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G-7 nations expected to pledge 1B vaccine doses for world

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says G-7 nations will pledge to give 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer countries. Half of that will come from the U.S.

6/11/2021 12:38:00 AM
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says G-7 nations will pledge to give 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer countries. Half of that will come from the U.S.

ST. IVES, England (AP) — The Group of Seven nations are set to commit to sharing at least 1 billion coronavirus shots with the world, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Thursday, with half coming from the U.S.

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Because they have a surplus and the vaccines expire. Is that all? It’s not enough. We have the ability to vaccinate the entire world but we must do it. Alone if necessary. It’s all about money. If not republicans would be on board. Now, they just want to cover up the smell of the insurrection. We have no working senate right now.

Need to make sure the people of these nations actually receive the vaccines instead of their leaders corruptly distributing to friends, friends of friends and blackmarkets for their personal financial and/or political gain. Beautiful achievement. On one can beat Paki's poverty Hmmm......1 billion divided by 7 = about 143 million per country. So I guess the US is donating an additional 357 million doses at average of $17.50 per dose. That's only $6.2 billion extra. That seems fair unless you are asking a taxpayer. LOL!

Which are poorer countries ? My mum alway said to “Beware of strange men giving candy” and I’m sure this applies here as well. Imagine if that went to immunising children.. Just call 347-613-2340 ask for Emmett Moore

These Oprah-Approved Leggings Come With a $10 Amazon Prime Day CreditAmazon is giving shoppers $10 to spend on Prime Day when they support small businesses. Not interested in giving Bezos any more money. Especially with the amount of taxes he (doesn’t) pay!!

It’s no where near enough! Fantastic news..well done to all involved 👋👍 Eugenics … Same as it’s always been… I’m sure most will come from US Siktirin gidin oruspu çocukları. By the end of 2022 is far too late. Why can’t it be done now? Great leadership.... Good decisions just wondering why nobody in the media is asking why all the heads of state attending the G7 conference aren't following 10 day quarentine rules, especially as most of them are in the high risk bracket?

मदारी अकसर अनपढ हौता है लेकिन फिर भी पढे लिखे लौगौ से ताली बजवा देता और अनत मे झौला उठाकर चल देता है

U.S. is in discussions with Moderna on buying Covid vaccine doses for other nations

Biden promised 500,000,000. The entire rest of the world can only match that?!? In return for? Where there's a scam to be run there's a Tory in waiting. ToryCorruption A variant is coming within 5 years that will be 100% more contagious ☠100% FATAL☠ We will not escape variants until all covid 19 variants are eradicated NOW...

It's awesome we are blessed to have persons like them G7Summit2021 And it started first with Biden's pledge. oh_my_george just give us vitamind and vitaminC and humanconnection and everyone will get better very soon.. suppression of the people means they will do anything as such to think they can's all mass lie

Oh_my_george yes let's do these clinicaltrials not jibjabs as said on the rest of the world and see what happens .insanity chance of death 1on 10,000. morechanceofdyingdrinkingbeer We can't even get it to our own poor people. Maybe if they move to Africa they'll get it faster Perhaps Pfizer could be donated to Aussies who are prepared to pay for this vaccine themselves as our Govt has denied some. These $'s could be used to buy more vaccines to donate.

But where is china in the scene for donating vaccines to other countries. This crooked china never ever involved itself in philanthropic works. Even in case of terrorism it remained all along silent while usa,etc put all out efforts to counter terrorism for the sake of mankind.

Biden calls big U.S. donation of vaccines foundation for contributions by other G-7 nationsPresident Joe Biden said a U.S. donation of 500 million COVID-19 vaccine doses will bring about similar contributions from other nations. “This U.S. contribution is the foundation for additional coordinated efforts to help vaccinate the world,” he said. wow He meant to say ' help depopulate the world.'

जब अमीर देशों मे कोरोना खतम हो जायेगा तब जो वैकसीन बचेगी वो गरीब देशो को दी जायेगी। सही है! CancelAssamBoardExams Amen Right and in accordance with Ben Mitchell you guys are going to be deciding on who lives or dies, simply put if you get a vaccine for Covid you’re safe, if you don’t you’re at risk!! Good plan for killing off a bunch of people how more obvious could you possibly make it!!

It’s a start. 👍👍👍👍 Never mind vaccines what about plastics clogging up our rivers pesticides polluting our food and rivers people starving all round the world because of greed because of greed from the top knobs sort it now while your dining on your barbecue posh nosh Sounds like Nestle,Nestlé, they gave baby formula to 3rd world countries...

Coming from the 3rd World, there is nothing to celebrate here. Wonderful President Biden! Why don’t we help these countries develop capacity!

Biden pledges U.S. will donate 500M vaccine doses around the globePresident Biden will donate 500 million additional doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to COVAX, a global initiative aiming to provide doses to...

Some of the replies are ignorant. Finally a Pre that is honest? Is your name Hunter? And Bidens foreign policy record says he is always wrong. He is not doing anything except eating ice cream. He can't even speak coherently, and it isn't a stutter I speak for millions in the UK, pissoff. We don't Wana give our money away to thieves to give vaccines that sent needed.

“One MILLION dollars!!” Thank you global capitalism! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So that sound amazing!!! but I have one question did everyone in the US that is low income and middle income that want to get vaccinate have access to a free vaccine because they should have it before anyone starts donating vaccine - take care of your own country first then help

By the end of 2022 , many would be a victim to this dreadful China virus I hope they agree to free Assange. You mean all the old shit, they can't use, refrigerate, etc. What clusterf*ck lie. Back to the bad old days of America giving to the world and getting nothing back in return Trump2024 We will need them for the uk if they don’t start practicing what they preach, no social distance, no mask , no self isolation after flight need I go on

Wisconsin pharmacist who left Covid-19 vaccine vials out is sentenced to 3 years in prisonThe Wisconsin pharmacist who tried tampering with vials of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine because he believed it was not safe for people has been sentenced to three years in federal prison As a convicted criminal he cannot vote and legally own a gun. Now every person he 'assaulted' with a fake vaccine needs to litigate! Oh my gosh u wasted ur career !! stupid !!!🤨😏😏🤪😏🤪 u didn't die of covid but hello jail term cnn

India will produce One billion disses at that time. But our Netas criticizing our target and achievements. India is capable to produce more vaccination and supply to entire world. Indian scientists are more capable than any other in the world. We trust our government first It ' s a good that these countries took this decision....I appriciate it this .

That's great and welcoming. One country has supplied more than 300m doses. G7 now only pledges, too little too late!! Wish they could teach PM Trudeau how to look after our country as well as they are. He has destroyed our economy and the way the world looks at Canada!! I think they are a bit late. China has done over 700 million vaccinations and supplied 160 nations with free vaccine.

Approximately 6 billion people on the planet. They come up with one billion. That's real good but crooked joe have proved how weak he is, keep insistenting global warming is biggest threat we are facing..while China are everyday modernizing his Army in case a conflict.. Thank you sir.. Best of luck 👍 Right, we give half, six other countries pony up the other half. Each pays 1/6 what we do. Add that to the six trillion that Biden wants to spend and we cannot afford.

South Korean mayor 'sorry' for falling for vaccine scamHe apologised after believing a foreign company would provide 30 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

I welcome this move by heart... As being a responsible leaders,,, I congratulate G7 leaders... God bless America and our beautiful Nation. Give it to cancer treatment. It's a thousand percent more deadly than corona virus. A killer virus you have to be tested to see if you have it too me is not that deadly.

To vaccinate the World 10 billion doses are needed. But something is better than nothing. More tech transfers / patent waivers are needed to allow developing countries to manufacture enough doses to cover their own populations. VaccineEquity Americans have shit health care, long covid sufferers are on their own financially, but we can spend money on other country's health.

Who is these billion vaccines or how they are brought distributed? Thirdwave has begun Over 2 billions doses administered out of 15.4 billion need for 7.67 billion mankind Still, the end of 2022 is a long way off. What happens meanwhile? Oh, how nice of them. Here's our evil agenda, for free! Pledging is a lot different than actually giving. But by the end of 2022....the CHINESE-WUHAN Virus will have naturally run its course. BIG FAT DEAL!!!

Offer them a joint with the vaccine if all else fails 🤪

7.67 Billion humans inhabit Earth. Thanks for your generosity AbiyMustGo OromoProtests FreeJawarMohammed FreeBekeleGerba AbiyMustGo Since 1997, G-7 has been promising to end hunger but it still exists even in their own nations. 1/5 children live in poverty in USA. I am skeptical about the vac donations’ success.

Trouble is, apparently, is that we need 11 Billion to cover ALL the planet. Good step. Corona has given a good lesson to the whole world that whole countries should unite & work together for welfare of mankind & prosperity of all living and non-living beings. Another noble pledge all countries should take now is to stop spending on any war weaponery.

Great working ⭐️ Great work Eff off with this BS. Corporations making money hand over fist, this is crumbs that the masses will celebrate over but Boris Johnson is a t w a t. So is Biden. So is Fauci. So is Gates. They caused this and they want to profit from it as well as get some good PR! Only another 10 Billion needed.

Pity they didn't give out food and clean water supplies to the millions too...

Most of the countries need vaccines in 2021. These G-7 countries will donate by end of 2022. What a bizarre announcement. They expect Pandemic will continue for next 18 months and beyond. USA500k. GB? Why they call them Great 7 when they cannot even provide more then billion doses in one year.. let china produce vaccine they will make factories in days and produce in days...SCMPNews zlj517 UN WHO WHOWPRO UN_HRC

Sabi desho ko ek din k liye china se trade band ker dena chahiye china ko uski okaad malum chl jayegi. Koi bhi desh akela kuch bhi nhi ker sakta.meri baat per dhyan do thoda. Barting near expiry vaccines What is use doing surya namaskar after loosing eye sight Praise God!!!!!! I hope that the distribution of vaccines can be fair, and we should not politicize vaccines, because every additional dose of vaccine may save a life

They want global depopulation, good luck with the vaccine This is Nigeria. We are not at war but the leadership has declared war to the middle belt and southern regions. He is enforcing jihad. Why is d world silent? Why are we talking about helping poor nations but nobody is intervening in our situation? Is this a conspiracy by d world?

What Nigeria needs right now is not vaccines. There is an internal apartheid regime by Buhari government. Only the Northern Muslims are appointed. He is using military & police to kill 100s of people daily in Southeast Nigeria. He sacked senior military officer from the south There's like 7.8 billion people. Do better.

God bless you Virtue signalling bawbags . What about TB ? Are China donating any. Very good Decision s N Balasubramanisn senior journalst cow Blessings channel tv Tamil Nadu union of journalists Chennai Biden is a hero. JohnsonMustGo not so much. Very nice 👌 Thanks Well it's about time. The EU was sharing from the start.

Apart from G7, china should donate the double

Good decision,we expect transfer of raw formulae material,technique to 3rd world countries to save whole world from devastation,miseries,economic disasters.Moreover 3rd world Countries need financial assistance to revive the economic activities which are paralysed since Feb 2020. Do you know what will happen till end of 2022 from corona

By 2030 there will be 1.2 more people in developing countries. Donating only 1 billion vaccines to developing countries doesn’t even keep up with the rate of population growth in those places. Is that some kind of joke? COVAX COVID19 Yea, so they can kill off more people. Nothing good about this Hope it will

OK, so I am pretty sure that the promise will not be fulfilled until the end of 2032. Yes developed nations should act like a king. And let others remain busy fighting in the matter related to cast,religion, gender ,corruption,trfficking,exploded populaion and so many. They deserve it. Really appreciated

Canada has nothing to share. Trudeau has already been paying for vaccines we never get and robs poor countries to replace it. They will donate but public won't get free. In March 21 it was RS. 250, now Rs. 800 and no one questions

Thanks G7 for your good will gesture at this critical point of times. Congratulations for this humanitarian steps. Priorities May b given for really needy/poor countries. One billion is not enough to vaccinate most everyone by end of 2022! A great scheme. Keep your enemies alive to fight you another day

But world has more than seven billion people At $10 dollars each it will cost us how many billions , divide that by our population to see what ever man , woman and child will have to pay ! The Americans don’t want to be experimented on I wonder which nation agreed to hand in their people to experiment what are they experimenting exactly does anyone know

Pls what's in that vaccine is it a control mechanism to turn us into sheep's, why don't you take it, morron Wow, climate change can’t unify the world but of course it doesn’t effect their $$$ right now. India is donating it since start of vaccine development. Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳

Thank you very much for the Greatest Help... Congratulations The US is giving 500M. Does that mean the other 6 are combining for 500M How are we helping with this vaccine but not with Israel? I’m sure they weren’t bombing Gaza over Covid vaccinations End of 2022?! Where's the urgency? How many will suffer before then? This also gives the virus plenty of more chances to mutate. Where the fuck are the real leaders, must we keep voting for these profit driven, incompetent, and heartless men. Ffs

Great Enough of this nonsense . Vaccine for all poor countries was our demand in this G7 summit & we got good news Thanks G7 Very good news how many medicines in our country India will get it lam very much interested N Balasubramanisn senior journalst cow Blessings channel tv Tamil Nadu union of journalists Chennai

💙👊😷 Global love, no country borders, no future for us. Just sad and for what?

Earth is Planet we are all just temporary visitors not permanent resident.Good work and Good Name stand's for ever Lol 😂 does he know the world has a population of 7+ billion 👀🤡 The G7 clown show is just getting started A Am So HPpY For This Disigen Nobody should take these. It's poison. Americans and Europeans aren't even taking it. Just pushing population control on black and brown people

see..that's a leader of the free world..and if you notice..on his lead..the world follows 1 billion? What about the remaining people It doesn’t service at least 25% of the globe Our country India still fighting with COVID-19 and people are dying like ants! weneedvaccine justice coronavirus CovidVaccine COVID19

Great,otherwise, like Indian citizens die Lie No shot if you value your life. Jee

Even if you donate the vaccines, India's PM will sell it for 1200 INR. Which is nearly $14. In addition to that he ll provide a certificate to the vaccinated with his photo and make you a clown.... Because you bought up all the supply after bitching your covid response? Gee. Thanks. Good Lol for the people

Really generous ❤️ Nice to see world leaders doing good. Let’s see the follow through Isn't that a cute gesture, what about the other 6-billion people on the planet 🌍 Appreciable It is a big relief to poor countries, this indicates ONE WORLD ONE CITIZENSHIP. With this other international unions should come to help the world. WE ARE ONE✊✊✊🙏😷

I would like you to include the Dominican Republic and our neighboring country Haiti.

I am so proud that we are doing this. Wow. They pledge to kill off 1/7 of the world’s population. We are almost at 8 billion total pop., so 500 million receiving Pfizer is a start.... China created the Disease and the “cure”. China Joe is eager to serve his masters to spread the poison globally. And millions of SHEEPLES are DUMB enough to get in line for the UNTERSTED, UNAPPROVED, EXPERIMENTAL DRUG which will make u an absolute SLAVE. But its all CONSPIRACY:))

Oh for Christ’s sake🤬 If you really want to know what’s going on, PLEASE go here: Nice...ship it all to India pls Very good save for people life So with the news out of Cleveland Clinic, far less vaccines are needed to cover the globe! Science!! Joe’s a joke he’s hiding class act chump Who cares? I'm immune to government bullshit and not afraid of a flu.

Good job sir What a stupid announcement! The stock market is the most potential places to invest in, investing in stock is often risky which draws attention to the huge gains and loss of investors, if you can take the risk then you can take advantage of the stock market to secure your financial position and earn money.

Of course the use of this c19 v---x to depopulate. And those that take the v---x and survives, they will be no more than slaves. USA leading the world in helping countries that cannot afford the Vaccines. This benefits ALL the World, lets get it out of our planet🌎It was uplifting seeing Boris & Biden signing the Atlantic Treaty together. President and 1st Lady Bidens showing Class, Respect, Graciousness

AP: Billion doses of VACCINES with half by the USA in the Pfizer drug to aid the Worlds population. Indian variant the Delta with 91% in the UK That is the worry with this plan that stability comes with no others appearing on the scene. Speed to do it VITAL! So many agendas and so much alleged kindness from G 7 in donations of vaccines. Bill Gates refused to help as he has the patents on these viruses. India has a manufacturing plant etc Gates said no it’s all about profit. So we the tax payer taking the hit again. I pray for theUK

I will trust my immune system. They can start with Asian countries They can start with Asian countries

WHCOS I wonder what China and Russia will do? WHCOS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇺🇸