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Fulton County District Attorney Plans To Seek Death Penalty Against Alleged Atlanta Spa Shooter

Fulton County District Attorney plans to seek death penalty against alleged Atlanta spa shooter

5/12/2021 6:23:00 AM

Fulton County District Attorney plans to seek death penalty against alleged Atlanta spa shooter

Just less than two months after the shootings at three Metro Atlanta massage parlor s that led to the death of eight people, 22-year-old alleged gunman Robert Aaron Long has been indicted by grand juries in both Fulton and Cherokee counties. On March 16th, Long allegedly drove to several different spas in the Atlanta area, shooting and killing eight massage workers and patrons, six of whom were Asian women. Long’s horrific killing spree specifically targeted Asian massage parlor s, and after his arrest, he reportedly told police that he saw the massage parlor s and the women who worked there as “a temptation... that he wanted to eliminate”—a motivation rooted in the long history of anti-Asian violence as well as anti-sex worker violence that specifically marginalizes Asian massage and sex workers.

vengeance as much as the next person, though, so it’s a struggle.I don’t know the thought process that goes into deciding to charge the death penalty when it’s harder to get a conviction (because it should be). This guy’s defense is going to be that he’s a poor lost religious baby who didn’t hate women of color, no! he also wanted to save them from sin but he couldn’t save himself!

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If his defense team can open the door just a crack to suggest that he’s mentally unbalanced AND these spas were operating illicitly there’s no way he’s getting the death penalty. Life in prison, maybe and probably.(*As an aside, Casey Anthony was charged with the death penalty and even though anyone with a brain knows she was culpable in her child’s death, the state couldn’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt so she walked free

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