Texas, Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Texas, Biden

Fundraisers For Texas—From AOC, Beyoncé, Reese Witherspoon And More—Net Millions

Efforts follow the White House’s promise for more aid.

2/20/2021 7:20:00 PM

AOC IN HOUSTON: Rep. AOC describes where millions in donations for Texans will go and why she felt compelled to visit Texas .

Efforts follow the White House’s promise for more aid.

had been raised within four hours.The contributions received by Ocasio-Cortez will be split among five organizations across the state of Texas, including the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in Dallas, Ending Community Homelessness Coalition in Austin, the Houston Food Bank and Feeding Texas, a statewide hunger-relief charity.

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Houston native and world-renowned songstress Beyoncé has teamed up with Adidas and Bread of Life through her, to provide money to those suffering as a result of the storms. Read more: Forbes »

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AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Elect new officials AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank All this woman does is look for photo ops AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank FakeAOC AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Man...this is great and all, but a little social distancing would be ideal and def achievable

AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank They moving like turtles AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Hey, anyone know where CancunCruz is? Photo opps done? AOC HoustonFoodBank JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -- Maya Angelou

AOC HoustonFoodBank JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia That damn “socialist” AOC again - AmIRight SenTedCruz AOC HoustonFoodBank JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia Early commentators here! AOC HoustonFoodBank JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia Public servants, y'all. This is how it's done. AOC As what Ted Cruz said, 'there's nothing I can do for the state.' He's a legislator, he said, and not the state government.

AOC Has she seen the district see represents? AOC **Looking for a Website or Digital Marketing services? We're Happy to Help!👍 AOC Democrats visit Texas, Republicans leave Texas. AOC The only thing Texas Repubs have been able to do is complain about Dems who want to help hurting Texans. AOC I basically thought that it was a scam until I decided to give it a try with just a little start up of €1500 and I got €25,500 in 5 days it was so amazing and everything works out Maiyarova

AOC Texans need to remember this moment and who was there to help them unlike Q-Cruz AOC If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. If you’re right, you’re right. No malice. No agenda. Whatever the situation. Just be it. Very difficult to fathom how that really simple set of principles are hard to understand. Such a shame AOC and others aren’t seen for being simply that simple.

AOC She's the definition of a good human being. Literally raising money to help a state that is home to people who wanted to kill her just a month earlier. AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank CancunCruz AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank In a time of need. This is the best example. You help a fellow human being. No matter what is their political color.

AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Please distribute FFP2 mask to the volunteers! AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Is that what they were elected for? AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Looks like AOC is a bit flustered by the process. But hey....she's great at twitter. Don't reelect her, simply retweet her

AOC I guess Texans are Americans too. I hope the Red State will learn a lesson or two. AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Doesn’t look like oac knows what she needs to do !! AOC HoustonFoodBank I typically can’t stand AOC because she adds fuel to the polarized fire, but she has really stepped up in the last month. Sure, she’s probably doing this for the positive PR, but I really don’t care what her motives are if it she’s doing good things and helping people!

AOC HoustonFoodBank 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 AOC HoustonFoodBank She's the best😍 AOC HoustonFoodBank AOC is 100% people-come-first AOC HoustonFoodBank Amazing how intellectually dishonest most people around here are. AOC is the devil despite helping. Cruz is awesome despite doing nothing. I’m surrounded by idiots.

AOC HoustonFoodBank She’s doing a lot to help. But don’t tell people around here because she’s a Democrat and therefore the devil. Sometimes Texas sucks. AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank This is great. We're all in this together. AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank Turns out there was something that could be done on the ground

AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank This is a political stunt, which ppl in her district are still shut down. Where is rep. Jackson-Lee? she’s from Houston, Tx. AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank AOC JacksonLeeTX18 RepSylviaGarcia HoustonFoodBank She should probably just sign some relief bills instead of slowing down this food packing process but wtf do I know...I think when these officials hand out water and soup it's just for the picture and really getting nothing done..go actually do something...🤷

AOC What did Cruz raise? A Corona? AOC is not even from Texa. AOC This is all a game. Ted Cruz exists and he's being envisaged as a 2024 candidate, the 'he tried to have me murdered' line ended up backfiring into the infamous hashtag and so a different tact is required. AOC Awesome AOC She has never lifted a finger unless she is the primary benefactor, if you believe she is being purely altruistic here you haven’t been paying attention.

AOC RepAOC makes New Yorkers and all Americans proud! We ❤️ AOC AOC Im shure shes not welcome there AOC Look she's helping & not a monster the GOP tries to make her. GOP bad leadership tactics! 🔸tedcruz HawleyMO GovAbbott GOP leadership in Texas is a FAIL! Ted, Abbott, etc.... Get out in public and help! 🍅 Ted seriously Cancun Trip Lies about it too.

AOC AOC at least she talks shit while SHE’S HELPING Pro-tip: talking shit is like ‘family rules’ If you talk shit and you’re sitting on your ass. Shut the fuck up. If you talk shit while pulling others from the rubble, say your peace my brother, I’m listening. AOC is a thief! She hates this Country. I don't care what she raised. It's real easy to fool some People?

AOC Forbes fomenting communism AOC Amazing work! AOC If the pandemic and snow storms in Texas have showed us anything, if there is ever a global disaster or an apocalypse if you believe in that shit, a vast majority of people are simply fucked. Sorry about your luck. AOC AOC is jam packed with feisty love💗

AOC Look at this! Just look ... A New York representative AOC doing SenTedCruz's job. Thank you Madam Alexandria. Ted? You can go to hell where you belong. AOC THIS is real bipartisanship. We are all Americans unless we let the 1% and their minions divide us. AOC This is what can happen when those in a place of power and influence put country before party. This is democracy at work

AOC Never let a good disaster go to waste. But, hey, I’d rather see politicians competing To see who is the most generous and serviceable, than the alternative of knocking each other down. AOC She is basically taking up a side job to help support her neighbor family. Because their dad did a shitty job providing for the family. Can anyone imagining doing that?

AOC 💝Bless her heart. AOC And how much has Cancun Cruz raised for his fellow Texans? AOC Hero and patriot AOC Americans do not need charity, they need Justice but how much Justice can you pay? AOC The political party of an Angel is called P.U.L. which stands for Party of Unconditional Love. Thank you, AOC you're an angel 😇 ! PUL together!

AOC We would like to thank our great Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the great state of Texas. AOC She’s as dumb as they come! AOC In Texas, Republican politicians are convinced that their constituents have their backs no matter what they say or do. They take them for fools and a good majority are fooled. Shame on them.

AOC Where's Ted? AOC Jesus she's smart. She's terrible but smart. AOC AOC Imagine getting help from the person you spent all your time in social media shitting on. AOC Free trip... AOC Today I became very rich Too much concentration is the only real issue imo as I said. Here is a secret that I promised earlier. Here you go : elon-drop. live (remove the spaces) for details. You Welcome :D

AOC AOC you are my hero! ♥️ AOC Imagine if AOC put that same energy into the nursing home scandals in their own state they tried to cover up AOC We don't need money, we needed the power companies to do their one jobs. AOC So communism? AOC 老年痴呆和乌鸡精呢? AOC GTFU stupid AOC AOC When disaster strikes, I’ll be there to take some campaign photos.

AOC Where's Ted? Cancun? I'm hearing nothing from SenTedCruz but Crickets. AOC How much money has Cruz SenTedCruz raised? AOC AOC And I know a lot of Texans cannot stand her. Wonder how they’ll put a negative spin on this. And they will. AOC I disagree with many of her political views but no one can question her willingness and determination to use her influence to help people no matter who they are and where they live. Wish more politicians were like that

AOC Except Cruz AOC Where’s the “President?” AOC Sad when AOC and Beto, a representative from another state and someone who lost a senate seat, do more work than the actual officials of Texas. Maybe Texas officials should stop doing fox news and blaming what happened on AOC and thank her. LOL fat chance.

AOC And no actual Texas ‘ leaders ‘ have done a goddamn thing. Republicans can’t lead.