Garrett Rolfe Granted Bond in Rayshard Brooks Murder Case, Set at $500k

Garrett Rolfe Bond Hearing, Ex-Cop Charged with Rayshard Brooks' Murder

7/1/2020 4:30:00 AM

Garrett Rolfe Bond Hearing, Ex-Cop Charged with Rayshard Brooks' Murder

Garrett Rolfe, the ex-cop who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, has a bond hearing today.

L. Chris StewartandJustin Miller, tell TMZ ... while they are"disappointed that his killer was granted bond today, they understand that this is just one step in the long quest for justice for Rayshard."They add ..."We will be diligent in our pursuit of justice for this family and will do everything in our power to make sure that Rayshard Brooks did not lose his life in vain."

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12:54 PM PT-- JudgeJane C. Barwickhas granted bond for Rolfe, and set it at $500,000. Half of that amount is a $250k straight bond for the felony murder charge, and the other half is a combination of bonds for all of his other charges.The judge also imposed Rolfe’s conditions -- he must surrender his passport, wear an ankle monitor, obey a curfew, and he’s to have no contact with Brooks’ family or any other witnesses or alleged victims in the case. He must also not communicate with any Atlanta police officers.

As for the phone passcode requested by the State … Judge Barwick says that’s for another hearing, but made a point to get Rolfe’s lawyers to agree that all phone evidence must be preserved.12:36 PM PT-- Brooks’ widow,Tomika Miller, delivered an incredibly emotional impact statement during the hearing, saying her life has been completely turned upside down since her husband was killed … she can’t eat, can’t sleep and can’t console her children.

Play video contentRAYSHARD'S WIDOW SPEAKSFox 5 AtlantaMiller says Brooks did not deserve to die, and her family has suffered so much emotional harm since his life was taken … and she should not have to wait in fear while Rolfe is out of custody awaiting his trial.

For that reason, she’s asking the judge to deny Rolfe’s request for bond, saying … “Mentally, I am not able to handle it.”As for the proposed bond … Rolfe’s lawyers are asking for a $50k signature bond similar to what Brosnan got.The state wants it set much higher. It’s recommending bond of $1 million with several conditions — Rolfe must disclose his location and who he’s living with, he must give up the passcode to his phone, he must have no contact with any officers involved in the case, he must turn over communication with other officers, he must wear an ankle monitor, he must adhere to a curfew, he’s to possess no weapons, and he’s to have no communication with Brooks’ family or any witness.

The defense has issues with several of those conditions, but did say Rolfe would be willing to turn over his passport to ease any concerns of him fleeing.Garrett Rolfe-- the fired Atlanta PD officer charged with felony murder for the fatal shooting of

Rayshard Brooks-- might be released from jail Tuesday ... TMZ's live streaming his bond hearing.Rolfe has been holed up at the Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia since his arrest, but will be appearing virtually at the Fulton County courthouse Tuesday to ask the judge to be let him out on bond. The hearing's scheduled for 11 AM PT.

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According to legal docs ... Rolfe is asking to be granted a"reasonable bond" for a few reasons. First, he claims he's a"longstanding, law-abiding" citizen, and says he poses no threat to the public or potential witnesses.Next, Rolfe claims there is"significant evidence that proves he was legally justified in using deadly force in this case." In the docs, Rolfe argues that Brooks committed multiple felonies"in resisting lawful arrest" -- including firing the TASER at him -- and Brooks' actions justified Rolfe's use of deadly force"if he reasonably believed that Mr. Brooks possessed a deadly weapon."

He claims the Fulton County District AttorneyPaul Howard"has declared that a TASER is a deadly weapon under Georgia law."Finally, Rolfe argues he should be granted bond so he has an opportunity to help his lawyers prepare for the case, adding the D.A."made several important factual misstatements to the public."

Rolfe's legal team is also expected to present character witnesses to testify that the former officer is a good man and will not present a flight risk. Some experts predict the judge will grant some sort of bond ... but at a steep price.As we've reported ...

by Rolfe on the evening of June 12 during a chase in a Wendy's parking lot. Brooks had been speaking with Rolfe, along with officerDevin Brosnan, before Rolfe tried to arrest him and a struggle ensued.Video of the incident shows Brooks had obtained one of the officers' Tasers and was attempting to flee following a failed breathalyzer test, and that's when Rolfe opened fire on him ... shooting him twice in the back.

Fulton County D.A. Howard announced11 chargesagainst Rolfe, including felony murder and multiple acts of aggravated assault.While announcing the charges, Howard said Rolfe kicked Brooks while he lay dying, and added he doesn't believe Rolfe feared for his life ... noting that Rayshard had been cordial and cooperative for more than 41 minutes before he

was fatally shot.Brosnan's also been charged for his role in the incident -- with aggravated assault and failure to render timely aid ... something he and his lawyer have denied. Read more: TMZ »

The widow received $16 Million Dollars plus already from GoFundMe &Celibrity donations. He went to prison for Beating his 4kids & was a Career Criminal who beat a PregnantWoman’s face in & held a Gun to her stomach during a home invasion! Then he beats 2 cops & shoots at them. 🙄 Sorry but I disagree. Brooks was passed out drunk with 3 children in the backseat. Resisted arrest, stole a police weapon, ran, fired back at the officer. The officer had 2 seconds to decide if he was firing a gun or the taser.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!!! That’s crazy that he’s been charged. 🔥 He’s out on bond “Murder”... What a bunch of crap. RIDICULOUS If Brooks had only drank half a bottle and not passed out Poor dude, I start losing my mind when I'm away from my technology for too long. The one thing keeping me in line following the law in this world is my supercomputer and the internet I love it so bad man :)

Garrett Rolfe Bond Hearing, Ex-Cop Charged with Rayshard Brooks' MurderGarrett Rolfe, the ex-cop who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, has a bond hearing today. He will definitely be not guilty Ahora que hiciste TheGrefg Wasn't he also the subject of twelve other citizen complaints during his seven years on the job? Oh well.

Garrett Rolfe Bond Hearing, Ex-Cop Charged with Rayshard Brooks' MurderGarrett Rolfe, the ex-cop who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, has a bond hearing today. He will definitely be not guilty Ahora que hiciste TheGrefg Wasn't he also the subject of twelve other citizen complaints during his seven years on the job? Oh well.

Judge grants bond to ex-Atlanta cop charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks shootingA judge says Garrett Rolfe is not a flight risk, granting bond to the ex-Atlanta police off&39;icer charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks&39; shooting. Yahoo, it's been brought to my attention that you need to display their mug shots.

Atlanta police officer charged in death of Rayshard Brooks granted bondGarrett Rolfe, the former Atlanta police officer charged with felony murder in the killing of Rayshard Brooks has been granted a $500,000 bond with conditions Tuesday. Good. His charges will be dropped soon too. His face is very punchable. 👊🏻... and that’s being kind.

Garrett Rolfe's lawyers asking for bail for former officer who shot Rayshard BrooksAttorneys for former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe are asking for their client to be granted bail. Has the GBI even concluded its investigation? What about others. Black lives matter ✊✊

Former Atlanta police officer who shot Rayshard Brooks granted $500,000 bondThe former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot was granted a $500,000 bond. Judge Jane C. Barwick reasoned that Garrett Rolfe is not a danger to the community or a flight risk. This is fucking ridiculous. Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman are currently sitting in federal prison without bond for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a empty NYPD squad car. They are facing a at least 45 years in prison up till life in prison. WajahatAli Oh, OK. It’s just that he killed an unarmed man. Shot that man in the back, twice, in fact. No risk?! Maybe not anymore... He has the dead soulless gaze of a murderer.