George Clooney Says Anti-Black Racism Is 'Our Pandemic': 'We've Yet to Find a Vaccine'

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George Clooney spoke out about police brutality and racism in an essay for The Daily Beast on Monday

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"We don’t know when these protests will subside. We hope and pray that no one else will be killed. But we also know that very little will change," writes Clooney. "This is our pandemic. It infects all of us, and in 400 years we’ve yet to find a vaccine," writes Clooney. "It seems we’ve stopped even looking for one and we just try to treat the wound on an individual basis."


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The left and hellywood are the virus that causes and fuels racism

He can start by instructing his children on white privilege, take them to black neighborhoods in LA to play and get rid of his security people. Seriously, this would be great.

Racism can be cured traveling. It doesn't work in every case but its the best medicine we have.

Deep deep deep scum

The vaccine is simple. All white people give their entire net worth over $100,000 to those who have suffered. We can expect our entertainment elite to lead the way.

He needs 2 get rid of his security if he is going 2 condemn cops 4 enforcing the law. all cops world wide R authorized lethal force if some1 fights them. That's the pot calling the kettle black. Media & Hollywood R racist against whites & any1 race that disagrees w/ them. MM arr

World respect for America is at an all time low....there may be a glimmer of hope....a vote of no confidence in Trump by the Govt and bring in a new leader...someone the world can respect..... Who respects Trump outside USA Anybody ScrewingitupTrump

Nice to know jacka$$! Remind us again how that expensive Italian villa thing worked out when you realized all those immigrants were crowding you? Where did you run to, oh that's right, back to the good old USA! Dam hypocrite!

Praise God for President Trump. We finally got a President with guts and glory for out great country for everyone and those like George Clooney don't like it. I have been a democrat all my life and i didnt vote for Trump in 2016 but i will be voting for him in Novemeber.

Way to add fuel to the fire Clooney.

Any solutions captain oblivious? I treat all as my equals but it is not okay to destroy cities....there are a lot of bosses but employees are being asked to make the policy. Doesn’t work in the real world like that. I would love to work with u for a real solution


Obviously GC is saying what all Democrats want you to hear. Facts- cops kill white people also. Some bad cops kill white and blacks. This isn’t a race thing just one bad apple. Our prez was correct- once looting starts then comes shootings. - get off cnn and watch the facts.

Oh please! So is the pedophilia that is rampant in Hollywood!! Tell him to start in his own backyard starting with Sanela Diane Jenkins VRSVirginia ArtisticBlower shaunattwood hrw

After losing in almost every country it has attacked in the past 20 years.... The American Army finally decided to attack a country that they can win AMERICA.

George must be feeling his white guilt. He sure has lost his balls since he got married.

George Clooney seems like the type of smug, self-righteous white liberal who does not have any black friends whatsoever.

Well said George, we will if are to continue to evolve as human race..It is the ugly side of humanity that we face. We must eradicate this blight from humanity. Anit-Black Rasicm is not and will no longer be tolerated. We must grow, learn, forgive, love, value all life.

Well George, I don’t have a race problem. So I guess we means you and your Hollywood pedo’s?

Apparently it is quiet enough to write over there in England. Must be watching the riots from the safety of another country!! Pip pip George 🤣 maybe you should watch Benny Hill, it's a bit closer to home for you.

Well said.

HERO!!! That was sarcasm again.

Says another celebrity from their mansion! Get on the ground, join a peaceful protest- help clean a city that’s been destroyed by looting and riots. Make a donation of computers to a school in need to help educate people -

Racism is a symptom, not the disease. The disease is a heart issue.


It's not that simple in this case, the officer is already arrested, but the black community wants more. No shot in the arm is going to fix that, antibodies won't work, and it's way past a band-aid and a kiss from mommy.

Accountability and justice is a start


Riots a form of poll and social data has indicated for years that people were reaching breaking point ready to boil over. Rich have pushed too far allowed too large a wealth gap deteriorating communities. Rebalancing means money not training programs!

As he says from his $50 million dollar mansion in Italy

We can’t even find vaccine for COVID

So true just look at Hollywood


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