start 🙄... how so 🤔

So he took to meth and fentanyl

Welfare benefits are probably better in Minnesota.

Yes he must have had a few ‘brushes with a he lack’ given his multiple prison terms. Nice chap, described by many as a gentle giant with a lovely smile. I’m sure his was equally as charming to the pregant woman when he stuck a gun in her stomach during a burglary.

It was an unfortunate accident and they happen.

'a few brushes with the law...'? He was in prison 5x, was involved in drug abuse, theft, criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery, 'as well as entering a woman's home and pointing a gun at her stomach while looking for drugs and money'.

So he used counterfeit money and drugs for what then

It's up to the media which angles they wish to present in their news. There's no such a thing as being completely objective.

Pindah ke Minnesota, George Floyd berharap dapat memulai kehidupan baru, dan dapat penghasilan yang cukup untuk menjadi seorang ayah yang lebih berarti. Sungguh niatnya mulia sekali.

, would you consider lifting the paywall for this moving obituary? I would like to share it on social media because more Americans should get to know George Floyd as more than a name.

Even the Economist, my usual unbiased source of news, has caved to the left. Facts are facts. “Perhaps to earn enough money”!! He used counterfeit money. He broke the law. The actions by the cops who handled the situation were horrendous, but the guy broke the law.

Ele tinha corona

Now you can say anything

Anlaşılan küreselcilerden yanasınız 😎


Silly me. I thought it was Mineapolis 🙄

.... moeten jullie hier ook even weten, dat deze Floyd, met 5 handlangers, een alleenwonende, zwangere vrouw overviel, met een doorgeladen pistool op haar buik..!!!!... stelletje posttraumatische kwezels hier, met jullie 'Black Lives Matters'. Sodekanis op..!!!

The story isn’t quite so black & white. Floyd had a sizable crime record. So this is as story of a bad cop AND a bad citizen.

And a better porn star?

Sadly he didn’t apply to the Economist

А вы как думаете?

For those that need an unbiased version

A fresh start? Well, he’d need to get off the methamphetimine, Fentanyl and cocaine first of all.

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