FYI: A Wok Will Cook Your Dinner Way Faster Than A Regular Pan

This “egg roll in a bowl” recipe will hit the spot, too.

10/21/2021 3:37:00 PM

This “egg roll in a bowl” recipe will hit the spot, too.

This “egg roll in a bowl” recipe will hit the spot, too.

Yeung also suggests using ahigh smoke point oil, like avocado oil, to cook with, as opposed to refined oils like canola. If you cook with an oil that's been heated past its smoke point, you can destroy the food's beneficial nutrients. Cooking with oils with a higher smoke point can prevent this.

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Aside from prepping super tasty meals, Syn also says that woks are designed to help cook food faster, thanks to their high sloping walls that allow you to easily move food around without spilling it out."Constantly stirring food helps it cook faster because it brings new surfaces of food into contact with the hot parts of the pan while also releasing steam, both of which speed up the cooking process.” A quick and tasty meal? That's a win-win.

Ready to eat? The base of any wok meal is pretty simple., like shrimp or chicken, add some veggies, and you're good. But if you want to get a little fancier here's a list of delicious wok recipes you'll need to make ASAP.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below

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