George Floyd Protests, Minneapolis Protests

George Floyd Protests, Minneapolis Protests

George Floyd Updates: Protesters Hail Charges Against Police But Seek Broader Change

George Floyd had the coronavirus in early April, a full autopsy report from the Hennepin County medical examiner revealed, and continued to test positive at the time of his death

6/4/2020 4:00:00 AM

George Floyd had the coronavirus in early April, a full autopsy report from the Hennepin County medical examiner revealed, and continued to test positive at the time of his death

Minnesota accused three more officers of breaking the law while detaining Floyd, satisfying one but not all of the demands of demonstrators who have been gathering nightly in many American cities.

‘Last Resort,’ Esper Says of Using Active-Duty Troops on StreetsIn remarks at odds with President Trump’s statements, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper said he does not think active-duty troops should confront protesters.The option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort, and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now. I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act. Well, I did know that we were going to the church. I was not aware of a photo-op — was happening. Of course, the president drags a large press pool along with him. Look, I do everything I can to try stay apolitical, and to try and stay out of situations that may appear political. National Guard forces did not fire rubber bullets or tear gas into the crowd as reported. Second, guardsmen were instructed to wear helmets and personal protective equipment for their own protection, not to serve as some form of intimidation. Third, military leaders, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were wearing field uniforms because that is appropriate uniform when working in a command center and meeting with troops in the streets. Fourth, it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that we determined it was a National Guard helicopter that hovered low over a city block in D.C. Within an hour or so of learning of this, I directed the secretary of the Army to conduct an inquiry to determine what happened and why. And to report back to me.

At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war Perspective | Trump got his crowd and his fireworks, and peddled his fiction After he shot and killed an unarmed teen driver, a Kansas police officer was paid a $70,000 severance

In remarks at odds with President Trump’s statements, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper said he does not think active-duty troops should confront protesters.CreditCredit...Erin Schaff/The New York TimesAbout 1,600 airborne troops and military police have been ordered to be positioned outside the capital, officials said Tuesday night.

To date, the troops that have assisted with protest response around the country have been National Guard forces under state control, and not active-duty military forces, which are prohibited from carrying out domestic law enforcement under most circumstances. On Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida offered to send 500 Florida National Guard troops to Washington.

Officials said that Mr. Trump had discussed invoking the Insurrection Act to permit use of active-duty troops, but had been dissuaded by Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Attorney General William P. Barr.New York Times reporters are covering protests in many cities. Here’s what they are seeing.

ImageProtesters in London marched through Hyde Park on Wednesday.Credit...Ceylan YeginsuLondonThe protests in the United States have resonated with black people in Britain, who say that they, too, are disproportionately subjected to police violence.Thousands of demonstrators marched across London on Wednesday to support protests in the United States.

Large groups of mostly young people gathered in Hyde Park in central London and chanted “No justice, no peace, no racist police” and “the UK is not innocent.”Joining in the protest was the actor John Boyega, known for his role as Finn in the “Star Wars” sequel films, who delivered an emotional speech, referencing people killed by the police.

“Today is about innocent people who were halfway through their process,” he said, “We don’t know what George Floyd could have achieved, we don’t know what Sandra Bland could have achieved. But today we’re going to make sure that won’t be an alien thought to our young ones.”

Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at Rushmore At Mount Rushmore, Trump exploits social divisions, warns of ‘left-wing cultural revolution’ in dark speech ahead of Independence Day WHO expects interim results on coronavirus drug trials within 2 weeks

The demonstration continued toward Parliament Square and was mostly peaceful, apart from a brief scuffle between the police and protesters close to Downing Street.“This is the first time I’ve seen so many different ethnicities come out and stick up for black people,” said Richie Newton a 28-year-old musician, who participated in the Hyde Park gathering. “We have never received so much support.”

THOMAS FULLERSan FranciscoA multiethnic crowd including doctors in scrubs and students wearing black gathered in the Mission District, filling the streets next to Dolores Park.William Achukwu, at 6 foot 6 inches, towered over his fellow San Franciscans.

“Our Declaration of Independence says life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Mr. Achukwu said. “We are only dealing with the life part here,” he said of the protest. “This is a first step. But liberty is what a lot of people are marching for.”Mr. Achukwu said his experiences as a black man in San Francisco, where he works for a technology company, have taught him that even in such a liberal city he is treated with fear.

People clutch their bags when he jogs through his neighborhood. His tenant brought a friend to the house and she thought he was there to clean. A police officer in Silicon Valley stopped him in his red Mustang convertible for drifting across lanes as he turned. The officer said, “Turn off your hip-hop when you’re talking to me.” He was listening to “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

A number of years ago he traveled to Tokyo and was walking through the streets late at night when he was approached enthusiastically by a child. “A little girl walked right up to me with no fear,” he said. “That’s never happened to me at home. “Why?”Image

The front line of a demonstration in Washington, D.C.Credit...Erin Schaff/The New York TimesThomas Gibbons-NeffWashington, D.C.As the sun started to descend over Washington on Wednesday, a crowd of more than a thousand protesters gathered peacefully. Sandwiches were distributed. An aging white Volvo had cookies in its trunk.

Locusts have hit east Africa hard India’s ban on TikTok deprives the country of a favourite pastime Perspective | Baseball won’t be a diversion. It will be a reminder of how serious this pandemic truly is.

The security perimeter around the White House had grown. No longer were soldiers and police behind a black chain link fence, as on the previous day. Instead the officers and troops had surged forward by half a block, forming a human line of riot shields, helmets and camouflage.

National Guard units, solidly ahead of the police near the White House, had seemingly become the public face of the security presence. They blocked the streets with 2.5 ton Army transport trucks.Rai Jackson, a 39 year old Methodist preacher joining the protest for the first time, said he wanted to see the situation before leading prayer next Sunday.

“My heart is broken,” Mr. Jackson said. “But at the same time it gives me hope.”He added that he felt for troops lined up in front of him.“I imagine that some of them would probably want to kneel with us,” Mr. Jackson said. “My heart goes out to everybody who has to be in the middle of this, trying to go home and talk to their family about what side they’re on.”

“My heart breaks for them.”Three men affiliated with far-right extremism are charged with trying to violently disrupt Las Vegas protests.Three men linked to a loose national network of far-right extremists advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government faced charges on Wednesday of trying to foment violence in Las Vegas during protests over the death of George Floyd.

Federal prosecutors said that the three men, all with U.S. military experience, sought to disrupt a Black Lives Matter protest in Las Vegas on May 30 after preparing Molotov cocktails in glass bottles filled with gasoline.The three men were all members of the “boogaloo” movement and had joined a Nevada Boogaloo Facebook group, according to the criminal complaint filed in federal court in Nevada.

Members of theboogaloo movement, many of them armed and wearing distinctive Hawaiian shirts, have participated in dozens of protests around the country.Members often claim that they appear armed in public to underscore their commitment to Second Amendment rights. But online boogaloo discussion groups overflow with racist statements and threats to exploit any unrest to spark a civil war.

The three Nevada residents charged were Stephen T. Parshall, 35, a Navy veteran; Andrew T. Lynam, Jr., 23, a current army reservist; and William L. Loomis, 40, an Air Force veteran.They were being held on $1 million bond each, according to court records. No information was immediately available on their lawyers. The three men are accused of plotting to blow up federal and other property; with possessing unregistered firearms; and with Nevada terrorism-related charges.

The men initially joined ReOpen Nevada protests in April and May, demanding an early end to the state shutdowns ordered to stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to the criminal complaint. They discussed exploding some kind of device at those protests in order to spark a clash between police and protesters, according to an informant quoted in the complaint, then switched their attention and plot to the Floyd protests.

Federal agents arrested them last Saturday while they were on their way to a march, stopping to use gas from a can to build explosive bottles.Obama urges protesters to channel anger into political action. Read more: The New York Times »

If by that you mean the Police refrained from Provoking more confrontation, then Good. :-( COVIDー19 is on the way Where are the blacks ? Racism? When I see whites clamoring for minorities more then anyone, interracial is everywhere, we have no racist laws in effect, minorities exonerated in our schools and media, we had a black president, more equal opportunity then ever.

No excuse for any wrongful death but fact is more cops are killed in the line of duty every year per capita wise and for their numbers as compared to the number of black men killed by police when hundreds of thousands of them are in trouble with the law and often resist arrest Where’s the next protest located today anyone please?

I'm sure he was a construction worker caught in middle of the riot. A hammer....and, he was a looter. Who cares what ethnicity he was, he was a criminal. I’m sure a hammer doesn’t seem like a weapon to a thick-headed idiot that writes crap for the NYT. They could hammer away for hours and not hit pay dirt.

If you loot, you get the boot! Simple: play stupid games, win stupid prizes Fake news! Does that warrant the killing? Why not chase him and get him arrested. Why must it have to be death? The man was kneeling. The hammer, or whatever this cop thought it was, was in the man's pocket... not in his hands. Then the cop murdered him, because looting is a crime punishable by death, apparently. Carry on.

Avoid the police how !! Seems like some police mistake a lot of different things for a gun. Accept for the cops who were shot and stabbed So you're saying he was a looter then? Screw him, no mercy for looters. Protesters=Cool Looters=Target Practice Listen what police is telling you so you don't get repercussions.

Avoiding? Avoiding? What? Was he fleeing or kneeling? You can’t do both at the same time. Uhm... a hammer in his pocket..? Who brings a hammer to a ‘peaceful’ protest? Yeah call him what he is, a looter Re Trump's decline. If you listen closely to his speaking voice you can hear the old tired demented man coming through

He's a looter or not? These two sentences are completely contradictory ...what is the significance of 'Walgreens' - I once bought a 'Vitamin E gel' from, by Walgreens. My father appropriated it... So, actually, I don't know the efficacy of that gel... But the sources of Vitamin E (the healing vitamin) are nuts-with-skin, whole-oilseeds etc..

You all have cameras Record every move you make Record every move they make Post With date, time and location Make them accountable Be seen Be heard To those who think the cop shooting and killin this man is okay cuz the Latino man was probably up to no good with a hammer in his pocket running from a Walgreens being looted -sincerely and honestly ask yourselves -what if all was the exact same but the man was white instead?

When will the officer be charged with murder? Lol Ok. So the police are now going to shoot at the MAGAts when they arrive with their AR15s in pseudo military outfits and tiki torches? Yeh didn't think so. 🤬🤬🤬 Monterossa was a looter then ! Umm, idk about those other cities but NYPD are literally beating the shit out of people in the middle of the street....

Charge the cop first and sack him after the charge Was he considered armed or unarmed? We all should be treated equal, I'm not against protesters, I'm against rioters, I'm not against the police, I'm against the abuse of power, we don't want violence, we want to be listened. WE WANT JUSTICE! NonWhiteLivesMatter

Looting. HAMMER mistaken for a gun? No charges. Next. I’ve seen wallets and cellphones being mistaken for a gun and cop got acquitted what more a hammer after looting? See? Social Darwinism in action. The stupid ones are being selected out. Win/win :) If he should stayed at home, he would be still alive. Greed and low civ standards caused that he lost his life...

ERA DISSO QUE EU ESTAVA FALANDO He must not have gotten the memo about white supremacists rioting and looting NYT, if that guy had a hammer on his hand that neans he is one of the looters breaking into stores. You aren't reporting things correctly. This is why we know your organization is fake news. Why was he there with a hammer. Certainly not to do something productive. Misleading af.

Diran el CÁRTEL DEL Matarife en Colombia se levantaron los guerrilleros TERRORISTAS norteamericanos son aliados de petrogustavo LaPazColombiani GustavoBolivar Avoiding confrontation with the police? Really? cryborg FuqqingFuq. Iran,Iraq,Somalia, Libya & Venezuela have urged the corrupt, eccentric,brutal,weak &agingUSA dictator to dialogue with the protesters.Somalia with a large population in USA has threatened to send peacekeepers should the USArmy thugs be unleashed on protesters

Il n'y a pas que des suprématistes aux USA... waltb31 Now you can't run away to keep yourself safe. Really, there is no way to know anymore what you should do to keep yourself safe in America. Then and now. Please God keep guns away from our country 😳 Why is your headline so outrageously worded compared to every other headline on this murder? cancelNYT CancelNYTimes

Let's hope it's worth it, and it works. DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU; 1.) Don't have an open mind, 2.) Can't handle RAW TRUTH. Here's the video ↓↓ Let's discuss. Translation: looter broke into store and got shot! My heart breaks for his family but during a riot wouldn't a Hammer be considered a deadly weapon?

So in NORMAL speech: one of the CRIMINALS caught LOOTING a local Drugstore was shot and killed..... Why does it matter what race he is? Oh to stoke more flames? The bottom right pic has so many people crowded in it, I thought it was a Trump rally Better to starve than to be a civilian or uniformed cop .

Let me fix for you. Armed looter shot & killed while committing violent crime. Looting is a dangerous hobby. side effects include lead poisoning Looters are gonna get shot. A hammer in your pocket? So sad, but protesters and looters should not appear in the same story. '...after mistaking a hammer...' Look, idiots, just say that that is what the officer alleges. It doesn't even make sense. he shot a looter. What the problem here? NY Times your headline is laughable, Do u even Newz anymore? Keep defending and supporting looters and rioters this will continue to happen. Police union: that's not murder, it's not even manslaughter, 'it's an oopsie daisy'. Oh, one of the looters ! The New York Times thinks criminals must acting freely! fakenewsdoesntmatter

Just a carpenter bro. Super wordy, you could’ve just called him a looter instead. So who exactly is going to arrest all the cops? Lol How long will it take to create a catalogue of the injuries resulting from police action at protests and caronavirus? You still think people are stupid. Word salad does not make good journalism.

'Mistaking' This will have 14 retractions in the coming days. But NYT doesn't care, the damage will be done already. Scum. Twist the truth just enough to make this click bait. Try and report the facts, not what you want the facts to be for your “story”. Good job... Lotters need to pay.. Looters need to be punished.

No it was just a pre-construction site because it was getting demolished and he was interested in how to pound nails and stuff you racists. Heard he liked jogging too DanielDraymond he's Hispanic Must have been one of those 'peaceful protesters' seeking to rebuild the small business that were destroyed.......................................

ALWAYS BAD POLICE ...ACAB. Was he a looter who fell down running away? Arresting 3,000 to not arrest 4... Next time don’t kneel Free all the protesters. Isn't that in your constitution or something? Part of the cost so far. Strict action is a must against the rioters. If it wasn’t for the cameras and the public rage ... How many weren’t lucky enough to have their death encounter filmed ... One can only imagine what it was like before cameras and cellphone were accessible

StayHomeSaveLives was apparently the least-mourned victim that died in the riots. Arrest all anarchists. They are the problems! All to avoid arresting four cops who murdered a Black man Protests continue as US defense secretary rejects Trump’s demand for troops Good arrest them all I love you all !😷💟😷💟😷

Let's remember George Floyd Bless him supporter here, that cop is a murderer. P Usually i would believe something written like this, but your newspaper has no credibilit left, I'm sorry you lost our trust.. and they killed him anyway. Too bad media like you don’t to the same thing then these people might still be alive Blacklivesmatter

guypbenson Possibly contributing to why he died The fuck is wrong with NYT if someone has cancer and they got shot 20 times and die, is his cause of death being shot 20 times or cancer? So are you saying he died from corona ? Wow this news reporting gets more stupid everyday. That’s not what killed him . Losing respect for you by the minute, will be pulling my subscription

HotlineJosh We saw the video . Nytimes why would you write this in this way? Can we have Ducky Mallard clean up the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office? He's less fictitious than what they're publishing. So fucking what THEY KILLED HIM is this a new strand of corona? that places a knee on ya neck for 5+ minutes?!?!

cicada_news So, why was he not on lockdown? y'all are talking L's left and right today This is so irresponsible and? he didn’t die from covid. HE WAS MURDERED!!!!! Frankly, racism is a disease inherent in races, not just white ppl. It's a disease of wrong perception. And stems from family upbringing. Sadly many white families do instill racist views within their families. It is an open secret. But they readily chose to deny it when caught.

DouthatNYT Oh, dear... They should have left at the 3rd-degree charge, otherwise the defense will have a field day in court. Hopefully the cops will get it. You know good in well the coronavirus has nothing to do with George Floyd passing😐😐😐 So you are telling me he tested positive for 2 straight months?

Worlds first case of covid being transmitted from knee to neck Weird - he had lots of drugs in his system, Coronavirus, worked with Chauvin....all sounds too strange. He didn't die coughing while sitting up, he died with a knee pressing his neck into the pavement. Do better. So, the cop was right by killing him right?... F°k u!

HotlineJosh ...and tested positive for fentanyl and methamphetamine. You are terrible. Would never read you. Stop spreading fake news!! Where's the justice for David Dorn? 'Black Lives Matter' MY ASS! the only blacks that matter to liberals are the ones who have political worth. Every month I wonder why I still subscribe. It’s because of crap stories like this.

I think he died from no air. Good try! y’all are really terrible today I mean you are every day but today is just impressively ghoulish get bent And.....? Did that contribute to his death? Were his lungs weakened? Or just a medical statement? Huh. Chauvin and his onlookers should probably get tested then.... before they infect the rest of the prison population.

Wtf I wish he spread the virus to his murderers. It would be poetic If Chauvin and the other three caught coronavirus from him and just happen to suffer the consequences (without spreading it to others).... With all the protesters out in drones we might see a spike and then NYC can’t reopen. We only have 28% hospital beds of 30%, hoping to hit the 30% until Sunday so we can reopen Monday... why were protesters even allowed outside

michaeldweiss That does not change the charge. Cutting off his carotid arteries ability to bring oxygenated blood to his brain and organs caused his death. Murder 2. That fact can not change. maddow CNN NAACP ACLU clairecmc JoyceWhiteVance NicolleDWallace 11thHour TheRevAl Even if he had Coronavirus? So

So you’re saying he died of coronavirus, now? Ummm, riiiight Ok, so we understand instead of calming the masses with the arrest. Your decision is to fan the flames We see you. I hope it is transmitted from neck to knee. This information is nothing but a distraction unless there is a more strict penalty for murder of an ill person.

So Then are all charges dropped!?! Okay thanks for letting me know. why is this relevant? are we hoping the murderers get covid? So? Did it justify his killing? May his killers die of the pandemic. That can be justice enough furious como minimo que Chauvin se contagie What the actual fuck NYT... first Tom Cotton’s piece pleading for violence against citizens and now this... you HAVE to do better

michaeldweiss Coronavirus is so much more wide than we think. It’s so widespread that one of the 9 unarmed blamed killed by police had it. What are the odds? His nickname... 'Lucky'

Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: Military Confronts Protesters in Nation’s CapitalThe president spoke from the White House as another night of intense anger swept across cities constrained by curfews and patrolled by National Guard troops. That's not a blackhawk. The nyt incorrectly reporting something. What a shock. Sweet! Is this even legal?

George Floyd protest updates: Protesters take knee outside NYC mayor's mansionThe death of George Floyd, a black man who died on Memorial Day after he was pinned down by a white Minnesota police officer, has sparked outrage and protests in the U.S. Don’t pretend you care. Just shut up Always good to hear a racist birther’s take on race relations...

George Floyd protest updates: Protesters take knee outside mayor's mansionProtesting in black and white: RobinRoberts reports on the protesters who are taking to the streets to ask that their voices be heard. 'I can be a voice. Stand up for your fellow human beings.' DavidMuir the so called president is hiding in his bunker while all of this is going on. and only comes out to read the prepared statements to address the public. he's a joke for a president. i still can't believe he got elected. DavidMuir 2019 FBI Uniformed Crime Report — • One Million Arrest Nationwide • 1004 Fatal Police Shootings • 19 unarmed whites • 9 unarmed blacks • 89 Policemen Killed These are the facts the MSM doesn’t want you to know Where’s the outrage for the Officers killed in the line of duty? DavidMuir Sweet little angels...

Floyd Family Attorney Calls For Arrest Of Three Police Officers Prior To George Floyd MemorialHe said Floyd was 'tortured' in the final moments of his life. Bangladesh confirms 1st coronavirus death in Rohingya refugee camps It's beyond time to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and any other PDs with similar issues. If you fire the ENTIRE department, maybe others who stand by and mind their own business will speak up next time. Arrest all involved actively or passively.

Floyd Family Attorney Calls For Arrest Of Three Police Officers Prior To George Floyd MemorialAn attorney for the Floyd family said today that George Floyd was “tortured” in the last minutes of his life, and called for arrests of the 3 remaining officers allegedly involved in Floyd’s death prior to his memorial tomorrow by iamsternlicht iamsternlicht Fuck Niggas iamsternlicht What about the people dying from the “protesters” ? Nobody cares about the damage they’ve done ? iamsternlicht Arrested and killed

Health Official Urges George Floyd Protesters to Wear Masks, Practice Social DistancingWidespread protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd could become “super-spreader” events for the coronavirus, an L.A. County health official said Monday. Barbara Ferrer, the di… NARKOMANIHORUJSA NAKORONEWIRUSA W CPUNA JEST NA SWIECIE Forget that virus we are sick of hearing it, still wearing mask and social distancing just to be safe. Yeah but I've found when I'm lighting a shoe store on fire that I can't quite catch my breath.