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Minneapolis, George Floyd

George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis: Live Updates

Breaking News: Protesters breached a police precinct in Minneapolis as demonstrations escalated for a third night over the death of George Floyd

5/29/2020 6:34:00 AM

Breaking News: Protesters breached a police precinct in Minneapolis as demonstrations escalated for a third night over the death of George Floyd

Protesters breached a police precinct, clashing with officers as demonstrations escalated for a third night after Mr. Floyd’s death. Rallies were also held around the country.

Video Shows Arrested Man Telling Police He Can’t BreatheA bystander’s video in Minneapolis shows a police officer with his knee on a man’s neck during an arrest. The man died a “short time” later, the police said.Arrested man: [moaning] “What you trying to say?” Police officer: “Relax.” Arrested man: “Man, I can’t breathe — my face —” [inaudible] Police officer: “What do you want?” Arrested man: “I can’t breathe!” Bystander 1: “How long you all got to hold him down?” Unidentified speaker: “Don’t do drugs, kids —” Bystander 2: “This ain’t about drugs, bro.” [inaudible conversation] Bystander 2: “He is human, bro.” Bystander 1: “His nose —” Bystander 2: “ — right now bro, you know it’s broken. You can’t even look at me like a man because you a bum, bro. He’s not even resisting arrest right now, bro.” Bystander 1: “His nose is bleeding.” Bystander 3: He’s passed out!” Bystander 2: “You [expletive] stopping his breathing, right now, bro. You think that’s cool? You think that’s cool? What is that? What do you think that is? You say — you call what he’s doing, OK?” Police officer: “Get back!” Bystander 2: “You’re calling what he’s doing OK. You call what he’s doing OK, bro?” Police officer: “Only firefighters —” Bystander 4: “Yes, I am from Minneapolis.” Bystander 2: “Bro, you, you, you call — you think that’s OK? Check his pulse!” Bystander 4: “The fact that you guys aren’t checking his pulse, and doing compressions if he needs them, you guys are on —” Bystander 1: “Oh my God!” [inaudible] Bystander 4: “OK, yeah, and I have your name tag.” Bystander 5: “Freedom of speech.” [shouting] Bystander 2: “Don’t touch me!”

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A bystander’s video in Minneapolis shows a police officer with his knee on a man’s neck during an arrest. The man died a “short time” later, the police said.CreditCredit...StoryfulThe Justice Department has declined to charge police officers in other high-profile cases in which a black person has died in their custody.

In July, after a five-year investigation, the department said itwould not bring federal civil rights chargesagainst Daniel Pantaleo, the Staten Island police officer who killed Eric Garner by wrapping his arm around his neck. The killing was caught on video and widely circulated online.

The decision bitterly divided the Justice Department’s civil rights division lawyers, who wanted to charge Mr. Pantaleo, and prosecutors in Brooklyn, who believed they could not win the case at trial.Mr. Barr ultimately sided with the Brooklyn prosecutors, who had argued that they did not have enough evidence to prove that Mr. Panataleo committed a federal civil rights violation because they could not prove that he had made a clear decision to use a chokehold, which the New York Police Department had banned, when he killed Mr. Garner.

Like Mr. Floyd, Mr. Garner also gasped “I can’t breathe” just before he died.The Minnesota State Capitol was evacuated because of nearby unrest.ImageThe police fired tear gas at protesters in St. Paul, Minn.Credit...John Minchillo/Associated PressLawmakers and employees at the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minn., were told to evacuate the building as a precaution on Thursday afternoon, after looting continued at nearby stores.

St. Paul police officers encountered large groups of people stealing merchandise from a Target store and other businesses in the city’s Midway neighborhood, said St. Paul Police Department spokesman Steve Linder.Some threw rocks, liquor bottles and bricks at the responding officers, while another group of people rushed into a Foot Locker, he said, noting that a fight broke out in the parking lot.

“Our officers have been busy trying to keep things calm and de-escalate when possible, and protect people and property,” Mr. Linder said.As crowds of protesters gathered in increasing numbers a few blocks away from the Capitol, the secretary of the Senate ordered staff members and legislators to leave the building at about 1:30 p.m. local time, according to staff members. About an hour later, the Capitol Security Department of Public Safety ordered all Capitol staff and employees to evacuate.

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Democrats request an investigation into three killings of black people.ImageProtesters set fire to a car in Minneapolis on Thursday during another set of rallies after George Floyd’s death in police custody this week.Credit...Kerem Yucel/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

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There are legitimate and peaceful protesters, and there are criminals, thugs and agitators mingled in. Isn’t it obvious? Or is the looting and the violence a FOX production ? Trump is right, Looting leads to shooting and it’s exactly what’s going on? Hope he knows how many looters are white people The murder of Floyd was horrific and wrong but rioting and looting and burning innocent places doesn’t help the cause to change the world or minds of others. It will only do the opposite. Peaceful protests will speak the loudest.

Why would you inflame the debate further? Russia China Iran and North Korea willing to fund and arm the revolution. They are already looting carrying out boxes of beer.and cell phones from Verizon.Somebody needs to arrest the sorry mean people.This is awful in America. LOOTING? HOW YOU THINK THEY FILLED THEM MUSEUMS UP

Apne bhai from India jaisa bol raha hai. RosieBarton Whatever, you leftists forget what has been said before, and you didn't make a big deal about it!! that’s the same thing what u said to Hong Kong President Trump is absolutely right. Theses people are troublemakers and are only in it for the destruction and the looting. They couldn’t care less about George Floyd or anybody else. They just want attention and free stuff. Send in the military!

I can't breathe. Is this being perpetrated by EricPrince & his spy companies? If are they,also of Hong Kong Thats really sad to start destroying stores!! That really does not solve the problem! You burn,I burn. Let's unevil the civil war to make America great again Trump steals from the taxpayers every single day. What should we do about his looting of our money?

I wonder what Trump thinks we should do about his and his equally crooked cabinet members’ looting of the U.S. treasury. I guess he’d be consistent and call for shooting the looters, right? Keep recording everyone. Film the police as they dishonor & abuse their badges. This is how we make change happen. This is how we, THE PEOPLE, demand change & reform. One for all, & all for one 25th amendment NOW! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 NoJusticeNoPeace

They are THUGS, just ask President Obama! He called them thugs too in 2015 during the Baltimore riots. A beautiful scenery line Looters sense weakness in democrat city leaders WE ARE SEEING THE EVIL RISE OF NAZI AMERICA WITH AN AMERICAN HITLER KNOWN OSTENSIBLY AS PRESIDENT TRUMP. There destroying their own community where their families live work and love . For what a few bad cops that should have never been hired in the first place ! I don't see the state's leadership doing anything to help the helpless once again.

Aren’t they? What do you call people who are burning down their own community? America needs a real president ...Trump is a clown AnandWrites 3 senators insider trading dismissed, NY times doesn't label that looting do they? Trump trashes emoluments clause, NY times doesn't declare a looter loose in the white house, they show their colors

Protesting is everyone’s right but destroying someone’s property and stealing is another. Black persons should not be treated any differently than any other race. But just because they are black doesn’t make them immune from prosecution. Just like Obama said! That works for me. MichaelRapaport Amd so did obama so look up your history when he said they are not protesters they are criminal thugs look it up after Baltimore riots

To discourage riot factions from creating mayhem, looting & arson, stop orders for fed. funds wil be mandated to states & I will issue orders to keep Insurance Co. from payout to businesses unless they move out of the hazzordous communities. States must be held accountable. Beautiful scenery Mr. President- PLEASE STOP TALKING!

Il est très facile pour un dictateur de dire à quelqu'un qui le réclame, des voyous et de l'envoyer tuer. S'il vous plait! No one should be listening to that shot bag lavenderblue27 TrumpIsTheThug WorstPresidentEver TrumpMustGo TheKingCenter Evil. i've never understood destroying a neighborhood and businesses.

Boot him off Twitter.... he is inciting violence! Maybe should be investigated as war crimes should this happen!! 'When the moron talks, the intelligence walks.' MichaelRapaport I just wonder what people are still doing in that crazy ass country it’s a damn sinking boat The President is a raving , ranting, demented, twisted, sociopathic dotard. I fear for the future of the nation. I fear for the world with America being run by a big bully. Dead bodies everywhere, from the pandemic to police brutalities.

This statement is horrifically racist. What did he say about the officer Pretty sure it was the rioters he was talking about. Did you ask for clarification? Frick Trump, we have a president threatening to kill people The media is attacking realdonaldtrump for calling the rioters 'Thugs'. In 2015, Obama called the Baltimore Rioters Thugs. This is just another example of the media bias.

How could a Leader ask to shoot his own citizens? 😢 When it happened in HK, what does Trump say? You know you really wanna smoke every non white man. love not war Mr President, don't you have any idea how racism in the US becomes ever rampant? That is thanks to your abetting. I hate to be the obvious one. If they had immediately arrested the bad cops, this wouldn’t be happening. Again. Seems America just can’t learn

The powers to be don’t want to see that.... He’s going to have police shoot the actors he hired to set the PD on fire? 👿 human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right! human right!

Correct, someone has to protect life's & property. If dem leaders had denounced antifa a long time ago, they would not have been there last night Please stop calling him a president he is not his name is Trump that's it he has no title he is nothing And now George Sorus gets to rile things up. Pretty obvious isn’t it?

BarackObama said police force against Blacks isn’t new & now it’s on video. gop said he was stoking racial divide. Obama did fed oversight of police—they said he was anti-police. realDonaldTrump ended fed oversight. AmyCooper GeorgeFloyd JoeBiden Hypocrisy of President realDonaldTrump This is shameful. I appreciate his stance on Hong Kong people but I also hope he cares his citizens. I stand with those African American people to fight against racial injustice and police brutality. StandWithMinneapolis StandWithHongKong

CIA shooter-Derek Michael Chauvin,44, Windermere,Florida. Free HK! Free Minneapolis! 🤪 Who says he hasn’t already intervened behind the scenes? America: where a black man can't take a knee on a football field for thirty seconds, but a white cop can take a knee on his neck for eight minutes. Yep - once your so called protesters start breaking the law they are criminals. Protesters don’t commit Arson, Burglary, Looting, Destruction of private Property - start calling them what they are “Criminals” and “thugs”

Sigh...another Mr Tough Guy stance...imagine if the POTUS were to appeal directly to the protestors and encourage legal review? My, that might work? But The Dump can’t do hat...he’ll look weak to his brand of Rethuglicans. He truly should avoid the “thug” label, eh? Just like a DICTATOR...! Generalissimo Trump !!!

There is no justification for wanton violence, lawlessness;this defeats the rule of justice and righteous vision,indignation. Twitter don would be better off in a bunker, hiding from a country fed up with him. He’ll be packing and moving on Jan 20, 2021, the Year of our Reconstruction If trump somewhat will have the chance to turn the US into north korea he will be a hundred times worse than kim jong un.

Our President has the leadership skills of an 8-year old child. Apologies to any parents that may have been insulted! RosieBarton FuckTheNYT Instantly reminded of the Camden, NJ riots of 1969 and 1971 which was the death of the city. Only decades later have we seen a comeback. History does repeat itself. Shame on us.

NYT is competing with CNN for fake news source You referring to these people as thugs you're unfit to be in the white house and the injustice that cause them to be protesting still exist then you talk about shooting the citizens of the United States you're without idea and should resign you should be ashamed of yourself

The President’s comment reflects an unfortunately accurate reality, which is why the violent Soros-Funded Democrat thugs need to be thrown in jail before their violent rioting and looting turns into shooting. He didn't call the protesters thugs he called the people looting shit like the target thugs I agree with Biden, Trump’s behavior is that of a fool. And, I would add, that of a person who throws temper tantrums whenever! He consistently fails horribly not only as a president, but as a decent human being. Lord help him, and Lord help us all!

Yea, after they riot they'll start shooting each other eventually. Minnesota 1 of STRICTEST DEM-LED SHUTDOWNS in U.S! Yung PeopleSO frustratD with DEM LDRs,even LOCALs.If DEM-run Ldrshp wasn'tSO bad/peopleNot so restrctD,tensions wouldn't lead to destryN loc busins/ActionsSpeak Loudr thN wrds/PRES takN Actions to CHANGE Inept,Unusual DEM CONTROL

ALL THE LOOTERS SAY ' THANKS GEORGE ' ! Demand that Twitter shut down Trumps account. You should demand for a sanity test of you President. He’s despicable Wonderful this is his idea of leadership, no wonder America is in the mess it is...... Get him OUT! AnandWrites Why does anyone repeat and publish what a lunatic sociopath says? Take away his microphone.

这不是佩洛西口中美丽的风景吗?我们呼吁美国警察可以保持克制!希望蓬佩奥能像理解香港暴徒一样理解美国国内的民主人士! we don't need you or Trump in this world. Please exit. We could read his tweet if we wanted to. Why are NYT headlines a megaphone for his racism and violence? NYT is like Breitbart with an arts section AnandWrites Lol you endorsed Klobuchar Do your country a favor send Trump to golf world USA Florida unless as Individual One he'll be at the SDNY .

AnandWrites They are not 'thugs' they are people. They are horrified + distressed at the SADISTIC MURDER OF GEORGE CLYDE BY 'OFFICER' CHAUVIN. Looting, Rioting and Pillaging will not be tolerated by anyone.. The Police officer will be dealt with and tried...That's why we have a Judicial system in place.The Thugs just want a excuse to cause harm to their own communities, which doesn't make any sense at all.

AnandWrites If this doesn’t end his presidency nothing truly will. Absolutely shameful and devoid of a stitch of empathy. Our president is so abjectly losing the argument that he’s the President for all Americans. DonaldTrump GeorgeFloyd “The President threatened extra judicial killings, when will this fascist be removed”. Fixed it for you

AnandWrites The protesters did not “start the fire,” cops did. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 IncitingARaceWar ACAB MCCCXII Ⓐ ThirteenTwelve GeorgeFloyd AnandWrites He is not the first american president to use violence against american people, and unfortunately, he won't be the last! Transference again. This guy could supply the fodder for 1,000 abnormal psych dissertations . The real thug is befouling the Resolute Desk and using the Constitution for toilet paper. Riots are the screams of the oppressed and the unheard.

The President created the hatred to a whole new level in the US That's not threatening to 'intervene', . Even TWITTER got that one right, how did you miss? He threatened to murder Americans without due process. We do you continue to cover for him?! The leaders, the police the militars should protect the people, don't kill them

What? You mean he didn’t say there were fine people on both sides No he didn’t, because he’s a racist! in case you forgot our president is a ardent racist and aspiring fascist Maybe they should have showed up with assault rifles like the THUGS did in Michigan and force people to listen? Imagine the bloodbath if they fired 1 shot. realDonaldTrump thought they were fine people. Looting, fires are a reaction when peaceful protests don’t work. Biden2020.

Trump couldn't believe the culture war opportunity he's getting prior to the election. THESE PEOPLE ARE ACTING LIKE FOOLISH THUGS!! how is this protesting? this is criminal activity and mob mentality!!! are you suggesting that we justify a city burning up in flames? Most of the people destroying that city probably don't even live there. They are terrorizing innocent people, ruining their town & lives, vandalizing businesses,& stealing. Those who are doing that should be arrested.I feel so sorry for the people of Minneapolis,& their children.

Donald Trump needs to get arrested and taken out of office!!! He is not above the law!!! The message should be 1 MANY quotes by MLK 2 a plan for justice 2 a plan for this never to happen again. Its awful and sad...but lets not exchg bad behavior for more bad behavior. MinneapolisPD theview peacefulprotests

He is not GLORIFYING VIOLENCE. Get it right.. He is stating that those who are LOOTING will be dealt with. It is OK to protest but they are going too far by LOOTING and DESTROYING local business in the area.. NOT RIGHT.. They are BlackLivesMatter Post the hell out of the video and pictures of the looting provocateur.

The truth hurts. From the Thug in DC... What? Not very fine people? I’m having a hard time understanding his criteria for characterizing protestors. Well I supposed he’ll know what a thug looks like, since he’s the thug in charge. When is he going to stop calling people names and be a dam leader for a change. All of what’s happening across the country is his fault, own it and stop with the darn name calling.😙

EvanLSolomon Good old country wisdom, “you fight fire with fire”...the great MLK was a protester, these are not him They’re thugs except when they’re gun toting for him, his racist agenda, and white supremacy. Where was this same outrage with the race riot in Virginia? He’s such a....... 7 people were shot in Louisville last night

They are pro-human-right activists, cops are the thugs, we stand with the people of Minneapolis! Somehow can‘t shake the idea that those THUGS are on Trump‘s (or whoever’s really in charge) payroll. Any leader to say something like this a waste of space!!! Trump offers no compassion, no leadership, no integrity, no morals and no functioning brain! As he likes to say,”very sad”!!!!!!!!

Shoot’em! richardmarx He didn’t say a word about protestors...protestors aren’t burning and looting the city. The protestors are peaceful...punks from out of town are coming in to loot and set fires. This choice of words is a disgrace for the president of the united states!! Regards from Germany! They say this like it's a bad thing. Deranged criminals is one thing, peaceful protest is another

Fact check: People who loot stores and then set them on fire are, in fact, thugs. Hell yes. They are all thugs. Yeah, so? The President advocated for killing people for property crimes. He’s more outraged about looters than the murder that caused it. If anyone is a thug it’s him. Thug in Chief. Didn't he call the Lansing protesters heroes?

They have become an out of control mob of hate. I dunno know. What to you call that. This is way more than anger. Theme: peaceful protest by black ppl; police use rubber bullets n arrest; then riot begins- blame black ppl. White ppl protest with rifles n military gear in a legislature,aggressively; police do nothing; the end.

They aren’t protesters they are criminals if they are stealing destroying property and setting fires (arson). Duh This is outrageous. RosieBarton Wow. FakeNewsAlert This is the fundamental problem of UnitedStates. The 'inexcusable sin of handling racism with kid gloves. Why expend lots of energy on damagecontrol & yet remain passive towards solving the real problem - a police overly obsessed with RacialProfiling? Minneapolisprotests

Citizens of Minneapolis and the world saw a non-violent black man murdered in front of their eyes. So who are the thugs? Now u know why HONGKONG protestors r thugs Face it, what you CIA promoted in HK, praises to be fighting for human rights, is now becoming a karma ! Silenced pandemic How like Trump to promote violence to combat violence.

We are very concerned about the freedom of the American people, the United States government locked us in our homes, killing our families, we must resist. Right media already saying he didn't mean what he said. Trying to say he meant the protesters start shooting at each other. Forget that he is literally talking about bringing in the national guard in the sentence prior. I give up. You can't reason with MAGAots

The Manichaeism continues. ¿Could there be 'bad' people in either side? ¿Could it be more complicated? Naaaa DobleMoral What do you call people that burned down a city? What do you call people that loot stores, set cars on fire and destroy new housing for low income residence? EvanLSolomon Where's your story about black business owners there using guns to protect their businesses.

They are thugs Trump is really a devil 👿 EvanLSolomon Sadly, these violent protesters are clouding the issue, what happened was disgusting but I think it would have done so much more for the community to stand with the family peacefully in demonstration, this does not do the man any justice cuz the violence has overtaken the tragedy

accurate Not all of them are thugs, but yeah the ones burning shit and using this as an opportunity to steal from people are 100% thugs. They don’t deserve to get shot but that might happen if they fuck with the wrong person. The “thugs” he mentions are antifa who are exploiting this volatile situation for their own ends to wage a race war against police throughout the nation. They should be stopped. Protests are largely peaceful until they show up on the scene. Every. Damn. Time.

Jack - this type of tweet should lead to a suspension of service for some period of time. Did you notice how many white men and women were protesting along with their black brothers and sisters? I did! Trump instigates hate. It's discontent. It's Rights stolen. It's abuse of power. It's undignified public servant behaviour. Now lawyers when before the scale will act like it was Trayvon Martin redux. The cup of Justice must be held with gloves, carefully. Civil Rights stemmed fr Ineffable

If he wants a civil war lets have it.i die for my ppl Welcome to the 21st Century America He didn't call protesters 'thugs.' He called rioters thugs. If I hated Trump, there are plenty of true statements I could make to back up my hatred. But the NYT hurts its own credibility with obvious lies. In this new age, we don't need newspapers to tell us what happened.

Peaceful protests its not They are thugs destroying property and committing violence. They are just as bad as the police they want prosecuted The President is correct! He incites VIOLENCE again AND y’all call him FIt to be President?! Why are you allowing him to continue to lead? How many Lives need to die w/ all this Racism $ COVID19 -Answer Me! I Am America Immigrant US Cutizen Woman Small Business Owner SpeakerPelosi JoeBiden BarackObama

'Protesters' Not thugs ! People who need to stick to for themselves so they can bloody breathe ! life MinneapolisPolice Minneapolis JusticeForGeorgeFlyod JUSTICE. Trump can't even abide by Twitter rules so what does that tell us about his ability (or lack thereof) to obey any rules? Trump has never believed that the rule of law applies to him nor do any rules, societal or otherwise. Trump's distorted view of reality is warped and a danger.

Fake newd And why would Twitter allow this tweet from NYT when they are saying the exact thing they sensored Trump about. But of course, this doesn’t fit the liberal agenda to sensor NYT. celiacbubbie So are undercover police starting fires and damaging buildings to exacerbate conditions as justification to begin murdering these people. I’ve seen at least 3 tweets in 24 hrs with video evidence of white officers breaking windows, and setting fires. One officer is ID’d by name?

realDonaldTrump must have seen MinneapolisPD officer Derek Chauvin murdering GeorgeFloyd in cold blood. The slow snuffing out of a black man by white US cops illustrates how realDonaldTrump thinks he’s making America great again! It’s actually making America sick again! Hmmm 🤔 Some might suggest that taxpayer coffers are being looted.

So disappointed lack of leadership from 1600 Pennsylvania realDonaldTrump Minneapolis GeorgeFloydprotest And what is this? This man is a true leader for ALL? Hahahahaha what a clown this man is! Impose Marshall Law He's not wrong. Its because you don't prosecuted criminals in police uniform. 40 million apply for unemployment benefits, 20% of children are hungry, millions face eviction and lack health care. Meanwhile, Trump and Republican leadership don't see the 'urgency' for new legislation to protect the working class. Outrageous!

'American' version of Hong Kong?And even more serious is that the president went down the hill to shoot the rebels. Not in Hong Kong. What is the so-called 'freedom' of the US government? djshort So the numerous videos I have seen of people running from gunshots during the riots are fake ? Protesters?!!!! Really where!! These are rioters who have nothing to do with George Floyd’s death just bad people out of control!

RosieBarton A protester screams when he/she is not being heard If Democrats, national socialist do it, it is a protest, but if anyone else does this, it is a riot. You should study Germany 1928-1934 for a good understanding to what National Socialism encompasses.... Great to see Americans wake up and fight for their freedom. You have all the support.

Like Obama Trump calls violent rioters Thugs He’s a corporate thug and not a good one! What they are doing is wrong. The thugs need to be stoped Send the cops they did this to Guantanamo in my opinion. Maybe that will be a good deterrent. Why thugs? Little fire, little looting just a normal quiet protest. According to fake news and the dems.

Rioters deserve nothing but a baton to the head. Two words,fight back These irresponsible words will embolden nutters,it invites violence.He is a loathsome creature and he sickens me. The president is exactly right. Maybe it is Obama’s “American Spring” like what he did in some Arab countries HiphopTC Slavery resulted in; Wall Street, Banks, Insurance, Trade, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, the Garment & Film Industries, etc! Blackmen are warehoused in; jails, prisons, homeless shelters & psych wards! America is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE! GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter

The coordinated character of such actions aimed against China,Russia and other countries,has been demonstrated by the simultaneous publication of inauthentic information about this country in mainstream media.Atlantic Council rules. Those involved in this campaign=double talkers 40 mil unemployed 100k dead BanTrumpFromTwitter

SANCTIONS ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEVELOPING: At least 7 people shot at protest in Louisville, Kentucky ForthepeopleF TrumpIsAThug Civil war? tRump will do everything to stay in office!Wake up America! ANTIFA Unpresidential Unqualified Unhinged Correct. You left out the part about the weak Democrat Pansy Mayor.

Yep sounds accurate. These are not protests. These are riots that must get stomped out immediately before they get worse Donald Trump is a loon. Everything Trump touches dies. Riots. Not protesters. Call it right Let's see how American break their words in terms of protesters when criticizing Hongkong and China. Let's see whether democracy exists in US. The 'Beautiful Sceneris' SpeakerPelosi proposes is on show!

Sad What would you call these people...and they aren’t protesters. Protesters don’t set buildings ablaze. This is bad stuff that can swirl out of control, we need a leader to bring the country together and get justice for the Floyd Muncho, Muncho Man watching too many of his ads. American people,especially black people,it's the time to fight for the justice and reject racist!!!biggest enemy of America is near!!!

Why the FUCK DO THE POLICE HAVE THEM BIG ASS STICKS! 1960’s all over, only thing missing are the DOGS!!! 美式國安法 唐納猪下令出動美國大兵可槍殺和平示威者 非裔美國人 是你們奪回應有的基本生存人權的時候了 非裔美國人加油 我們與你同在 in Hong Kong,they're democratic fighters, in USA, they're thugs, really great American president and great government👍👍👍 if you really want to fire, the peoples anger and endless struggle will be waiting for you

Destroying the only open stores is brainless killing jobs and essential stores during a pandemic this is the mayors fault he needs to be removed they already started by arresting those covering the situation as it unfolds.trying to blindfold us from witnessing what's happening This is just Trump's way of saying he dgaf about Black people in America.

So 'Orange Man Bad' says they were 'thugs' aaaaand ......? I'm neither a Trumper nor a lunatic, but yes, those were thieves, looters, who used this excuse to rob & destroy small business. In short, 'thugs'. I agree w/ him this once. Sometimes, very rarely, it happens. I shudder the thought if blacks similarly emphasize their 2nd Amendment Rights.

“没有——,只有——” No no no. He called the people LOOTING thugs. Stop twisting shit. The US is being destroyed from the inside. Soon under the orange lump, there will be a civil war and violence everywhere for years to come and he is trying to control the internet too. North Korea will have nothing on you America. How do you like your freedom? TrumpIsHate thugs

This is misninformation at its finest. Protest fine. Loot and burn things, you get shot. My fellow Americans realDonaldTrump is right We demand to be treated fair in AMERICA He is a joker Good for him. They are thugs. This is the media’s fault. They justify this kind of behaviour. These are not protesters and this was not a protest. This was a riot by thugs and criminals. The media is responsible for pushing race when we don’t even know if it was a racial issue yet.

Trump is a dictator They treat them like animals so they riot like animals Looks like he’s forgot why this is happening! Thing is, if jack banned Trump from Twitter (which he *can* do), Trump’s approval rating would probably go up. He’s actually hurting Trump by allowing him to stay on Twitter, thereby making Trump’s racism, cruelty, and stupidity clear for all to see by allowing Trump to tweet.

They are thugs; what’s the problem? He’s exactly right. Looting isn’t a form of protest. It’s using a tragedy as an excuse to destroy innocent people’s property and steal their things for personal gain. Looters dishonor that mans death! Running home w/ a 50” stolen TV isn’t a protest it’s grand larceny!

Ppl-protests-words r ignored 4 past 30yrs. Elite/Congress/Judges don't listen only care/cater 2 money 4 Powerful/n Constituents. Justice not fair-Congress gets away with Murder/sex scandals/bribery/Tyranny w/set up system-protecting Congress n sends less powerful/poor to prison Donald Trump Got Ink In Your Paper NOT The Legendary Lawsuit MALLERY VS NBCU Yeah Call IP Attorney Steven Lowe In Beverly Hills,CA He Wrote Death of Copyright

Awful. Terrible leadership. Horrible person. Not a leader. The Blood Is On Your Hands 2. Because You Made Donald Trump A Star Donald Trump Got Ink In Your Paper NOT BLACKARTISTS That Rock THERE ARE 9 LETTERS IN MANHATTAN & 11 LETTERS IN MOHAMED ATTA & ATTA WILL BE IN manhATTAn ON 9-11 copyright August 17,2001 By LUBA ARTISTS TheTwins

IMPOTUS must go. Some of these people are in total chaos, looting, burning buildings, and potentially acting terroristic to their fellow neighbors. But the keyboard warriors are insulted at the word 'Thugs'. Hahaha! Wow, does some of these social media platforms pull them puppet strings well!?! This sums up America’s problem...

How do you spot a Trump supporter? They talk out of both sides of their mouth. It’s so infuriatingly ironic... reading this thread and seeing the same people that were attacking Biden for his comments last week are now supporting Trump’s tweet about shooting “Thugs” Thugs They are liberating Minneapolis like he asked the other protesters a few weeks ago!

Thug in chief has spoken. Trump desperate to go to war with citizens!!! Dispeakable ........ this is the similar action which WHITE HOUSE encouraged inHONGKONG, any suppress will be recorded as freedom violation I hope the so called leaders of free press condemns this as ardently as they have been doing in case of INDIA. BlackLiveMatter washingtonpost TIME TheEconomist

Nearly two hundred thousand children were killed in Syria! ! ! Where was the media and why didn't they support it! ! ! Now you are so busy with one person. Sorry for you fake media. Trump's limited vocabulary coupled with his unlimited ignorance once again demonstrates that he is incapable of leading our nation. He must resign now.

It’s 20 fucking 20 and the US legal system still functions so poorly that police officers - the first line of protection for civilians - killed a black man who posed no level threat. It’s disgusting and it’s gone on for too long. This issue begins in the White House. Fix it. They are thugs. Burning down blocks of businesses, cars, threatening people, they’re crimes

So your saying looters never did any shooting you dont think that happens it does happen thats what he is talking about He is referring to the looters already causing unnecessary violence and death... And then richardreeve317 decided to do this: Who told you to do that Richard? Are you proud realDonaldTrump? FBI abcnews Provocateur THESHOOTINGSTARTS THUGS THUGTRUMP

U know,Trump is more and more like CCP,CCP is more and more like Great America... : ( SUPPORT America protesters from Hongkong, fight for freedom !!!!! Support protesters support hongkong realDonaldTrump I mean the shooting happens anyways. If you wanna intervene, use your federal dollars to create better training programs for cops instead of threatening your own citizens.

HK rioters stand against Trump. People who burn down stores and steal are thugs not protesters. Let's burn everything in sight...Let's steal everything in sight....There's a car; let's burn it...Typical NY Times response... Well get off your ass NOW AND DO SOMETHING !!!! Says the biggest looter in history

Stating that Trump is calling those who are protesting thugs is quite literally lying to your readers and spreading fake news. He is clearly talking about the smaller group destroying a city. You had your smoking gun with the last line of the tweet. Why lose credibility by lying? i wonder if the DA might have found a moment to maybe do his fukking job

There's very clearly a difference between looting and protesting. The THUGS burning things down are making the protesters look bad. Don't tell me ALL the protesters there identify with the criminals causing chaos amongst them. Shameful manipulation by media & Twitter execs. connie_walker Did the President just threaten to shoot Americans?

richardmarx This failed leadership! Why would the President say anything like this! But Hillary’s emails... The same situation as in HK:no response from government-violent protests- Governors blaming and suppressing violence- more violent protests.. a vicious circle Once again showing that the Supreme Leader in the White House can't handle a crisis situation

hongkong protesters:beating,looting arson,trump said hongkongers fight for freedom and democracy. but Minneapolis protestors, looting,arson,trump goverment said shoot them.Absolute double standard Anyone supporting Trump after today is no longer an American. MichaelRapaport Correct me if I'm wrong but Trump pointed out if the gov and mayor don't get their shit together he was going to intervene and help instill normalcy....

Blame the police thug who started all these. The economy was frigle, the people are fragile, now the stupid police officers have cost the city billions. It disgust me to hear Trump call protesters thugs. Floyd had a life that was taken away from him . And that tweet was marked as promoting gang violence by Twitter. I took this photo myself 3 minutes ago

I mean robbing and looting random buildings would label someone as a thug The U.S. government should safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people to express their own demands. morgfair It is time to shut down Trump's twitter acct. It is clearly evident he is inciting potential violence and further human and property damage. This weak kneed response from Twitter is only validating use of this platform for violent extremism. Punish me if you like, I don't care!

Trump is on your side you fools. Your community is being destroyed. The military will protect the businesses because the police are no where to be seen. What a disgrace. Your not helping your cause. By stealing and burning buildings. Isn't threatening to sic the military on demonstrators (who are US civilians) illegal under the Posse Comitatus Act (another new thing I learned due to this shit show of a presidency)? Oh who am I kidding, that still won't get him removed from office (let me be wrong about this).

Trump is evil Does he think he's being cute & clever with this ugly little rhyming touch to his threat? So not amused. ⚡️💢 He’s just as crazy as Nero. But instead of playing his fiddle when Rome burns, he will be swinging his golf club as Minneapolis burns. Hong Kong's thugs should be glad they are in Hong Kong

Oh my god! A rascist in the whitehouse is just horrible. 'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable' - JFK Isn't this repression an atrocity on a larger level? The U.S. government has violated human rights.This is a very bad government and we strongly condemn it.👎👎👎

Proletariat rage erupts against agents of the bourgeoisie and in turn, they destroy their own community. Sounds familiar. Stop fearmongering by spreading Trump's Twitter tantrums. MichaelRapaport Cluster fuck leadership It is not protesting when you burn things down, loot and destroy property, that is looting and rioting.

The death of Floyd also raises the issue of leadership within the Minneapolis Police Dept and the wider political leadership of the city. The police officer seen with his knee on his neck has had 18 COMPLAINTs, 3 involving shootings, against him & yet allowed on the streets Let the rioters burn the city down...just don't blame Trump.

They aren't the only ones with guns, we guns too!!!! Trump’s the thug. He incites bad behavior realDonaldTrump FBI. DOJPH GOP GOPChairwoman senatemajldr Shooting? As if we have no guns... You must send tanks!!! hong kong protesters are not thugs,they are heroes,whats the difference? The big picture escapes Donald Trump again. Sure, shoot all the protestors to get to the thugs (2%) Those who were protesting peacefully (98%), too bad, they shouldn't have been there. Remember Charlottesville.. there were good people on both sides

Can not believe! A president who doesn't deserve this name! A president who spreads hate and racism even trampling on democracy and justice! Bring peace to your people, not war! Victims become offenders! Did you guys know that Minneapolis has cops using their knees on people's necks as their POLICY The city has been controlled by Democrats for 40 years!

MSNBC said they were peaceful! EnemyOfThePeople We really need a new president. I’m exhausted of this occupier. whitkarm 'Intervene' is a cool new entirely gutless, shamelessly bourgeois we-can-totally-be-neutral-on-a-moving-train euphemism for 'massacre,' guys. RemoveTrumpNow US is ripe for another long civil war between the 'the tolerants and the racists', the situation cannot remain the same.

We support the American people in their struggle for their rights and their freedom, and we are with you. They are innocent people! We stand with Black people!!! Easy & convenient to focus on looting. The real issue is the systematic police brutality against African American men and other racial minority groups. The world is watching America including its media. You cannot advocate for ppl in Hong Kong whilst ignoring worse at home.

The President knows that thugs rioting will end with murders and the police have abandoned the field. As a country, a democracy, we have to vote this man out of office. Once he is gone, the country can begin to heal. How presidential. President Thug !🤬 This is disturbing. What Trump said is very dangerous. This is not okay. Now what? 😳

This man has no place in office. No one should vote for him in November. The military states of America What happend to 'very fine people on both sides'? What a mess. We desperately need a new President Human rights violations. It's high time, China or some other foreign government, to carry out an intervention in USA. As was done in Libya. Black Americans need to be saved.

There good people..... sounds familiar trump theLittleman, realDonaldTrump, has probably sent agitators so Trump could be the big guy making threats while hiding in the white house, Fight for democracy, fight for equality The court must bring those police officers to justice, thats how a the system works, its not for the audience to go rioting, and its a shame that the democrats cant solve their own mess, nothing has changed since 1991 what happened in LA, I’m not wandering if MN will be red

they are not thugs, they are fighter for freedom and antidiscrimination, fight for racism Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! Coup d’Etat! GeorgeFloydWasMurdered BlackLivesMatter BlackOutDay2020 TheRevolutionWillBeTelevised

MichaelRapaport And you wonder why this is happening FTP and realDonaldTrump He threatened to fucking shoot ppl, not “intervene” Those are the seeds he sowed and now his reaping . No, no, no, they are freedom fighters, such a beautiful sight! Police brutality! You made the mess you can live in it....no bailouts

America is a third world country in a Gucci belt. 你说香港废青是“英雄”,香港暴乱是“靓丽的风景线”。现在轮到你了,这就是你要的英雄和靓丽的风景线🤚 Dishonest reporting again from former newspaper NYTimes 我們要求美方合理傾聽民眾訴求,這只會加劇民眾與政府的矛盾。明尼阿波利斯的行為是合法正當的遊行活動,這嚴重侵犯了美國公民的自由權利。😂😂😂 The idiot got stopped! Un-fucking believable Trump - please do the world a favor and take the first bullet. minneapolisriots GeorgeFloydprotest GeorgeFloydMurder

In this time,could him remember what he had said about Hong Kong? Protesters in China: fighters for freedom. Protesters in USA: thugs. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 In America, there are no thugs, only tyranny. Wonder who the 'real' thugs are ... Now that’s a president! MichaelRapaport Correct term Vocal about the looting. Silent about the murder. I see y'all

Trump needs to be removed immediately or be forced to resign. This country will not survive another six months with him at the helm. Hong Kong protecters operate much more violence than this…… If I was a black man in America and the police wanted to talk to me (guilty or not) I would be scared for my life. That is how you know there is a major problem.

Free Blackmen! Yes... they are thugs. This was counterproductive to their cause. This should not be controversial- geezus He did not talk about the killing of the black American citizen!!!!. 😡 Please sign & share the petition to remove Trump from twitter! not thugs they are US citizens driven to insanity by the system, for not having access to healthcare to free education to a right to have a roof over their heads. this is the result of the profit and wealth driven economy.

realdonaldtrump has the revolution on his hands he has been working so hard to kindle. He calls sadists like the police officer goodpeople and protesters thugs. He keeps this up and those riots will spread to every city in America. VoteBidenToSaveAmerica Are you going to just REPEAT it, or can you do any actual fucking service here?

People fighting for justice, those thugs just take it as an opportunity to get what they want Thugs🤔 Of course Trump not a racist because MoscowMitch said so. TrumpRacistInChief Racism TrumpMeltdown TrumpGate The biggest thug of them all is in the White House. how about HK protesters ? do you still support them ?

A beautiful sight of behold. Really hope someone blows the fly-blown shit between his ears out. The US still have klansmen for police officers....it's no gonna change anytime soon,racism has always found a fertile soil in the US than anywhere in the world! Double standards especially in Hong Kong thugs _________

As a UK citizen, I'm disgusted by the murder of George Floyd by police officers. But I'm equally disgusted and shocked by your president's provocative and callous response of, 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts.' Stay strong America. You are in our thoughts and prayers akstanwyck Shooting protestors is not an intervention, it’s extrajudicial murder.

MWSmithLover this is insane! Outrageous! The National Guard shouldn’t shoot unless the looters are armed, & most of Carmen Sandiego’s crooks involved in the looting aren’t even armed! But the criminals from Battlefield Hardline are! MinneapolisRiot The same people, the same behavior, in the United States is 'thugs', in Hong Kong is 'citizens'?

I know the looting is wrong, but these people are so angry, and understandably so. Nothing they do is changing anything, and racism is just getting worse. Desperate people do desperate things. A path forward needs planned. After they burn entire city, Please don’t forget to Cancel food stamps and housing assistance. Then we will see .

If they are looting, they are thugs TheKingCenter Last 24 hours, result of 45's insanity...over 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in America, he tweets threats upon the lives of Democrats, and threatens to shoot Minneapolis citizens with 🇺🇸 in shock watching a police officer murder using his knee to lynch a handcuffed Black man!

Fake news running with a fake narrative again! YOUR President is merely saying that once the looting starts then the shootings will start. NY Slimes, Enemy of the People Why U called these people thugs? on the other hand U said Hongkongners fighted for freedoms when they did the same way? You got rymes huh DOOFUS POTUS?

Rosa Parks is here✌🏻🔥 Two wrongs do not make a right . . . let's pursue this tragedy in a peaceful way as hard as that is for some. The actions of a few do not represent the many. We must treat everyone with the respect we expect. It is hard. I know they mistreat us so easily, but love one another Shameless, what did you say about the mob in Hong Kong?

أميركا_تنتفض Twitter...oh I say Twitter.... 45 just tweeted out a violent call to action against the people of Minneapolis...why is his Twitter account still active? We are barely in May... ohh gosh this year is exhausting All Americans need to stand up for their freedom and democracy. America, stand up.

Hp locoooooo And what about the “thugs” who murdered GeorgeFlyod! Those are are the real thugs!!!! In Hongkong you see the same thugs who are destroying the city and attacking on police, attacking on civilian who disagree with them! Instead of calling for peace, the President incites more violence. wth is wrong with him?

These people are not thugs, they are American citizens tired of being killed in the streets by cowardly cops using Nazi tactics on them. Good. Hope he puts words into action. The great USA, the land of the free, interfering everywhere, but not dealing with the problems at home 🤮 Yes, he did because they are thugs! This is a well-funded $$$ riot with paid Antifa members. Brought to us by the same people who bought and paid for the Migrant Caravans! 😉

Fascist. He is a TRUE FWICK. How the F is he President and America's people are literally dimb arses if he is voted into office again. Trump is right. This is unacceptable. They are ruining people's lives and livelihoods. No THUGS....just some Very Fine People! What a leader realDonaldTrump institutionalised racism is very dangerous.

Tell the whole story OF WHO IS STARTING THE ROITING AND LOOTING! He was correct in what he said The same thing is happening in HK, why you and your gov don't call them ’thugs ’? 这是一道美丽的风景线! 他们只是手无寸铁的平民,他们只想民主自由的表达自己的意愿!他们是平民不暴徒,希望美方克制,不要做出违反人道的举措! 善恶终有报,不是不报,时候未到! You are just stoking the fire by orienting this.

The hate groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter are doing most of the looting and burning. They are thugs. Those who think it's ok to burn and loot are THUGS.. I know that you think they are victims of an unfair system which is BS. MylaReson Trump and Bannon also agree “When bad times come, then I’ll get whatever I want,” Donald Trump told Barbara Walters in an 1980s interview.

ALL LIVES MATTER That’s what they are WHAT DO YOU CALL THEM well behave citizens , you guys are such idiots This is anarchy just for this man would be to make sure the cops that did this are in jail and his family is taken care of. They are threatening the lives of millions. For one guy come on people not worth it. Its tourism at this point

He is just.... Y'all have no idea what's going on here. It is fucking insane. There's probably 40 places burning right now. And 2 days straight vans filling our neighborhood streets parked and each coming loaded with protesters from out of town. It's getting wild. put fat check. ..promoting violence lol

I wonder the lives the African American will have for the next four years after the election... Think of it with this maniac. floyd died for a supposed forged check and now the “president” wants to massacure people over petty theft and property damage. how do any of these things equate to murder spoilers they dont. the looters dont even represent the protesters

This it’s us versus them mentally needs to stop. So much negative being done right here its sad to watch. No specific profession is racist, there will be people in all professions that will show hate and we need to stand together against those individuals not destroy a community NY Toilet Paper Times I reported his tweet. All Americans should report it.

“真是一道靓丽的风景线啊~” The white Killer is called a terrorist!! these racist white bigots are the terrorist of POC and they continue to kill by joining the law enforcement. investigate covid19 coronavirus COVID19Pandemic ICantBreath investigate EndRacismInAmerica They're not thugs.The police are!Black people need to breathe!But white people don't give

Is there a live of downtown Minneapolis? No reasons for looting. Where is Law? I doubt if protesters do loot. Like the virus he wants it to burn its course like a fucking wildfire We will stand with ppl in Minneapolis! Fight for freedom! Fling USA gov! Fight for independence! Appealing all Indians to BoycottChina products & services TikTok_IN tiktok_us Huawei HuaweiMobile Lenovo Lenovo_in XiaomiIndia XHNews ChinaDaily MFA_China POTUS PMOIndia EconomicTimes washingtonpost PDChina ChinaRealTime SCMPNews Echinanews

That bitch looted the WH 3.5 years ago now what? To suggest even more state sponsored violence amid Floyd death while in police custody, a failed federal response to Covid and the resulting 100k+ deaths is the height of recklessness. We deserve better. Stand for george floyd “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” Trump is advocating allowing the military to open fire on American citizens. “Our cruel and unrelenting Enemy leaves us no choice but a brave resistance, or the most abject submission; this is all we can expect” George Washington

Race baiting media .. God will surely deal with u all ! But the White Supremacists in Charlottesville are “very fine people” You got what you always wanted. Use those guns now, Americans! Isn't that what you've guns for- fight a tyrannical government? You should include the historical reference of ‘when the looting starts the shooting starts.’ It’s a quote from a racist Miami police chief back in the 60s. I think it’s relevant.

Before anymore buildings/businesses are destroyed w/ possible innocent people harmed, he's called in National Guard to stop insanity.Thugs is mild word for burning down buildings, looting. What does stealing tvs, air fryers, shoes have to do with protesting an injustice? NOTHING “Intervene”? That’s an odd way to spell “shoot citizens for property crimes”?

There ARE Protesters, and there ARE SOROS PAID THUGS. Wake up people. Something stinks in this intentionally incited Civil Uprise, doesn’t it That's Freedom Yet another example of how Trump fuels his racist Trumpets Can't believe the Great American is headed by a Crook like Trump. with everything the country is going through, this is the leadership we get?! seriously 😨

protestors? I think you mean rioters! they are terrorists Guess all the extra criminals who were released have found something to do. The thugs are the cops. BlackLivesMatter Should be happening in DC! 4lisaguerrero TrumpOwnsEveryDeath That’s how most whites view blacks, IT’S BLACK PEOPLE’S BUSINESS TO DEFEND FOR BLACK PEOPLE’S RRIGHTS.

I believe he is sending code words to his white supremacy connections. That's the pot calling the kettle black Don't just threaten. The town is burning down. Too late. Threatened to kill them. He threatened to kill them. Let’s get it right. 'protestors'? WTH do u call rioters?! Scare tactic from the police most likely!

Do something really useful and beneficial to your people ! ! satisfy what they want. Just JUSTICE. Is it to hard for the strongest country on earth ?it seems like u are really good at blaming on others. Godbless America❤🖤 So sad to see people aggressiveness So sad to see people aggressiveness There will be more. The deaths of blacks at the hands of white cops has been a long simmering pot that boiled over. While I may not agree with the burning and looting. I certainly understand it.💔

double standards, they are supporting the violent mobs in Hong Kong, while on the other hand they are strict and using barbaric measures to control the peaceful protests in Minneapolis Stay strong Minneapolis! ✊ Beautiful scenery. It's time to take actions against these thugs I think a civil war would be appropriate as a minority I dont feel safe when politicians and police offercers are around... I pay a lot of taxes for this shit quality of life.

The evil Trump regime has to be overthrown. the minnia police killed the black man in denver and columbus You love to see it. So is the whole social distancing mandate not in affect? Or are these individuals going to spread the virus and kill their communities? Hong Kong? What else would you expect....people are fighting to LIFE! Look beyond your own home...block...neighbor.

FAN THOSE FLAMES NYT it only strengthens Americans thoughts that DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica realDonaldTrump not fallin for any of it. 100kdeadand40Munemployed You are enabling domestic terrorism by not calling out this criminal activity Press conference by County DA, State BCA, and FBI was total disaster......2 hrs late added to tension causing riots....showed all their incompetence....what is the next one going to be like?.....total failure to act by all officials...shameful!

That’s not a protest here the difference btwn the two.. Wtf is wrong w your headline what they did in the name of justice is a CRIME NOT A PROTEST THATS WHAT WRONG W THE MEDIA The police started tear gassing people who weren't doing anything in Denver. It's insanity. Not cool guys, seriously...Me must maintain some order!

This is insurrection - the Prez needs to ask Congress to suspend habeas The Boston Tea Party of our time No doubt soros funded both the demonstrations and gun fire Trump just gave the green light on Twitter to kill protesters They’re called riots, not protests. O Brasil necessita de um protesto desse . Shut them down boys BackTheBlue

They need to haul those murderous cops in ASAP South africa all over again. cop fired the gun They are false flag terrorist attacks. The power of the people is stronger than the people in power. Spread violence, get violence. It's the bad side of Karma. Why the fuck do the police have explosives? Noon. Get the marshmellows!

i hate this country HK Riots:amateur Sigh...the city is looking like a war zone by the hour. The mayor is requesting the National Guards, but considering what's happening on the ground...a war zone should be treated as a war zone. Send in the army. So the response to a horrible murder by one cruel and evil cop has caused masses of people to seize the opportunity to smash and rob, looting for personal gain, showing America who they are. Is this really who you want to be? You are demonstrating nothing but disgrace

Lol do they actually think thats gonna work? I don't get how they can't defend their own stations smh. Minneapolis's Democrat Leadership has Failed it's people I am against violence and destruction of property. However this scene plays over and over an example needs to be set. First time immediate fire but not good enough, where's the arrest. We need an example like the court made of me and my daughter. I call for a public hanging!

We see the resultsof economic inequality everyday in anger bitter divisions between working poor over what they see as limited resources in a $20 trillion economy controlled by a few billionaires. A basic income essential to unifying society calming tensions Nothing like using a racial slur in an article about racism

Chihuahua's assemble. Let's step back. We can all fix this. Inky is on the job! Good job Unti there is respect NO THEY NEED TO GET CLOSE TO THE BUILDING. ALI BELCHI SAID IT WAS A PROTEST NOT A RIOT. THE NATIONAL GUARD SHOULD TAKE THE SAFETIES OFF AND CHARGE THE RIOTERS OOPS I MEAN THE PROTESTORS. the reason was different but the terrorism is the same to HK

Just two days of protests, and they are calling out the National Guards (military soldiers) to shoot dead the protestors. We HK people endure a year of this, and you Americans all cheered and call the HK thugs 'Democratic freedom fighters'. Still, no troops on the HK streets. Who cut the gas lines ? Why didn’t they remove explosives?

NYT doing cop propaganda. Meanwhile... The protesters are doing great, they should keep the pressure on at least until they recieve justice, it's never going to happen otherwise. The protesters are in dangers now. Professional Anarchists, shipped in by georgesoros, supported by the FakeNewsMedia If only they cared this much about the people that have been murdered by the police. Smh 🤦

Leadership is arresting all the cops. Lack of leadership is doing the opposite. any reason why you’re using protestors rather than rioters/looters? Send in the National Guard! Let em in and pull it. Savages I’ll say what most people are thinking. If it blows up and stops the minneapolisriots MinneapolisRiot it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Too late 'protests'. That's good. Well if the people rebel against their politicians,who do you vouch for pussy Why Putin do it? Punish the police for his malicious killing. Stop spreading irresponsible speech. The price of life can be shown either in the compensation and justice or the anger and protests. The cost of injustice killing can be way more than salary of four police officers.

This is terrorism. If this goes to court and gets tossed (again). What will happen to the courthouses in light of this? I'm ashamed of the whole thing. Protesters might get what they want, but the rioters will never see justice in this system again even if they do. Or let Darwinism take its course This wouldn't have happened today if they indicted the cop. When people say, 'No justice, No Peace' I guess they really mean it.

STOP- now you are behaving like that cop 🛑 TrumpsBaseKilledGeorgeFloyd Trouble in this polarized African state as security forces, aligned with one of the main racial groups flee a police station after the brutal slaying of a member of the Lack tribe.The UN Security Counsel has condemned the govt which so far has remained mute amidst the unrest.

They're lying and you're spreading it. It’s a riot. Not a demonstration... When Pompeo said Hongkong is a beautiful scenry,I would like to say now this is a beautiful scenry in America! ... the tragic death of George Floyd, my latest interview. It's terrorism at this point. Give them nothing Piss poor democrat leadership in Minnesota GovTimWalz and MayorFrey , your sh1thole is burning, where is the National Guard?!

I'll bet most the ppl burning down this Covid 19 ravaged hood DON'T LIVE THERE. How r the sick ppl going to get food meds. I'm a mom of a Balck man & grandma of 2 grandsons. It hurt my heart to hear George calling for his mom😭 but burning down a sick neighborhood AIN'T THE WAY! Good! Antifa? Soros' paid goons? Investigate what's going on, NYT!

this could all be avoided if they just put those murderers in jail. This is the freedom and democracy that you encourage Hongkong to chase for. You don't have to be Tucker Carlson to understand that looting and setting fires is not protest. In fact, it is counter-protest, because the people who wish to demonstrate peacefully are no longer able to do that.

Breaking News: RIOTERS breached a police precinct in Minneapolis as demonstrations escalated for a third night over the death of George Floyd yea i wonder if theres a solution to this 🤔🤔 o w8 how about arrest the murderer and the riots will probably stop? smh corrupt af cops a cop does something rong the blacks destroy everything and steal from shops unbelievably

Demonstrations..... all I see are rioters. people talk about the damn police that kill criminals when they rob others, but they ask those same policemen for protection to protect your assets Stop calling them protesters They’re monsters. They are looting stores and throwing shit on fire doesn’t solve anything

Please look into officer Jacob Pederson and his involvement in starting the riots. I hope these murderers suffer the same fate as they did with George Floyd Keep pushing until justice is achieved. Someone was very harsh when his tweet was... This is Trump's MAGA, sad to see this country now America deserve it. they doesn't repect Black-Skin people, no repect to low end people, no respect to asian people. Mr. President Trump is a bad example.

Let them be in fear! Let them feel how the people of the streets feel when they are treated like animals! Only when action like this is taken is when proper protocols will be put in place when dealing with these situations! Stop the abuse of authority! Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of a people Who will not be slaves again

All we know is that pictures were taken But is it enough to stand witness while photos were taken? Mr. George Eastman said, “what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.” I am an American © Rudel Simon Third world state This is freedom, this is democracy, this is a beautiful landscape. The new coronavirus is so rampant that it makes it hard to breathe, while the law enforcement is so violent that it makes it impossible to breathe. May the light of freedom continue to bless the United States

“protestors?” Hong Kong gansters did the same thing in the name of democracy. Stop begging and demand what you are willing to die for and mean it!!! When the American people are in the midst of the epidemic and riot, the us government is most concerned about the human rights issue in Hong Kong. We Chinese are really moved.Thank you ,US!

Only President Obama can calm down the nation and the people of Minneapolis. PLEASE step in Sir. BarackObama POTUS44 ObamaFoundation Sounds like a local branch of MENSA. America a space with mediocre race relation amongst citizens, bucked up by racist administration in todays' world shame on you.thanks to social media.

Oppression is not a Governor closing your favorite bar or restaurant during a pandemic. Oppression is a Minneapolis Cop’s knee pressed into the back of your neck so hard, that you die begging for air. His name was George Floyd. As ms pelosi said: it is a beautiful landscape! We are about to see a nationwide police strike! Ammo sales will skyrocket.

The *killing* of George Floyd. It’s on video. What else do y’all need? Nancy. pelosi: beautiful scenery,,, why HK cockroach don't propaganda here, they disappear here By the way, US always supports protesters if they do exactly same things but... in other countries. good Can't be surprised this is happening cause peaceful protest haven't changed a thing

Those who breach a Police Department are not protesters, they are criminals and arsonists. we are living history right now. This is not ok for this kind of riots & destruction but Don Lemon didn't have a problem with it last night!! The police that have/are being attacked had nothing to do with what happened to Mr Floyd but those same officers who's paying the price will be called for help!!!

ICantBreathe Racism is tearing American society apart. The American government believes that it is possible to kill any black man on the grounds that the black man has slave blood and will not resist. The human rights of the black community have been seriously violated Doesn't the police department have access to a machine gun?

He crossed the line when he smothered Floyd to death and to add salt to injury he had his hands comfortably in his pockets... This is just a small price they have to pay Minneapolis and many of our major cities have been run by a single political party for decades. The people of these cities replace the faces while leaving the party power structure untouched. Improvement will only come by a return of multiparty politics to our cities.

Democrat Governor Democrat mayor Democrat chief of police People across the United States will organize a larger protest on May 31 to express their anger at the police 😡 What Country do I live in?... We're the hell is the police and or Military protecting this community and BUSINESSINESS... I don't know what was worse anymore, the police murdering someone or the police not protecting it's community. This mayor and Govenor needs to be fired ASAP.

It's a war. There are four police officers who started it. It's awful. It's sad. Murder can lead to war. Oppression can lead to war. The injustices have created anger and it's been building up for a long time. The dam is breaking. As a Black mother of a young black man, I am horrified. All I can think of is this poor black man yelling out for his dead mother as Derek Chauvin suffocated him while as Tou Thao stood by smiling. Can we get the empathy shown for abused dogs? We are HUMAN!!!! blacklivesmatter

It doesn’t help your cause to riot and destroy. It just makes you look like maniacs! Follow Kings methods, you would get a more positive reaction. The action is the same like happened and happening in Hongkong. Please be clearly, in Hongkong the protesters are not only destroying the city, they are attacking on police, and beating people who did disagree with them and try to stop them! They are criminals!

Since when do protesters 'breach a police precinct'? I always thought somewhere along the line from peaceful protests to breaking into a police station, you cease to be a protester & you become a criminal. These are NOT protestors, they are simply deranged criminals who need to be removed from society. The fact that TheDemocrats don't understand that proves they are unfit to govern. GOP TheTeaPartyNet

PAID PROTESTORS. MOST OF THE PROTESTORS ARENT FROM THAT TOWN. THIS SITUATION WAS USED TO CREATE MORE ISSUES. I SMELL SORO👹 Keep burning until they listen This does not help at all. Cannot understand why no arrest; but these riots, burning buildings and taking down the city is only making the situation worse. Rioters are not closing the divide- they are widening it. I sincerely hope private property, homes and people remain safe.

This ain’t protest it’s looting go on 明尼苏达,五大诉求缺一不可:1释放因为骚乱被抓的美国市民。2成立监查组调查美国黑警暴力执法。3解散美国黑警。4取消大选提名制,实现美国人民真普选。5废除美国国安法,还美国人民自由。 Burn down the whole city of Minneapolis so the police will learn their lesson not to kill a black man anymore. RACISM IN MINNEAPOLIS MUST STOP! BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter GeorgeFloydWasMurdered

These are full out riots by pos humans. Bring the guards, citizens need to protect themselves..gear up guys and gals. BlackLivesMatter!Floyd'sLIFE GONE! Guilty needsSWIFT PUNISHMENTByLAW!BUT DON'T LISTEN2NARRATIVES MEANT2DIVIDE US!BattlesWreWon!BLCK LIVS REALLY MATTR NOWat NEWJuncture:Rugged Individualism,IndepLdrshp,freshIdeas,thnkNoutsideThe box,Don'tFall inlineWithOldStereotyps ofWhatSuppos2B

All of this could’ve been avoided had they arrrested the murderers right away. Good. escalate 使……上涨 使 ……升级 使……恶化 Results of Abhorrent racism practiced and repeated by the white man over the years in US..and then they tell you about human rights here and there..look insider.. disgusting . Likes law of jungle in the white man aginst all colors Pepole in in US but worldwide.

I thought Rev Al fixed this. What gives? Not enough $$ changed hands? Way to go! If they could burn those officer’s houses it even better! minneapolis Laying waste to your community seems a counterintuitive way to elevate it or to raise awareness of injustices. People suck precinct 步行区 警区 选区 What is going on in America? The detereation of the United States of America over the last 4 years is just mind bogoling. Is this making America great?Quite frankly, let’s go back to the old America. Let’s go back to a kinder place, where we looked after each other. We cared.

United The people POC and other Minorities build America not white racist bigots. covid19 coronavirus COVID19Pandemic ICantBreath investigate EndRacismInAmerica AllLivesMatters JusticeForFloyd This is exactly what happened after the 4 LAPD cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted. Except no Minneapolis blacks have murdered a white person in retaliation. Yet. If they get no justice they might. GeorgeFloyd

breach 违反 破裂 I'm glad this happened Bunch of a-holes using George Floyd as an excuse to steal things and destroy stuff. What a beautiful sight to behold *Terrorists Protesters? I think you mean rioters Those rioters/arsonists/looters, err, 'protesters' remind me of a pit bull in a frenzy. Normal cerebral cortex functioning definitely lacking.

RIOTERS. They aren’t protestors. News flash, looting, burning building and cars are NOT demonstrations Severe punishment of malicious homicide police. Support the African-American people in their fight for their rights So, exactly how far have we gotten with non-violence since the '91 Rodney King beating? Here are a few folks you may want to ask: Eric Garner Philando Castile Michael Brown Stephon Clark Tamir Rice Terence Crutcher Charles Kinsey Freddie Gray George Floyd And WAY too many more!

Looting, rioting, thugs. There fixed it for ya Protesters: Don’t treat all black ppl like criminals. Protesters: *treat all police like criminals. So those idiots probably don’t realize it’s THEIR tax dollars they’re burning right Children in HK can show Minnesota a few things about peaceful protest. Looting and arsons at the shops are just criminal acts. This is not about blackmatters any more; this is a display of stuck on stupidity.

These are NOT protesters .. these are looters. It's a damn shame they are destroying all these businesses. Hungry? Job? Need medicine? Crimes? Emergency? Everything is up in flames in Minneapolis. Go elsewhere to get the things you need. Certainly NOT a way to honor GeorgeFloyd Shoot them. Not seen a single leader pleading with protesters to calm and not to destroy public or private properties. SAD!

My only hope is that the world is in God's hands at this time. He would not leave us on our own good BlackLivesMatter, justice for George Floyd, fuck police😎👮!!! kaitlancollins I wonder how the “killer” feels now... because of him this city will not stop till justice is done!!! -BlackLivesMatter Why are they not arresting those cops? My god put a end to this maddness!!

It’s LEOs fault this is happening. End story. So tragic. Where's humanity, State of America? MorganFogarty These people are not helping matters. water dropping plane. you put out the fire and give the rioters the first bath 90% of them have had in weeks. Time to send in the NG and give them lethal directives if necessary. The looting and burning of businesses that have nothing to do with the MPD or George Floyd is unacceptable. Put the animals down now...

kaitlancollins Ahhh remembering the LA riots after Rodney King. Koreatown went down and it sucked. Hopefully cities don’t burn down. VOTE! PS Koreatown in LA is like four times the size it was -thriving like you wouldn’t believe...till covid Wasn't burned enough. 🔥🔥 kaitlancollins Whose streets? Trump is protecting the cops. The US Attorney for Minnesota said Trump and Barr are involved herself at the press conference today.

Why not protest peacefully like Hong Kong? What about the rona!!!!!!! No more racist... NO MORE!¡¡ No more police brutallity... no more silence... If George Floyd hadn't swindled a merchant with fake bills, he would still be alive. Wonder if all the good drugs are gone from the evidence lockers Free America?😱

It's Blursday during a pandemic. Are things bad enough yet? This is the state with all my kinfolk. This is beyond ghastly in all regards. So much grief and sadness. Heartbreaking. The protesters were beaten by the police. Aye y’all idk if you heard but George Floyd was murdered, there was a transgressor, fix your piece

We can never know - but I bet the racist fringe of the Minneapolis police department wouldn’t have murdered a black citizen in broad daylight if we didnt have a RacistInChief Looking at the still shot of that officer with his knee on that mans neck with his hands in his pockets instantly reminded me of posing with a proud kill. Like they do when they have brought down a 10 point buck. I have a son and 3 grandsons how do you protect them from this

This is truly, truly, pathetic. This will change nothing. Way to go, destroying your own city and acting like wild animals. These walking garbage piles should never be able to benefit from police or fire services, ever. till criminal cops punished with death penalty, this protest should be continued. icantbreathe JusticeForGeorgeFloyd 😡😡

A beautiful scenery. liamstack REOPEN America No justice no peace Good You can't keep treating people like shit and not have them fight back and release their anger. Si George Floyd no hubiese estafado con billetes falsos a un comerciante, seguiría vivo.

Protesters gather in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killedWATCH: Protesters filled the streets in Minneapolis , Minnesota, at the corner where George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a police officer. GeorgeFloyd Why does this continue? Does nobody in power care?! Rodney King that!!! Yes my brothers speak for him , show them we will NO LONGER stand for racist officers

Hundreds Protest in Minneapolis After Death of George Floyd in Police CustodyDemonstrators reportedly faced tear gas and rubber bullets in the city where George Floyd , a 46-year-old black man, died in police custody on Memorial Day Each death in unjust captivity, Each persecution with no cause shown Sows a seed of vengeful hostility That sprouts in places unknown & It takes but one malignant blossom, A fruit of unassuaged enmity To wreak such reckoning so awesome Shall level generations in posterity EVIL

Hundreds gathered in the Minneapolis intersection where George Floyd died after police encounterAfter George Floyd 's death, hundreds packed the streets of Minneapolis , many gathering at the spot where he was pinned to the ground by police shortly before he died. Demonstrators chanted 'I can't breathe,' which were some of the last words he uttered. Justice for George POLICE Brutality MUST end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're not against whites.. we're against the cops, they're our enemies.

Protesters clash with Minneapolis police after George Floyd death: Here's what we knowThousands of protesters gathered demanding justice for 46-year-old George Floyd , a black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck. Now those thugs should face murder charges Is it a community thing were your only allowed to kill your own? We all know that George killed in a argument or drive-by doesn't matter. Hundreds or thousands 😬? There's a big difference 😓😥😢😰. Closed down the precinct today. I wouldn't report to work today if I was a officer 😬.

What We Know About the Death of George Floyd in MinneapolisHere's what we know about the death of George Floyd , 46, who died after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee into Floyd's neck Shame on the land of the free because of the brave,shame upon you white supremacists...monsters just after celebrating the freedom day in the US what we fucking know, is that he was barbarously killed by a Cop which is supposed to protect us instead. This scumbag must go to jail forever. Those racist white cops needs cleansing, revenge is sweet for devil's BlackLivesMatter

Crowds protest in Minneapolis after death of George Floyd, but investigation will take timeFour Minneapolis police officers were fired after the death of George Floyd , who was black. Whether his death will be considered criminal is unclear. Wait... are protests allowed again? I thought we all agreed that protests spread COVID19 and 'putting lives at risk'? Have these people signed waivers or something? Or is this okay because it is not conservatives doing the protesting? What investigation , when everyone can see how a wicked act was displayed in a broad day light .. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️. Why not put that white policeman to law. And let justice prevail .. So it's ok to protest now?