Gaetz says he's talked to Trump about making him House speaker

Rep. Matt Gaetz doesn't just want Donald Trump to become House speaker, he's spoken directly to the former president about the idea.


12/8/2021 8:31:00 PM

.MaddowBlog: Rep. Gaetz doesn't just want former President Trump to become House Speaker, he's spoken directly to him about the idea.

Rep. Matt Gaetz doesn't just want Donald Trump to become House speaker, he's spoken directly to the former president about the idea.

."I would love to see the gavel go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump," Meadows told Bannon."You talk about melting down, people would go crazy!"At a certain level, it would be a drama worthy of Shakespeare if House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, after all of the sycophantic support he's offered Trump in the hopes of advancing his own personal ambitions, failed to get the job he wanted because the former president took it for himself.

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But in all likelihood, the entire scheme is extraordinarily unlikely. For one thing, there's no guarantee the GOP will take back the House. For another, if Republicans succeed in claiming a majority, it's impossible to imagine McCarthy voluntarily standing aside and giving up the position he's wanted for years.

What's more, it's an incredibly difficult and time-consuming job, which Trump would absolutely hate.That does not mean, however, that the chatter is irrelevant. Much of the political world has largely assumed that the 2022 midterm elections would be the first cycle since 2014 in which Trump wasn't directly relevant. The louder the conversation about him possibly eyeing the Speaker's gavel, the more it'll seem as if Trump is effectively on the midterm ballot.

Indeed, as Gaetz, Meadows, Bannon, and others keep this strange fire burning, it seems almost inevitable that some congressional Democrats will tell voters,"A vote for my opponent is a vote to put Donald Trump in Congress' most powerful job."

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Similarly, it may soon become inevitable that GOP candidates will be asked an awkward question:"Would you consider Trump for House Speaker?"

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MaddowBlog Democrats and Independents you better come together and vote out Republicans! MaddowBlog Are we being distracted while our country is on the verge of war with both China and Russia at the same time? China's citizens are being told to prepare and stock up for hard times coming. All the while we have Russian supporters within our Government called the GOP.

MaddowBlog Guarantee this is the GOP plan to get trump back as POTUS. Win the HoR, put trump in as Speaker then *get rid of* Biden & Harris since the Speaker is 3rd in line. Do not out it past these domestic terrorists to do exactly that. MaddowBlog He should be in a jail some where they are out their freakin minds wtf are they smoking/drinking or digesting.

MaddowBlog /2 which would preclude him from serving as House Speaker. But for some reason the media wants pay attention to what one (soon to be indicted) congressman says, a felon who was pardon by the former dude and a minority leader that gets no respect. Make it make sense MaddowBlog Someone needs to look at the by-laws. Since trump has never served in congress, and because he was installed as president, he was never vetted. Trump has enough wrong doing in his history, that would keep him from getting a security clearance,

MaddowBlog That would be awesome MaddowBlog Trump as fkg absurd MaddowBlog MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Way too much work for Trump. Also, I just can’t see him sitting behind Biden when he’s giving a State of the Union.

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes to leave Congress to lead new Trump media companyJUST IN: Rep. Devin Nunes is leaving Congress to become CEO of the Trump Media and Technology Group, former President Trump announces. Hope he doesn’t want to get paid. What’s the over/under on its bankruptcy?

MaddowBlog He’s just fluffing his mushroom. MaddowBlog RepMattGaetz Trump are the best help Democrats could have in 22. MaddowBlog Laugh all you want but this is a coup taking place right before you. Speaker does not have to be a member of Congress. So if it is Trump, Biden and Harris' lives would not be worth 2 cents given the propensity for violence on their side. Both gone, Trump is President.

MaddowBlog Can you imagine him actually doing the work of House Speaker? All that reading...and negotiating...and consensus building. No way. MaddowBlog Can the republican party get any more useless

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GOP Rep. Devin Nunes stepping down to join Trump Media & Technology GroupRep. Devin Nunes of California, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is leaving Congress to become the chief executive officer of Trump Media & Technology Group, according to a statement. Hahahahahabwaaaahahahahahahahehehehehagahabwaaaaaaahaha I'm cownting the minutes.

California Rep. Devin Nunes Will Leave Congress To Join Trump Tech StartupThe 10-term congressman will be the CEO of the new Trump Media & Technology Group. Devin Nunes quits his job in Congress to be the CEO of Trump’s Media & Technology Group but federal regulators are investigating Trump’s SPAC deal. The SPAC said that the SEC asked for info about stock trading & communications with Trump’s firm before the deal was announced. Yay! Dont let the door hit your ass in the way out! Seems like a pretty solid long-term career move, right up until the SEC files charges.

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Republicans Are Still Floating an Insane Scenario in Which They Make Trump House Speaker in 2023Last month, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told Steve Bannon, “I would love to see the gavel go from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump.” Why would he want a job that requires actual work? Unqualified and unwilling to work Dream on punk.