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George Conway Says Trump Should Be Impeached If He Sicced Ukraine On Joe Biden

George Conway says Trump should be impeached if he sicced Ukraine on Joe Biden

9/20/2019 5:15:00 PM

George Conway says Trump should be impeached if he sicced Ukraine on Joe Biden

The lawyer says the president should be ousted "without delay" if a report is true that Trump told Ukraine 's president to investigate the 2020 Democrat.

The conservative attorney, a frequent critic of the president, was referring to a report in British newspaper The Independent that Trump allegedly told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden if he wanted to improve relations with the U.S.

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Three House committees launched an investigation last week to determine if the president, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and possibly others pressured the “government of Ukraine to assist the president’s reelection campaign,” the committees said in a statement. The panels have demanded a transcript of the July phone call.

It’s possible the call is linked to a secret complaint from a whistleblower in the intelligence community reportedly concerning Trump and a troubling “promise” to a foreign leader. The Washington Post and The New York Times reported Thursday that at least part of the complaint involved Ukraine.

If this actually happened, @realDonaldTrump should be impeached and removed from office without delay.— George Conway (@gtconway3d) September 19, 2019Giuliani said in a CNN interview Thursday with Chris Cuomo that “of course” he recently pressed Ukrainian officials to investigative Biden.

“So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden?” Cuomo asked.“Of course I did,” Giuliani answered. But then he clarified: “I didn’t ask them to look into Joe Biden. I asked them to look into the allegations that related to my client [Trump], which tangentially involved Joe Biden.” 

Giuliani said Trump had “every right” to tell Zelensky to investigate corruption — though he insisted he didn’t know if the president did so.Story continuesTrump has been calling for an investigation into Biden’s connections to Ukraine since a Times report in May. According to the newspaper, the former vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees in 2016 until Ukraine removed a prosecutor Biden had accused of doing nothing to fight corruption in the nation. But the prosecutor, who was removed, had been investigating an energy company whose board members included Biden’s son, the Times reported.

If the report in The Independent is true, pressure by Trump on the Ukrainian leader would mean a U.S. president essentially invited a foreign power to investigate an American citizen, which would benefit the president’s reelection campaign.In June Trump said he didn’t see anything wrong with accepting negative information about a political rival from a foreign power. “It’s not an interference,” the president told George Stephanopoulus on ABC. “They have the information! I think I’d take it.”

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Who cares what Conway thinks? Why? If Liberal corruption us found then it would lead back to Obama. Everyone will know the truth about the corrupt Liberal government. Joe Biden and his family should be charged with extortion! Obama should have been impeached when he promised Putin more flexibility after the 2012 presidential elections. Of course mainstream media got whiplash looking the other way. Obama is the most coddled human being ever.

Arrested too Tяussians need to all be indicted for the Treason Conspiracy that they are guilty of for the last 40 years. Who cares about what some Deplorican says to another Deplorican. I only wish we had an accurate news channel that would not interview Deploricans at all.

Whistleblower complaint related to Trump involves Ukraine: reportShane Harris, national security reporter for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that the whistleblower complaint related to Donald Trump that Trump's DOJ is fighting to prevent the ODNI from sharing with Congress involves Ukraine . People MUST understand that realDonaldTrump is very well aware of his fate if he loses the next election; So, he will use any & all means, including committing outright crime to stay in Office; We haven’t seen anything yet; I predict perilous times ahead How about the conversation Obama had with the Russian President saying he’d be more “flexible” after the election? 🤔 Biden involved in dirty deal with Ukraine

Trump call with Ukraine at center of inspector general complaint, sources sayPres. Trump's phone call with a foreign leader that has become the focus of a complaint to the director of national intelligence's inspector general involved Ukraine , multiple sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News. Sure...... Would that be a discussion about Biden and his sons activities in Ukraine?

Whisteblower complaint about Trump involves Ukraine, report saysThe complaint made by an unnamed intelligence official about the president centers on Ukraine , the Washington post reported. Anyone supporting this guy should be slapped square in the face Promises to get the criminals ? Uh oh joe 😂😂😂

Whistleblower complaint against Trump rocking DC involves Ukraine WAPO reportsThe Washington Post adds to its reporting about the whistleblower inside the Trump administration who reportedly witnessed the president engage in something troubling enough to tell people about it – it involves a phone call Trump made to Ukraine . What will make the GOP say, “Enough!” I have no faith in Government. Nothing will happen because they don’t know how to deal w/corruption. Pelosi won’t budge. But was this “urgent?” This is very serious and impeachable, but this story was reported a while back. I personally think it has something to do with the spy. Did Trump “promise” Putin he would hand over the spy?

Trump call involving Ukraine at center of inspector general complaint, sources sayPresident Donald Trump's phone call with a foreign leader that has become the focus of a complaint to the director of national intelligence's inspector general involved Ukraine , multiple sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

Ukraine Is Ready to Investigate Biden’s Son—if Trump Makes an Official RequestMark Makela/REUTERSKYIV— Ukraine is ready to investigate the connections Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden had with the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings, according to Anton Geraschenko, a senior adviser to the country’s interior minister who would oversee such an inquiry. Geraschenko told The thedailybeast So they need $$. thedailybeast They just released the aid to Ukraine yesterday and now this. We have to know what the whistleblower complaint is all about thedailybeast Do it! We’re tired of the Obama administration corruption being swept under the rug. Start jailing these corrupt players so we can avoid this type of lawlessness in the future.