George Clooney to Produce Ohio State Abuse Scandal Docuseries

The star's Smokehouse Pictures is teaming with Sports Illustrated Studios and 101 Studios for the project, based on an article by Jon Wertheim.

2/22/2021 8:12:00 PM

George Clooney and Smokehouse Pictures will produce a docuseries about a decades-long abuse scandal in the athletic department at Ohio State University

The star's Smokehouse Pictures is teaming with Sports Illustrated Studios and 101 Studios for the project, based on an article by Jon Wertheim.

The series, which hasn't found an outlet yet, is based on an October 2020storyby Jon Wertheim, which detailed a long list of allegations against former Ohio State sports doctor Richard Strauss and university officials' lack of response. Sports Illustrated Studios and 101 Studios are producing alongside Smokehouse Pictures.

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"This article uncovers the most widespread sexual abuse scandal in the history of American higher education. It is a story about power, abuse, enabling and the hierarchy of college sports that had been concealed for far too long," said Wertheim, who will be an executive producer of the series."Because these courageous men made the decision to remain silent no longer, we can finally begin to hold the abuser, and those who were complicit in their silence, accountable for their actions — and inactions. With the help of 101 Studios, [

SIowner] Authentic Brands Group and Smokehouse Pictures, their voices and stories — harrowing as they are — will be amplified."Said Clooney and Heslov in a statement,"We're very pleased to partner with 101 Studios andSports Illustratedin bringing this devastating and tragic story to light."

Wertheim's story includes an account from former Ohio State wrestler (and UFC champion) Mark Coleman about Strauss' alleged sexual abuse and administration of steroids to athletes. Coleman also alleges that Jim Jordan, then an Ohio State assistant wrestling coach and now a congressman, knowingly ignored Strauss' abuse.

The university quietly released Strauss from his position in the athletic department, but he remained a tenured professor at Ohio State. He also operated a private clinic near the Ohio State campus until committing suicide in 2005."It's enormously important that we continue to shine a light on this ongoing, painful story and further explore its wide-ranging effects" said Marc Rosen, president entertainment at Authentic Brands Group. "We are lucky to be able to tap into the exceptional journalism of Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim and we are incredibly proud and humbled to bring even more awareness to his investigation."

Authentic Brands Group formed Sports Illustrated Studios in partnership with 101 Studios last year.Clooney, Heslov and Wertheim will executive produce the Ohio State docuseries with Jamie Salter, Corey Salter and Marc Rosen of Sports Illustrated Studios and David Glasser, Ron Burkle and Bob Yari of 101 Studios.

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jon_wertheim JimJordanKnew jon_wertheim Maybe he should consult gym Jordan for background 🤔 jon_wertheim This is more for Entertainment than it is for Anti-Defamation League context? jon_wertheim I hope that this can be affirming and, to some extent, healing for the victims and their families. jon_wertheim Gym

jon_wertheim Uh oh, Jim_Jordan. GymJordan jon_wertheim Will Jim_Jordan be making a cameo? jon_wertheim Plot twist blet Jim Jordan gets introuble this time sportsterchic jon_wertheim Who is going to play Jim_Jordan jon_wertheim Joe Biden Tara Reade Sexual Assault Scandal... jon_wertheim Why Not just do one of Thousands of Hollywood Sexual Abuse Scandals...

jon_wertheim _CWise_ ... jon_wertheim Yawn. More shitty Clooney movies. He’s so overrated. jon_wertheim Jim_Jordan you scared? MKRIZSA50 jon_wertheim Hope Jim_Jordan is crapping in his pants JimJordanKnew AuntCalls jon_wertheim jon_wertheim Jim_Jordan this u? jon_wertheim Paging .Jim_Jordan jon_wertheim Oops

jon_wertheim Because of course they are. Hollywood has to come in and make money off of it. jon_wertheim Finally. Cancel culture coming for tRumps pick for a Medal of Honor, Gym Jordan! jon_wertheim We may hear the pig squeal for the LAST time. JimJordan jon_wertheim If Anyone Knows Child Abuse It Is George Clooney. He Bravely Spent Years Visiting Epstein Island.

jon_wertheim Yo 111victories jon_wertheim The bravery of these men for coming to terms with their abuse, & the risks with going public. I wish them strength, & hope they aren’t retraumatised w/this exposure. OTOH,there’s the cowardice of Jordan,whose seemingly complicit silence allowed it to continue. TimeToPayThePiper

jon_wertheim Well that ought to end his hopes of residing in the OH Governor’s mansion. jon_wertheim No wonder Jim Jordan is always on the attack. He is trying to get off the karma train tracks. Ruh roh. Jim_Jordan jon_wertheim Fck George Clooney 🤡 jon_wertheim Look out Gym Jordan Jim_Jordan Oooh, Jimmy 🤦🏽‍♀️

Gym Jordan should love this news Maybe Jim_Jordan will run to Cheeto for assistance. 😁😆😃 Love George for THIS!!! jon_wertheim A 🎁 for Gym Jim_Jordan So happy to hear this great news! Thank you! SmokehousePictures Ohhhhh boyyyyyy! Sh*t just got real Jim_Jordan !! Gym Jordan is DONE. 👎🏽 👎🏽 👎🏽 Make sure you focus on “Gym Jordan” Clooney!!!

Gym Jordan...... Another idea: Docuseries on training staff abuses at Michigan State. All the the BIG 10 family. Indeed Hey Jim_Jordan, if the heat's got you sweating, maybe you should take a shower? When will one of these Hollywood types do a docuseries on the decades long sexual abuse scandal in the Hollywood entertainment industry? hollywood GeorgeClooney basalted

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Really think that would be best left alone, for the sake of the victims. WHY Why not go after the BLM and Antifa about who is really behind all of the terrorism they placed on this country. Another fact finding witch hunt. Republicans worst nightmares jon_wertheim GrantHESLOV jon_wertheim AuthenticBrands RonBurkle jay_salter davidglasser this is an important series to make. Thank you. Please make sure it comes out before the midterm elections

Thật lòng muốn làm bạn, ko phải là người đang có gia đình Will Jim_Jordan portray himself or have a cameo appearance? SAY HIS NAME lisaminshall58 Will little gymie Jordan be playing himself in the Clooney doc ? Will Jim_Jordan play his disgusting self? jon_wertheim still waiting on that Harvey Weinstein film.

Who is playing the Gym Jordan role? The Gym Jordan story. jon_wertheim Jim_Jordan here you go. Try to get some sleep. 👍 RUH ROH. HAS GYM rolled up his sleeves yet. jon_wertheim Jim Jordan is a disgrace and it's about time he's held accountable. I'm a veteran and a regular working guy running to unseat him. Please follow/RT to join our team and help FireJimJordan.

Doh jon_wertheim GymJordan wasn’t available for comment As an Ohioan and a Buckeye fan, thank you. As one who despises Jim Jordan, my gratitude is boundless. Please explore his heavily gerrymandered district as well. Cast Kevin Sorbo to play Gym please! Kevin hasn't had a gig in decades. Does Gym Jordan get a cameo 🙊🙄

Bravo George Clooney!! Plz be sure to feature Gym Jordan's complicity!!! Plz & thank you!!💙💙💙💙 Oh is this karma calling Jim Jordan name I’d like that to come out about 2 months before election day. Thank you. Watch out for a random pressure gutwrench 😂 It needs to be done. George Clooney will make sure the whole story about Gym Jordan's part in the cover up is told.

Isn't George Clooney's wife a human rights lawyer? So, makes sense. Would have liked to see more of this sooner. 👏👏👏 jon_wertheim About time GymJordan was taken to the woodshed Do you know what my favorite thing in the world to watch is? Docuseries. Bonus: wide exposure of GymJordan jon_wertheim what an entertaining topic

Is GymJordan going play Jim Jordan? George needs to hire an actor who is 5 foot 4 inches to make sure Jim Jordan is depicted realistically with his Napoleon complex. LANYEntertain etnow enews Gym Jordan........if you're listening...... 😮 jon_wertheim CC Jim_Jordan how pumped are you for this? Draft titles: Naked Truth...or Exposed

injuryexpert BaseballDo Oh Jim....🎯⏰ Please include this slimeball Jim_Jordan GOPChairwoman GOPLeader ComplicitCorruptGOP KerriRice16 Can't wait for the Gym Jordan reenactment! jon_wertheim Jesus Christ...aren’t there any stories or shows or documentaries or movies that aren’t about abuse and tyranny and hatred? Hate and anger and pain sells so well today I guess.

Good lets get it out around September-October of 2022 if not sooner BEAUTIFUL...loud mouth Jim listening? Great idea. Next do Hollywood. karaswisher Cool. Will Clooney play one of the gymnasts? jon_wertheim YESSSSSSSS GeorgeClooney Ohio thanks you🙏🙏❤ Love this!!!!! Yeesssssssss I hope it will include Rep. Jordan's part in the scandal..

jon_wertheim GymJordan is always whining about cancel culture, George Clooney is about to cancel him over the Ohio State Abuse Scandal, it’s about time! ShutUpAmanda Yes....been waiting to see who would do this Ru rho!!!! Gym Jordan front and center!!! GymJordanKnew I’m here for anything George does Awesome

morgfair jon_wertheim Good this needs to be done jon_wertheim Jim_Jordan Hey Gym, thought you'd like to hear about this. Who do you think they'll get to play you yogaskidogs As a graduate of Ohio State, I am happy that George Clooney is digging into this tragic abuse. Bring down Gym Jordon, Mr. Clooney.

jon_wertheim You need to inform George 'Ralph' Clooney that there was no contemporaneous evidence accusing the coaching staff of wrongdoing according to an outside firm's investigation. Moot point. So much for Looney Clooney's phony docuseries. morgfair jon_wertheim Wondering how JimJordan is going to feel about this-hope he is mighty worried

Unbelievable. So a gay doctor becomes a joke to college wrestlers & then many years after he dies 2 con artists use the media’s hatred of Jim Jordan to gain enough publicity to force Ohio State into some meager settlements & now George Clooney is making a movie about it?! Unreal Deonde hon se puedes.... Mo’aī

johnmanly jon_wertheim My sympathies to the actor who has to portray the cowardly weasel Jim_Jordan jon_wertheim Unbelievable. So a gay doctor becomes a joke to college wrestlers & then many years after he dies 2 con artists use the media’s hatred of Jim Jordan to gain enough publicity to force Ohio State into some meager settlements & now George Clooney is making a movie about it?! Unreal

jon_wertheim LETS GOOO JIMMY. LETS. FUCKING. GOOOO. Jim_Jordan jon_wertheim Do Penn State next jon_wertheim Long overdue. 😓😓 Cc: Jim_Jordan ouchie. Jim_Jordan 👇🏾 Cc rolandsmartin SteveSchmidtSES ProjectLincoln TheRickWilson RealDLHughley sunny jemelehill soledadobrien GMA JoyAnnReid ABC robreiner MichaelRapaport Lawrence

Jim_Jordan jon_wertheim Gym Jordan: “So, Clooney plays me, right? And I’m the hero for, you know, looking the other way. Right?” jon_wertheim we'll see if QAnon boycotts Nestle. (Think coffee...) MAGA MOLESTING ADOLESCENT GUYS ACCEPTED Gymmmeee won’t be happy. jon_wertheim Now❓ is, who'll be portraying .Jim_Jordan ? 👀

oooh did anyone tell Gymmy? Jim_Jordan is wondering if Congress is still a safe place to hide out. jon_wertheim Starting Gym Jordan? VintageLovely19 Jordon is gonna be fucked jon_wertheim savetheplanet by saving our children Ted Cruz should play Jim Jordan jon_wertheim Get excited Jim_Jordan This is going to end badly for Gym Jordan

jon_wertheim Lmao. C.C. Jim_Jordan Jim Jordon Will finely be exposed for doing nothing when the Wrestling team told him they were being Sexually Abused he looked the other way.. GymJordanKnew 177SexualAssaults SexualDeviant Correction: use either Ohio State or The Ohio State University jon_wertheim Who will play Jim Jordan?

jon_wertheim Man I just now realized Clooney’s gotten old. I guess he’s gonna take Connerys spot now. jon_wertheim jon_wertheim Wow. Good deal. Do it, Jim Jordan is a skater. Finally. I predict he will encourage a boycott of any service which carries the film, while accusing Clooney of trying to cancel him.

Ooooh, get Jim Jordan's ass Jim_Jordan grab your popcorn This Buckeye is ready for some real light to shine on this story. Thanks George! O H Gollum as jim jordan Excellent. It’s time people learn the truth. I'm sure, Republicans (GOP) would like to forget about the insurrection at the USCapitol on January 6, 2021, however, I think, there will be movies (hopefully, full sagas) made to remind us all of what happened and WHO made it happen.

Wait...Jim Jordan Please tell me Jim Jordan is in this movie. Not literally, of course. The character. .Jim_Jordan can you please comment? Haha! pattonoswalt could play Jim Jordan!! PattyArquette That’s awesome. jon_wertheim *THE ohio state university It’s Gym Jordan’s time in the barrel. Who is playing Gym Jordan?

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻F A B U L O U S jon_wertheim Jim_Jordan I can’t WAIT!!!! Will Jim_Jordan be playing himself? jon_wertheim Bravo! jon_wertheim Go get him, George. jon_wertheim Yo, Gym Jordan! Jim_Jordan Hey Gymmie.. I bet you would like to cancel this! Good. It’s about time Gym comes clean.

Jim_Jordan you might want to go ahead and lawyer up now.... jon_wertheim Oh you know he's coming for Gym Jordan. That's Amal Clooney's man. Good!! Bring the hammer down on Gym et al karaswisher Rep Jim Jordan Jim_Jordan helped to cover up the sexual abuses according to former student athletes. GymJordanKnew

As eye popping as this news is, I hope the project can bring some awareness and good for the wrestlers/athletes involved. A spotlight and resolution is long overdue. YESSSSS!! Mmmm. Who should play Gym? jon_wertheim UH OH jimmy j! jon_wertheim gymjordan Go ahead, George. Get Gym Jordan. jon_wertheim I guess Clooney hates JimJordan just as much as the rest of us do. Obviously important to show what happened here and how it has affected the victims.

Peeee___?dough---Klewwwneeee jon_wertheim Is he going to play Gym Jordan? Gym Jordan about to definitely not commit suicide in the same jail cell as Epstein. No wonder he’s decided not to run for office next year. jon_wertheim And Jim_Jordan will be playing himself. Yay!!! Clooney's father was our local newsman for years and Clooney was raised in Greater Cincinnati area ( border Kentucky & ohio) so i am glad he's shinning a light on this

WrittenByHanna 🍷 ohhhhhhh Gym Jordan.... Jim_Jordan who do you want to portray you? Jim_Jordan ee01091 Goerge Clooney is sick of Gym Jordan's shit GymJordan GymJordanKnew Thank you George!! Who Gym ? Gym Jordan is shitting himself rn. Was Jim Jordan negligent in not protecting wrestlers? What did he know? Could he have done something about abuse or harassment? Should he be held accountable for allowing abuse or harassment to occur? I’m guessing he let the wrestlers down.

Tic toc Gym Jim_Jordan Should be interesting!!! 👀👁‍🗨 George Clooney is among the few great things produced in Kentucky. And that’s how you do it. Chef’s 💋 What about Denny Hastert, Gym Jordan's mentor. Will Gym Jordan be interviewed? Watch out Gym. 🤣🤣🤣 Jim_Jordan Gym Jordan needs to resign Great it’s about time. To take this guy down . Rats on the runwhat goes around comes around

I love this guy. Maybe Gym could. Be an expert witness The Jim_Jordan biopic has arrived 🎥 Jim Jordan is currently thanking God for gerrymandering. This is just one more reason to love George Clooney, as if we don’t already have millions of reasons. How about a movie on the decades-long abuse amongst the Hollywood elites?

Jim_Jordan is about to go through some things. Time for Gym Jordan’s time in the barrel. Dude gets blow jobs by tiny girls on boats in venice and wants to talk about abuse. Hollyweird truly is insane. Who has to play Jim Jordan? The sooner the better!! Not all heroes wear capes. Oh wait... charley_ck14 Ohio is this about gym jordan

I'm about 50 miles from Jim Jordan's district and I still heard him pucker up in fear. Gosh a documentary with facts instead of hearsay amazing idea. I’m honestly surprised how the fathers of these young men haven’t surrounded Jim_Jordan because I know my dad would’ve. shaunking Jim_Jordan Buckle Up GYM!!!

Hey Heslov, you know what would be an even bigger blockbuster? Dr. Drop your Pants from Michigan. Oh YEAH!!! Maker sure it comes out before the 2022 election and proves that JIM JORDAN is an abuser Now do Michigan State Oh Goody a pick me up movie, finally. :/ Is Jordan playing himself I wonder who will play Gym Jordan? His complicity will be on display for all to see. It’s about time he was held accountable.

This will be a “Fuck you, Jim” production. Well, I’m sure Gym Jordan has been a self imposed full Nelson since the news broke. Oh Thank goodness ByeGymJordan Who's gonna play Gym Jordon,,,where he holds the kids down so the ' perp ' can have his way with them👶😭🙈🙊🙉 😳Gym Jordan...... That’s wonderful thank you

Thank you George Clooney and Smokehouse Pictures I guess I will miss this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Shine light on it swshindler elindburg Jim_Jordan about to go through some things... Ohhhhhh, baby! Way to go, George! This is good news. Now everyone will get to see Jim_Jordan for the sexual abuse enabler he truly is

It's going to be tough to find a makeup artist that can accurately capture Jordan's skin tone of weeks old fish stored at room temperature. I just hope they don’t cast George Clooney as Gym I’d be very disappointed This is going to be fun. I feel for the victims. But getting Gym Jordan’s participation (or lack there of) will be worth a good public airing.

adrianamblack Hey Jim_Jordan. Suggest you take a break from twitter! It's not going well for you 'bro. I. Can’t. Wait. To. See. Complicit. Gym. Can he get Beavis to play Gym Jordan? Excellent, how’s poor Gym going to combat George’s considerable bankroll? 😆😆 ...looking forward to the Clooney produced docuseries about Cuomo’s COVID-19 nursing home scandal. 🙃

GabbieRose26 Finish Jim Jordan for his role. 😂😂George is coming for you Jim_Jordan buckle up GymJordan play time is over!! Oops, looks like Gym Jordan about to get some unwanted publicity. Good news for Sites4Congress Will Jim “NAMBLA” Jordan be playing himself? Oh Jim_Jordan, looks like they’re playing your song

Is Gym Jordan being depicted? Who will play JacketOffGym? “The Gym Jordan Story” So ...who cares Yay!! Jim Jordan needs to be investigated! Courageous💖 Jim_Jordan will be played by Woody Allen? OSUSexualAssault Will Clooney's character be named Jym Jardon Cho người cơ hội, cũng là cho mình cơ hội Now we see the truth.

Please have this released before the next election. Gym jordon needs to never hold office again. Bring Rep. Jordan's bad deeds to the public eye Would be really great if it came out before the 2022 mid terms. Be sure to mention the idiot Jim Jordan by not speaking up. Jim Jordan is shaking in his boots. I hope George Clooney ends Jim_Jordan with one bang on screen!

Bravo 👏 George Clooney ❣ Jim_Jordan gonna be GymJordan ‘d . Hahahaha. Fuck you Jim_Jordan Perfect! I hope they cast some asshole, redneck, chud to play GymJordan. And I apologize in advance to the actor they cast.... The part of Gym will be played by Gollum. The sexiest man alive vs. the dumbest man alive.

nicoleperlroth Jim_Jordan JimJordan Starting Gym Jordan. 🥳🙌🏽 Who’s going to tell Jim? The OSU. WOW! We will appreciate it very much!❤️ Anything to make a buck huh!? PnwLuna Did you write this? Jim_Jordan Is that why Jim Jordan is not running for re-election? 🤔🤔🤔 cc: Jim_Jordan Thank you, George. I LOVE YOU GEORGE!

Lol the one gym Jordan was involved in? Yasssss!! A documentary on Katie Hill would be hotter. Anue555 Jim Jordan? Doesn't he have cancer? Jim Jordan might be a bit worried at this point. Too tall. Oh how I love me some GeorgeClooney Hey George, get Jim_Jordan ! Finally the details will be known and what Jordan knew at the time. And he knew everything. I’m sure this will be excellent. Too bad so sad Jordan

It’s always rich when someone like Clooney produces something like this especially when his own industry that he makes millions from is so scandal riddled it makes Swiss cheese look appropriate for a sturdy foundation. Maybe something will get done with Gym Jordan finally Oh my jacketless Jim. Oh my oh George 😍

YASS! Never underestimate what Clooney is able to bring to the table. Will Gilbert Godfrey play Gym Jordan’s part? Maybe just voice-over? cc: Jim_Jordan Jim_Jordan how you doing? Hey Gym! Jim_Jordan you hear about this? Oh look! Gym has a biography coming out! Congrats Jim_Jordan 🥳 👀 Clooney’s going after GYM Jordan YES

Oh wow Gym Jim_Jordan a docuseries that you'll have a starring role in. Aren't you so excited? GYM JORDAN cindyk2000 Starring 'I see nothing even tho I like to watch' Gym Jordan!!!!!! The Gym Jordan story ...hahahahaha .. bye bye Jordan Finally The truth will come out! Jordan has been able to keep this quiet and his role in it off the radar so far

WTG, George!!!!!! I hope Jim Jordan is exposed! Featuring Gym Johnson chrisruffing Rep. Jim Jordan, you’re up. Glad there is an epilogue to the Medal of Freedom This! I love this! AMluvinit2 They’re coming for you GymJordan! 😂 Here we go gymshortsjim... I hope he does more than wrestling. There have been other incidents beyond that.

I think I found who is going to play Gym Jordan AMluvinit2 😳😂 Will you be interviewing Jim_Jordan about his complicity? God bless George Yes....good Oh man ♥️♥️💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸 PuestoLoco FYI Jim_Jordan I hope they can find an actor small enough to play GymShorty!!!! It's past time for TheOhioState to stand up and right this horrible wrong!

Good about time it was made known! The Oh shit 😦 Locker Room Confidential: The Gym Jordan Chronicles. Here come the GymJordan story! Jim_Jordan buckle up sweetheart... bevdevwarrior Expose Jordan for the pos he truly is Who are they going to find with yellow teeth and beady eyes and an annoyingly high-pitched voice to play Jim?

Will Jim_Jordan make a cameo? It should star Gym Jordan as himself. Boom George just Boom⌛💥 Gym gym Why don’t you do a series on Bill Clinton and is sexual escapades. Then focus on Hillary’s cover up. Jim_Jordan Hey Jim. About that wrestling documentary. Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha. Haha Haha. ...and somewhere in a lobbyists office, between sips of cheap scotch and amidst the stench of even cheaper cigars that were rolled on the fat thighs of aryan maidens from Winston - Salem, Jim Jordan's anus begins to pucker.

These guys have been begging people to pay attention to their story for years. The big money at OSU doesn't want the university's image tarnished. Kudos to Clooney. Now the whole country will hear about the cover up. Go George Kevin Spacey as Jim Jordan Prominently starring Gym Jordan I hope Bye Jim. Let me be the 147th person to make a “Jim Jordan - Call your office” joke

So I'm wondering how quickly this could be wrapped and released? The sooner the better of course, like within the next year and a half or so? James Woods to play Gym ... so the hate will be real. Jim_Jordan 😙 Going after Gym Jordan? Who is going to play Jimbo? Jim_Jordan Look out Gym, they're coming for you!

Jim_Jordan maybe you should resign now hm? Will Jim_Jordan be making an appearance as himself? Jim_Jordan this will be real interesting to see the story that you knew about but said nothing. This will be must see tv Can't wait to see that one Jim_Jordan if you get a lot of weird looks at work tomorrow...this is why.

Oh I’m all for this! casting still open Jim_Jordan you can play yourself for once instead of playing with yourself. McmOne Ooh, I bet Gym Jordan can't wait to see that! Jim_Jordan good luck🤣 PattyArquette Skin Gym Jordan. Great ! Excellent initiative ! kat8888 Hi Gym! Gym Jordon will be a star! The adventures of Gym Jordan. You’re going to be a star Jim_Jordan!! Your legacy will be cemented forever on film!

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Oh, yesssssssssss... Wouldn’t it be great to see Gym Jordan’s face when he hears of this? Wonder who will play GymJordan Jim_Jordan you should make a cameo Gym Jordan needs to be exposed! jaketapper Jim_Jordan’s all coming out now!!! Please bury Jim Jordan for his role.

Wuh woh GmyJordan Yes jaketapper George Clooney takes down Gym Jordan!!! nonocarbs Thank you, George Clooney! This may be the key 2not only unseat Gym Jordan from the Congress, but it may do him in all together. I bet he is freaking out with this announcement but the rest of America is clapping our hands & saying 'Thank you, George, bring it on!' ❤️🇺🇲👍🏻👍🏿👍👍🏾😷

As an attorney in Columbus for many years, my only hope is that there isn’t a lot of exaggeration in the story told. There is enough real sadness and evil in the real story we have lived through. Jim_Jordan just so you know Freak_Ke Does Gym have to pay SAG-AFTRA union dues when he plays himself? Bet Jim Jordan is shaking in his boots.

👏👏👏👏 jaketapper Is GymJordan going to make an appearance? Can’t wait for the documentary! Truth will not be silenced and GymJordan will feel the wrath of those that were previously silenced . jaketapper Good. Let's lock up Gym Jordan. Who is playing Gym Jordan? They’re comin’ for ya Gym Jim_Jordan OhioStAthletics OhioState Ohio

Is it costarring Gym the I didn’t see anything Jordan? Wow alright✅✅✅✅ Jim Jordan can’t wait Will Jim_Jordan get top billing? gymJordan Run and hide Jim_Jordan, the truth is pursuing you like flies on cow dung. Jim_Jordan Oh yeah. JesusNarrowWay Oh. Hi Gym. Jim_Jordan Jim Jordan!!!!!!!! GeliEdventures You go Clooney!

KenobiCheated Is this the Gym Jordan bio-pic? Bryan Cranston as Gym Jordan 🤔 Yeeesssss Good for George. Oh, this is gonna be good! Get “GYM Jim” NotHoodlum Well ain’t that interesting 🤣🤣🤣 NotHoodlum Hopefully perv Jim_Jordan gets locked up for the coverup. Gross...🤢🤮 NotHoodlum Hahaha Jim_Jordan NotHoodlum Whoop dee 💩

I hope Gym Jordan is one of the stars! Right on We just tweeted this morning we need a good doc about some of this slime slithering out of DC! Proud to be from Kentucky today, George! Hey Jim_Jordan, who would you like to see playing you in this series? The irony is he’s blatant disregard for standing up for truth and protect his country from hate, division and insurrection has been fully displayed the last 4 years leaving no doubt he did the same to college wrestlers

Gym is gonna hate this! Gym Jordan: Has anyone told Jim_Jordan yet? TravelingUS Starring Gym Jordan as... oh I’m guessing you’ve figured that out..? Easy casting for the role of Jim Jordan. Im sure nobody could play the role better than himself. Time to stock up on the popcorn When will he do one that focuses on Hollywood?

Jim_Jordan Yes!! Is cloontang. gym? You still owe me 12 hrs of lost time watching you movies. Are they paying Gym Jordan a consulting fee? I will be the first in line About time someone told the truth about Woody Hayes! Jim_Jordan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Gym Jordan, look out! Special cameo role by Jim_Jordan! GymJordan

IStarsheppygirl Jim_Jordan must be featured- who will play him? Bevis? Hoping it comes out before Gym Jordan is up for reelection. Bring it on! I wonder if Gym Jordan pulls a self Epstein. Thank you so much for this. Remember who this man is married to... If you think an internationally acclaimed prosecutor didn't consult on this...

GymJordan Ah shit, expose Gym Jordan Yes take down Gym Jordan 💪 Gym Jordan bout to go through some things. Whose going to play Gym? Yes!!!!!! Oh... GymJordan is gonna LOVE this!!! Clooney for Democratic nominee 2024. Can hardly wait to see the Jim Jordan cameo. Oh gymmie boy...rofl. Jim_Jordan RRalstonAgile Poor GymJordan

Hooray! Excellent! Jim_Jordan time to Resign JimJordanResign Who will be playing Jim_Jordan ? I wonder who will play the part of Gym Jordan. Who’s playing Jim_Jordan 🍿🍿🍿I’m here for that!!! Jordan's so shameless amd stupid, he's probably lobbying for a cameo. Me showing up on premier night!... wit my own popcorn!

Christyw277 Where there's Smokehouse, there's 🔥🔥🔥 Just wondering...Weren't these victims grown men in college. As a mother of three sons, I'm confused as to why they couldn't protect themselves. I assume I'm missing something here. jaketapper Please oh, please - let this take down Jim Jordan - who does not deserve, by any stretch, to be where he is today.

I hope it's like Boogie Nights, style-wise Yesss Jim_Jordan are you participating? Just curious..😑 cg_evie I can hear Rep. Jim Jordan already... FAKE NEWS! George Clooney is a wonderful human being. Oh, oh, Gym, buckle up jaketapper Has anyone sent this to Gym Jordan yet?! This is good for several reasons. One is it pushes back on the myth that strong adult men can’t be molested or sexually abused.

Jim_Jordan get you a good lawyer not Rudy. Who is playing Gym Jordan? Gym’s gonna go through some things. Starring Jim_Jordan 👏🤼‍♀️💯👏🤼‍♀️💯👏🤼‍♀️💯 Hey Jim_Jordan....Do YOU play the lead 👏👏👏👏👏👏 GymJordan Please help me bahut barib hu mere pet me darad rehta h I laj ke liye 100000 paise nhi h please help agar ap madat karsake to please help account no 93000100121593 Arun punb0sugb5 age share kare

Uh oh Jim_Jordan!!!! You’re about to become even more famous!!! Gym Jordan, call your office and your lawyer. Bravo George Please and thank you. I approve. Hey Jim_Jordan bring out the popcorn. 👏🏼☺️ RepJimJordan Hope they don't forget ScreaminGymJordan Oh damn. I can feel the fix spin zone gearing up to blame - Hollywood elite, hateful left, vengeful athletes, Q conspiracy that Clinton’s blinded Jordan to what was going on murdered the doctor and made it look like suicide to keep him from outing the Clinton’s

LOL 🤡 My man! Fellow Kentuckian! It’s about time. I don’t care if Hollywood is what it takes to spread awareness. It’s long overdue that these monsters all paid. GymKnew 177Lives If Clooney plays Jordan I am done with the human race 👋 Votejimjordan Excellent topic for a documentary. Don’t you think Jim_Jordan?

Y’all remember that Ol boy George Clooney has come into a bunch of money from “business dealings” and is married to a woman who’s clients are transnational organized crime members? And that he is connected to charities that are suspected of human trafficking? The stories need to be told! Jim_Jordan Jim_Jordan is about to be reeeeeal famous!

Oh—I’m sure they have done extensive interviews with Gym Jordan’s victims! Gym should be very afraid! This guy's not going to be happy Thank you George Clooney! Take cover Gym Will GymJordan star? Hey Jim_Jordan are you going to watch this? Look out jimjordan. Justice is coming for you. Who will play Jim Jordan? Asking 4 a friend

Attn: Gym Jordan The part where Jim Jordan cries on the phone begging a student wrestler to lie for him exactly what the GQP represents Quick and Release the Scum’s culpability. 😳😂👏 Oh, well, I guess Gym Jordan is probably starting to sweat. Oh, this is delicious..... YES!!!! finally justice perhaps for some wrestlers and problems for a certain Gym Jordan!!!!

Gym will be going through some things. Good 😂💯❤️ second ditches are being dug everyday. Awesome!! Who gets to play Jim_Jordan? Stevie Wonder? Jim_Jordan.... Karma! Gym Jordan is going to sweating bullets the size of teen jock straps. Get 'em, George! many thanks, George. Gym’s gonna sweat so bad he’ll need a new suit jacket.

Cc: GymJordan And this will have Jim Jordan shaking in his jockeys!! Intentionality4 Is Jim Jordan going to play himself? i guess their choice of outlet will determine if these scenes are included WWomenL To which Jim Jordan responds, “Ruh, oh.” Yesssss!!!!!!’ Isn't, The OhioState. Damn man, you see this Jim_Jordan

Poor Gym, bout to have a bad time. telaskowski Hope they interview Gym Jordan ! And 👇🏼! You're finally about to go through some things, Jim_Jordan. Jim_Jordan I would be very nervous if I were you JimJordan Jim Jordan seeks to keep all theaters permanently closed due to Covid. Who wants to be Jimmy is going to try to put an injunction on it?

My sister trusted me to be the 1st person she told the morning after she was sexually abused. I was 13. My heart broke for her. Her abuser told her no one would believe her. I looked her dead in the eyes & told her I believe you & I'm going to help you tell mom. Fcuk Jim Jordan Jim_Jordan HAHAHAHAA, can’t wait to see this....

Jim_Jordan you are about to be a star! jaketapper Starring - da da da dah! Jim Jordan? Uh oh. Jim_Jordan is gonna be in trouble. IMHO Rut Roh. 🐱💭 Woo!!! Will you be interviewed, Jim_Jordan ? I’m thinking Sam Rockwell as Jim Jordan. I LIKE it! He could have easily picked Michigan State or UofMichigan. Same there. 😢 OhioState OhioStAthletics

This will be good. jaketapper Is gym Jordan sweating? Attention needs to be given to this story so those athletes can have their justice!!! Jim_Jordan Maybe George Clooney will play you 🤷‍♀️🤞😏 Gym probably just pooped his Jim shorts. ForwardFalcon Kevin Spacey playing Gym Jordan? jim_jordan has been a repulsive, destructive figure for so long. Karma is knocking on his door.

Gym Gym Gym 😎 Oh Nos, Gym Jordan! Jim_Jordan 😂😂😂😂😂 'Coleman also alleges that Jim Jordan, then an Ohio State assistant wrestling coach and now a congressman, knowingly ignored Strauss' abuse.' A George Clooney project? Gee, who would imagine that will get any attention? 😂😂💀💀 MuellerSheWrote l9l

jaketapper Will Gym be a technical advisor? I wonder which actor will be Gym Jordan? jaketapper Looks like our boy Gym Jordan may be getting exposed Jim_Jordan OH yes. Gym Jordan gets his day. jaketapper Did you see this Jim_Jordan jaketapper Woohoo! Jim_Jordan gonna Love this!! Hope it’s out before 2022!

margaritateresa Sadly, docudramas about child sexual abuse could fill a 24/7 network. rosecolordglasz Buh-bye, Gym Jordan. Uh oh. Bad news for Gym Jim_Jordan jaketapper Please cast Brad Dourif as Gym Jordan !! Ohhhh.... maybe now Gym Jordan will finally have to answer for this. We all know how a movie brings attention to stuff and with Clooney attached..... bye Gym.

jaketapper gymjordan breaking out in cold sweats jaketapper I hope to God this will cause JJ to resign. jaketapper Actors are going to be lined up to play Gym Jordan jaketapper Probably time for Jim_Jordan to resign. What do you think GOPLeader? Cc Jim_Jordan Would have made more money off Lincoln Project.

jaketapper I'll watch. Any takedown of t™OSU is must-see TV. jaketapper good, let's take down jim jordan with this jaketapper What’s the name of it? Jim ignores the Gym? jaketapper Nurse! Stat! Jim Jordan needs medical attention. Nurse! jaketapper Thank you. I am sure the people in OH-4 and the State of Ohio will be glad to bring this scandal in to the light. I have heard, not confirmed, that OSU paid $41,000,000 in claims

jaketapper Not a good day for gymjordan 3t3rn4l0ptimist Call it 'The Gym Jordan Rules'? jaketapper Is our boy Gym Jordan in it?... jaketapper Thank you, I’m sure it will be great. Here’s a better idea Harris Clooney 2024. jaketapper Who will play Gym? Can’t think of any actor sniveling enough 🤔 Oh hell yeah.. Yo Gym Jordan.Want a part?....LOL

jaketapper Here’s looking at you, Gym Jordan! jaketapper I’m sure Jim_Jordan can provide details.... oh that’s right he didn’t know anything/ hear anything/ see anything. jaketapper Jungle Gym! jaketapper As a Buckeye, I welcome this as it’s been covered up far too long and it’s time for some accountability for Jim_Jordan and justice for his victims! He’s as responsible as Strauss! GymJordan

jaketapper Please include exclusive interviews of Jim Jordan and the entire wrestling team from that time.