Gay penguins at London aquarium are raising a ‘theyby’

Gay penguins at London aquarium are parenting what may be the world’s first “genderless” penguin chick.


Gay penguins at London aquarium are parenting what may be the world’s first “genderless” penguin chick.

The 4-month-old, who has two moms, will be the first Gentoo penguin at Sea Life London Aquarium 'not to be characterized as male or female.'

The 4-month-old chick, who has yet to be named, “will be the first of its kind in the history of the famous London aquarium not to be characterized as male or female,” according to Sea Life.

Despite this, however, newborn penguins are routinely given gendered names and colored tags at Sea Life — until now, that is. The adopted chick of Rocky and Marama has been tagged with a “gender-neutral” purple band for identification purposes.

“This was the first time we had successfully adopted a chick onto a same-sex couple and to mark the parenting achievements of Rocky and Marama in helping to develop the chick into a happy and healthy penguin,” Sea Life wrote in a statement. “It made sense to continue to allow it to be identified more naturally by staff and guests at the aquarium in the future.”

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If an enough of society went gay it would also go instinct because not all grow to reproduce making supporting such behavior a means of self extinction. Lol That’s some fetish y’all got over there... 😂😂😂 Why is this f**king news 😂😂😂😂 Just because parents are gay why do you assume the chick is genderless!

Are you making this crap up just to sell stories? Because this is some stupid crap 💩 Extinction NBC is so obsessed with anything gay!!

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I bet that the penguins were shocked to learn they were gay..... Please stop trying so hard. How r they gay? Maybe just good friends. This is how trump became president. Headlines like this cause such a visceral reaction among trump supporters. They will do anything to stop gay penguins! And they equate that with humans that are gay.

Oh shit did someone ask there pronouns and if u did can you officially talk to penguins now !? If NBC isn't pushing the false story about the Covington High School Kids, or the Russia collusion hoax, they are pushing gay penguins----Chet Huntley would be shocked at what NBC has become. I've already stopped watching the Today show, looks like it's just a matter of time for NBC News, and that's only because I usually give ppl more chances than they deserve.

Is this hilarious or what? Who in the hell cares? The elites post this about every other day. Nonsense crazy talk propaganda. How do people know that they are gay?

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More tarrifs or just embargo them Good thing they’re in London. Trump would have ICE confiscate the chick and deport the “parents.” And here’s the thing. They fucking baby penguin, make or female doesn’t know if it’s genderless. It will be taught to lean its cock one way or the other Ykes!! Homosexual penguins!

Lol with this. It's either going to be Male or female guaranteed. Stop inflicting the stupidity of humans on the penguins please. It's not. Not NBC also smh 🤦‍♂️ thought it was just CNN posting this dumb weird news smh 🤦‍♂️. Why is this news? NO ONE cares! It’s just dumb Please someone stop the madness!!!

Maybe penguins act differently when they are locked up in captivity for ever. I don’t care a cage is a cage. Now the penguins are gay? Maybe locking them up for ever messed with their minds. I hope they didn’t waterboard the penguins for the narrative they profess. Kind of hard to claim there is not a concerted effort to promote the gay agenda with ridiculous stories like this.

London aquarium to raise 'genderless' penguinA same-sex penguin couple will raise an adopted 'genderless' chick for the first time, a London aquarium has announced. The 4-month-old Gentoo penguin chick will not be named or characterized as male or female, Sea Life London said. Do you realize how ignorant this sounds? Yeah...that chick still has a biological sex and I promise the people actually responsible for that penguin know what it is and will act accordingly. Also, who cares?

Yeah cause there aren’t enough fucked up and confused humans ! Insanity Idiots! NBC News may be the worlds first “mindless” “NEWS” organization! They continuously post nothing but BS! Genuine question; In the penguin world is being a same sex couple the same as being gay in the human world? From what I understand there are no sexual relations going on. What is it that makes them gay?

VP what might you do here? Beatings? Beautiful nature! So Chilly Willy is gay?

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So, we’re pretending 2 female penguins are homosexuals, giving them a baby that could only have come from a male and a female to prove that gender doesn’t matter. Then we’re pretending that the baby doesn’t have a gender to show that environment impacts identity? You’re confused. I thought NBC was a credible source of news, until you tweeted this.

Y'all will do a story about anything won't y'all 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Maybe the penguins don’t identify as being gay It’s a 🦆 Seriously Geez! I’ve heard it all now!

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Pushing the genderless agenda really hard. I see the predictive programming here. The Antichrist is coming soon isn't he? Does the penguin know? Ohhhhh the pronoun it wants isn’t specific.... welp.... We're talking about a penguin. It doesn't have to conform & doesn't know anything about human gender norms because - wait for it - it's a penguin. However well intentioned, I'd assume that this just belittles what humans who struggle with gender go through, confuse others, and -

I really wonder what the penguins think and if it really matters to them. They're just doing what comes naturally. Two penguins of the same sex caring for a baby doesn't make them gay. Quit trying to use penguins to rationalize homosexuality. This is lunacy.

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That's stupid, how can a penguin when he will be an adult make it known which gender he identifies as... Man stop it! Shut up Shut up . Without interfering humans, we would never know this irrelevant garbage. Have you missed your pills again? Gays are so unnatural. 🤔 Breaking News: Local bakery refuses to make a sardine wedding cake due to religious beliefs. Penguins retain legal counsel and vow to sue.

Anything is news when you lie Mixed up letters - dumbbells are willing to make any animal into mixed up letters to feel happy, so sick.

Did the penguins tell you the penguins preferred pronouns or did you assume them? So this is where sanity crumbles Ok this shit going to God damn far! It's not...still has a Gender... Wtf.....Trump 2034...KAG Damn!!! We infected penguins with this assholery!!! ? Ignorant fake news realDonaldTrump

🤣🤣🤣 I think most of can see the writing on the wall here. This shit (progressivism) is shocking and terminal at this point. Literally time to pull out and head for hills like our ancestors in times past. You realize penguins aren't new, right? Probably has happened 10s of thousands of times already in NATURE

Ffs lol london calling Nope. This ain’t it This is not news I call BS! Except I’m pretty sure my Dog is Genderless too. 🙄

It has a gender. Stop with this bullshit already. If genderless is something normal, then species wouldn't have survived up until this day. Think! Oh for fucks sake! what? Who picks your stories? Lmao holy shit This is getting ridiculous. Gay penguins ha ha. You fuckers will go to any lengths to push this bullshit agenda. Quit trying to equate animals to me. I am superior and I have been from the beginning of time.

Someone hit the restart button already If it isn't black and white : peck, scratch and bite. FREEAI We ave lost it No matter how hard you try, you will not overthrow our western society. FakeNewsMedia They stole the egg from a healthy mom penguin Did you interview the penguins to confirm? This is getting ridiculous

I have to think the Bible would of told us this was a bad idea if they would of had penguins back then ,, will ask Pastor Phil about it on Sunday morning after Patriot Service Have they witnessed them sodomising each other?

No they're not. No matter how many times you tweet this stupid article NBC News has a fetish for this shit WTF are you people smoking? NBCOUT Ya know the sex life of penguins is none of my business just like anyone else's sexual preference. Soooooo ridiculous. NBCOUT Every biologist at that zoo like....

NBCOUT Let's call it neuter. NBCOUT Really, someone needs to make you go away. NBCOUT NBCOUT Call it Chris or Pat or Sam or........

NBCOUT 😂 this is out of control NBCOUT You can’t change science!! It’s either or!! Jesus enough is enough!!! NBCOUT This story just has to make some people say ‘what the F are we doing?’ NBCOUT This is why Trump won. NBCOUT So forget science and biology right? NBCOUT Xx or xy for millions of years. It’s SCIENCE.

NBCOUT Stupidity knows no bounds NBCOUT STUPID NBCOUT Absolutely ridiculous NBCOUT Lmao 😂 oh no we offended someone by calling a penguin a boy or girl this is hilarious

NBCOUT Thank God The Penguin Doesn't Care About The 'Penguin Brains ' Running It NBCOUT 😐😑😐😐 ...Seriously? NBCOUT Bit too far NBCOUT Be sure to inform everyone that speaks penguin 🙄~🤡 NBCOUT Still doesn't really matter cause it is either 100% male or 100% female regardless NBCOUT The corporate press on promoting gender confusion: Always Be Closing

NBCOUT If the thing ends up having an egg, I wonder if it will be a vaginal birth or a butt baby? 🤔 NBCOUT Pat. The name is Pat. NBCOUT Some conservatives are gonna be mad! NBCOUT Name it Pat. whatsthatitspat patthepenguin

NBCOUT What in the penguin brained crap is this? 🤔 You are sick people Please stop 🤮 NBCOUT NBCOUT Virtue Signal Level: 9000 Penguin's rights. Wha? Y'all so dumb. NBCOUT Wrong animals in cages.

Wait does this mean genderless penguin baby will become prepubescent drag show penguin and go dance on the Today Show? Then when it grows up, it can do penguin drag shows at the library to teach straight, genderful(?) Penguins how to hate their narrow minded parents. NBCOUT ok. 😁 NBCOUT Lots of animals lose their minds in captivity.

NBCOUT Virtue signal. A sad one at that. Gmafb y’all have lost it. This folks, is idiocracy, courtesy of the left... When the hell are the layoffs at NBC news?

Dumbest thing I’ve heard today. Use a few weasel words and Bam! NBC headline. Just because the weirdo zoo workers don't mark down which bits it has, doesn't stop it from being either male or female. I wish I could make up shit all day & get paid for it. This is the stupidest shit I've read all day. Bear in mind, I'm on twitter.

Cool story! Woke af. Any info on the proxy war in Yemen.. where tens of thousands of civilians have been killed..with US munitions...and millions exist on brink of STARVATION? Dumber than Dumb and Dumber. So sciency !

This is why you don't watch cable news. This much crazy is dangerous to the human mind. That's not how it works.'s in the water... His name is wyzxnn NPC News Stunning and brave🤦🏻‍♂️ Penguins don’t give a shit about your pronouns. This is F’n ridiculous It's a fucking penguin ffs... complete bullsh*t. The world is going crazy.

I was unaware penguins had a concept of gender. 🙄 Your article is ridiculous, please report actual news. Bullshit Male and female genders working nbcnews are complete idiots Did anyone actually ask the penguin? If not your probably misgendering him/her/them. So it's okay now to just pick a gender and just tell someone that is what he/she/they is/are?

Did the chick told you that? Ignorant tweet BAKE MY TUNA!!!

Rejecting established biological facts regarding the science of animal reproduction, NBC says fuck it, we’re going with the gay penguins story. Oh, puke!! They still have a gender, it’s a male or female... Lol NBC whatever you're smoking, get me some too. It sounds like great stuff! Jesus Christ Almighty.... What the F**K?!?! How did society went from mentally unstable to completely wonky sideways upside down bats**t insane?!?! In less than 15 years!!!

BS What? Do we need to cut back on the penguin population now too presuming penguins are gay because they are always overdressed is biased and people laughed when Alex Jones talked about gay frogs JFC, I thought you were talking about Crosby and Malkin.. Did the penguin tell you it was genderless? FFS. Just stop. 🛑

Does this penguin have testicles or a vagina? I like how that part is left out completely. “Party of science.” It’s headlines like this that make me realize these journalists and their followers are somewhat insane.

Gimme a break. You can’t be serious. Is this a joke? C’mon, this HAS to be a joke So, now animals will be woke too?🙄 😭👏😭👏😭👏😭👏😭👏😭👏😭 This is not science. This is wishful thinking and idiotic anthropomorphic ideology masquerading as science. If a student tried to pass off this as a legitimate scientific study, I’d boot his ass out of the classroom.

Guys, You do realize 2006's Happy Feet was a fictional movie right? With odd people choosing to read the gay subtext into it right? This is peak 2019 Stupid. Of COURSE they are...🙄 Even the penguins get it Utter nonsense!! Trying to push gender confusion by pretending animals are gay is really stupid. Everyone knows this. Pity you don't.

🤪 I'm smelling a Pulitzer.

I can't even This could be the lamest article of the year. Can we get Titania to weigh in here? Just let them be penguins. Stop inserting yourself into their personal lives You know your editors believe they are being “woke” but you’re rapidly losing any credibility as an actual news organization. 🙄 Here we go!

This is such a stupid story. So you are saying the penguin doesn't have any sex organs?

RiseOfFoles dougiep2018 this is peak twitter Non story Foolish bleeps😳 LaurieBoris Bless these birbs. Is this how the penguins want to define their chick, or was this forced upon them by their progressive human overlords? Coo koo. I'm excited to see the sex of the chick! Nature at work Homosexual behavior in animals sex gender LGBT animals It’s Science! ffs

That's good, because i'm sick and tired of all these penguins going on about 'traditional roles', and 'god's way' Stop it. Stupid statement You seriously tweeted this? LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder NBC is a laughing stock FFS stop trying to socially engineer shit. What Is this a real story? You all are really pathetic

NBC is stupid. 😁👍👍👍😁😁

Now you've decided peguins are gay. Damn! Gay penguins: Are people actually throwing money at this to see what happens? What a waste. Wow, fakenews on penguins 🐧 Are people really this stupid? Isn't this homophobic ? Gay penguins? Because they live together? Guys, let’s try to be a bit more professional

Oh good grief! Get a life. Is 2019 over yet.......

🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Genderless News. Genderless reporting Genderless people. You can count on nbc for Weird news. From the genderless capital of The world . I’m confused Huh? 😳 Anything for the agenda... Who the hell thought this one up😵😲 Leave it to NBC !!! More news no human can use!!! Delusional grasping ... in a vain attempt at justification of homosexual and transgender behavior. God Created all things. He created all animals, birds, fish, humans.....even plant species having genders - 'Male and female Created He them'.

They're penguins. Just penguins. Really Can’t Tell .. As opposed to Don’t ask we can tell ... Wow. This is an important story. Nice job!! It's a joke It's really realDonaldTrump presidentpussyassbitch What a time to be alive wonder how many diff genders there are.waaaaahaha. Come on NBC!! Why would you write about this garbage!!! A penguin is a penguin!!! 🐧🐧

Did they ask the baby penguin what pronoun he/she wants to be called?

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE So D U M B 🙄 The heck Your agenda: Sick. Weird. Evil. Noot-noot, bigot! Your writers and editors are truly mentally ill Straight outta Parks and Rec The chick still has a gender. Loosing your mind on this.

Penguins along with every animal on Earth ( except humans?) are incapable of being gay. But if gay humans FORCE them to be together in isolation,I'm sure they would bond in some way.Still not gay,more like abused. Animals rely on instincts.Only human involvement could disrupt it. What in the Alice in Wonderland?

I’m a progressive. This is stupid. This is the future liberals want Oh. Joy. And her we unleash the stupidity of the week Ohhhhh! Well you didnt tell me the penguins were that's hot. Damn, this shit is getting really pathetic. NBC. Nothing but crap

I PERSONALLY dont see gender when I'm accepting penguins as my friends. This is lunacy. Inmates are running the asylum these days. Chick? HoW DaRe YoU! This is insanely stupid. Will 'March of the Penguins' Gay Rights' come out(!) next year? Low day at office? Such a brave story Oh right.

No The penguin is either male or female. Now go find a fluid penguin The Ego in animals is fleeting, and the Id is already genderless... This story has already been debunked by NationalGeoPicx Gay penguin alien dogs from outer space You’ll never beat Mother Nature. Is this a parody account.? Animals aren’t mentally ill, they don’t have gender. They only have biological sex.

🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣 I'm more interested in the guy who successfully had a chat with penguins. 🤯 This isn’t news and it isn’t true. You’ve lost every spec of credibility at this point. Bore off with that BS! 🖕🏼 Animals are not people, we are a lot more complex and have the ability to mess each other up a lot more, are our children part of a vast sociological experiment observed for results? We know what happens in some cases:

Omg do they have sex? That’s a no Male(1) Female(1) 1+1=2. Test tomorrow Oh! How exciting! The extinction of a species.

Why do you even bother anymore Christ, is be embarrassed. Yes, Jeff and Marvin are going to raise a non-binary chick, fully woke and ready to work for 🤡🌎 I'd love to see the interview you did with the happy couple. That's the single dumbest thing I've ever read. What is this world coming to? Scares the hell out of me.

Bull💩💩💩 Wtf... Y’all know that being “genderless” is supposedly all about personal choice with regard to what cultural human roles you feel comfortable playing. Right? Does the chick not have a biological sex? Does it say it doesn’t want to keep house and use the ladies room? Y’all are nuts. You are mentally ill so are the aquarium employees

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Haven't you watched Happy Feet? Female Penguins always abandon their eggs and the males take care of them

Just stop This is nonsense. Shame on you. I wonder if anybody told the Penguins? Or they just going to raise the baby penguin however they want? FFS So stunning and brave!!!! Let the animals be. For fucks sake, what jackass spoke penguin to find out they were gay and the chick is gender less. The human race is doomed.

This is how you plan on regaining viewership and defeating the idea you're fake news? Bold move, Cotton.

wtf 🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣 OMG!!! I thought you were making a funny.. You're serious with this? I can't stop laughing. You people are so freaking gone, you're on another planet. The stupidity of the left knows no limits. Now they are even inflicting gender confusion on penguins 👎🤦‍♂️ That's not gay parenting. That's two female adult penguins raising a baby penguin.

Dumb! Penguins are not 'Gay', it's in animals nature to take care and raise a baby of their specie's. I bet it has a pecker or a puss !! That's pretty straightforward huh ! Someone I n this stories is crazy. Yeah whatever, *eyeroll*

There's no such thing as a 'genderless' penguin. But there's certainly many brainless humans, as NBC News has so dramatically demonstrated. but they don't have rainbow feathers... This is why we don't believe you any longer. You're nucking futs You’re saying when you lock animals in captivity, nature has a harder time thriving? Who would have known

How do you ask a Penguin their pronouns? Really? 🙄 how stupid can you be? Don’t answer that!!!! The Onion is operating under a new name? Be careful, NBC may file suit. Sodomite penguins?! Nooo way. Is this the garbage you want your name attached to? There yeh go again... assuming their sexuality and genders... did they say they were doing this? How would you know without assuming things they didnt tell you?

Obsessive behavior from nut jobs 🤡 Yep, NBC, you have finally run down that rabbit hole. Goodbye.

I guess the planet will be going extinct now. Gee is this an important story, not. Who cares, no one. You can't do better than this guys and gals? 😳😳🤦‍♀️ Slow news? POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE! DONT CALL IT A 'CHICK!' .....aaand, that's how you got Trump. Oh Lord have mercy You’ve lost your effing minds. God help you all.

Let love rule. Ah yes. Science. Where's that giant meteor at? I'm ready.

I always knew Happy Feet would be detrimental to the natural order. Okay. The world has gone insane. This is satire, right? If not, you people have definitely gone off the deep end. Wtf liberals have ruined penguins OMFG 🤦🏽‍♀️ Oh come on I hate liberals so very very very much. This is ridiculous. They should check the chick's chromosomes. Just because humans are so stupid they refuse to 'characterize' the penguin as male or female doesn't mean the penguin agrees. Wait until it's hormones rev up. Oh, unless they're giving it hormone therapy?

One month drinking the public water supply what drivel are you driving? LMFAO. NBC is TRASH. Did the penguins tell you this? My God... YOU PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY SICKENING. Slow news day?

2019 is broken. Thanks Libs Nature is not woke I believe this is the first pro-Trump article you have ever ran, thank-you ! NBC just went full Alex Jones... Good for them. In nature they would be culled, killed, and certainly childless. This article was written by someone named Quinn Gawronski. Wherever you are Quinn, you are proof that artificial intelligence is not confined to machines.

I thought this was a parody site for a moment, then I realized it was just Propaganda News... Oh FFS...smh

...the days of Noah.... I believe this tweet about as much as any tweet from the “LameStream” media. Good grief!! Fake. News. Nuts. Put two men in the area with the two moms and baby. I want to see what happens. They penguin napped this baby from her familyto play we’re socially woke. You are beyond parody at this point.

The chick has a gender. Just because you refuse to identify it doesn’t change the fact. idiots. Loooove iiit!!!! Love Since you can apparently communicate with the penguins; ask them where the penguin drag queens are & do they have penguin drag queen story hours?

Our society turning penguins gay... And you're the people that want to tell me what is and what isn't part of my Rights as an American? 🤔,,,,,,, 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Exactly how do you bright lights determine a penguin is 'gay'? Fuck. Right. Off. And we care why? Haha, this is classic. Is this MADmagazine ? 😂😂😂😂

You really need help. Honestly. You in the media and liberals in general need help You’re killing me with this genderless crap 💩🤦🏻‍♀️

Well this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out why no one respects your reporting anymore. It's a mystery. 🙄 You people need Jesus. You're so woke you're broke. 🤣🤣 lol...what? Proof of this? How was it determined they are acting differently from any other penguins in their pairing off or raising young? How is this chick “genderless”? Is it a male or female? If it mates with the opposite sex as an adult will you print a retraction?

You people are sick... They can open a bank account in Michigan.

Does it have a pingouin penis or a pingouin vagina? If so, it's either a male pingouin or a female pingouin. Stop with your stupidity. It's starting to physically hurt. That penguin is likely not genderless. It is most likely either male or female. Remove the 'News' from your handle...this is not news. It's hot garbage.

You retweet this from The Onion? Everybody stop. Can y'all be more ridiculous? Animals are not gay, NBC just trying to normalize sin So I guess if a dog humps your leg, its time for Gender reassignment surgery!

You shouldn’t just go to therapy. You should haul ass. S T O P Y’all have really lost it now. 🤦‍♀️ I wonder who came up with that scenario ? Sod off! Dumbest thing I heard all year Why is this celebrated? So that one day they will no longer reproduce and go extinct? People its time to get back to rational thinking.

I’m just going to leave now Fake That's one woke penguin!

🤦‍♀️ Well, they’re not, so... Karma Bubba. Why? Sounds like more fakenews Oh admit it, now you are just doing it to trigger the rightards NBC has always been and will always be a joke Journalism is dead. Hoof Huckin hairs!

Look under the feathers Dumbasses. Wassa matter? Couldn’t blame Trump for this? You’re trying to make Republican Heads explode, aren’t ya? Great, I guess I’ve already heard about how twisted penguins can be. Whoever is behind this idiocy, shouldn't be allowed to function in a normal society at any level. I hope I'm alive to see you stupid people crash and burn!

You are now denying science in order to push your narrative. FakeNews

Is this from the Onion? 🤐 LGBTPQ Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Penguin Queer? Your pandering to the LGBT is shameless. If I were gay this would embarrass me.🙄 But since I am not I just find it hilarious😆 ‘Gay penguins’ seriously NBC?! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 ridiculous!!!! Idiots Oh f off for God's sake... The uneducated are out in full force.

Check their blооd for Atrazine😉👌 Welcome to clown world. Try, try the must. DaysOfNoah Why? & Why? What ‘bulls**t’! How do you know they are penguinsdid you just assume? Maybe they identify as Bald Eagles! Bigots! woke Somebody has been watching too much parks and rec..... I appreciate the effort and the sentiment, but I don't understand how one could ascertain the gender identity of a penguin. Maybe it will introduce people to an expanded awareness of human gender identity, but this is like saying 'George the penguin wants to be an astronaut.'

How much dope must they be smoking at NBC They want these penguins to gay SO bad. And they wonder how Trump got elected. Please, delete your account? Thank you. infinitejewel7 And you wonder why you are laughed at and called fake news. Has any one asked the penguins if they are gay or are they just assuming?

You people smokin' Crack? OMG stop anthropomorphizing You guys at NBC are so woke! No such thing.

I’m so confused... God help us all. They said “adopted”. The penguins are not gay. They are co parenting an orphan. NBCFAKENEWS Do people and animals just became gay or are they born gay? This is journalism? Really? Amazing that this happens JUST when people want it to be a thing. The coincidences coinciding with new left talking points never cease. At least you're using animals now, they can't talk.

Animals can be gay too? Baby is already gender neutral. There go the old eyeballs. They've rolled right out of their sockets now. Go ahead and reread this bs and ask yourselves, what the hell happened?!? Penguins are now being used for propaganda.

What drugs are you people on..? Frey7x BMelillo32 Please tell me it’s name is Prince. Trying this hard, doesn't help anyone. You know that, right? When does the penguin chick decide its gender? You people are nuts.

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