Gamify Your Company: Here’s What Next-Gen Gaming Means For Business

Here’s what next-gen gaming means for business #paid @TMobileBusiness


Here’s what next-gen gaming means for business paid TMobileBusiness

Whether it’s a VR headset or AR through a device not yet imagined, next-gen mobile networks will transform business by delivering content to an abundance of devices at once.

“Where I see the business value is through the confluence of all these technologies and the end result being an entirely new way of consuming content,” says Amy Peck, technology strategist and CEO of EndeavorVR. “It’s storytelling that goes back to gaming constructs where, instead of a linear story, you’re taking branching and interactive narratives like the way games are constructed and making a story out of it.”

“Rather than looking at a specific use case for taking VR or AR and crafting a solution out of that, you need to look at the bigger picture,” she advises. “Ask, ‘What is the future of your workforce? What is the future of your product? What is the future of your business? What does your future customer look like?’ And then work backward from the future. With this technology, we’re blowing the doors off of everything that we think we know and understand

What are the ultimate goals? What problems are we trying to solve? Which of these technologies serve us best?

According to Peck, branding experiences might even become organic because consumers will always have their phones and wearables. “Eventually, the use of AR and VR will merge because consumers are the workforce and the workforce is the consumers,” she says. “As soon as consumers are fluent in both of the technologies, we’re going to start to see it influence the way businesses interact with their customers.”

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