George Floyd's Family Files Civil Lawsuit Against Minneapolis And Police Officers - Cnn

George Floyd's Family Files Civil Lawsuit Against Minneapolis And Police Officers - Cnn

George Floyd's family files civil lawsuit calling killings by police 'a public health crisis'

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7/15/2020 8:25:00 PM

Attorneys for the family of George Floyd file a federal civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and the police officers involved in his death

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I am so sorry for your loss. They,are idiots There u go, finally the truth came out, ghetto lottery for the Floyd family. Did the family help G Floyd to overcome drug & alcohol abuse & his criminal life? But now Minneapolis taxpayers will pay for the family's suffering even when GF probably wasn't a law abiding taxpayer.

I hope the money helps you heal. So sorry that 4 people let their racist stuipdy ruin lives. So sorry for your loss I want to see more CNN coverage of the continuing protests against racist policing Lift the floodgates for any victims to sue those barbarian policemen. 'public health crisis'.....umm okay sure Monday in Brooklyn, saw a total of 14 shootings with 18 victims throughout New York City. Tired of burying our children': 4 toddlers shot in Chicago amid surge in gun violence

If I were them, I would sue also Opportunism..... Floyd was a criminal himself .... It was a tragic occurrence, it's not a crisis Welcome to the broadcast very important message being released But that he put a gun on a pregnant women her belly you dont hear this hypocrit family or blm idiots about lmfao

good. this needs to be as painful as possible to all involved so they know it cannot happen again. God most of these comments are people being horrible. I feel so bad for George Floyd’s family. You have my condolences and support ❤️ BLM The wicked will never go unpunished. First they should check to see if he is still alive.

Is attorneys will win this case that’s for sure too many people are behind us right now for the next person that calls me races on here you better know a little bit about me I’m a Navy 34 year nurse retired I took care of every color so how dare you call me racist,, Of course they did. Of course they are

What dit Floyd pay his victims...... opportunists Hell ya bleed em dry Is your name in THE BOOK? it about TIME

Target, MTV Blocked Ads From News Mentioning ‘George Floyd’ and ‘Protests’Terms related to protests were on “blocklists” companies use to avoid ad placements in sensitive content. News publishers say such moves effectively punish media companies for covering important issues. late stage capitalism. the corporations think they can sponsor the mob. but they're quickly finding out- whatever they will do will always be wrong, and no amount of pandering will endear them to committed marxists A huge explosion for a gasoline pipe in Egypt, horrific scenes This isn’t a good barometer of corp. responsibility b/c when you make a block ad buy you don’t get to specifically choose where each online ad appears - you can only say where it *can’t*. This move mitigated risk their ads would run w/content *defending* the killing of Floyd, too

George Floyd and the long battle to defund Chicago's school police'We need counseling, therapists and psychologists,' one student said. 'I see this with my own two eyes.' Why is the focus so much on reducing the police rather than re-orienting the police? They are a necessary public service, and while I understand that there is a reasonable limit to their presence, limiting their resources is not going to help anything. REAL NEWS So I guess they want to make Chicago look even more like a third world African country.

Ask a Reporter: Molly Hennessy-Fiske on covering George Floyd protests and COVID-19Join us at 1 p.m. July 15 with reporter Molly Hennessy-Fiske to talk about her reporting from the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis and COVID-19 hospital units. mollyhf

George Floyd Attorney Ben Crump Filing Lawsuit Against MinneapolisGeorge Floyd's family attorney Ben Crump is announcing his plans to file a civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and police officers during a live streamed press conference. Did Minneapolis force George Floyd to take enough fentanyl to kill 2 people? He should also fight to get the murder pension fund benefits to George's Floyd family Why he was a fucking Savage.

Floyd Family Attorneys To Announce A Civil Lawsuit Against Minneapolis And PoliceBen Crump and Antonio Romanucci, attorneys representing the family of George Floyd, are expected to announce the lawsuit at a press conference on Wednesday morning. That’s the lawyer they go to guaranteed he works wit em What is the level of responsibility Mr. Floyd bears for his final disposition? That man 0-6

'Excited delirium' cited in Floyd case and othersLaw enforcement officials say excited delirium usually happens to people who have been using drugs or who have a serious mental illness. It may be seen when a person is held in a chokehold, hog-tied, or Tasered, though some medical associations don't recognize the condition. Or police brutality in the likes of so many white supremacy Rodney King beating. Watch the video. Hate has to be stronger in order to be executed. BLACK_LIVES_MATTER FUCK YOU Oh Fuck Off! You have to train the Police to Police. 3/4 of the population own guns so there is nothing simple about Policing or Social Justice. You use extremes. Always wrong. Guilt by colour, nobody is innocent. Excited delirium won’t wash here man. We saw this cold blooded murder in that arrogant cops face.