Galaxy S22 Ultra to fix everlasting Android and iPhone camera issue, thanks to 'Super Clear Lens'?

1/11/2022 8:05:00 PM

iPhones, Galaxy, and Pixel devices have been dealing with an annoying camera challenge for more than a decade. Will Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra finally help to overcome it?

iPhones, Galaxy, and Pixel devices have been dealing with an annoying camera challenge for more than a decade. Will Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra finally help to overcome it?

iPhones, Galaxy, and Pixel devices have been dealing with an annoying camera challenge for more than a decade. Will Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra finally help to overcome it?

Zeiss coating to deal with annoying lens month, but its coming back not only with the stylus, but an upgraded stylus at that SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - AUGUST 25: The Samsung logo is displayed at the Samsung office on August 25,.Sleepy Kuma ) has come to light, further cementing the predicted date for the unveiling.Samsung is launching the Galaxy S22 soon, and there has already been a slew of leaks and reports about what to expect.

Long story short, it works like a charm! You can take a look for yourself.Whether it's the less challenging daylight scenario or the extremely difficult night-time scenes, light sources are simply not a problem for Vivo's Zeiss-coated flagship.."ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.The report states that the whole Galaxy S22 lineup will be revealed in a Galaxy Unpacked event." On the other hand, the Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, and iPhone 13 Pro are clearly struggling a lot.Prosecutors are seeking a 12-year jail sentence.But the big problem here is that the lens flares don't just give you overexposed sun, moon, or street lights.As for when the Galaxy S22 could launch, going solely off past trends, it could either be around January — as the company did last year — or closer to Mobile World Congress in March.

As mentioned in the beginning, the poor light management lets unnecessary light bleed into other parts of the image, which again, as you can see on the samples, can ruin the detail, sharpness, clarity, overall exposure, color, and white balance.The verdict affects the business of Samsung, which has launched new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone to wipe out the misery of exploding Note 7 last year.Consequently, this means that Samsung won’t be using MWC 2022 as a stage for unveiling the Galaxy S22 series.In other words, this matters… a lot.It basically creates the perfect conditions for noise pollution in the image, and while computational photography is often good at keeping such problems at bay, it's far from perfect.They found a potential hero in the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s support for the S-Pen although that support was limited and the S-Pen had to be purchased separately.Galaxy S22 Ultra camera might bring great improvements, compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra This is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, according to leaked images.Leaks, reports, and renders paint us a picture of a phone that seems to be the spiritual successor of the beloved Note series, bringing the S Pen and power-user approach back into the Samsung phone family.We've seen a number of smartphone camera innovations in the past few years, most notably the Night Mode and periscope zoom camera.As the potential launch date of February 8th approaches, new discussions around leaked specs highlight a significant upgrade of the S-Pen itself over previous models which should operate three times faster.Samsung Galaxy S22 design and display The Samsung Galaxy S22 will, if rumors are accurate, inherit a lot of the design stylings of the S21 — albeit ditching the plastic on the base S21 for glass in the S22.

We've also seen several strategic partnerships that promise to elevate the photo and video performance on phones but often fall (very) short when it comes to delivering any meaningful results.Now, when we've identified an apparent weak point in the smartphone camera in the face of lens flares and reflections, we are also lucky to have the solution for the problem hiding in plain sight.8 ms.It will be a shame if companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google keep ignoring it.Let's cross our fingers for the Galaxy S22 Ultra because if this phone can set the standard, many others may follow through.The display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra reacts much more quickly than its Note predecessors to pen input – and the 3x faster claim is actually understated.Finally, on a positive note, the aforementioned reliable leaker, Ice Universe, has said that Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra phone now takes photos with much greater detail and improved HDR, compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.55-inch FHD+ display and a 120Hz refresh rate, and the S22 Ultra leads the pack with a pretty large 6.

Let’s hope part of the reason for that is the new “Super Clear Lens”.21x faster.New reasons to get excited every week Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox sign up.

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