'Funeral Home' Ad Spreads Message For The Unvaccinated - Cnn

'Funeral Home' Ad Spreads Message For The Unvaccinated - Cnn

'Funeral home' ad spreads message for the unvaccinated

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9/26/2021 7:01:00 AM

A black truck with the name of a funeral home on it brought a stark and unexpected message to downtown Charlotte last weekend. There is no 'Wilmore Funeral Home,' and its website instructs visitors to do the opposite of what's written on the truck.

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For those unvaxed or vaxed still have the health protocols to survive in this covid pandemic. Stay safe and healthy 🖕🏼 Now they need to put bill boards up from hospitals billing departments showing the cost of a Covid visit. funny Excellent message for a funeral home! Heed the warning non vaccinated people 👍

loganjm2 What about the ppl that are having adverse reactions to the vaccine and they’re dying anyways. Why aren’t these cases being reported to VAERS !? Why isn’t the cdc and the fda speaking on these MURDERS? They should have made it more clear. The slogan should have read, 'Don't get vaccinated, we need the business!'.....

Why don't you tell the truck to get off the damn street dummy crying negroes Network CNN home of the molesters punks lesbians sexual assaulters y'all got everybody fooled you sorry about your mother f****** 'This message is important, but not enough so to spring for a small plane with a banner.' Sad 😢

Love it

Chris Cuomo's former boss at ABC News accuses the CNN anchor of sexual harassmentShelley Ross, a veteran television producer and the former boss of Chris Cuomo at ABC News, accused Cuomo of sexual harassment Friday, saying the CNN anchor grabbed and squeezed her buttock at a party in 2005. Bye Felicia! What the hell? Why does it take so long to report this behaviour. 2005 Runs in the family

Fear mongering Similar message to the western and their media do in other countries How about someone pay one medical BILL for a vaccine 🤔🤔🤔 or an ELECTRIC BILL OR CELL PHONE BILL? I BET THAT WOULD GET THAT LINE MOVING 🤔🤔👏👏👏 free medicine KamalaHarris JoeBiden SpeakerPelosi ideas health bills canyoupaymybills covid19

Smart. I like it. Wish I had the money to do stuff like this Awesome we need to get rid off unvaccinated genes from the face of this planet. It’s going to be hilarious watching all the vaccinated need those same services. Sheep to the slaughter. I love this. I stopped debating antivaxxers. Now I encourage them to not take the vaccine and to guzzle horse paste while gathering in large groups.

Only CNN racial profiles vehicles… just a joke, I think 🤷🏻‍♂️ Very poor slogan……. Should have been “Will-more people not get Vaccinated “

Cars used in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' movie up for auction - CNN VideoThirteen heavily modified cars used in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' are under the gavel at Lloyd's Auction for fans of the post-apocalyptic 2015 film. Super-turbo charged and armed with weaponry, Lloyd's says it's the 'greatest barn-find ever recorded.' WellingtonTaku7 😁 Republicans would like to add to their truck collection Y.Y.. AGAINST(YB FOR OTHERSZ) AGAINST(YB FOR OTHERSZ) 1188 3O

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Should be a U.S. tour with it. Pure genius. Just something tge Dems are behind! Charlotte has an Uptown, not Downtown. I don't care so far 😂😂

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you have a higher % of death by being born. any cure for that? well, that should make people get vaxed, I mean if its on a box truck in downtown Charlotte then we all better listen. Smart advertising... I took the Chinese vaccine. It’s correct name is *Uptown* Charlotte. There is no downtown. Jump directly in the truck, it will save vaccines for those needing it F2G

Necrophiliac I like it. Weed out the anti-vaxxers. Population control. 🔥요한계시록 11장 두 증인의 메가 글로벌 주일예배 안내🔥 * 한국시간 🇰🇷 2021년 9월 27일 1AM [동시통역 생중계 채널] 유튜브: 페이스북: 회개와_거룩함 메시아께서_오신다 ProphetDrOwuor 휴거_환난 LMFAO Free market fun

This company is making AI robots to help farmers - CNN VideoUK start-up Small Robot Company is bringing autonomous farming to life with robots that can identify and precisely kill weeds in cropland. Oh, come on! Wow! I think this is a great invention, but for some reason I see all three of these weed robots as Boris. They say he's difficult. Amen With Europeans gone due to Brexit and labor shortages creating food shortages in Britain, it's high time for them to turn to the robots.

Wow I love it! Very creative 👌👏👍thank you for the strong message Sizin Türkiye temsilciliği verdiğiniz cnnturk = 'Wilmore Funeral Home'. 🇺🇸 Follow CDCgov, US_FDA, NIH, HHSGov and WHO Guidelines: ☑️ Get Fully Vaccinated for COVID19 ☑️ Get Vaccinated for Other Diseases ✅ Wear a Mask 😷 Around Others ✅ Children Should Wear a Mask 😷 in School ✅ Avoid Large Gatherings ✅ Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water

'News' CNN is falling apart: A new bombshell allegation involving Chris Cuomo surfaces- Hear about it with kayleighmcenany , tonight. FoxNews 8pm ET I get their point, but a friend of our family owns one of the few non-corporate cemetaries in Houston. She says business has never been better and has complained for the last year about paying commissions to her salespeople for doing nothing.

Chris Cuomo makes no mention of sexual harassment allegation on his CNN showCuomo's former boss Shelley Ross on Friday accused the CNN host of groping her rear end during a 2005 party. Nor should he. Why would he ? cnn is here to influence u journalismIsDead He might as well go pull a toobin Hahahahahahahahahahaha…….

Been saying for months the funeral services industry has never been so profitable. Thanks Trump! Thanks GOP! And BONUS: Less Republican votes to count in the next election too! Do what you want. Did the Communist News Network pay for the truck? Great marketing strategy

Chris Cuomo Doesn’t Address Sexual Harassment Claim During CNN ShowEarlier in the day, former ABC executive producer Shelley Ross wrote in a column for The New York Times that she was sexually harassed by Cuomo while they were both working at the network. catturd2 PapiTrumpo 🤣🤣🤣 A mediocre nepo-hire *and* an abuser! CNN's Jeff Zucker's perfect employee This isn’t news.