George Floyd Minnesota protests updates: No charges announced as officials ask for 'patience'

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The Department of Justice has made the investigation into Floyd's death a 'top priority,' Erica MacDonald, attorney for state of Minnesota, said at a press conference.

After a second night of protests in the wake of George Floyd's death Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called in assistance from the National Guard.The death of George Floyd, a black man who was seen pinned down in a video by a white police officer and later died, has caused outrage in the city of Minneapolis and all over the country. Residents of the city have protested his death since Tuesday.

"It is critical, it is essential, it is imperative that the investigation is done right and done right the first time," she said."And that is what we are going to do."Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman asked for"patience."He said his office has been flooded with calls on the status of the investigation.

Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order activating the Minnesota National Guard following Wednesday night's protests. The National Guard Adjutant General will work with local government agencies to provide personnel, equipment, and facilities needed to respond to and recover from the protests, according to Walz's office.

The families have called for a congressional hearing and a national task force to create new bipartisan legislation that is aimed at ending racial violence and increasing police accountability.


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He should have been arrested the same day he murdered GeorgeFloyd that's what we R all upset about, plus this keeps happening!

There doesn't have 2B an investigation, the whole🌎 knows it was cold blooded murder! We 👀 it with our own 👀 it was MURDER

What's the FBI investigating ?! all they have to do is watch the tape and see Floyd was murdered.

Yes do that before the rioters and looters burn the whole place.

I don’t think they need to destroy their city now, that’s just stupid.

How does it make sense to burn down your own neighborhood? How does looting Target or burning down Auto Zone have anything at all to do with Floyd?

Justice delayed is justice denied! We are conditioned to suffer peacefully! You can give me novocaine, but the pain is still there! Suffer peacefully, black man, suffer peacefully and maybe ‘things will change’ in another 400 years. Enough is enough! I CAN’T BREATHE!!!

That press conference was a cornucopia of words meaning nothing. My intelligence was insulted. Freeman & Macdonald are a joke. And Freeman has the audacity to reference Mohamed Noor. Tone deaf & clueless. Macdonald is a Karen, trust me!!

Хорошие слова

How can that be when there are no charges, probably cause anyone and the officer has 18 incidents prior to this holy hell!! Please god save us!!!

Outside liberals destroying liberal residents.....liberal logic 101

No death whether accidental, purposeful, or calculated justifies looting, burning, and vandalism. My thoughts are with the Floyd's family during this horrible time but they are also asking for calm while peacefully protesting.

We need a new amendment to the US constitution, i.e. Freedom To Breath! It is a basic human rights to breath freely. No one should be allowed to hinder a person's free breath of air by any means, at any time and in any circumstances!

Will any of the looters be arrested?

She’s a liar like all Trump associates.

who is going to pay for the businesses that where burnt down or the stores that where looted, The city looked like a war zone after black lies matter and antifa got done with it, She can't wait for the investigation or the autopsy to be done

Bill Barr's Justice Department are dripping with concern for the African American community. At least i a state Trump won't win. Funny how they were invisible in GA when Arbury was gunned down by Trump supporting rednecks.

They’re going to burn that city to the ground because of this bullshit.

Burn the motherfucker down!!!!

Since this news conference was delayed by 2hrs, I thought for sure they were going to come out and announce they took the perpetrators into custody.

There's really nothing to investigate... The video is evidence enough

Politically correct - got it! Self-preservation - got it! The right words to keep everyone calm - got it. ✅✅✅

Arson, looting and rioting should be called what it is. If you cannot call it what it is, then it will be right to say that Adolf Eichmann obeyed the laws of war and was loyal to his flag.

THAT was a whole lot of NOTHING! Still need MORE video and witnesses? this does not bode well for justice.

The video seemed pretty clear. When those who have the power fail to act with integrity, the rule of law is lost.

BenCrumpLaw When this attorney who was appointed by Trump immediately said Trump and Barr was watching I knew this press conference was going to be a clown show

Look for Barr to re-assign her

FBI as soon as now and the police need to be in jail till proven wrong

Look like tRump is hadeling business. What a sad sack

Poor Guy

America has no Department of Justice.

They’re not going to charge those officers.

Police protectors white supremacy. No accident police have no problem protesters bearing nazi flags, confederate flags, KKK sheets. Hey freedom white supremacists speech. Peacefully protest supremacist police brutality & murder: Out comes tear gas, rubber bullets, clubs, gunfire.

wsbtv Don’t forget she said that Trump weighed in and the murdered police proudly wears his MAGA hat on YouTube , notice how he’s mocking Kapernick by kneeling on this mans neck, that was purposely done😌

Can we stop pretending like these riots have anything to do with George Floyd? Because they don't...the cops have been fired & Trump ordered an FBI investigation BEFORE the rioting started.

Why oh why would you even bring up Barr and Trump as donlemon said that was the LAST thing the people exercising their right to protest need to hear

Best arrest and charge real damn soon! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Well apparently tRUMP and other white privileged asses are, but that’s all! For now?

The investigation must occur, and it must be flawless in order for there to be absolutely zero confusion on the facts. It must be documented so finitely as to stand against a team of union attorneys looking for any miniscule shred to defend these officers. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Trump must get votes from blacks and colored.... RIP Floyd

Listen to the words of Malcom-X

Bunsh of bs that will fuel the frustration of the people. There is a saying called seeing is believing. That video is so graphic and condemning, that all the officers in charge if they dont get executed then life in prison.

Hate to break it to anyone but the Department of Justice could care less about black men being murdered by police. They haven't done anything meaningful up until now. Why does anyone think they will take action now. They won't. They work for Trump, not the American people.


Trump told cops to rough up those the arrest. He is complicit.

What’s left to investigate? 18 complaints prior to being fired, involved in another shooting, picture clearly indicating he’s racist and video evidence of killing George Floyd. This is ridiculous. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

We’ve seen talk before and we won’t stop until we have JUSTICE for all involved.

WHY NO ARRESTS YET? US Atty Erica MacDonald (DMNnews) appointed by Trump, RacistInChief, on 6/11/18. She was 2 hrs late for today's press conf w/useless info. Prior to this appt, GOP fmr Gov Pawlenty appointed her as judge for the 1st Jud Dist of MN. GeorgeFloyd GOPCorruption

To the FBI: I say BS. The video of the murder is more than needed to warrant arrests. Your just wasting time to fraudulently placate & blow smoke up the Minneapolis community. Trump & Barr ordered you to bury it! Get these thugs of the streets even as civilian

This request for more videos.. I’m disgusted! What more do you need There is a recording of a murder!!


If the politicians don't start doing their jobs and protecting American citizens, more Americans will just renounce their citizenship and go live in a better country that knows how to protect their citizens. Not fair to the US the lazy, racist politicians don't even do their jobs

They will no stop until justice is done!

ok...(wait 10 seconds)...done!

She ain't done shit until the cops are under arrest

ThereIsNothingToInvestigate GeorgeFloyd

I am very suspicious of this person . This is not the first time something like this has happened under her watch .

This was the second rather obvious misstep by the authorities in the wake of the killing. They know it and so do we. However violence protest is less effective than persistent, unrelenting civil disobedience. Don’t squander this opportunity. minneapolisriots GeorgeFloyd

To the FBI: I say BS. The video of the murder is more than needed to warrant arrests. Your just wasting time to fraudulently placate & blow smoke up the Minneapolis community. Trump & Barr ordered you to bury it! Get these thugs of the streets even as civilian

Let’s here the whole truth. So if you don’t get you way it’s ok to trash a city...

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