Gale Pruitt's 'Hobbit house' in Escondido

Gale Pruitt's 'Hobbit house' in Escondido

6/28/2021 5:55:00 PM

Gale Pruitt's 'Hobbit house' in Escondido

The cave-like abode is built to blend in with the craggy, rock-laden hills that surround it.

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Africa Matters: Sudan Protests

This week, we begin in Sudan where security forces are accused of killing scores of peaceful protesters and injuring thousands of others during anti-military... Read more >>

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An Escondido 'Hobbit house' sells for $1.145 millionA whimsical, cave-like home designed by artist James Hubbell just traded hands for $1.145 million outside Escondido.

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Woman compares going upstairs to an 'extreme sport' due to wonky stairsEsther Gratton, from Canada, revealed that she ended up buying the house anyway. She has been quoted $10,000 to replace the staircase. Kim please can I make the joke here?

'Tiny Living' Is Only Romantic If You Get To Choose It. I Didn't.I grew up in a 'tiny house' and it wasn't a dream come true. wow This is classist! How dare you. Spoiler alert: his complaint is really just about growing up poor and looked down on as 'trailer trash'. Now he's looking down on others from his great big house on five acres of land.

Trump Vents Same Old Election Gripes In Return To Rally Stage In OhioHere we go again: It's the 'crime of the century,' Trump calls the democratic vote for president that put Joe Biden, not him, in the White House. 🙄🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 Learn a new tune, Donnie. What's his name again?