George Floyd told police he was struggling to breathe before he was restrained

Prosecutors detail the final moments of Floyd's life as he begged for air.

5/30/2020 4:44:00 AM

George Floyd told police he was claustrophobic and struggling to breathe before he ended up facedown on the pavement with an officer's knee on his neck, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors detail the final moments of Floyd's life as he begged for air.

A medical examination found that Floyd had coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.Eventually the handcuffed Floyd ended up facedown on the pavement, and Chauvin"placed his left knee in the area of Mr. Floyd’s head and neck," prosecutors said.

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"Mr. Floyd said, 'I can’t breathe' multiple times and repeatedly said, 'Mama' and 'please,' as well."Officers commented that Floyd was"talking fine," according to the document from prosecutors.Lane asked “should we roll him on his side” and Chauvin allegedly responded: “That’s why we have him on his stomach.”

“I am worried about excited delirium or whatever," Lane said, according to the charging document, before Chauvin allegedly answered: “That’s why we have him on his stomach.” Excited delirium refers to a state in which a person becomes agitated and aggressive and can be associated with drug use.

When Floyd stopped moving, Officer J. Alexander Kueng"checked Mr. Floyd’s right wrist for a pulse and said, 'I couldn’t find one.' None of the officers moved from their positions," the complaint said.Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's neck for 2 minutes and 43 seconds even after the man had passed out, according to the charging document.

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis in a previous statement has asked the public not to rush to judgment before all video can be reviewed. It's unclear what additional video would be viewed. Read more: NBC News »

This proves intent/premeditation 💔😡 So why is that cop being charged with only 3rd degree murder? Why not 2nd? Or even 1st? I know intent needs to be proven for 1st but surely there was intent in what they did? REST IN POWER GEORGE FLOYD NO MORE PAIN HERE ON THIS UGLY EARTH 🙏 There has got be a better way to arrest or subdue people than putting your knee on their neck . This is why people resist arrest in the first place they need to figure out a more dignified way of arresting or detaining people . I mean there are usually at least two cops anyway .

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Cruel and unusual punishment. No one deserves this. Every 2 min They come up with an excuse, the man was murdered, intentionally. Amerika bukan negara untuk orang kulit hitam....? Isn’t it funny how all these wacky liberal far left people including Democrats don’t even talk about George anymore 🤔 Amerika negara hak azasi manusia...? You dream....

What happened to George Floyd is inexcusable. That being said, my heart goes out to all the fine police who strive every day to be fair and honest and now have to deal with the results of 4 years of Trump’s hate mongering and stoking division among Americans. The country is on fire and Trump is thinking about his next stupid tweets I bet.

This story, seen in a light most favorable to the prosecution, would inevitably lead to a “not guilty” verdict. Then there’s the autopsy report. Tragic death but the evidence is lacking to get a guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. cdotharrison He was murdered. There is no conversation or debate about it. Lock the police officers up.

They let Paris Hilton out of jail early because she was claustrophobic.😂😂 He gave a play-by-play of his murder as it was taking place. Even once EMS arrived no one administered CPR. This was a lynching like racist white police officers. GeorgeFloydMurder ICantBreathe Nobody deserves to die this way. Enough is enough!

What’s unfolding tonight is not about George. The are Progressive anarchists. Translation: he was murdered George who? The officers D. Chauvin,T. Lane, T. Thao, and J.A. Kueng, were fired. Yet the only officer being tried for the murder of George Floyd is Chauvin!? Why are the other 3 officers not held accountable for not intervening!? JusticeForFloyd ICantBreathe GeorgeFloyd

It was barbaric. There should be a severe penalty added to charges that include barbarism. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd murdered by PoliceBrutality for a few dollars and flynn walk free after he confesses and plea guilty to avoid other charges RuleOfLaw inequality AbuseOfPower CorruptAndComplicitGOP Corruption CorruptDOJ LockHimUp FirstDegreeMurder

Poor him. First degree murder & hate crime, definitely.

George Floyd Family Outraged at FBI, Prosecutors Failing to Arrest CopsThe family of George Floyd is outraged and crestfallen over what they believe is the same old story -- cops kill a black man, authorities drag their feet and everything gets swept under the rug. Maybe once Minneapolis burns completely to the ground they'll get the message disappointing ... BlackLivesMatter I know, they pick us up if we look sleepy. Suspect: But wait officer is sleepwalking a crime?! Officer: Did you just yawn? Stop resisting!!!

Police, experts condemn knee restraint used on George FloydPolice around the nation and law enforcement experts on Thursday broadly condemned the way George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody this week, was restrained by an officer who dug his knee into the man&39;s neck, saying no circumstances warrant such a dangerous technique. Deeply disturbing If nothing else he should be charged with felony stupid. When The Looting Starts When the looting starts The shooting starts Acting too tough Makes things rough For the Police and everybody Minneapolis is not Miami Copyright © May 29, 2020, Hébert Logerie, all rights reserved. I am confused about this. The cop that kneeling on the black guy and the black guy worked together for 15 years as bouncers at a nightclub. Why would you do that to somebody you know?

Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protestUpdates from protests against the death of George Floyd in police custody: • Protesters torch police station. • CNN crew arrested while reporting. • President Trump draws warning from Twitter for “glorifying violence.” Full coverage: This is what happens when the Mayors, the police departments and the police unions allow crappy cops to remain on the force. We need to hold these liberal Mayors, PDs and Unions accountable. HARSHLY Arrest the murderers!!! realDonaldTrump looking for opportunity to Floyd’s murder! 1st he acted as if he cared,to see if that gets him some black votes! If it weren’t election yr, he wouldn’t even mention it! Black ppl aren’t fools; we’ll never forget Charlottesville neonazis support or Central Park 5!

Fierce protests erupt after fatal arrest of George FloydFire, violence, and stand-offs with police have broken out in Minneapolis after the death of an unarmed black man detained by police. The Minneapolis Mayor is calling for a fired officer to be charged in the death. Shaquille Brewster joins with the latest. shaqbrewster Can't white officers see, people have had enough. No one will be able to stop this retaliation, once it starts. More people of color will die needlessly. shaqbrewster GOOD! This is what it takes to get through to the Powers That Be. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. shaqbrewster Odd that these are the very same people he was talking about in the video going around. Thugs. The circle has to be broken.

Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protestFrom AP Morning Wire: • Minneapolis police station torched amid George Floyd protest. • Twitter adds ‘glorifying violence’ warning to Trump tweet. • US job losses stir fears of lasting damage. • NZ near eradication; India cases surging. SIGN UP: Twitter should label your tweet as misleading They just arrested a group of reporters live on TV. Are you going to step up? This is police state stuff! Chaotic Neutral

George Floyd is remembered as a 'gentle giant' by his family and friendsGeorge Floyd moved to Minnesota 'to be his best self,' as one friend put it. But he died Monday in the city he moved to for a better life, his last moments caught on video as he was held down by a Minneapolis police officer's knee while being arrested. Orange is the new Black Death Time for Minnesota nazi police to be burned. They have killed thousands of black people for no reason.