Generous Friend Willing To House-Sit For Nothing But Going Through Your Stuff

Generous Friend Willing To House-Sit For Nothing But Going Through Your Stuff

Margaret Caffrey, Mccaffrey

12/2/2021 4:30:00 PM

Generous Friend Willing To House-Sit For Nothing But Going Through Your Stuff

CHICAGO—Promising it was no big deal at all, your thoughtful and generous friend Margaret Caffrey announced Tuesday she was willing to house-sit for nothing but the opportunity to go through all your stuff. “I’m more than happy to hold down the fort [and rummage around in your personal belongings] while you’re out of…


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I hate it when I get back from vacation only to find the house sitter reno'd the kitchen. She's pretty cute. Hey - education is expensive - who knows what she finds - old school work, exams, secrets the russians found to hyped - secrets the Americans found not Russian enough - digging through some stranger house - it's a never ending hiding then they get back to early..

I hope they enjoy my extensive furry porn collection. hide your toys Carpet ≠ drapes. Actually, drapes are fake. Guessing there’s a lot of carpet. So that's where the unmentionables went You speak as if you know when Nicole house-sat for me... I wouldn’t have to do this if you were more honest and upfront about who you are. I want to trust you but I feel like you keep a lot to yourself.

It doesn't matter how much you are paying them, they are going through your stuff regardless And eating. Literally. Everything.

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KolleenCarney Their probably over feeding your fish as well. Generous friend...or nosy friend? Lol I don't blame her. 🤣🤣 a frenemy? May...smoke your stuff too😬 AlasdairC Neato, intercom system. She's strangely simultaneously attractive and unattractive. Me and who

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