Major Biden: Future First Dog To Get Virtual 'İndoguration' - Cnn

Major Biden: Future First Dog To Get Virtual 'İndoguration' - Cnn

Future first dog Major Biden, adopted from a shelter, to get virtual 'indoguration'

President-elect Joe Biden is not the only one getting some fanfare as he enters the White House -- his rescue dog, Major, is being honored by the shelter he came from.

1/16/2021 10:01:00 AM

President-elect Joe Biden is not the only one getting some fanfare as he enters the White House -- his rescue dog, Major, is being honored by the shelter he came from.

President-elect Joe Biden is not the only one getting some fanfare as he enters the White House -- his rescue dog, Major, is being honored by the shelter he came from.

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Ugly ass dog Cnn ni digan el presidente electo diga lerobaron al presidente tromplas elecciones ese viejo loco nunca le ganaria a tromp eso fue un mega fraude todos lo sabemos pero ustedes democratas de infierno nunca lograran lo que piensan hacerso os mas inteligente y con la verdad llegarem 'you swear to be the goodest Doggo you can be ? ' 'you swear not to beg for too many treats if the President is really busy?' 'you swear to not do borks at kids that are on tours of the White house?' 'By the power vested in me by this shelter, I now pronounce you, First Doggo!'

This crap 💩 makes the news on CNN? More stupid news. Manipulated media letsbefair Give Major the keys. Better chance with him than Joe. When Americans don't have real problems... Ok Thank you Biden for adopting. I too am a rescue! makes a better leader than trump - and the media should report on him rather than trump - let fox report trump

Beautiful dog. Poor animal. Hope it makes it. How did DOCTOR Jill Biden and Joe Jim Crow Biden meet again? Fuck that dog You can always trust a man with a rescue dog because he has compassion LOL The unbiased media fawning is just priceless Mmmmm. The Chinese spy friends of joe will e joy eating him. They cook them live in big woks. Good job joe!!

Dogs probably don’t like Trump! Ah. First Dog! Salute! That dog is more qualified than Dr Jill Biden indivisiblenwal Don't forget Champ! He's a good boy, too. I bet that dog has more sense than trump will ever have. He couldn’t do a worst job. And as jet he doesn’t play golf. GWB's White House pet was cooler.

CNN is such a sewer of propaganda for the left I swear to God, I've now officially seen more articles about Biden's f-ing dog post-election than I saw on his policy platforms pre-election. WTF happened to American journalism? I love to see him bite the fat ass on his way out the door. Who has a longer life expectancy Joe or the dog

Biden is a blessed leader he is Loyal A beautiful dog - smart and thoroughbred! But ordinary dogs - street dogs - are also beautiful - they have their own special charm - defenselessness, intelligence and courage! In Russia there is a song - with words - only from life, from the life of a dog - a dog can be biting!🙂

Thief biden placed in office via the corrupt media assisting him to steal the election I think Major should chase Trump out of the White House on the 20th. I just hope he doesn't bite him....wouldn't want Major to get rabies. Meanwhile CNN stay silent about an actual attempt to massacre representatives.

🤗🤗🤗 yay for sweet rescue pupper! This would be interesting to watch.. fingers crossed theyre calling it the indoguration, pretty cute.... but Major made Joe break his foot, I wonder if major is a trump supporter.... Jesus, can you imagine the journalistic outrage if the Trump administration held an “indoguration” during a PANDEMIC?!?!?!

The dog is more honorable than anyone in the Biden Crime Family. ImpeachBiden This is disgusting what the high tech and democrats done to the America. BREAKING: WHISTLEBLOWER DROPS HARD EVIDENCE, BIDEN, OBAMA, HILLARY EXECUTED SEAL TEAM 6, AUDIO PROOF Orange🍊45 should not be allowed to RUN AGAIN for office, get intelligence briefs to SELL to whom? TAXPAYERS shouldn’t PAY for a pension, lifetime Secret Service ,travel, etc . ALL the LOSER should get is PRISON TIME for COVID deaths, CAGED babies, RAPE, INSURRECTION...etc.

Wouldn’t it be great when he is making a speech or having a press conference the dog is next to him - German Shepherds are quite disciplined ! Could even help in the process of unification? jaketapper His eyes reflect the eyes of Joe Biden. Animal Shelter dog. Man, I could use some tix to the indoguration!

Wow! Maybe he can just pet his dog instead of random children Congratulations to Major. Waoooo what an incredible news... Like I said this talking egg-heads will run out talking point after Wednesday Sweet baby, look at that face. I just want to give him smoochies I have a simple message for the Republicans who are calling for unity, without accountability. That the united states does not negotiate with terrorist.

My Aussie says congrats Pets back in our White House again!!! Dogs don't like Taliban Trump - they're a great judge of character!!! Ashli Babbitt ... unarmed when she entered the House of Congress So lovely!! I pray for a successful 4 years for Biden, both parties need to work together. Is this the poor dog that Biden fell over pulling it’s tail?!

Ahhhhh yes. Hello normal my old friend. Beautiful dog he's a beauty I love me some GS. My heart melts That's a very important news. CNN will go back to fawning over the President. Doctor Jill will probably grace the fashion pages too. Glad to know Major will have a shelter and they offer pick up!WAKEUP M7Rigs2021Elections. standWithUganda

Please adopt shelter dogs. The best. Please let Major piss on trumps portrait, German, not Russian, but good enough More qualified to be there than Trump. His service dog **** America Is Following a Path to Marxist … It almost makes no sense when a private company can do the CENSORSHIP ... it's worse than communist country …

Dogs - make everything better. 🐶 This right here is the hard hitting journalism we get to look forward to now for the next 4 years...🙄 Gee Where’s Hunter when the wrong person needs “some Biden” lovin.... 🤢 I am LOVING this dog.Just absolutely beautiful_!! Welcome to The Family. Woaah even looks like joe

Its just dogs. Who gives a shit? Least POTUS was focused on running a country not stupid ass dogs Aww look at Major! Finally a dog back in the WH. And Major gave a soeech to the dogs in the shelter, 'work hard and one day you too could be First Dog.' Is he taking a tour? Damn thought they were closed off at the moment

inaugrrration People that love and care for animals are way more trustworthy and compassionate than those who don't. Example: Trump said owning a pet is 'low class.' Major is just gorgeous! 💖💖💖💖🦘🦘 If Biden has two dogs, are they BOTH First Dogs? Aw, such a sweet fellow... The Truth Must Prevail!!! because thats what matters right now fakenews

Can't Champ go? cnn dis is like so unfair cus u never talk about trumps cool dog melanie he brot her and she was so nice! Subhathrashankr I’m thrilled a pair of dogs will enjoy the White House. I hope they really enjoy themselves. They will make the White House an awesome place to be. TheOUTFront Yaaaaaaazzzzzz!!!!!

Why isn't Champ getting any press? Here is one of the members of Major and Champ’s protection detail More cheap publicity Contrary to popular belief, Trump liked dogs too. HOTDOGS All praise the war criminal! He’s perfect because the last president was bad!!! I dont trust people who don't have a pet. It tells me they have a cold or selfish heart

Awww so cute 😍💋😍 Pets give a home extra 💚 Journalism at its finest Awwww lookie garbage news is going to tell us everyday how wonderful the Biden’s are.... can’t wait for you to tell me what the dog is eating.... I’ll be here waiting eagerly Any person who adopts a rescue dog is alright in my book! AdoptDontShop furry dogs

Awwww!!! I bet the trumps never had a dog. That might mess up their perfect clothes. Who cares about a dog. Another sign of normality and empathy. have you ever seen trump near a dog? he calls women dogs are the time and can't stand dogs. Awwwww ♥️ Trudy and Molly have already demanded late night stay up rights to watch the Inauguration!

So dumb Oh, FFS - this is going to be a long four years, with fluff stories about Biden and the f’ing dogs. Let’s do an expose on Hunter - also a dog. Aw. 🥰 Can’t fix stupid people Hopefully we can have laws implemented to help all of our animal friends. STARTING POINT A LAW TO SPAYED AND NEUTERED? PR, campaign

We saw 4 years of CNN critizing Trump for things as little as him stepped forward with the left foot. Now we're going to see 4 years of CNN on their knees worshiping Biden. I love this!!! Any news on declassified? Just asking I love CNN called him by his first and last name. Gorgeous dog. I have always had a soft spot for shepherds. So whip smart and they get so cute as they get up in age.

красавец In the heart of the American capital Washington, a green area has become somewhat similar to the green zone in Baghdad. No one is allowed to pass to it. This is the type of coverage from Biden that we're gonna be getting Invest in dogecoin.before it is too late.doge to the moon What about Champ?

It becomes colder when they start murdering a woman... But negroes and homosexuals and transvestite men do not care what God does trying to correct them... They must be executed. Надеюсь они его каждый день моют? Когда социум вынуждает заводить псов никто ими потом не занимается к их радости Wypierdalacć

They have a woman towards the north from the police department that has lost conciousness... I feel the world become empty when it happens There is a woman to the north that lost conciousnrss towards the Rahr and Sons brewery... Etc I want them all in the electric chair if nothing else... Because after all the women and girls they have murdered and tortured to death then they go after their father that they said they were protecting from them

Beautiful dog Love it! who cares... closeyourpaypal paypal Such a handsome pupper! First dog-elect Major 😁 Report on the Biden crime ring in China please. Lulu had her dress for the Inauguration Ball. She was hoping to dance with Major, Champ and possibly with the new President. (Lulu is a fabulous dancer even though she is only 16 weeks old) Good thing Valentines is around the corner.

💙🐕 The only honest Biden in the family. I think Major needs a promotion to at least Colonel, or maybe even General. I've always wanted to say, 'Good boy, General. Good boy.' That's my President!!!!! How do you like that. A dog achieves the American 🇺🇸 dream. What a country. CNN needs to be shutdown why are you so far left you lean to the side

Break a leg. JK The dog he faked a broken foot from? Awesome. Love it BEAST SYSTEM HAS ARRIVED Good doggo