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Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie manhunt continues days after Gabby's remains identified: LIVE UPDATES

The FBI issued a federal warrant for Laundrie's arrest on Thursday; his whereabouts remain unknown

9/25/2021 11:51:00 PM

DOG SNIFFING FOR TIPS: Dog the Bounty Hunter gives Brian Laundrie's parents a rude awakening as he joins massive manhunt for the most wanted man in America

The FBI issued a federal warrant for Laundrie's arrest on Thursday; his whereabouts remain unknown

Posted by Andrew Mark MillerShareWATCH: Dog the Bounty Hunter arrives at Laundrie home and knocks on front doorDog the Bounty Hunter is joining the search for Briann Laundrie and says he"wants anyone with information on Brian Laundrie's whereabouts to call me at 833-TELLDOG" and added that"all information will be kept confidential."

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Posted by Andrew Mark MillerShareLaundrie family spends National Daughter's Day ducking scrutiny as Petito's parents plan funeralNORTH PORT, Fla. – Saturday is National Daughters Day – and the parents of New York’s Gabby Petito – who mourners around the country have called"America’s daughter" – spent it preparing for her Sunday funeral.

The parents of Brian Laundrie, who police have named as a person of interest in the activities surrounding Petito's disappearance, also have a daughter. For much of the day they were ducking scrutiny at their home in North Port, Fla., where their son arrived on Sept. 1 in Petito’s van – without her.

Laundrie has not been charged in connection with Petito’s death, which the medical examiner ruled a homicide. He has been charged with debit card fraud – and before police found her body abandoned at the bear-packed Wyoming park where they were last seen camping, he’d already vanished from his parents’ home

to read more on Fox News.Posted by Andrew Mark MillerLaundrie's parents could be charged if they gave false information: Former detectiveFormer D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams reacts to the latest developments in the manhunt for Brian Laundrie.

Posted by Andrew Mark MillerSharePreparations being made for Gabby Petito's funeral Sunday on Long IslandFuneral services for Gabby Petito will be held on New York's Long Island on Sunday, according to an Instagram post from her father.Services will be held at the Moloney Funeral Home in Holbrook and will be open to the public from 12 to 5 p.m.

"Thank to all for your support and love," he wrote, adding that in lieu of flowers the family requests people make donations to the future Gabby Petito Foundation.Posted by Andrew Mark MillerDog the Bounty Hunter joins the search for Brian Laundrie

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Fox News has confirmed that television's Dog the Bounty Hunter is joining the search for Brian Laundrie."Dog and Francie have experienced extreme loss themselves," his team said in a statement."Their hearts go out to Gabby's family for what they're going through and want to help bring justice for her death."

Dog the Bounty Hunter says he"wants anyone with information on Brian Laundrie's whereabouts to call me at 833-TELLDOG" and added that"all information will be kept confidential."Dog and Francie are currently searching where Brian Laundrie was last seen.

Posted by Andrew Mark MillerShareFlorida lawyer, a mom of two, puts $20G bounty on Brian LaundrieNORTH PORT, Fla. – The slaying of Gabby Petito and subsequent disppearance of Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in her case, prompted a prominent Florida attorney to put a $20,000 bounty on his whereabouts.

"I think a missing child is every parent's worst nightmare," the lawyer and mother of two, Tatiana Boohoff, told Fox News Friday."Our hearts go out to her family and to the community, and we hope that together we can get some answers and get justice for Gabby.

"Public scrutiny fell heavily on Laundrie, 23, who was the 22-year-old Petito’s fiancé when her mom reported her missing on Sept. 11, well before authorities discovered her remains in a Wyoming park full of bears, wolves and other wildlife. The young woman may have last been seen alive at a Jackson Hole restaurant on Aug. 27.

to read more on Fox News.Posted by Peter AitkenShareUtah officers may not have had all information responding to Moab incident, experts sayNORTH PORT, Fla. – With the City of Moab in Utah announcing an investigation into the police handling of an Aug. 12 domestic dispute involving Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, experts say the officers may have acted appropriately — based on incomplete information.

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"It's proper if they determine that it's only a mental health situation because now officers are being trained, because people get shot, [to] handle mental health situations differently than they handle regular cases," Susanne Gustin, a Salt Lake City-based defense attorney, told Fox News Friday."You want to de-escalate. You don't want to necessarily arrest somebody who was having a mental health episode.

"Under Utah law, police are required to either arrest the suspect or issue a citation in a domestic violence situation. They have no discretion in the matter, she read more on Fox News.Posted by Peter AitkenLong Island residents burn candles outside homes in vigil for Gabby Petito

Blue Point residents lit candles outside of their homes on Friday night to remember Gabby Petito. (WABC)Residents of Blue Point, Long Island, lit candles outside of their homes in a tribute to Gabby Petito Friday night, according to reports.  Petito, whose remains were identified earlier this week, was a native of the area. Her family is holding funeral services this weekend in nearby Holbrook.

"When the community loses one, we all do," Jennifer Horton, who participated in the vigil, told News 12 in New York."So just remember the great life she had. Losing her so young and just to really celebrate her life."The candles were given out with a suggested $20 donation to Gabby's family.

Posted by Brie StimsonShareFlorida statute may work to advantage of Brian Laundrie's parentsThe circumstances surrounding Laundrie's disappearance have prompted speculation about the alleged role his parents may or may or not have played in helping their son elude authorities.

Of particular interest is how Laundrie’s parents, Christopher Laundrie, 62, and Roberta Laundrie, 55, claim they picked up their son's Mustang car on Sept. 14 from the nature preserve that authorities are now sweeping for any trace of Brian Laundrie. Some have speculated as to why they would bring the car home, without their son, leaving him in a large nature reserve full of alligators and snakes. 

The parents did not report their son missing until police showed up at their home on Friday, Sept. 17, three days later. So far, Laundrie’s parents have not been charged with any crime, and experts say that could be a tall order under Florida law.

to read more on Fox News.Posted by Brie StimsonShareLaundrie's parents tailed by undercover officers while driving to Orlando to visit lawyer: reportBrian Laundrie’s parents were followed by undercover law enforcement agents when they drove 150 miles north to speak with their lawyer in Orlando on Thursday, according to the Daily Mail.

The trip came a day after a federal arrest warrant was issued for Laundrie who officers have been searching for since last Saturday.They were also followed all the way back to their home in North Port, Florida, where they ignored questions from Fox News reporters.

Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino told Fox News on Wednesday his"family is definitely concerned [about his whereabouts] but we don’t want to speculate as to anything more." Posted by Brie StimsonShareGabby Petito funeral in Long Island on Sunday

Loved ones of Gabby Petito will say goodbye to the 22-year-old at her funeral in Long Island on Sunday, her father posted on Instagram Friday.Services will be held at the Moloney Funeral Home in Holbrook from 12 to 5 p.m."Thank to all for your support and love," he wrote, adding that in lieu of flowers the family requests people make donations to the future Gabby Petito Foundation.

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He can't even find the parents. I would get the bill of sale from the new camper the parents just bought it will have the mileage on it subtract the miles it took to get the camper home and than take the miles since the camper trip and use that as a parameter about how far out to search I did have to make sure it wasn't fake news. For a 68 year old he's looking good. I did wonder whether he was wearing hair extensions

Lol I thought it’s Kamala Harris roaming there with hair colored…😊😊 This is really stupid.America is a joke. Just a matter of time now The Landrie parents have a Ford Mustang and a Ram 1500. Damn. Remember that one time when dog was the one to find Andrew luster? Not out of the realm of possibility for sure

Utah city will investigate police response to Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie disputeOfficer Robbins and officer Pratt smh Google 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'. Because missing people of color only receive a small fraction of this intense media coverage. Lawsuit coming for moabpolice

Federal arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie in Gabby Petito investigationBREAKING: A federal court in Wyoming has issued an arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie in relation to a grand jury indictment for his 'activities following the death of Gabrielle Petito,' the FBI says. Yet He is DEAD- most likely! Knowing they’re after you, he’s got to much to lose. We’ll never know why he did what he did. That’s the sad truth!

Federal arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie related to Gabby Petito investigationLast week, police named Laundrie a person of interest in Petito's disappearance, but Laundrie went missing just days later. Good, now that he’s out of the country 'Bad laundry!' I think he is innocent. What about the other missing persons in the same area. There is a serial killer. It isn't him!!!!

FBI Issues Arrest Warrant for Brian Laundrie, Fiancé of Gabby PetitoThe feds have called on anyone who knows Laundrie’s whereabouts or has information about Petito’s homicide to contact the agency get his ass 🧸🎈😪 So sad how they found her😢

Federal Arrest Warrant Issued for Brian Laundrie in Gabby Petito Death CaseBrian Laundrie is now a wanted man by the feds ... an arrest warrant has been issued -- but NOT for Gabby Petito's death. I agree with Geraldo on this one Sorry not sorry About time You are a little late ...

Second Woman Claims She Picked Up Brian Laundrie Hitchhiking After Gabby Petito DisappearanceAnd a second time, he allegedly made a very abrupt exit from the vehicle (via toofab) TooFab The Police F**KED UP from the beginning! He should have been held as a Person of Interest! This is a case of 'White Privilege on Steroids' on so many levels! I grieve with the parents of the girl for their loss. However, the Keystone Kops needs 'BOOT-IN-ASS'😡 TooFab Why are so many women picking up hitchhikers tho 🤔