Gen Z is going to have a hard time getting rich

Gen Z is going to have a hard time getting rich

4/12/2021 10:02:00 PM

Gen Z is going to have a hard time getting rich

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Roy Rochlin/Getty Imageswill earn a third less on stock and bond investments than past generations, Credit Suisse found.They can expect average annualized returns of just 2%, according to the bank's investment returns yearbook.Another obstacle for Gen Z: they've been the most unemployed during the pandemic.

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.Gen Z is walking a rocky road to getting rich.They're set to earn less than previous generations on stocks and bonds, according to Credit Suisse'sglobal investment returns yearbook.In fact, the generation can expect average annual real returns of just 2% on their investment portfolios — a third less than the 5%-plus real returns that millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers have seen. Credit Suisse's analysis took in average investment returns since 1900 and forecasted them going forward for Gen Z.

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That's easy! It's time to deprivatize the Federal Reserve! Every citizen should have the right to manufacture he/she own coins! They’re also the most sensitive , weak, and anxiety prone generation which will likely contribute to never being rich more than anything else nice The key is to move all of our wealth from the current centralised banking system onto decentralised platforms. The current system is not going to help us nor does it care about us.

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