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George Floyd, Civil Unrest

George Floyd Updates: Minneapolis Is Under Curfew as Protests Continue Nationwide

Follow our live coverage of the protests across the U.S.

5/30/2020 5:41:00 AM

Follow our live coverage of the protests across the U.S.

Derek Chauvin, a white former police officer, was charged with murder days after using his knee to pin down George Floyd , a black man who later died.

. Nearly all businesses in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis were shut on Friday, many protected with plywood.During a 90-minute news conference on Friday, the governor said officials should have anticipated that the protests could become violent, but he said it was unrealistic to expect law enforcement to stop people from coming out to demonstrate, even amid the social-distancing orders that have been imposed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Watching what happened to George Floyd had people say, ‘To hell with staying home,’” he said. “The idea that we would go in and break up those expressions of grief and rage was ridiculous.”Camille J. Gage, 63, an artist and musician who joined the protests, said she was relieved that Mr. Chauvin had been charged. “How can anyone watch that video and think it was anything less?” she said. “Such blatant disregard for another living soul.”

Kelsey Lindell, 27, an executive producer for a local film company, said all four officers at the scene of the incident should be arrested, charged and punished for murder. “I want to see a higher charge for all the officers,” she said, “but the biggest thing for me is that this guy gets jail time.”

Mr. Walz acknowledged that the Minneapolis police had lost the trust of city residents,but he implored residents to see the National Guard as a peacekeeping force meant to keep “anarchists” from taking over and destroying more of the city.“I need to ask Minnesotans, those in pain and those who feel like justice has not been served yet, you need to help us create the space so that justice will be served,” the governor said. “It is my expectation that it will be swift.”

By Jin WuDays of protests had intensified on Thursday night when the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct station house was overrun by a crowd of protesters, with some people tossing fireworks and other items at officers, while the police fired projectiles back.

Officers retreated in vehicles just after 10 p.m. Thursday local time as protesters stormed the building — smashing equipment, lighting fires and setting off fireworks,according to videosposted from the scene.Mr. Frey said at a news conference Friday morning that he had made the call for officers to flee the Third Precinct, saying, “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life.”

Mr. Frey, a Democrat, said he understood the anger of the city’s residents but pleaded with people to stop destroying property and looting stores. “It’s not just enough to do the right thing yourself,” he said. “We need to be making sure that all of us are held accountable.”John Harrington, the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, said that arrests had been made related to looting on Thursday night, but that he did not know how many. The arrests included people breaking into the grocery stores, Targets and pharmacies, he said.

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Police cars and CNN sign are vandalized as unrest grows in Atlanta.ImageA police car burned near the CNN Center in Atlanta on Friday.Credit...Dustin Chambers/ReutersA demonstration turned destructive in Atlanta on Friday night, as hundreds of protesters took to the streets, smashing windows and clashing with the police.

They gathered around Centennial Olympic Park, the city’s iconic tourist destination. People jumped on police cars. Some climbed atop a large red CNN sign outside the media company’s headquarters and spray-painted messages on it. Some threw rocks at the glass doors of the Omni Hotel, eventually breaking the glass. Others shattered windows at the College Football Hall of Fame, where people rushed in and emerged with branded fan gear.

Jay Clay, 19, an Atlanta resident and graphic designer, watched the protests from across a street with a mixture of curiosity and solidarity.“After all this injustice and prejudice, people get fed up,” Mr. Clay said. “I wanted to come down and check it out. But this feels like it’s getting out of hand.”

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms pleaded for calm as the demonstrations unfolded.“It’s enough. You need to go home,” she said. “We are all angry. This hurts. This hurts everybody in this room. But what are you changing by tearing up a city? You’ve lost all credibility now. This is not how we change America. This is not how we change the world.”

Bernice King, the youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., also spoke at the news conference, invoking her father’s legacy.“Violence in fact creates more problems. It is not a solution,” Ms. King said. She said she felt and understood the anger of protesters but added, “There are people who would try to incite a race war in this country. Let’s not fall into their hands and into their trap. There’s another way.”

As the protests went on, police officers in riot gear were gathering. By 9:30 p.m., tear gas canisters were launched, and a wave of protesters ran back toward the park.Protests spread across the country, briefly locking down the White House.ImageUnited States Secret Service detained a protester at a demonstration outside the White House.

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Credit...Eric Thayer/ReutersChanting “Hands up! Don’t shoot,” and “I can’t breathe,” thousands of protesters gathered in cities across the country on Friday, the third consecutive day of mass demonstrations after Mr. Floyd’s death.In Washington, a large crowd gathered and chanted outside the White House, prompting the Secret Service to temporarily lock down the building. Video on social media showed demonstrators knocking down barricades, confronting police officers and spray painting other buildings nearby.

In Denver, hundreds of protesters converged on Civic Center Park, waving signs and chanting as Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” played over a loudspeaker. Some thrust fists in the air and scrawled messages on the ground in chalk, according to a live broadcast of the event by ABC News.

Bus and rail service into and out of downtown Denver was suspended in response to the protest Friday and another one planned for Saturday, which is expected to draw more than 10,000 people, according to the Regional Transportation District in Denver.The agency said it had suspended the service “to ensure the safety of our staff and our riders.”

In Houston, a march in downtown Houston briefly turnedchaoticas the windows of a police SUV were smashed and protesters were arrested. At one point, officers holding batons encircled a downtown street as other officers arrested a demonstrator who was on the ground.

In Milwaukee, protesters shouted “I can’t breathe” — echoing Mr. Floyd’s anguished plea and the words of Eric Garner, a black man who died in New York Police Department custody in 2014. The protesters briefly shut down part of Interstate 43, a major highway in Milwaukee, according to WTMJ-TV. A Milwaukee police spokeswoman referred questions to the county sheriff’s office, which did not immediately respond to messages.

In Detroit, a small crowd gathered outside police headquarters, declaring, “Black is not a crime.”Leading the crowd in a chant, Mary Sheffield, a member of the Detroit City Council, proclaimed, “I’m fired up. I’m fed up.” She said what she saw on her television and how the country values black lives is unacceptable.

“To be honest with you, I’m tired of rallying. I’m tired of marching. I’m tired of asking. I’m tired of arguing. I’m just tired,” she said. “We must come to a point where we are demanding now. We are demanding justice.”Later, the demonstration in Detroit swelled to more than 1,000, as protesters marched on major thoroughfares leading downtown, blocking traffic along the way.

In San Jose, Calif., protesters marched through that city’s downtown before blocking Highway 101, standing across at least five lanes of traffic, according to NBC News Bay Area.Officers and protesters trade projectiles outside Barclays Center in New York.

ImageProtesters outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Friday.Credit...Gabriela Bhaskar for The New York TimesTensions flared in New York for the second night in a row as thousands of protesters stormed the perimeter of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, trading projectiles of plastic water bottles, debris and tear gas and mace with police officers.

The protest had begun peacefully Friday afternoon, with hundreds chanting “Black lives matter” and “We want justice” in downtown Manhattan. But the demonstrations took a turn in Brooklyn, where police officers made dozens of arrests.Officers with twist-tie handcuffs hanging from their belts stood next to Department of Corrections buses and squad cars with lights flashing, encircling the perimeter. A police helicopter and a large drone whirred in the hot air overhead.

Protesters were later seen throwing water bottles, an umbrella and other objects at officers, who responded by shooting tear gas into the crowd.As that crowd scattered, protesters gathered in the streets in the nearby Fort Greene neighborhood, continuing to chant at the police. An empty patrol van was set ablaze, then pillaged, as people pried the doors off the hinges. Fireworks were thrown into the burned shell of the vehicle. Scribbled on the hood was the phrase “dead cops.”

By 10 p.m., riot police had descended on the neighborhood. A police official had described the scene in parts of the borough as “out of control.”Earlier in the evening, several hundred people filled Foley Square near the city’s criminal courthouses. After a man in a green sweatshirt crossed a police barricade, he was swarmed by officers while protesters screamed. He was led away on foot in handcuffs.

“It was kind of his mistake,” said Jason Phillips, 27, of Queens. “But they were trying to push him back, and as they pushed him back, he slipped, and they took that as some type of threat.”Despite the frustrations of demonstrators on Friday, the police said the number of people detained was much smaller than the night before, when 72 people were arrested.

Mr. Floyd was pinned for minutes while unresponsive, prosecutors said.ImageThe remains of a building after Thursday’s protest in Minneapolis.Credit...Tim Gruber for The New York TimesIn a probable cause affidavit released on Friday after the charges against Mr. Chauvin were filed, prosecutors said that the former officer held his knee to Mr. Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. “Two minutes and 53 seconds of this was after Mr. Floyd was non-responsive,” the affidavit said.

But preliminary results from an autopsy indicated that Mr. Floyd did not die from suffocation or strangulation, prosecutors wrote, and that “the combined effects” of an underlying heart condition, any potential intoxicants and the police restraint likely contributed to his death. He also began complaining that he could not breathe before he was pinned down, the affidavit said.

The officers’ body cameras were running throughout the encounter, prosecutors said.Four officers responded to a report at about 8 p.m. on Monday about a man suspected of making a purchase from a store with a fake $20 bill, prosecutors said. After learning that the man was parked near the store, the first two responding officers, who did not include Mr. Chauvin, approached Mr. Floyd, a former high school sports star who worked as a bouncer at a restaurant in Minneapolis.

Mr. Floyd, who was in a car with two other people, was ordered out and arrested. But when the officers began to move him toward a squad car, he stiffened and resisted, according to the affidavit. While still standing, Mr. Floyd began to say he could not breathe, the affidavit said.

Read the criminal complaint against Derek ChauvinMr. Chauvin, a white former Minneapolis police officer, was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a black man, for nearly nine minutes. Mr. Floyd was pronounced dead at a hospital. (PDF, 7 pages, 0.69 MB)

7 pages, 0.69 MBThat was when Mr. Chauvin, who was among two other officers who arrived at the scene, got involved, prosecutors said. Around 8:19 p.m., Mr. Chauvin pulled Mr. Floyd out of the squad car and placed his knee onto Mr. Floyd’s neck area, holding him down on the ground while another officer held his legs. At times, Mr. Floyd pleaded, the affidavit said, saying, “I can’t breathe,” “please” and “mama.”

“You are talking fine,” the officers said, according to the affidavit, as Mr. Floyd wrestled on the ground.At 8:24 p.m., Mr. Floyd went still, prosecutors said. A minute later, one of the other officers checked his wrist for a pulse but could not find one. Mr. Chauvin continued to hold his knee down on Mr. Floyd’s neck until 8:27, according to the affidavit.

The other officers, who have been identified as Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng, are under investigation. Mr. Freeman, the county attorney, said he expected to bring more charges in the case but offered no further details.A stronger murder charge would have required a motive for Mr. Floyd’s death.

ImageProtesters near the home of Derek Chauvin on Thursday, who was fired from the Minneapolis Police Department after detaining Mr. Floyd.Credit...Jenn Ackerman for The New York TimesRichard Frase, a professor of criminal law at the University of Minnesota, said it was reasonable for prosecutors to charge Mr. Chauvin with

third-degree murder, as opposed to a more severe form of murder, which would require proving that Mr. Chauvin intended to kill Mr. Floyd.Professor Frase said the case against Mr. Chauvin appeared to be even stronger than the one that Hennepin County prosecutors brought against Mohamed Noor, a former Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed Justine Ruszczyk in 2017.

Mr. Noor was charged with the same combination of crimes, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, andwas convicted of both.In that case, Professor Frase said, the officer had seemingly panicked and fired a single shot. “There’s a question of whether he even had time to be reckless,” he said, referring to Mr. Noor. “Here, there’s eight minutes.”

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Outrageous that Hong Kong failed to impose curfew during one year’s violence due to the pressure of the USA, while 25 American cities imposed curfew last night after only a few days of protests. So can I assume Trump supporters are gonna go to the govt buildings to protest the curfew? I mean, isn't this treading on their rights? They did wake up in a free country, right?

How are the governments of these places similar? 🤔 So the solution to rascism and police brutality is destruction, anarchy, and Hammurabi's code? Brilliant idea🤔 This is human right abuse, how can you forcefully stop protest. If this happened in other clime all watchdogs will be barking now. If i was black and living in the US i would be very very scared - US police seem to have clearance to kill blacks!!!

Its disgusting, am sure realDonaldTrump will be happy now that there is anarchy in every where in the US,God please let the families of George be able to bear the lost,this is what happen when u have a racist in power SOCIAL DISTANCING CNN got lit up stop your lying j o o Angela MERKEL calls for a replacement of political leaders & institutions (Mayor-Gouvernor-Senator) by assemblies composed in parity by AMERICAN CITIZENS renewed by lot every 40 days giving right to compensatory allowances ($150/day) accommodation &training to take up their dutie

How about we stop disgracing George Floyds name by pretending this is anything other than human greed. you can wipe the smile off of your faces now. EnemyOfThePeople People are rioting and looting in cities mismanaged by corrupt democrat mayors who have used the police to surpress and kill minorities. Minneapolis, Louisville, Atlanta, NYC, DC, etc are all run my democrat mayors and the people are now revolting against the democrat party.

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Remember: maggieNYT Wait, why attack CNN? Yeah George Floyd cured corona These people are feral criminals not protestors. I hope a good dose of Covid 19 is spreading amongst them now. How about white racist terrorists curb their racism. There’s a start. What a beautiful scenery line!Free America, shot every day!

When Liberals run things. Invest with RunorGold maggieNYT It was a little more than a car and a sign at CNN. Good job making this happen EnemyOfThePeople why you curfew, Nancy. pelosi: it's a beautiful scenery,😂😂😂😂 karma 为什么无法获取翻译? So looting then shooting...hmm, where have I heard that before? Do you support oustin trump

Wouldn’t say the Nat Guard is “roaming the streets.” Several areas shown have no police or guard presence whatsoever. Follow_me, I'll Follow_Back Followme Followback 100% Follow follow follow2follow autofollow blogtify Working just like trump planned. Guess what his next step is going to be... What do all three cities have in common? Run by the Democrats...yep the same people who were letting out inmates during the coronavirus lockdown...what could go wrong?

publish this, LamestreamMedia . realDonaldTrump It's time. Standwith Minneapolis protesters They feel like just because they are mad they can do whatever they want. Fake news is confused on how they need to use this “another opportunity” for their sake of election. Mean it’s just hot potato not a new chance.

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Mpr reporters have reported no police and no natl guard anywhere near the 5th precinct. no one seems to know where they are. Has anybody else noticed covid is not mentioned once as a reason to not gather to protest? Did it disappear? maggieNYT Hate to tell you NYT, the National Guard is MIA in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis in 2020 非裔美國人每天受到不公平對待 George Floyd的死亡 在美國非裔美國人中的謀殺只是冰山一角 Humanright for black man,No! Democracy for black man, No! Freedom for black man, No! Fighting Bro. make America great again There will be no end The system much burn for change to come from ashes Who do the police serve? Golf president? In memory of George Freud

Police in trouble we call .so many things wrong,burn loot Bldg and cars didn't kill this man we may Die from a Virus and Justice through Law,and Faith through God's in Control and whatever we do in this life to others we will pay for maybe the end will be tomorrow are we ready. Winter is coming. deseraestage Thankfully no one has been shot or killed by the police nor have the police themselves been shot. StayCalm

maggieNYT I’m worried about the protestors now, because we are in the middle of a pandemic. I don’t want any of those people to get sick or die. This mom says go home please. A beautiful scenery line of freedom, support protestors Nobody is doing anything in mn!! Our state is being murdered Time for the president to deliver

A beautiful scenery line of freedom, support protestors,stop characterizing protests as riots Where are the MAGA supporters now with their guns showing off what big men they are? Shit scared of change I bet. Think they can waltz on up to any place and brandish weapons to give the idea they are willing to do big damage if they don’t get what they want. White privilege.

maggieNYT Correction: MN National Guard not roaming the streets. Nowhere to be found. This really seems to be missing some obvious observations from tonight. So glad I live in Australia and not America. How’s that curfew working out? Except the national guard is nowhere to be found in Minneapolis... or the police.

RIP Big Floyd 🙌🏾 No no no, let me correct the caption: the National Guard is NOWHERE to be found. Just one more day of riots and racism will be over, a black man will never die in police custody again. Over 4 years of constant negative news coverage and panic porn from the mainstream media led to this. If you think centrist voters are supporting this, you have another thing coming. You're watching Joe Biden's 2020 campaign go up and smoke! Trump 2020 landslide!

support us people fight for their rights A beautiful scenery line I'm just here laying back looking at rioters being idiot's!!! This is not a protest there just vandals!!! And you left out Louisville because.... I guess the Democrats aren’t into social distancing after all... Who is the enemy? All Americans agree this was horrific & heinous! This should be a uniting event as it transcends politics & we can all agree. Instead , this opportunity has been hijacked by thugs looting, burning, throwing molotov cocktails.

Tell the truth: curfews are being ignored, no police presence, fires and looting. Protest this! Uh, i see only protesters in MSP, no gaurd No national guard presence at heart of protest. UR_Ninja You had 7 articles on Hong Kong on the front page the last two days and 0 on George Floyd. Fuck the NYT I hope it broke the cops hand when it went back to close. Anyone that chicken deserves it.

meanwhile, you far leftist asshats are ClappingintheBackground You really seem like you would rather destroy the country, then let our Duly Elected President get another valid term. Good move. Make racist pigs 'famous' no matter what it takes. The faces of Abner Louima's torturers. That ain’t protests Follow me ...ibrahssebaggala GeorgeFlyod JusticeForGeorge BlackLifesMatter

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Wow! Great way to reelect Donald Trump. I have this crazy suspicion that Trump is going to incite violence, not take responsibility then paint himself as the victim... better than hitting him - wow the fake news machine can't help itself can it Well thank god we have a POTUS who acts as a calm, guiding light in all this turmoil and unrest 🙄 VoteBlue

Get that license plate cumo and fire that cop! Q arranquem a peruca do realDonaldTrump Congratulations to the NYT. After three years of one race baited article after another they have what they wanted. And then they have the nerve to ask why people are pissed at cops!!? MSM doesn't even show any protests. They just show a bunch of lowlifes rioting and stealing things and destroying stuff.

All cities under anarchy are ruled by despicable cowardly Democrats. Soros is bringing in protesters and paying them and the Dems. Protesters bullshit won’t work with NYPD Notice how it’s white guys wearing masks and backpacks that starts the rioting and looting and damaging things first Good police work?

Weedmates4U Cops are asking for it...step out not in uniform and see what happens punk.. 'Not surprisingly, then, support for Trump correlates highly with a standard scale of modern racism (r = +.48; Van Assche & Pettigrew, 2016).' research Pompeo stands with protesters I think the police officer mixed his reality with the supermario brothers and thought that was a coin. Other explanations are inconceivable.

So does this mean the lockdown is over? There’s no social distancing... Violence against citizens cannot be tolerated through silence. Let’s unite, scream enough, then act by being the change you wish to see in the world. 🐷 Creative mid-sentence paragraph break. _jasonbailey_ Soros is behind this destruction. He brings in protesters and pays them $20/hour. The Deep State is on its last leg. Nothing can stop what is coming...nothing. Q

NYCMayor, what you doing about the police riot? Would you burn down the whole country to be all black? Prize for voting dems Antifa are no one's allies. These are Democrats, and we urge the United States Government not to use violence against the people! The police fuc k i n g your people and i am wondering where is your democracy? It’s just oppression!

The policeman opening his door slamming into that one rioter was awesome. Funny stuff. would you prefer he took the hit with the cement they are throwing - this is a disgrace MEDIA DO NOT FUEL THE FIRE REPORT THE NEWS FOR ONCE KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF WE NEED PEACE NOW!!! Protestors. DC is your destination.

Nah... I’m good. There is a new Netflix series I’m about to start Everything hasn’t gotten so much worse since Trump was elected 🙁 In 2015, Obama called the Baltimore Rioters Thugs. Actually if you are looting & burning, you are indeed criminal thugs ! Good old accountable.'John. _jasonbailey_ But they’re supposed to be fine with protestors setting cop cars on fire and beating them up? Lol yeah ok

Cost of Police Misconduct ==== Heavy Price in Lives (28,000 lives lost) and $$$$ (several Hundred Million) Ha! People are reporting bus loads of paid protesters brought in to destroy cities. See how billionaires can use out of work sheep? WakeUpAmerica Is America great again yet, or do we need to descend a little further into this hell with Trump before we're there?

Putin’s plan is working thanks to his puppet Trump: 1) Demoralize 2) Desensitize 3) Destabalize Boom! 💥 🤯 F*ck the police! This honestly came at the worst fucking time. 1 mill active coronavirus cases and all these people congregated to protest. Fuck the police officer. where the cyanide at Brooklyn too


George Floyd Updates: Former Minneapolis Officer Is in CustodyBreaking News: Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd ’s neck while Floyd pleaded that he couldn’t breathe, is in custody. Charges haven't yet been announced. We see the resultsof economic inequality everyday in anger bitter divisions between working poor over what they see as limited resources in a $20 trillion economy controlled by a few billionaires. A basic income essential to unifying society calming tensions This is not enough. What about the 3 officers who watched him murdered Floyd’s? JusticeForGeorgeFlyod What dies the headline leave out the fact that Mr. Floyd was killed?

George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis: Live UpdatesLaw enforcement officers across the U.S. have begun to speak out on social media about the death of George Floyd , with many condemning the Minneapolis officers involved. well any of them applauding it need to be fired. Now ask them off the record, identities undisclosed. Would the consensus stay the same? Good for them - the 'good' cops need to stand against this disgusting behavior and throw 'bad' cops under the bus as needed! This culture needs a change!

George Floyd Updates: Former Minneapolis Officer Is Charged With MurderBreaking News: Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. The former Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into George Floyd ’s neck for about 8 minutes while Floyd pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. Eight minutes is a long time. What was everybody else on the scene doing for eight minutes while this was happening? Horrible. 3 more to go. stop stalling you know damn well all 4 of those 'men' are guilty When will the others be charged?

George Floyd Updates: Former Minneapolis Officer Is Charged With MurderDerek Chauvin, the white former police officer seen on video using his knee to pin down George Floyd , a black man who later died, has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder. Whose fingerprints are on the fake $? These guys used to work together. What did Floyd know? Was this a setup? I see cops keeping citizens back, while one repositions his knee and presses on even after Floyd is out. This is NOT manslaughter. This is premeditated murder by 4 cops! Yay - so brave! Nothing advances justice more than looting, burning buildings and assaulting bystanders. Good job guys!

George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis: Live UpdatesProtesters breached a police precinct, clashing with officers as demonstrations escalated for a third night after Mr. Floyd’s death. Rallies were also held around the country. Si George Floyd no hubiese estafado con billetes falsos a un comerciante, seguiría vivo. You can't keep treating people like shit and not have them fight back and release their anger. Good

Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against white officer in death of African American man George Floyd Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against white officer in death of African American man George Floyd . 'We cannot turn a blind eye,' Mayor Frey says. 'It is on us as leaders to see this for what it is and call it what it is.' His city is literally on fire right now. He needs to resign. Putting that officer behind bars is the least you could do. Can't belive the Monkeys in Minneapolis are burning their city down. Goes to show why Detroit looks like that