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G-7 leaders agree on vaccines, China and taxing corporations

BREAKING: G-7 leaders call on China to respect human rights in Xinjiang, where Beijing is accused of committing serious human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority, and in Hong Kong. They also vowed to challenge China’s “non-market economic practices.”

6/13/2021 4:37:00 PM

BREAKING: G-7 leaders call on China to respect human rights in Xinjiang, where Beijing is accused of committing serious human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority, and in Hong Kong . They also vowed to challenge China ’s “non-market economic practices.”

CARBIS BAY, England (AP) — Leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy nations on Sunday pledged more than 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer nations, vowed to help developing countries grow their economies while fighting climate change and agreed to challenge China ’s “non-market economic practices” and call out Beijing for rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong .

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Hey. Save uyghurs The CCP is an evil organization that does not hesitate to use any means to chase power and wealth. Therefore, the Chinese people ruled by the CCP, including people all over the world, are the CCP’s slaves, and all countries and people who resist the CCP are its enemies. Great. Please stand together for against ccp. ccp is the scourge of the world. It is a group of gangster and a liar. Please BoycottBeijingOlympics CCP_is_terrorist HumanRightsViolations BoycottBeijing2022 CCPLiedPeopleDied

the world should not ignore what is ccp doing to hk ,x j and tw StandWithHongKong Taiwan Xinjiang History will miss G7, and you no longer have the right to make decisions about things in the future world. As egregious as human rights abuses against Uyghur minority in China may be, G-7 leaders r big hypocrites. European countries & U.S. have been the biggest human rights abusers in the 🌎, for the last 500 yrs Certainly every country under the sun has had it share of abusive beh.

Thanks 🙏 Let’s fight against China dictatorship These democratic leaders seem to make democracy equating to capitalism - they do not see that all people have right to equality, health, life & persuit of happiness. Its not selective /interpreted as % of acceptable unemployment but optimal employment. More than 600,000 US citizens died because of the US gov’s failure to contain COVID, and the number is still rising. Where is the human rights of these people?

Sebastian Gorka claims Biden helping China 'displace' U.S., credits Beijing for 'China first' policyGorka mocked the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement and said the U.S. carries the financial and economic burden of the world while allowing China to become a stronger international superpower. It should come as no surprise to SebGorka that the Liberalization of China was planned. The founding members of the Mont Pelerin Project knew that liberal reforms along with globalization would lead to the reconfiguration of the Chinese & U.S. economies thus creating fortunes. Mr. SebGorka should know that the concept of a China first policy started in 1978 when China opened its economy to f. investors. Since then American & European oligarch's armed with economic theories derived from the Mont Pelerin Project est. a China first policy that remains. I'm shocked that SebGorka or seanhannity haven't blamed President JimmyCarterNPS for not being tough enough on China during his term. The calculus is not that hard. Capitalism went into crisis because of the attacks on organized labor by U.S oligarchs who like unchecked power.

一群傻逼!挑战你妈~我们干什么跟你们有关系吗?G7就是一场阴谋和谎言的开始! This is an important statement which showed the strongest democratic economies in the world including USA UK Canada Germany France Japan Italy allied with each other. They will keep a close eye on Xinjiang and at the same time StandWithHongKong. This is a big joke.China has a history of 5000 years.Every Chinese respect each other's compatriots.I don't know where all this information came from.But I believe you, China will always be strong.

It is not the first time that these Western powers have used the so-called 'human rights' to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. The truth of the 'Xinjiang Genocide' Cool now what about everybody else like US, Canada, Israel, etc Lol Maybe change to anti-democracy and authoritarian practices. Market based language sounds watered down. Maybe Democratic markets?

“Call on China to respect human rights”? That’s like asking a criminal to kindly stop robbing people. Well they need to call on America to respect human rights as well.

G-7 leaders agree on vaccines, China and taxing corporationsThe leaders of the world's richest countries have pledged more than 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer nations.

ChoiHungGuLeung How evil can the Chinazi Tyranny be? . Hongkonger well knew CCP China & HKPolice HKGov are evil brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. HKer still fighting, For justice, HumanRight & democracy! StandWithHK FreeHK MilkTeaAlliance SOSHK SAVE12 Free47 StandWithHongKong Yet another slanted drivel from the Associated Propaganda, whose geopolitically US tainted headline is debunked down the line by the actual statement from the G7.

Hahahaha clean up your own yards Only xjhk? What a joke , at least 1 billion ppl ! To atop.auffocating the Gambia sea and sell to Gambians unnatural fish. See Monde Diplo. Why would they listen to you and your warnings. They own practically every marke They play the same game again and again In other words, this China fan club did not diacuss how to keep macron from being slapped again, how to keep the world economy from a crisis of us currency inflation, how uk will respond to the independence claim of scottland and north ireland and how us will handle BLM movement.

If I enjoy this privilege all alone, it shows how ungrateful I am because I got my breakthrough from a post been posted online on how Bitcoin Trading works so I got involved and my story changed and I also want to recommend everyone too. All thanks to kimberlyalr88 Why don’t tell the Clintons to stop killing people?

Uyghur groups want to take China to the International Criminal CourtIf the ICC’s prosecutor agrees that there is enough evidence of abuses happening in Tajikistan, rather than China , she may then apply to the court’s judges to open an investigation If I enjoy this privilege all alone, it shows how ungrateful I am because I got my breakthrough from a post been posted online as well and I also want to recommend everyone too. All thanks to the good work of kimberlyalr88 If they have evidence that the court accepts, they must have asked the court's judges to open investigation on China already. They don't do that, they just repeated the accusation against China again and again. credible reports? what report? from an organization that has been recognized as terrorist group by UN? No wonder when people hear the name of West Media like BBC, they said“fvck BBC”

What does Lebron say? Perhaps it’s time the United States joins the international criminal court as well as respecting human rights and holding accountable the violators Just look at PM Trudeau. Tall, legs slightly apart, hands folded at the waist. Canadians are so lucky to have eye candy as PM! 😉❤️ What about Belarus ? In the center of Europe people are arrested, tortured, raped, bullied and killed every day?

Autocracy vs democracy. The one who laughs last laughs the best - guess who will be the final winner 😆 Trudeau’s wide-leg stance though. No one cares more about Muslim human rights than G7😆 G7 countries plan for an alternative of China’s non-transparent/debt trap investment project ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’ Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative will provide a transparent infrastructure partnership to help developing nations by 2035

Wait wait! I thought it’s genocide in Xinjiang you guys are talking about, now only “human rights abuses?”But you all have human rights abuses, why single out China? That means G7 failed to reach agreement to stand against CCP! It’s the Failure of democracy!

China Cracks DownReporter DakeKang and AP staff's reporting on China ’s early mishandling of the coronavirus and human rights violations against the Uyghurs was a finalist for the Pulitzer in investigative reporting. dakekang 这种不要脸的话还敢说,这TMD无耻。看看美国政府是如何被冠状病毒打到在地,起都起不来。我认中国相 比美国好不止多少陪。你不去指责美国政府抗疫不力,反过指责中国。你把世界人民当傻瓜吗 dakekang Wait...the George Floyd picture taker is more important!!!.......not! Shame. As us news agencies, you are proud of yourselves for reporting news concerning China. What did you do for BLM? GOP corruption? Trumpist riot? or any major event/movement taking place in your nation? The us gov and press have mishandled all the people's movements in usa.

So they condemned Biden’s border disaster ?

China reports 35 new coronavirus cases on June 11 vs 22 day earlier China reported 35 new coronavirus cases in the mainland for June 11, up from 22 a day earlier, the country's health authority said on Saturday. I just want to say a big thank you to LISAMARKDONALDT I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me to you it has been nothing but financial success for me , I will continue to share your good name ma’am Vow! China is reporting corona virus cases. Only 22

China, US diplomats clash over human rights, pandemic originBEIJING (AP) — Top U.S. and Chinese diplomats appear to have had another sharply worded exchange, with Beijing saying it told the U.S. to cease interfering in its internal affairs and accusing Washington of politicizing the search for the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. A fight has broken out in the Bolivian Parliament between the opposition politician Henry Romero and a member of the ruling socialist MAS party, Antonio Colque. I like that guy's ponytail, keeps his mullet lookin sharp. Nice pony-tail you gave SecState Blinken.